OK, here's another spawn of no-brain-land. Comments appreciated =)


* * means words said under the character's breath

Author's Note: Ok, here's another spawn from no-brain-land. Warnings? 1-I LoVe screwing around with Wufei's, Duo's, and Zechs' brains, and it SHOWS. Hmm.... insane, idiotic, OOCness, more strangeness, and more strangeness, and added idiotic characters. her name is Sarah/Kitty, and she's the absolute biggest ditz you will ever hear of in your life!!! I'm still trying to decide whether or not the Boys are going to kill her by the end... eh, we'll see. Oh, and if you start to get bored... skip around. You're probably not missing anything.

Wufei: Why'd you send in this stupid story in anyway? If you're allowed to skip around it means that you didn't do a very good job. Why?

Author: 'Cos I FELT like it.

Wufei: Pathetic...

Author: SHUT UP!!!!! Now ON!

[Our scene begins in a little house in a little neighborhood in a little community in a little city in a little world in a little...]

Duo, Wufei, Heero, Zechs: HURRY UP!!!!!

[Anyway, you get the point. Zechs is spending time with his bestest little girlfriend--]

Zechs: No. I've already got---

Author: ::irritated:: ZECHS!

Zechs: No.

Author: C'mon...

Zechs: No.

Author: ::coldly:: I'll feed you to Bamboo, my killer panda....

Zechs: ::eyes Author wearily:: There is no such thing--

Bamboo: ::licks his lips and pounds his fat paws. his shadow eclipses

Zech's shadow:: FEED MEE!!!

Zechs: ::shrinks:: Urp! OKOK, hold on.. so, what's your name?

Sarah: Sarah! ::giggle::

Zechs: ::sighs:: *Good grief*

Sarah: I LOVE YOU AND I'LL WAIT ALL MY LIFE FOR YOU!!!!!! ::tee hee::

Zechs: Calm down, Kitty-san. You'll never grow up thinking like that

Sarah: ::giggles:: *He called me Kitty-san!*

Zechs: ?

Sarah: ::giggling:: Oh, nothing dear. *he gave me a nickname!*

Zechs: ::sigh::

Sarah: *He sighed for me!*

Zechs: ::runs a hand through his gorgeous long white hair:: I think we'd better leave *She's getting weird*

Sarah: ::sniffles....begins to cry:: Oh, I'm sorry! I'm such a dork! ::wails::

Zechs: ::cracks a smile and gives her a big hug. he pats her head:: Calm down, Kitty-san. I was just worried about you. C'mon, let's go back to Space. I've got your room right next to mine so you won't get lonely.

Sarah: ::glows:: *Sexy white guy asked me to go to space with him! Oh......* ::wails::

Zechs: ::face vaults:: What's wrong now?

Sarah: ::wailing:: I've got nothing to wear and I already promised Duo and Heero that I'd go blow up a bunch of mobile suits with them on Friday

Zechs: ::gets down on one knee:: Will you marry me? I'll buy you clothes and dessert up at my place... ::suddenly glares at the Author:: What the... WHERE'D THAT COME FROM?!?! I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE GIRL!!!

Author: ::files nails:: Mmmm.... oh, hunh? Did you say something?

Sarah: ::eyes glow:: My love!
I would take you to the moon and back if you'll be
if you'll be my baby
Gonna take us to a world where we belong
so if you'll be my baby yeaaahhh

Sarah: Oh yeah!

Zechs: Good


I'm a little acorn brown
lying on the cold cold ground
everybody steps on me
that is why I'm cracked, you see
I'm a nut ::clap clap::
I'm a nut ::clap clap::
I'm craaaaazy!

Heero: ::gun pointed at Zechs:: Back off, blondy. I married her yesterday. ::Original Death Glare directed at Author:: Nani.

Duo: ::points gun at Heero:: No way! So did I! ::also glares at Author:: This plot *better* be good...

Zechs: Hunh?

Sarah: No I didn---Ohhhh.....

Zechs: ::face vaults:: Oh, good freakin' grief... you didn't...

Sarah: ::shrugs:: well....

Zechs: ::stares:: "well" what?!?

Sarah: ::cringes:: well... I couldn't say no to Heero...

