Alias: F.O.Y.I.

Title: Conversational Jibberish

Catagories: Humor, insanity, slightly educational

Pairings: If there were any before, there may be a breakup in store!

Feedback: M’kay

Conversational JibberIsh

Episode 1: The Grapes of Wrath


Quatre: Hello, everyone! Wel-


Quatre:<sweatdrops> Uh…Welcome to our conversation!

Trowa: <sings> Welcome to my nightmare!

Quatre: Trowa, please.

Trowa. Gomen. Hope I didn’t scare yooouuuu!

Quatre: Trowa!

Wufei: Infidel.


<Few seconds of silence>


Heero: Stop it or else…

Quatre: Guys…

Duo: Or else whAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!

Heero:<death glare> Omae o korosu!

Quatre: Come on guys, let’s not fight…


Quatre: Today we’re going to be discussing The Grapes of Wrath by John Stienbeck.

Duo: Oooo good movie!

Wufei: No, you fool! He speaks of the book!

Duo: Oh.

Heero: What the Hell is this? Reading Rainbow?<clears throat> The Grapes of Wrath summed up its era in the way that Uncle Tom’s Cabin summed up the years of slavery before the Civil War.

Duo: Hey! You’re reading that off the back of the book!

Quatre: That’s not fair. No cheating, please.

Heero: Hmph.

Wufei: I’LL start since all of you are highly incompetent. The main purpose of this book was to express the importance and potential power of union- in family and the work world; in humanity-

Duo: Woah-woah- wait a second. You can’t just leave out the religious aspect here…

Wufei: I was not leaving that out, Maxwell. I was merely stating Stienbeck’s main intentions.

Duo:…okay…now about our Christ-like figure!

Wufei: Ah yes. Tom Joad.


Quatre:<stifling a laugh> Uh, Wufei? It wasn’t Tom. Jim Casey was the Christ-like figure. J.C.? JEsus CHRist? JIm CAsey?…


Heero:…let’s talk about something else.<to himself>:Something besides this book…

Wufei: Yeah. Back to the political aspects of the novel!

Quatre: But I wanna talk about Ma. Let’s talk about Ma. Now I think that she was the most important, no offense to anyone else in the book <Duo, Heero, Trowa, and Wufei sweatdrop>, since she was the one that held the family together. She catalized most of their migrations and forced them to keep going. She- a woman- had gained a major position. Even more amazing, as her authority grew so did her compassion. What do you thinking, Trowa?

Trowa:<sings> Only women bleed, only women bleed, only women bleeeEEEEEEEEEeeed, only women bleeeeeed.

Quatre: Trowa would you STOP IT with the Alice Cooper?

Duo: Hey Heero, how come you’re not saying anything?

Heero: Honestly, I never read the book.

<All minus Heero>: NANI??

Heero: I had a mission and I had to complete it at ALL costs.

Duo: Then what about the essay?


Quatre: Heero! You really shouldn’t cheat…

Heero: A fifteen year old boy really shouldn’t be sent on suicidal missions to avenge-

Quatre: Okay! Okay! I get the POINT!!! GOSH!!

Wufei: What crawled up your ass, Winner?

Duo: Hehheh- did you forget your Midol?

Quatre: Hehe, yeah.


Quatre: What’s wrong, Trowa?


Quatre: No, really, what’s bothering you?

Duo: Yeah, man. Don’t push us away! Dime! Dime!*

Trowa: Well…I…I…

Quatre: Go ahead.


Quatre: AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!<runs out of room>

Trowa: <jumps into Quatre’s former chair> Aah. I like this chair better.<hums "No More Mr. Nice Guy">

Duo: Dude!

Heero: Where’s my car?


* For you non-Spanish students/alumni, dime means tell me. I hope you enjoyed this first of many to follow and keep an eye out for Endless Waltz’s sequal, "Dude, Where’s Wing Zero?"