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Duo of Loxley Part Three
by Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)


Une didn't know what she was going to do! Miliardo was so pleased with her now, so proud that she was bearing a child by him. Even though he'd raped her over and over in order to beget the `brat' as he called it. Now he left her alone for which she was grateful because how could she hide this?

At first, she had been bitter, bitter beyond all knowing. Her very first time with a man and she was brutalized and abused. She had always imagined that it would be so beautiful, so wonderful and lovely. Now she held no such illusions. There was no more pain, but everything about love had become dim and died in her childish fantasies. Now she knew better!

Pure joy lightened her step and made her twirl on her toes. The tiny life inside of her, murmuring and moving and... the pure sweetness of it! She cradled her belly and gently ran her fingers over the infant's little outlines. A tiny hand pressed against her belly and she watched in rapt fascination as it slowly tented the fabric of her dress, the little handprint moving across her middle. Oh! The baby was stretching! Oh! Oh! Oh!

She knew what she carried within her. It was a silver one. She'd heard often enough about the pure bliss of carrying one. She could have been furious that the blessed little thing was the get of a monster like Miliardo, but she couldn't stay angry long enough. Not when the little darling yawned and blew tickly little bubbles! The baby, it was a girl Une somehow knew, she loved ice cream and would blow bubbles until Une was forced to get herself a big scoopful.

Une slowed her step and hugged herself tighter. Miliardo had been with Queen Relena today. Unknown to Miliardo, she'd been taking a spoonful of his golden nectar everyday and drinking it down for her child. At first, she was afraid that she had killed it, because it went through the most horrible pains inside of her. She herself had been in the most nightmarish of agonies, but at the height of her fear and despair, the Dragon God had come to her and her child had calmed! Miliardo would take her baby if he knew. She couldn't give herself away. He would take it from her body and do the awful things to it that she'd heard him tell Heero to do while she was listening at the door.

She would do anything to prevent it! Anything!



Duo gasped and sat up quickly, holding his head. The hell? What the fuck was up lately anyway? He stared straight ahead at the wall of the tiny room and opened his mouth to howl with rage. Not here! Not again! Before he could draw breath, someone laid a hand across his mouth.

"Quiet, we're still in the root shed."


Flowing up into a tiger position, Duo whirled around kicked Quatre flush in the face. Before he could recover, Duo rained heavy, well aimed blows to his face, chest and belly. Then for good measure, he reached down between the doctor's legs and grabbed hold of his family jewels with his fingernails. Quatre opened his mouth to yelp and Duo punched him in the throat. In a bare ten seconds he had him neutralized.

"Thinking of druggin' me again, doc?" Duo purred lazily. Quatre tried to sit up and Duo clawed his fingers warningly, "I wouldn't try it, hon. All I have to is squeeze." he tilted his head and grinned, "Okay, squeeze, slash and pull if you get my drift."

Quatre winced, "You've go it wrong, Duo."

"WHAT--" Quatre whimpered as Duo's nails drew together, pinching the delicate skin of his scrotum, "What do I have wrong, fucker?"

"We've been looking for you," Quatre's face was now a study in wretched agony.

"Everyone's been lookin' for me it seems. Why?"

"You are one of the silver ones." Quatre grunted, "I thought so at first, but the hair could have just been a fluke. There were others with hair like yours who didn't survive."

Duo stared at him, horrified and angry. Quatre had shoved him into a heat vent to get rid of his body. He looked at the tiny room and snarled, "How many people have you done his to?"

"How many?" Quatre growled back at him, "Dozens! And if you had died today, I'dve done it again until we found the genuine article!"

"Genuine fucking article!" Duo shrilled, "What the hell do you want from me? Oh, I get it. The hair right? Someone wants to cut me open so their kids can have hair like mine, right? That's just LIKE these rich motherfu--"

"No!" Quatre grimaced. "Look, it's obvious that's you can spindle me however you like and there's nothing I can do about it so why don't you let go so we can talk?"

"I've got a better idea," Duo turned his hand clockwise. His nails dug into Quatre's flesh.

"You're one of the children of the Dragon God." Quatre was sweating now, especially since Duo's other hand was now hovering over his penis area. "I didn't drug you, I gave you a high potency shot of the golden nectar."