Duo: ::freaked out:: Heero asked you?!?!? He hardly smiles, let alone asks somebody to marry him! Are you crazy?!?

Heero: ::glares, monotone:: Omae o korosu.

Duo: ::huffs:: Like I haven't heard that before..

Zechs: ::dizzy:: Uhn.. I just... I just asked her... ::slumps, passes out::

Sarah: ::runs to him:: Zechs!! Gomen nasai!! Oh, I am such a dork!

Duo: :;grumbles:: We know...

Heero: ::grabs her arm:: C'mon, Kitty-san...

Duo: ::grabs her other arm:: Sarah YUY? Oh no, I don't think so...

Heero: ::cocks an eyebrow:: As opposed to Sarah Maxwell? ..... no.

Sarah: ::wailing loudly:: Zechs! Oh please oh please o pleeeeeeaaase wake up! I'll marry you!

Quatre: ::walks in with a book in his hand. he looks up and sees Heero and Duo glaring at each other over Sarah, wailing in the middle, Zechs laid out on the floor, moaning, "I just asked her...":: Marry? Kitty-san, what's going on?

Duo: I married her yesterday

Heero: I did first

Zechs: Uhhhhnnnn....

Quatre: ::looks at Sarah:: But... but....

Duo: ::suspicious look:: Nani? ::sudden look of horror:: You didn't marry her yesterday.. did you?

Quatre: ::shakes his head:: No...

Duo: ::sigh of relief:: Good.

Quatre: ::bites his lip:: Wednesday.

::everyone stops and stares. Zechs pauses moaning::

Heero: ::monotone:: Hn?

Quatre: ::blushes:: Two days ago.. Wednesday...

Zechs: ::doublefacevault:: NANI?!

Wufei: ::lifting a small weight walks in:: Not that I really care, but what happened Wednesday?

Quatre: I married Sarah.

Wufei: ::snorts:: Congratulations.

Duo: I married her yesterday.

Heero: I married her yesterday.

Zechs: I asked her today... ::moans::

Wufei: ::sniffs:: That's what you get for trusting a woman.

Heero: ::suddenly:: where did you go last night, Kitty-san?

Sarah: ::silent::

Duo: Sarah.....

Trowa: ::looks at everyone:: Hn?

Sarah: ::commences wailing once she sees Trowa. Slumps completely::

Wufei: ::recaps nonchalantly:: Quatre married Sarah Wednesday, Duo and Heero married her yesterday, Zechs asked her to marry him today, and they're trying to figure out where she was last night.. her wedding night ::sniffs disapprovingly:: Women...

Trowa: Congratula....tions...?

Duo: ::yells:: Sarah, where were you?!?

Trowa: ::softly:: With me

::everybody's faces vault::

Note from Gideon: You should know the deal if you've been encouraged enough to get here... useless insanity and such. Don't worry, I've almost finished the pathetic thang....

[Author's Note: sorta...I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but: face vault n.- facial expression of shock/surprise seen in characters; involves the entire jaw dropping open several inches, in a manner that is completely impossible anatomically (compliments of shinigami.org )]

Wufei: ::sniffs disdainfully:: Just like a woman to change the subject in the middle of a crisis, the absolute sign of weakness!! How can you possibly call this warped, pathetic situation a fanfic?

Author: Shut. the Freak. Up.

Wufei: Do you wish to fight me, Woman? ::whips out his ever-ready sword:, then shakes his head and lowers it:: Weak... I will not fight the weak!! I leaves me so... empty inside...

Zechs: Author, I face vault a awful lot.... any way you could fix that?

Duo: ::exasperated, throws his hands up:: Has anyone else noticed that this is WAY outta wack here? I mean, REALLY? We're all kind of, well, INVOLVED with a girl... ALL OF US.. and, y'know, MARRIED to her. I know it's really, uh, STRANGE for me to complain about something like this, but I'd REALLY like to stop getting screwed over now...

Quatre: What are we going to do? I don't even think a marriage like this is legal.

Duo: ::mutters:: Anything involving six guys and a girl usually isn't legal.

Trowa: ?

Duo: ::sighs:: Never mind. hey Trowa...

Trowa: Hn?

Duo: ::huge, disturbing grin on his face:: I was just wondering what you guys did last nig--- hey, just what is that?

Trowa: Hn?

