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"So what's the deal?" said Duo quietly, leaning against the now closed door. Heero didn't answer right away and Duo crossed his arms irritably. "Heero?"

"I don't know yet."

"Oh really?"


"Why the hell not?!"

"Because it depends on Trowa, baka." Heero looked around his room and eventually moved over to his bed. Sitting on his heels, he bent over and rummaged under there, offering no more hints of what was to come. Duo sighed and sat at Heero's desk, messing with the chipped wood that most of the Wing pilot's *accesories* sat on. After a moment his gazed again landed on Heero.

"What are you doing?"

"Hn," offered Heero shortly, digging further under his bed until he produced a large tan box. Efficiently he took off the box top and immediately stopped. His gaze shifted to Duo just a moment before he began to dig in the papers inside the box. "Who did he say took Quatre?"

The braided pilot bit his lip and rolled his eyes. "I think... Akimiko?" He nodded. "Yeah, that was it. Akimiko... and Candy Land? What the hell kind of name is that?"

"Do you ever remember hearing anything about this?" asked Heero slowly. After a moment, Duo shook his head.

"Hunh uh. Never."

"I'll bet you 10 to 1 you have."

"Oh really," replied Duo disbelievingly. "And what if I haven't?"

With a moderately quiet sound of satisfaction, Heero withdrew a huge stack of papers, and setting himself to his feet, immediately deposited the papers into Duo's lap. "Then you haven't been living on L2 colony."

The braided pilot quickly scanned over the compressed lines of information of the first page. His eyebrows creased in question. "This is a report on--"

"Azuya Kurijiko," murmured Heero, already concentrating on the information popping up on the computer screen. "Where have you heard of her before?"

"Azuya..." His eyebrows creased in concentration. "A long time ago I remember hearing about this guy on L2 who gave out cures for kids who couldn't pay for them and his company or whatever tracked him down and threw him in jail for it... but that was a *very* long time ago and I can't even remember exactly what he looked like or why the hell he was risking helping a bunch of no-name kids like us -- no, wait. I thought that Azuya was a man?"

"A woman."

Duo's jaw dropped. "That's not freakin possible. I--I saw HIM myself! I even had to distrubute a few cures for *him*.[1]"

"Yes, I saw him too." Heero shifted the laptop screen toward him. "But... take a look for yourself."

Sure enough, the flickering picture on the screen of the laptop gave proof of a pretty, young-looking female with pitch black hair just below her ears and bright blue eyes. Her features where slightly childish, but nothing betraying the male that Duo had said he had seen. Under the picture was a brief description of the woman as a medical doctor -- rookie surgeon.

"Do you remember her now?"


"Think, Duo!"

"I'm trying!" yelled the frustrated boy. "How am I supposed to remember something like that!?"

"You can't have forgotten that scandal that went down with her," said Heero calmly. He tapped three keys and another file came up. It was a missing persons report. Several missing persons reports. "Do you remember now?"

Duo finally snapped his fingers. "I remember that! That was when kids kept disappearing all over L2. I'm telling you that scared the sh--" He stopped short. "But that was all OVER L2. There's no way that could have been... *her* if that's what you're talking about. Are you trying to say that this woman Azuya was stealing punks off the streets? And what does that have to do with Trowa and Quatre? Azuya became a missing person herself and nobody ever found those kids. Heero, you wouldn't believe the mess that was going on then. That was some of the scariest times that we ever had to go through. Kids just--disappeared."

"Not exactly." Click click. "Kids were found."

"Of course kids were found," replied Duo darkly. "Dead kids were popping up everywhere. There's no telling what happened to them. It could have been anything between disease and war."

"Not these kids."

"And what's so different about THESE kids," snapped the disturbed pilot. The memories had hit and note and he had begun to feel this odd sensation at the base of his neck, and instead of crawling up his neck like fear, it crawled down toward the base of his spine. "Not these kids. Prove it."

Heero twisted the computer screen around toward Duo and stood. "That's your proof."

Every ten or so seconds, hundreds of different faces appeared on the screen, some of them close ups, others full body. But the difference was, each looked like children between the ages of 6 and 7... and each child was nothing but dried up black skin and bones. Literally.

Duo didn't even twitch. "Proof." Heero nodded slightly. "So what's your point?"

"All of these children didn't appear all at the same time. They appeared fairly randomly, and there are even a few cases of it *today*."

"Like all deaths, Heero."

"They appeared in graveyards."

"What?" Duo narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean 'appeared in graveyards'?" When Heero merely returned to typing on the computer, he swatted the computer screen away and forced Heero to look at him. "Heero!"

"Someone put these children on top of fresh graves," replied Heero calmly. "Not in the graves, not under the dirt, but on top. Deliberately. And that's what's going to happen to Quatre if we don't get him. Now."

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[1] of course this is only speculation... I mean, when there are homeless bands of kids on the streets and war and ect., won't there be disease? ain't there gotta be a superhero? ain't it gotta be a kid? j/k well, I'll explain more of this later.


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