Now Duo lifted his eyebrows ominously, "Isn't the only one who's allowed to drink that shit Queen Relena?" He flicked an eye down at Quatre's privates, "You're a doc, right? Unless you're lying about that. I'm sure you've seen pictures of guys who've had their balls ripped out, right? Unpleasant way to die, bleeding to death."

The lack of reaction on Quatre's part was almost frightening, "I had to."

"By whose orders?" Duo demanded.

"By the order of the Dragon God himself." Quatre deadpanned, his green eyes locked on Duo's lavender ones. "He wants you to come to him."

"What if I don't fuckin' wanna go?" Duo tossed back.

"Then how about all the women and young girls who are being abused by Miliardo?" Duo reluctantly let Quatre go. His hand was cramping from holding it in that position for so long anyhow. Quatre gasped as his nails slowly drew out of the bloody flesh and scooted out of Duo's reach. He reached for his kit, but the look in Duo's eyes made him put his hand back to his side, "What about your fellow silver ones who are being mutilated and tortured?"

Duo blinked, "Fellow silver ones?"

"They sent for you," Quatre took a clean rag and pressed it to his crotch gingerly, "The government officials. They've been calling all of you in for a few years now. We've been picking out the people with gray hair that we could find, but they already got five of your people." Quatre fingered the bloody holes in his pants and unashamed pulled them down to his knees so he could get at his wounds. His look of agony made Duo grin, "The guards accidentally killed one when he got away so Prince Miliardo ordered that their legs be broken so badly they could never walk again. Once he finds out that you've escaped..."

"Wait a second, why do these "Silver Ones" mean so much to him?"

Quatre frowned, "You don't know?" At Duo's impatient look, he sighed, "The Dragon God can only appear in the flesh when the Seven of the Silver Hair, his children, come together in one place and call for him. The Guardian of the Silver Chalice must be there too. This occurrence is strictly held to occurring when the Dragon God chooses his Voice, or his avatar," he continued, "That person is given the guardianship of the Silver Chalice."

"Why all the fuss about Queen Relena's Chalice?" Duo asked, "It's just a sign of office. If Miliardo wanted the throne so badly, he could just take the damn thing from her."

"You really don't know?"

"You don't really want me to hurt you, right?"

Quatre tossed up a hand in disgust and pointed a finger at Duo accusingly, "If you had paid attention to a single one of your lessons as a child, you would know this!"

"I didn't care about all this religious crap, I just wanted to be a pilot!" he snapped back, "And to tell you the truth, I really could still give two shits about it so you'd better talk good andquick before I decide to give you that POISON you forced on me. In suppository form."

Again, Quatre just stared at him calmly.

"I meant that precisely." Duo stated.

Quatre shook his head, "The Chalice grants the holder some kind of great wisdom and power."

"And with all that `great wisdom and power', she's being held prisoner." Duo said wryly.

"It also causes a dependency on the dragon nectar. If it has been withheld somehow, she would weaken quickly." he muttered.

Duo snorted incredulously. "I don't believe this."

"Okay, you don't believe it," Quatre glared at him, "So the hell what? There are people dying out there for this something you don't believe in."

Duo twisted his face wryly, "Okay, so let's suppose for an instant before I rip you into tiny pieces with my bare hands, that you're telling the truth. What the fuck am I supposed to do andwhy should I go anywhere with you?"

"Because..." Quatre shrugged his shoulders, "A few days ago, before you came in, we intercepted a message incoming to Prince Miliardo. It appears that they've found another person with silver hair. They need to verify, of course, by feeding him some of the nectar I gave you to see if he's the real deal, but they were pretty certain."

Duo frowned, "And this matters because...."

"Because when Miliardo gets a hold of this person, this twelve year old boy, he's going to fuck him up real bad." Quatre leaned forward, gritting his teeth against a groan of pain. "I'm surethat you've heard of some of Prince Miliardo's...exesses, right?" Duo stared at the floor, "What you've heard isn't the half of it. For the Gods', sakes! He's just a kid!"

"What the hell do you want from me?" Duo demanded sullenly.

Quatre sighed and sagged back against the wall, "The Dragon God will help you."