Duo: ::points:: That, that!

Wufei: What are you blabbering about now, Maxwell?

Duo: The 'hn'!

Trowa: Hn?

Duo: ::screams:: That!!

Heero: ::dangerously calm:: Calm down, Duo. Somebody just might get hurt. ::flexes his balled fist and glares::

Duo: ::gazes at Heero::

Heero: ::gazes at Duo::

Duo: ::gazes at Heero::

Heero: ::gazes at Duo::

Author: ::stares at them both:: NO, guys, this is NOT the time!

Duo: ::shrugs, continues to complain:: What the freak is up with the 'hn's?!?

Trowa: ::shrugs slightly:: Ask the Author.

Duo: H---

Author: Shut up! I don't care!

Duo: Awww, c'mon...

Author: NO.

Duo: ::begs:: Pleaaaaaase?!?

Author: No.

Duo: ::puppy eyes:: Puuuhleeeeeeeeeeease?

Author: ::wavers:: No.....?

Wufei: This is getting ridiculous...

Author: ::eyes Duo wearily:: If you PROMISE to continue in my story...

Duo: ::puppy expression immediately gone:: Ur..? Geeze.... oh, alRIGHT?!?

Author: Aaaaaaaand... ::adding with a zing, softly fingering Duo's braid and getting close to his face:: ... let me brush your hair! ::low snicker and devilish smile::

Duo: ::stares, disbelieving:: *no freakin' way...* GET! A! GRIP!

Author: Ok then.. ::tightens her grip on his braid::

Duo: AHHH! Okokokokokokok....

Author: ::way too happy:: Good! Now, 'hn' is a cross between 'hmm' and 'hunh'. Now go ON! ::pushes everybody back toward their places in the fic::

Duo: ::disappointed:: That's IT?!? That's why I gave up my braid's freedom?

Author: Yup! Now, to continue. Quatre, sweetie, you're up!

Quatre: ::smiles, blushes slightly::

Duo: Why the heck does he get to go first?!?

Author: Deal with it.

Quatre: What about the marriage.....s?

Wufei: ::polishing sword and keeping eye on Author:: Kill the woman.

Sarah: EEEP!!

Wufei: Simple. You'll be free of that weak, cheating woman... if you can call her a woman... if you can even call yourselves strong... you're all weak, I tell you! Weak!

Author: ::eyeing Wufei, gets up and in his face:: You can't kill Kitty-san!

Heero: Mission accepted. :;maniacal smile quirks lips::

Author: ::transforms into Kitty-san:: I am Kitty-san!

Heero: Even better. End this freakin' fic before you kill us all.

Author/Kitty-san: ::pulls out her own ever ready weapon. it looks like a multi- cross between a short sword, dragon's claws, and a heroine addict's freak concoction. she waved it at the five Gundam pilots and the mildly recovered Zechs Marquise) Now you LISTEN to me----I am an AUTHOR for a REASON---I devise hellish weapons that would make your very toes curl... IF you DON'T get back in that story, you will find yourselves so deep in your own--

Duo: ::hops up:: SO, ACTUALLY, guys, I think we should leave Kitty-san alone, eh? She's such a good-lookin' thang....

Kitty-san: ::instantly animated:: Aww, Shinigami, you're so SWEET! ::kisses him::

Duo: ::blushes modestly:: Ah... Heero, I think your wife's hitting on me

Heero: :;glares at Duo:: She's YOUR wife too.

Duo: Oh yeah.... ::grins:: All the better! ::kisses Kitty-san::

Heero: ::punches Duo:: Don't touch her.

Duo: She's mine! Wait.. hold up a sec ::runs to the bathroom. water running echoes through the room... toilet flushes, and Duo runs back out:: There! ::whacked Heero in the face with his wet braid:: Nothin' better than four pounds of wet hair. Beat that, Spandex boy!

Heero: ::pulls out gun:: Omae o korosu.

