WARNING: This is a fic assuming that Duo sucks at cooking or manually making something edible... but I'm also planning to do one where he rocks at it! Poor boy deserves it =:( Spam is the little specter at the back of my head that just decided to appear to bug the heck outta me. He typically doesn't exceed five words per stupid comment, but if he exceeds five words, count on it to be something specifically detrimental to my image.

{What image?}
{No, really... tell me.}
OK, anyway, Spam and I attempted to MST a fanfic... perhaps Crow, Mike, Tom will show up if I piss them off enough.
{Gideon. Image. Tell.}
Get over it, SPAM! Anyway, the results were, to say the least, for your amusement.
{The least is right.}
[Shut up! WE haven't even started yet, you apparitional freak! Go sit in your corner, Spam!]
{Make me}
[::sighs:: Here we go... it's a little weird how we came up with this. You can say that at times I'm writing it, then at other times Spam is writing it (unfortunately), and then other times it's... outta thin air.]

{I did that.}

Duo: ::shakes a bottle of.. something, trying to prepare... something...::

[Could you be any MORE specific?]
{Damare, bone bag}

::all of the doors have been locked, bolted, and blocked with amazing efficiency. the telephones are missing from thier dusty places, the windows have been taken out and replaced with heavy, durable metal, and as a result, any light that plans to enter the mansion hideaway has had it's plans... spoiled...::

[Oh brother...]

Duo: *She's the diamond of the desert, she's a golden mountain spring* ::stops, opens the top of the bottle and pours said bottle contents into a blender, then presses the [7] button::

[::suspicious:: Spam, what's he making?]
{Heck if I know}
[Should we stop him?]

Duo: ::hums, then smiles maniacal smile when he presses the stop button, the odd mix of said bottle contents continuing to whirl in their shimmery blue-green colouring. he pours said contents back into the bottle and takes a whiff of it. gags unceremoniously:: Blech, that's horrible! ::immediately sunny smile takes over his face:: But that's what the directions say...

[What directions?]
{Heck if I know.}
[::eyes apparition warily:: That sounds stupid, Spam, stop it. *What* did you leave him to find?]
{Heck if I know.}

Duo: ::lifts bottle and literally hops up the steps:: Anyway, all medicines taste horrible, so this should do just fine.

{It's your fault}
{If it kills them}
{::grins slowly::}

Duo: *I believe I'm the same... I get caaaaried away....* ::takes a deep breath, then slams the first door open:: Ohayo gozaimasu!! Wakey wakey, Wu-chan!

Wufei: ::moans:: G-go aw-w-way.... AH... AHHHHHCHOOO! ::rubs nose with the back of his hand and pulls the cover over his head, shutting his eyes firmly because if he opens them the world looks like it does from the Orbiter ride at the fair::

Duo: ::tsks, waving his index finger, one eye closed:: Ah Ah Ah, Wu-babe, gotta get up now. ::grins broadly and holds up the bottle and a spoon:: Time to take your medicine!

Wufei: ::opens right eye:: What?

Duo: ::shakes his head:: He can't even hear straight... gotta hurry and get this stuff down his throat... ::sets stuff down, rubs hands, then picks stuff back up and advances on Wufei::

Wufei: ::opens left eye:: NO... ::thinks back, tries *hard*...::

~~~~~~~shimmer backflash~~~~~~~~~
Quatre: ::is slumped on Trowa's upholding body, looks terribly sick. in fact, both of them look sick!:: Duo, because we can't afford someone recognizing us somewhere and leading them here, we'll need *you* to make something for us...

Duo: ::violet pupils roll up until they meet his eyelids in an absolute motion of bewildered kawaiiness::

{Your brilliant concoction, ne?}
[NO. You put that there!]
{Spawned from *your* brain, baka.}
[Oh, so you're invading my brain now? NOt FAIR!]
{Poor baby.}
[No, poor Wufei! I don't know how to save him! Except... well DUH, I'm writing it, ne?]
{What a loser...}
~~~~~backflash far from the end~~~~

Wufei: ::crestfallen:: Oh no...

{Will Duo succede in giving Wufei the poison? Will Duo kill Wufei? Will Wufei kill Duo? Will Heero show up and kill them both before any of this insanity can continue? Will they kill Gideon before she can send another stupid, STUPID part? Will Quatre turn into a tiger-eared lust-freak? Tune in Next Time to: Days Of Our Gundam Pilot's Lives}

*A song I heard off of some commercial... it's probably screwed up lyric wise*
*By... S.. S.. Saaasami ::nervous laugh::
{Splendor, you ingrade}*
She could sing it I bet!


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