Author/Alias: Hana-chan(sparkledustquatre@hotmail.com)
Title/Part Number: Against all odds/ Mariah Carey songfic series part 2 of four
Catagory/Warnings: Songfic, Yaoi, angst
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4
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Against all odds

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Songfic, YAOI, angst
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4
Warnings: YAOI, angst, language
Description: Sequel to "I Don't Wanna Cry" a little more Heero based Just read, Based off the song Against all odds (take a look at me now) . Lyrics by: Phil Collins ©1984 EMI Golden Torch Music Corp. A performed by the wonderfully talented Mariah Carey

Hero woke up, immediately noticing Duo's absence, It didn't bother him, once the American was awake, he had to be up and doing something. Heero rolled over to look at the clock and noticed a note with his name on it in Duo's hurried scrawl on the night stand. He sat up in the bed and slowly unfolded the note wondering what I could be about

Dear Heero, ( the letter ran)

This is so hard for me to say to you, but it has to be said. I've noticed us drifting apart even I have had nothing to say for the past few weeks, I doubt you've even seen anything different despite the fact that my constant 'I love you's" have stopped. It was stupid of me to think that I could make you feel. you where trained not to be burdened by emotions and you don't need some stupid person messing with that . By now I'm sure you've guessed what I'm saying but if you haven't what I'm saying is I'm gone, I'm not coming back. You can do what you want with the apartment, it's yours now, Maybe I'll see you on a mission or something someday. Don't try to find me, It'll be better for the both of us


Heero Looked at the piece of paper in disbelief , why was Duo doing this to him? He felt a sudden rush of unknown emotions wash over him, he felt angry sad and scared and a million other things all at once. He reached up and brushed his cheek and looked at the glistening tears shining there. He never remembered crying before, how could one person have such an effect on him?

How can I just let you walk away just let you leave without a trace when I stand here taking every breath with you you're the only one who really knew me at all

Heero pulled his knees up to his chest and kept crying his silent tears until there was nothing left to cry

How can you just walk away from me when all I can do is watch you leave?

2 weeks later at Quatre's estate

Quatre watched Duo sitting by the window staring blankly out in to the desert. The arabian was careful to keep his presence a secrete knowing that Duo would just cover up his feelings and assure him everything was alright

"Duo" Quatre said softly, placing his hand on this friends shoulder

"Hai?" Duo responded in an uncharacteristically quiet voice

"How are you holding up?"


"You sure?"


"you're not, I can tell"

"I'm fine"

"Your upset you hurt him, aren't you?"

"He was more of me than I knew, but I can't go back now, I've done too much damage"

"If her really loved you he'll take you back"

"No, we experienced everything together he needs to live with out me' Duo said walking off leaving Quatre to decipher the conversation

'Cause we've shared the laughter and the pain and even shared the tears you're the only one who really knew me at all

Heero delicately held the note that Duo had written to him 2 weeks before. He read it over very day but still it had a surreal quality that he couldn't accept. He kept hoping every time that this was all a dream and he would wake up with Duo in his arms, but he still stayed stuck in this nightmare looking at Duo's scrawl and then how he signed the letter with that hastily drawn Japanese character ai, love, it was drawn like a preschooler oversized and sloppy with the lines just wrong. Every little thing tore him apart

/'Dammit! Why, how, what's making this American baka prevent me from living my life? What has he done to me?'/

So take a look at me now oh there's just an empty space and there's nothing left here to remind me just the memory of your face

Duo had expressly said not to try and contact him, but Heero had to hear that voice and see that joking, annoyingly cheerful face with those sparkling violet eyes and gorgeous, ridiculously long hair.

Unfortunately, Duo had left no indication of where he was going, Heero slid hi back down the side of the bed. Defeated he dropped his hands down beside him and felt a piece of paper under the night stand. He slowly pulled it out and looked at it realizing it was a letter

Dear Duo, (it ran)

I still believe that you should attempt to work out your problems with Heero, but since you seem not to be able to I will allow you to stay with Trowa and I until your next mission. I've got your plane reservations for 6 a.m. on the eighth. Just ask at the ticket counter, the password is Sandrock. I still don't think you're doing the right thing, but it's your choice

See ya soon


Duo was at Quatre's!! He felt his heart leap with joy and he felt hope. for the first time in two weeks he wasn't totally depressed. the first thought that jumped in to his mind was to race over to Quatre's estate and apologize a million times over for not being there for Duo, but then he realized that it would just make everything worse. Duo had said not to come looking for him. Then Heero realized what he should do.