Duo: bring it on! ::leaps at Heero::

(both tumble and fight. camera flashes [unbeknownst to the others!] to Zechs, who is snickering in the corner, eating an ice-cream sandwich, Trowa talking on his cell phone, and Wufei admiring himself in the mirror. Kitty-san is laughing. Everybody spots the camera and Zechs feigns depression, Trowa hides his cell phone and drinks some coffee, and Wufei takes all his so-called manliness and pushes it to suppress the hot blushes rising to his face while he grabs his sword and attempts to etch new battle-plans for Nataku on the mirror. Kitty-san is still laughing)

Heero: ::pins Duo fairly easily and glares pointedly at Kitty:: What are YOU laughing at?

Kitty: ::laughs again:: You guys look so adorable....

Duo: Hai, it's true... ::gazes at Heero::

Heero: ::gazes at Duo::

Author: ::desperate, pokes Kitty-san:: DO something!

Kitty: Ok! Ahhh! Help me! ::everybody runs over to the couch where she is and stare as she rolls around, holding her stomach::

Quatre: ::stops her from rolling and grabs her shoulders:: What's wrong?

Kitty: ::wails:: My stomach hurts! ::moans, then screams::

Trowa: She's in labor.


Gideon: HA HA!!! I THINK I'VE fInAlLy FINISHED! As usual, strangeness, more strangeness, anatomically impossible factors, original characters (Fuji, Duodos, TikiTiki, Echz, Echo, Puppy, Kissifer, Kisana, Lama, Doctor) ect. BAD ending.. but I don't know yet if it will end there. there may be a sequel...

Wufei: ::has read the rest of the story and leaps, enraged, kisana draw, at Gideon:: I will end this NOW!!!


Zechs: ::tiredly:: It's RETREAT, you dork.

Gideon: ::runs:: Who cares! Run the tape!

Kitty-san: Ahhh! Help me!

::everybody runs over to the couch where she is and stare as she rolls around, holding her stomach::

Quatre: ::stops her from rolling and grabs her shoulders:: What's wrong?

Kitty: ::wails:: My stomach hurts! ::moans, then screams::

Trowa: She's in labor.

::everyone, including Kitty, stare at him:: Hunh?

Trowa: ::shrugs::

Kitty: Really? ::wide eyed::

Trowa: ::nods::

Duo: ::face vaults:: Good GRIEF!

Heero: It happens.

Duo: YOU did it?

Heero: ::glares* (death ray =)::

::red hole flames to life in Duo's cheek and he grabs a fan from zero space and frantically tries to blow it out. It flares up and Quatre grabs some water and pours it on the flaming spot. Duo thanks Quatre and puts a finger to his red cheek::

Duo: No, he didn't.. she'd have more visible bruises-- ::ducks professionally when Heero shoots at him. Duo hops beside Quatre, crossing his legs and props and arm and his head on Quatre's shoulder, eyeing the bullet hole in the floor warily:: WELL, I didn't do it, that's for dang sure. ::eyes

Trowa:: You?

Trowa: ::shakes his head::

Duo: Quatre?

Quatre: No.

Duo: Hee- ::catches himself quickly:: Zechs?

Zechs: I doubt it. ::silence when all eyes turn on him. he puts his hands up defensively and steps back:: I WAS JUST hErE!

Duo: ::stares a moment, then turns to Wufei. They glare at each other, then Duo shakes his head thinking "Huh unh, not worth it!":: Nahhhh....

Kitty: ::shrieks, then grabs Heero's hand and squeezes::

Heero: ::eventually pulls his hand away and realizes it's broken. He gives a little grunt, and with a resounding snap, *resets his finger* and ties it calmly with some Saran wrap::

Duo: ::disgusted, puts a hand to his mouth:: Ay... and yet again, good GRIEF!

Zechs: ::gazes disturbingly at Kitty:: The best course of action would probably be to take Kitty to the hospital. At least find out who's kid that is... ::shakes his head, muttering in between "I just asked her,":: I'll bring over the car...

Quatre: ::worried:: Do you think it would be ok to move her?

Wufei: ::interjects:: Do you think it would be ok to abandon her?

Duo: ::leans close to Kitty:: You'll be ok, Kitty-san! Yeah, she should be--

Kitty: ::screams again and grabs Duo's nose::

::resounding snap::

Duo: ::yelps:: Oh God! ::hands close over his nose::

Heero: Want me to fix it?

Duo: NO!!!

Quatre: Who's going to move her?

Duo: I'bb nnnot! ::leaves quickly, clutching his nose::

Trowa: I'll get the med kit. ::leaves::

Heero: I will.