"I told you. I never much went for that Dragon God crap you're trying to feed me."

"Duo..." Quatre sighed and reached for his case. Duo didn't react, but just stared at him, "Tenshi*...who do you think told me to open the door?"


Trowa sat at the dining table, playing with the straw in his soda. His parents hadn't' come out of the lounge yet and the ship was in the process of planetfall. He supposed that was a good thing. He was still sitting really light from the last `talk' they'd had about the incident. When they got him home he was sure that the `talks' would get more intense.

Looking about furtively, he reached into his pocket and brought out his handheld computer. If his parents knew that he'd taken it back after they'd confiscated it, he was surethey'd peel his hide. He couldn't help it though! He loved computers! The NewMac icon popped up on the tiny screen and he started to play Rattler's Race.

He got all the way up to the tenth level before all hell broke loose. Without warning, the ship lurched all around him and the people on board screamed in panic as it slammed them all tothe floor.

Trowa dropped his computer, grunting in surprise, "No!" he cried. Scrambling across the floor, he snatched up his precious treasure. As soon as his hand cleared the space, a droid's footcame smashing down where it had been. Gasping, he fell backwards.

"You will come with me." the droid commanded.

"The hell?" Trowa stammered. A droid from the within? A Keeper? What was one of these guys-- "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" The droid had grabbed him by the back of his jacket, hauling him to his feet. He clawed futiley at the warm fake skin on it's white arm, "LETME GO, ASSHOLE!"

"You are needed.." the droid said in it's lyrical voice.

"Trowa!" Trowa turned just in time to see his mother dash out of the lounge doors and run at him, full tilt. "Get your hands off my son!" she screamed.

Trowa had just enough time to gasp before the droid's hand began to glow. "MOM, NO!"

He supposed that he would always remember the look on his mother's face when that ion cannon went off. There had never been a moment of fear, never had that determined look left her beautiful green eyes. She just kept running at him. And when that blast of energy punched through her chest and came tearing out of her back, making her small body hunch forward, she used the last of her strength to lurch forward and slump across the droids arm... and hit Trowa in the chest.

Trowa grabbed her hand, ignoring the pain she'd caused him and the bruise he felt growing where she'd struck him. "Mama..." The droid simply lifted its arm and his mother's lifeless body went flying. Trowa didn't see. In the lounge beyond the room he was in the stewardess was standing over his father's body with a smoking blaster. He didn't notice. He held the infared component tightly in his fist.

His mother had known about his little pocket computer.

He stared at the little chip in his hand. She had died to give it to him. He wouldn't waste it. Clenching his teeth, he rammed the hardware into his pocket computer. All around him people were dying. He ignored it and kept typing. The droid dragged him forward. He didn't care. He pressed enter.

The droids died. Their fake blood and flesh was torn apart by the mini explosions erupting all over their bodies. Trowa watched emotionlessly as they screamed all around him. They soundedso real when they screamed. His mother hadn't screamed. The arm that was carrying him like so much garbage sparked and fell off. He walked through the entire ship, waving his computer about, letting the infared rays do their job. He'd created this program to get rid of the little electronic bits that crawled around inside of old machinery. Nice to see what a little extra juice could do.

When the last droid howled it's last, he walked over to his parent's seats and took his smallest bag, dumping out the manga and adding clothes. He went into the kitchens and took a bunch of the non-perishables. There were sirens in the distance. He should hurry. Lastly, he grabbed two sheets and went to his mother's body. Closing her beautiful eyes was the hardest thing he could ever imagine doing. When he took her handkerchief and tied her jaw shut so that it wouldn't stiffen and gape open when they buried her, he saw that she was actually smiling. He gently covered her. When he finally allowed himself to see his father's body, he felt his chest go tight. Shot in the neck....

The stewardess! Trowa stared around wildly, wanting her to jump out of the shadows. The sirens were getting louder. The door was open. She was gone. Cursing, he closed his father's eyes and his jaw, covered him and after standing for a few seconds, left the wreck of the ship, waving his computer in case there were more droids around.

End part three

Tenshi- Angel
*Ananda- =in part one= (from a Swiftly Tilting Planet) That Joy Without Which the Universe Would Fall Apart and Collapse