Take a look at me now 'cause there's just an empty space and you coming back to me is against all odds and that's what I've got to face

"Duo eat something" Quatre ordered watching American pick at his food

"I'm fine really" Duo insisted

"No your not, you've barely eaten in the past two weeks, you normally eat at least three servings of everything "

"I'm not hungry"

"Are you sure you're not hungry? My cook made that chocolate cake you love for desert"

"Weeeeeell , m-a-y-b-e I'll have just a little bit"

As desert was served Duo seemed to perk up and opened up to the other two pilots a bit shedding light on the insane and annoyingly cheerful, but nice person he usually was and consumed two and a half *HUGE* pieces of cake

"Gods Duo, I thought you weren't hungry!" Trowa said with a half smile

"Cake can change a guy's mind" Duo said with a satisfied grin

"Quatre-sama" one of Quatre's servants interrupted "You have a call from Heero Yuy, would you like to take it?"

"Hai, I'll take it in my room"

I wish I could just make you turn around turn around and see me cry there's so much I need to say to you so many reasons why

Heero drummed his fingers impatiently on the desk as he waited for his call to connect. Just as he was about to put his fist through the screen one of Quatre's servants answered

"May I speak with Quatre please?" he asked attempting to be as polite as possible

"Who is this?" the servant asked

"Heero Yuy"

"Please hold a few minutes" the servant said slightly frowning and hurrying off to get Quatre

Heero continued drumming his fingers until the face of his Arabian friend appeared

"Heero!" Quatre said joyfully "How are you doing?"

"My feelings are unimportant" he said making sure is usual stony face was present

"No they aren't, don't say that" Quatre begged " How do you feel?

"I assume you've spoken with Duo recently"

"Heero,...." Quatre faltered "I heard, you mush feel terrible are you alright?"

"I will be fine, when you talked with Duo, did he tell you where we was staying?"

Quatre's face went blank, what should he do? He was stuck between doing what he thought was right and betraying a friend's trust. Duo had told him not to tell Heero he was here, but Heero deserved to know, and he felt that if he just got the two of them together, they could work things out

"Quatre?" Heero said questioningly

"Umm, Heero? Could you hold a minute?, I'll be right back"

Quatre walked out of the room and leaned back against the wall sliding down until he was sitting on the floor, he pulled his legs up against him and rested his head on his knees

"Are you alright little one?"

Quatre felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see Trowa standing above him

"not really"

Trowa lowered himself down to the level of his blonde lover "what's wrong?" he asked with concern

"I don't know Heero asked if Duo was here, and I don't want to betray Duo's trust, but I want Heero to know Ugg!!!! I'm just frustrated"

"Hn, how about I tell him, that way you won't be betraying Duo's trust and Heero will know"

"Thank you!" Quatre cried giving Trowa a hug , "I'm going to talk to Duo"

You're the only one who really knew me at all

Duo swallowed to force back the tears that where threatening to fall, hearing that Heero had called was too much, had he figured out where he was? Duo shook his head, he was just being paranoid. Heero probably just needed a loan to make repairs on Wing or something.

/'Maybe he is looking for you, maybe he does want to say it's ok and he wants you back"/

/'DIDN'T I Tell you to shut up last time you bothered me? Remember I AM THE GOD OF DEATH, I AM SHINIGAMI!! I can very easily shut you up if you don't go away!!!'/

/ 'sorry'/

He almost laughed at himself, he was threatening to kill his own inner monologue and arguing with himself


Duo's wallowing in self pity was interrupted by a lurch in his stomach, all that cake was coming back to haunt him. he rushed into the bathroom just before it was too late.

Quatre frowned and knocked on the door to Duo's room again

"Duo!" he called hoping to elicit a response from his friend. No answer. frustrated Quatre tried the knob, surprisingly finding it unlocked .

"Duo" he said more softly entering the room looking around he knocked on the door to the bathroom calling Duo's name again.

"What's up?" Duo croaked

"Duo are you ok?"

"Fine, desert just came back to haunt me"

"Eww, are you going to be alright?"