Quatre: ::nods.. gets a blanket for Kitty:: Do you need help?

Heero: ::Doesn't answer, but picks up Kitty and leaves the room::

::screams followed by several firm snaps echo throughout the little house::

::they all pile into the car and put Kitty in the little flat cargo spot. Only Quatre is facing her::

Zechs: ::eyes Heero's hands suspiciously:: Are you sure you can drive?

Heero: ::grunts::

Duo: ::stares at his hands also:: How is that anatomically possible?!? How many breaks is that? Four hundred?

Heero: Five.

Duo: Geeeeeeeze!

Trowa: Heero, you'd better hurry up.

Heero: ::looks at him out of the corner of his eye:: Hn?

Trowa: ::lifts his hand, revealing a latched-on-to-his-hand-and-not-letting-go-any-time-soon-Kitty-hand:: Safety measures.

Heero: Ok ::speeds past ninety mph::

::hits four people, a dog, something later indiscernible without extensive medical surgery (turns out be a cop), and about sixteen parked cars::

Duo: ::recovers from being slammed against the window for the tenth time:: Oi, Heero, slow down! You've hit PARKED CARS, MAN!!!

Zechs: ::rolls his eyes sarcastically:: Not to mention a few, well, PEOPLE.

Heero: Hmm.

::arrive at the hospital. Quatre calls for a stretcher and someattendants come out and quickly take her inside. Duo is treated with some pain killers for his broken nose, flamed cheek, and numerous concussions, and he decides to swipe the bottle and gulp the rest down. Heero merely resets the uneven bones in his fingers. The boys, told to stay outside of the room while they prepare her, stand in front of the nearby information desk. A lady with long blond hair, middle aged, looks at them all and types feverishly on her computer::

Lama: My name is Nurse Lama.

Duo: ::giddy from pain killers:: lamalamalamalamalamalamalamalama.......

Lama: Are you the boys that brought the girl in?

Quatre: Yeah. will she be ok?

Lama: Yes. Now I have a few questions to ask you. what's her name?

Quatre: Kitty Drake*.

Lama: Age?

Quatre: 15*

Lama: Parents?

Duo: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere LAMALAMALAMALAMALAMALAMALAMALAMA........

Quatre: ::glances at Duo:: Is he ok?

Wufei: has he ever been?

Duo: Wu-babe! ::throws his arms around Wufei and smooches him on the lips:: Wu-babe! You CAAAAAARE!

Wufei: ::horrified:: Oh God! I've been tainted! Is there no JUSTICE in this world? Am I THAT WEAK!?!?


Wufei: Scourge of the Devil! Kisana time! ::whips out his kisana*:: Foul succubus! You will die!

Duo: ::grins impishly:: INcubus, Wu-babe, INcubus! I'm male. ::swings his blurred vision at Zechs:: Although Wonder-Boy thought otherwise only a year ago... ::snicker::

Zechs: ::death glare:: I was DRUNK, O. K.?


Zechs: ::looks down and twiddles his fingers:: It was national Soldier's Mardi Gras Week....

Wufei: ::fuming:: You don't need to be drunk to think he's a girl. he does that by himself. ::suddenly looks close to tears:: Oh, the injustice! Only... only one course of action left! ::turns the kisana towards himself:: Goodbye cruel world!

Heero: ::reaches one arm out calmly and rips the kisana out of Wufei's grasp:: SIT down Kisana-Boy. At least until Kitty is out of the hospital.

Lama: ::accustomed to psych patients asks, bored:: Are you quite done?

Quatre: ::nods apologetically::

Lama: Now who is the father?

::mass silence::

Lama: ::repeats:: Who is the father? Is it one of you?

Duo: ::giggles:: wedunno, LLAMALLAMA!

Lama: ::rolls her eyes:: Is there any idea?

Quatre: Not really...

Doctor: ::comes out of the delivery room (5 minutes has elapsed) beaming proudly. he stops at a moaning Wufei:: CONGRATULATIONS! You are a VERY lucky father.

Duo: ::magically comes out of a haze:: HUNH!?!?

Wufei: ::blinks twice:: Nani?

