Author/Alias: F.O.Y.I.

Title: Jezzball Wizard

Categories: Humor

Pairings: Possible to infer but non intended

Feedback: Yes!

Jezzball Wizard

By: Akari

Author’s note: FYI- The title is a ripoff of "Pinball Wizard" by the Who. Please keep in mind that this was written in one day- a school day, in fact, therefore might be lacking the qualities of a well-thought out story. It’s not meant to be scrutinized and there are none of those ambiguous meanings hidden away in the text. This is just a…story. Enjoy.

"Omae o korosu."


Heero glared at the gray box that stared back at him on the screen of his laptop.


Of course he wanted to play again! He had to beat that high score. Just who was "Jezzball Wizard" anyways?! Whoever he was, he must be defeated. Every obstacle MUST be overcome. Heero let out a deep sigh and concentrated on the red and white balls springing around aimlessly amidst a sea of gray grid.

Dinnertime came and went, the spandex clad boy receiving no invitation. <Quatre had learned his lesson earlier in his vain attempt to pry Heero from that ridiculous twentieth century game for lunch.> The sporadic clicking sparked an intensely insane rage in the more-honorable-than-thou Wufei, who, as a result, spent as much time out of hearing range of the detestable noise. For once, Trowa desired an early return of Duo since he was the only one with the ability to pull the neurotic pilot from that computer. His prayers went unanswered and Duo returned from his mission at 1:25 am, approximately seven hours later than estimated. Heero was still battling for that first slot and still having trouble getting passed a seven digit score. Quatre tugged on the somnolent Duo’s arm. "Duo! You’ve got to get Heero off of that wretched machine! It’s not good for him…or Wufei for that matter." Then, remembering his manners, he added "Please?"

Duo smiled mischievously and said "Mission acknowledged."

Trowa and Wufei appeared out of nowhere to join Quatre for the ride. The four boys entered Heero’s room, lighted only by the luminescent screen of the infamous laptop.

"Heeeeerooo I’m hoooooome!" Duo announced upon his entrance. "Oh hi, Duo! How did your mission go? Oh it was alright. Gee Duo, I sure missed your insightful observations at breakfast. Aw thanks, Heero. Anything for my bestest friend! Hey- how’d you like to pilot Zero? Now Heero- you know that Deathscythe is at least a million times better than that silly toy of yours! Oh yeah. I forgot. Gomen nasai." Duo ceased his intra-personal conversation. He turned to his little audience. "He should’ve punched me by now…or at least given me his signature death glare."

Quatre shifted nervously and looked over at the stoical Trowa. Wufei huffed impatiently. The clicks must have been disrupting his justice balance. Duo moved so that he stood facing Heero head on. He bent down and examined his subject’s face. Black pupils dominated the Prussian blue sea of each iris.

"K’so! His pupils are dilated. This calls for plan B. You guys better watch out...just in case." Duo slid to Heero’s side, his lips slithering into a wicked grin. The remaining three boys poised themselves for any possible outburst while scrutinizing Duo’s every move, the first of which was of his hand toward his braid. Planted in a strategical position <a.k.a. a position that would allow him an easy jump start if Heero was to erupt>, Duo raised the end of his braid to Heero’s face. He shot one last glance at the anxious trio before tickling the inside of Heero’s ear with his soft, chestnut hair.

"BAAAKAAAAAA!!" was the prelude to a flying laptop aimed at Duo’s head. Heero scratched his ear. Duo ducked. Heero glared at his "bestest friend."

"What are YOU doing back?" He asked, completely oblivious to the fact that he’d spent the past 12+ hours trying to defeat the "Jezzball Wizard."

"Thanks for the warm welcome. I love you, too, Heero." Duo handed the abused MC back to Heero, who immediately began to type <instead of click> away. <By this time, the other pilots had made their way to their nice, safe, deranged spandex boy-free rooms.>

"Eh…Heero? Aren’t you a bit worried that you damaged your precious computer when you so kindly chucked it at my head?"

Heero smirked. "It’s Duo resistant- waterproof; fireproof; freeze proof-"

Duo interjected with a chuckle in reminiscence of the previous winter and his little escapade involving Heero’s laptop and LOTS of snow…

Heero continued, despite being so rudely interrupted. "And reinforced with gundamium alloy."

"Right…I’m gonna get somethin’ to eat. Don’t have too much fun."

"Hn." Heero’s concentration returned to the screen as the click sounds resurfaced, accompanied by the muffled growl from Wufei’s room.

Duo raided the refrigerator and cupboards until his mandibles ached with overuse. His energy rejuvenated, Duo grabbed a small stack of manga to keep himself entertained.

Heero had nearly conquered level 15 –a new record for the poor boy- when Duo poked his head into the room.

"Oi, Heero. Let me know when you’re done. I wanna play jezzball."