"I will survive, as long as I know how to love I know I'll be alive, I have all my life to live, I've got all my love to give" Duo sang coming out of the bathroom " I will survive, I will survive yeah"

"Duo, are you mentally stable?" Quatre asked skeptically

"Come on Quat, join me it makes you feel better! It took all the strength I had just not to fall apart,"

Quatre reluctantly joined in, hell if it made Duo feel better, it was worth the temporary loss of dignity

"Still tying hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart"

the two pilots continued their singing far longer than necessary, but in the end they both felt better

So take a look at me now 'cause there's just an empty space and there's nothing left here to remind me just the memory of your face take a look at me now 'cause there's just an empty space

Heero quickly packed his few belongings into his green backpack and did a quick survey of each room to see if there was any thing he had forgotten after finding nothing he grabbed a soda from the fridge and left the apartment, not even glancing back at the place where he'd learned the true meaning of love.

Heero sat on the plane with his head down trying to look as imposing as possible to his dismay just before take off he was joined by an annoyingly perky blonde girl who immediately tried to engage him in conversation

"So what's your name?" she asked


"Really, what's your name?"

"Heero Yuy" he said figuring it would shut her up, he was wrong

"I'm Jesi, where are you from? I'm from Miami"

He didn't answer in hopes that she would realize he didn't feel like talking

"So like where are you from?" she insisted

"No where that concerns you"

"oh, alright, so why are you going to Arabia?"

"Why are you?"

" Oh, me? I'm meeting up with my dad, he's an business there gods, I feel like I never get to spend any time with him. It's like got to spend every moment possible ya know?"


"So, you never told why your going to Arabia"

"Visiting people"

"Oh what kind of people, like friends, business people girlfriend, what?"

"Friend people, sort of"

"What are sorta friend people?"

"This conversation is pointless" he said falling silent she continued to pester him for what felt like hours though he only gave her occasional "hn's" and a few mumbled "Omae o korosu's" she continued to babble

/'Gods, this chick would talk to a wall'/

"You aren't very talkative are you" she asked

"Hn, you've actually noticed?" he said as sarcastically as was possible for him

"Why won't you answer me, what are you going to visit your girlfriend and don't want to offend me?"

"Hn, girlfriend? Sort of"

"What's a 'sorta girlfriend'?"

"My boyfriend"

To Heero's relief the ditzy girl fell stone quiet and stayed that way for the remainder of the flight, leaving him to think about what to do when he got to Quatre's estate. Though he would never admit it to anyone else, he was deeply scared of being rejected by the one person he'd ever loved.

But to wait for you is all I can do and that's what I've got to face take a good look at me now 'cause I'll still be standing here

Duo bounced down the stairs to breakfast feeling truly happy for the first time in two weeks he guessed singing old disco songs could really cheer a guy up. His grin spread even wider as he surveyed the food at the table.. He had his old appetite back and every thing looked great. he took his seat at the table and was soon joined by Trowa and Quatre

"Hungry much?" Quatre asked with an amused expression at Duo's sudden dive at the food

"Uh huh" Duo mumbled with his mouth full of pancakes

"Promise you won't throw up this time?"


Duo totally forgot about everything that had gone on before as he was engrossed in filling two weeks of hunger

"Slow down, it's not like lunch isn't coming int 5 hours" Trowa said gazing out from behind his single bang

"Sorry, it's just soooooo good!"

And you coming back to me is against all odds that's the chance I've got to take

Heero stood out side the front door of Quatre's house inwardly shaking at what he was going to do, it really wasn't so bad part of him rationalized

/'You just ring the door bell and go in, Quatre said your always welcome here'/

he shook his head and rang the bell, it was stupid and unlike him to worry. He took a deep breath and fixed his eyes on the door and waited for someone to answer. A servant opened the door and ushered him in

"Quatre-sama will be with you in a moment" the servant said and left him standing in the entryway feeling uneasy


Heero turned around to see Quatre beside him

"How are you?" the blonde Arabian asked cautiously

"Alright, Trowa told me he was here"

"He is, why don't you go up to your room and I'll tell him you're here later"

"Ok" he said and followed Quatre out

Duo walked out of the dining room feeling very good, he had a full stomach and was planning on spending the day relaxing and fully enjoying everything Quatre's estate had to offer. Suddenly his prospects of a relaxing, carefree day where shattered and he saw himself staring right at the man he had left

"H-Heero" he stammered

Heero responded with silence but Duo could see all the hurt and pain he had caused staring out at him from cobalt eyes

Take a look at me now

Ok honest opinion time, I can't write angst, I know it. Thalia the Greek muse of comedy was fucking with me on the 'I Will Survive" bit. Ok well part 3 is on it's way so be on the look out for "So Euphoric and Weak"