Doctor: ::shakes Wufei's hand:: good luck! ::walks away humming::

Duo: And yet again--


Zechs: ::almost accustomed to this, pulls out a cigar:: Who knew? ::the delivery door pops open and Kitty bounces out of the room, beaming. she looks perfectly fine::

Kitty: Ohayo!

Wufei: (0.0) ::tips over dangerously::

Kitty: Hi Daddy!

::six girls and two boys, looking about five years old each, hop out and line up before Wufei::

Fuji: ::icily:: Ohayo.

Kissifer: ::politely:: Ohayo!

Kisana: ::sharply:: Ohayo.

TikiTiki: ::quietly:: Ohayo.

Duodos: ::brightly:: Ohayo!

Puppy: ::eyes wide and pretty:: Ohayo!

Echz:(boy) ::cordially:: Ohayo!

Echo: (a twin) ::echoes:: Ohayo! ::they all bow, some briskly, some brightly, some not so quite nicely::

Trowa: Congratula....tions?

Author: Nonono, Trowa, say WHOLE words.

Trowa: I'm not supposed to say anything at all.

Wufei: I'm NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE CHILDREN AT ALL. WHO DO YOU THINK I AM, the Old Woman in the Shoe?!?!? This isn't a fanfic! This is Barney's worst nightmare!

Duo: ::instantly animated:: Nonono, Wu-babe.. Barney's worst nightmare is Dice and Slice Furby! ::eyes grow glassy and faced towards the screen:: $29.99 for a limited time only! *Cutlery not included.*

Kitty: ::whines:: Why are you all so off SUBJECT?!?? You haven't said anything about my--- ::catches herself and smiles:: OUR children!

Quatre: ::looks at them happily:: Hi! ::puts out his hand::

Fuji: ::the oldest looking female, takes his hand and cracks it, glaring at him::

Heero: ::nods slightly:: Commendable.

Fuji: ::doesn't answer::

Heero: ::smile ever so undetectable. question pops into his head:: Would you ever give up your life to the enemy?

Fuji: ::smile quirks the corner of her lips:: I'd self destruct first.

Heero: ::taken aback:: Hai...

Kissifer: ::solemnly wraps Quatre's hand up:: are you ok?

Quatre: ::smiles:: yes, thank you

Kissifer and Quatre: ::stare at each other wonderingly::

Duodos: ::a girl, hops up to Duo and tugs at his braid, then swings around and shows him her own waist length braid:: See??

Duo: ::nods, eyes still glassy. shows his braid:: See?

Duodos: ::nods emphatically:: See??

Duo: ::grins::

Duodos: ::grins::

Together: SEE??

Wufei: ::despite wooziness, manages a glare:: Duo no baka*!!!!!

Trowa: ::looks at TikiTiki:: Are you ok?

TikiTiki: Hn?

Trowa: ::magically whips out a cup of chocolate::

TikiTiki: ::takes it and nods softly. sips his chocolate in comfortable silence with Trowa::

Kisana: ::looks at everyone disapprovingly:: They are all obviously weak... what injustice have I been born into?

Wufei: ::looks at her:: You have NO idea.

Kisana: ::disappointed:: Are they weak?

Wufei: ALL of them.

Kisana: Will you... will you teach me? How not to be weak?

Wufei: ::beams modestly:: I will try

Zechs: ::suspiciously:: Has anyone else noticed something different? Like how OLD these kids look and sound although they were JUST born?

Duo: ::hugs Duodos:: Who cares?

Zechs: Like how similar all of these kids are to US?

Echo: How similar all of these kids are to US? ::cocks his head and grins, edge of mouth twitching maniacally::

Echz: ::looks at Zechs guardedly, arms crossed behind his back like an aristocrat:: It's quite alright.

Echo: It's quite alright. It's quite alright. ::broken record, continues::

Kitty: Aren't they so CUTE!

Puppy: Arf! ::rubs on her legs::

Kitty: ::pets his head:: I'm so HAPPY!

Lama: ::walks over and looks at the big happy family:: Well, we've made a big mistake.

Wufei: ::looks up from demonstrating to Kisana how to chop off someone's head, Duo's stomach pressed firmly on the ground with his neck clearly exposed:: Really? Please, PLEASE.....

Lama: They aren't all your children.

Duo and Wufei: ::leap for joy:: Yaaaahhooo!

