Author/Alias: Fractalforge
Title/Part Number: Drachenblut: Prologue
Category/Warnings: Action, Technobabble.
Pairings: None thus far
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"A designer knows that he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." -Antoine de Saint-Exupery.


Status Report: November 14, AC 193.
Re: Project 7870
From: J
To: G, S, H, O
Encrypted in CRYCELT code

/G, my reply to your last query about the progress of my "weapon" may have been somewhat incomplete considering the fact that none of you were thoroughly briefed on its nature. Outlined below is the general concept./

/It is probably necessary for me to review some fundamentals of mobile suit mechanics, since they are relevant. What most beginner pilots, and even many expert pilots, are not aware of, is that the maximum operating limits for a system are NOT determined by the maximum amount of stress that can be placed on the parts. If this were true, mobile suits would be able to perform at levels several orders of magnitude over the current levels. Instead, a system's operating limits are simply arbitrary values set by the system designer to facilitate control and safety. Even extremely efficient machines require these: for instance, our own Tallgeese and Wing Zero machines were designed so that they would only be operable if some sort of system limits were established within the operating systems. As you remember, at the time we designed them we had no computers powerful enough; nor any pilots strong enough; to test or even simulate their "limits"./

/To control the nearly infinite potential power of a mobile suit, a pilot would need nearly infinite coordination, almost perfect reflexes, and total awareness of the suit's true operating potential./

/The as-of-now theoretical Mobile Dolls attempt to overcome these obstacles by replacing the pilot with a computer program, but implementing an AI system that is both tactically shrewd and perfectly synchronized with the suit itself is problematic. This is mostly due to the fact that the Mobile Doll machine learning program generates its combat algorithms based on imperfect human pilots. Furthermore, there is still a communication time lag between the mobile doll system's processors and the input stems of the actual machines./

/Our own ZERO system also attempts to increase a suit's operating limits by increasing the synchronization between the pilot and the mobile suit's computer. It amplifies the pilot's brainwaves and uses them to create "macros" for various operations. However, the commands can only come as fast as the pilot can think; and there is always the risk of the ZERO system "misinterpreting" the pilot's commands. Since technology is not yet at the state in which we can read brainwaves with any sort of accuracy, the ZERO system will never optimize a pilot's performance beyond perhaps 125 or 130%. (Of course, this assumes that brainwaves themselves are accurate pictures of the pilot's true thought processes)... in any case, we must also consider the potential mental instabilities that can be created by the system's use./

/Perhaps we were wrong to create such a system. As of now, we can only hope that my new system will supercede the ZERO system and its dangerous potential side effects./

/To the point: the problem with all these methods of amplifying or improving the pilot's performance is that it considers the pilot and the suit two separate entities./

/And a "perfect" battle system rectifies this problem by actually combining the two... bridging the gap between the pilot and the machine./

/This is my goal: the creation of a "Strong" artificial intelligence system, capable of actual learning and self-modification. It is to be coded on such a level that it bypasses all system languages and BIOS interfaces, and communicates directly with the machine addresses of the suit itself. Such a system will, perhaps, eliminate all obstacles standing between us and total control over a mobile suit's nearly infinite power./

/The task of developing such a system, I believe, is several levels above anything I have ever attempted before. The way will indeed be difficult; and there is a good probability that logistics may make this endeavor completely impossible. However, I am confident that if success is achieved even on a rudimentary level, the potential for further success will be nearly infinite./


To be continued