Lama: ::eyes all of them suspiciously:: They are ALL of yours. ::everyone face vaults::

Duo: Now I KNOW that's NOT anatomically possible!

Lama: Well, deal with it. You're giving me a headache.

Wufei and Kisana: *Weakling*

Duo and Duodos: *Dork* ::grins::

Quatre and Kissifer: Ohh....

Zechs: ::stares at Echz and Echo:: Twins....?

Echz: ::eyes Echo:: God, I hope not.

Echo: God, I hope not!

Zechs: ::moderately proud:: ::sigh...::

Kitty: Aren't they cute!!

Lama: Cute enough to go outside. Now go! ::everyone magically piles into the car and goes back to Kitty's house::

Quatre: ::holds a sleeping Kissifer:: Well, I guess that's it then...

Wufei: ::watches a sleeping Kisana, his own kisana held protectively in one hand:: Hai, I suppose...

Duo: ::re-braids Duodos' hair:: what about our marriages?

Fuji: ::sits bolt upright, eyeing everyone:: What marriages?

Heero: ::blankly:: Nothing.

Kitty: ::sighs, hugging Puppy:: Let's say we just leave it for tonight? I'm very tired.

Trowa: I suggest the same.

Duodos: ::randomly:: Daddy, what's sex?

Duo: ::draws a blank:: Glurp... well, you see, honey, there's this-- Oi, Duodos-sama, why are you asking?

Duodos: WEEELL, Momma just said there were sex girls and two boys, and I dunno what that MEAANS.

Duo: O.O

Fuji: She said six... Duodos no baka!

Duodos: AM NOT! ::pauses:: Daddy, what's a 'baka'?

Wufei: Your Daddy's a baka. Never forget that. It may save your life.

Duodos: ::brightly:: OK, Uncle Wu-babe!

Wufei: ::slaps his forehead:: Baka.... both of you...

::well, the five Gundam pilots, the former Oz Commander, the fifteen year old schoolgirl, and the eight children lived together for another year. Wufei and Kisana left for Alaska (they mentioned something about starting their own new worldwide cutlery web and 'eradicating the weak'.. who knows what they meant!*), Quatre and Kissifer left for Arabia to practice in the National Heart Fest (don't ask)*, Heero and Fuji disappeared (leaving behind some scraps of paper in their rooms.. they said faintly 'new self-destruct system'*, but again, who knows what THAT means!), Trowa and TikiTiki entered a contest for the "Strong Silent Types" and won by a landslide*, and Zechs took Echz and Echo to space where Echz became a universe renown battle commander and Echo became a Siren-- y'know, them things that sing--::

Duo: if you come up with something THAT LAME for me and Duodos, I'm going to buy that Slice 'n' Dice Furby and mass produce them in your room. maybe a glitch, maniac depressive fluke, or just happy ACCIDENT ends the Author's life.

::the Doctor and Nurse at the hospital soon retired and told their children mythical stories of the woman who had eight different children... As for Duo, Duodos, Kitty and Puppy, they lived happily ever after.::

Duo: Are you DEAF?!?! That was DULL!

Author: Well whaddaya WANT me to say?!? I'm TIRED! I been workin' on this freakin' thing for a WEEK!

Duo: You're the FREAK here... you can come up with something!


Duo: What woman?

Wufei: Hear Hear!!

Quatre: ::gets between them all:: Now, everybody, let's close this! This is getting ridiculous!

Heero: You're telling me.

Trowa: Can I go home now?

Author: ::sigh:: Hai..

Zechs: ::twiddles his fingers, drags his foot around in circles::

Author: ::warily:: What?

Zechs: I.. have a question... Kitty-san...

Kitty: Hmm?

Zechs: You never answered me about before...

Kitty: ?

Zechs: You never said whether or not you'd marry me....

Kitty: ::eyes glow:: My love!
I would take you to the moon and back---

Duo: Now THIS is getting riFREAKIN'diculous!

Heero: ::firmly:: That's a wrap!

Author: hear hear! G'night!

Gideon: Well, you made it to the end! Oh m'gosh! Good job =) Anyway, comments appreciated! dilkiesd@juno.com If you like stuff like this, I need to know cuz I might stop... (heh heh). Bye!