Title: Dr. J and Mr. Heero (teaser)
Author: Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@y...)
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Dr J and Mr. Heero teaser
by Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@y...)


Duo stared at the tall back of the man striding ahead of him, polished shoes clicking smartly on the gleaming wood floors. Tightening his arms around his threadbare backpack, Duo lowered his face to brush his chin against the familiar rough material. This house was HUGE and so empty looking. Their footsteps echoed along the corridor, making him feel small and alone in the spotless museum of a house. Dismally, he wondered if he would ever feel like this place was him home. He already felt miserable.

The silver haired man stopped ahead of him and Duo had to slam on the brakes before he actually stumbled into him. "This room and no other is yours." Mr. Marquis said in his smooth, deep voice, "You will be sharing it."

"Yes, sir." Duo took one look at the small, cramped room with its tiny bed and wondered if he was supposed to sleep in shifts with the other guy. Even according to his standards, this bed was tiny. Then again, as creepy as this place was, perhaps that would be just the thing. He couldn't imagine WANTING to close his eyes. But if this Doctor J guy was so rich, why did they have to share? And why not a bigger bed? He must be really cheap.

Mr. Marquis abruptly flung the package he'd been holding under his arm at Duo and, quick as he was, the younger man still had to scramble to catch it.

"I hope you were not just guessing at your measurements because these are all you are getting for now. The cost of these uniforms have already been deducted from your first month's wage." Duo suppressed a sigh. "Future clothes costs will be similarly deducted. Your coat, cap and jacket will be arriving tomorrow, first thing in the morning, and they are what you are to wear whenever you set foot out of this house, is that clear?"

Duo barely had time to nod before Mr. Marquis turned on his heel and walked down the hall. Clutching the crinkling plastic wrapped bundle to his chest, Duo followed.

"I run a clean household here, so if you do not want to hire yourself back home, you will keep your clothes, your room and yourself clean and presentable. If you wish to consume alcoholic beverages, you will do so on your days off. You are a representative of this household and so you must carry yourself in an according manner. All your concerns are to come to me, understood? You are not to speak unless spoken to and your assignments will be finished quickly so that you can move on to the next. I will not tolerate dawdling or laziness."

"Yes, sir." Duo mumbled again. Did this guy have a yard stick up his ass or what? Duo had been listening so intently to the silver haired man's lecture, that he was startled to step into the brightly gleaming kitchen. He blinked in the sudden white light. Damn! It was so clean, he could see his reflection in the floor.

There was a group of young men sitting around a small table. Conversation stopped when Mr. Marquis stepped into the room and they all focused on their plates with unholy concentration. Duo's stomach growled alarmingly when he saw the food in front of them. No meager subsistence fare here! Good food! REAL food! Nothing synthesized!

Mr. Marquis watched them all silently for a moment, frowning ominously. Clapping his hands sharply brought them all quickly up out of their seats and standing in a row before him. Duo looked at the three young men standing in front of him and felt his spirits sink. They all looked so cold and distant.

Mr. Marquis waved an impatient hand at the small blonde standing closest to him. "This is Quatre. He tends to the gardening mostly, along with the maintenance outside, but during the evenings you'll probably both be working inside."

Indeed, Quatre was already dressed in his outdoor jacket, gloves tucked behind his belt. He'd hastily ripped the khaki colored cap off his head when they'd walked in, mussing hair that shone like a gold coin in the overhead light. Duo took him in quickly from head to toe. The man worked outside, yet his uniform and boots were immaculate. As were everyone elses.

Duo also couldn't help but notice how the smaller man flinched slightly when Mr. Marquis' hand came near his face when he gestured, large blue eyes wary. So it was that kind of place, huh? Well Duo had been forced to deal with worse than the back of someone's hand, so he could handle this.

Next, Mr. Marquis indicated the tall young man standing closely at the blonde's side. "The fellow in the middle is Trowa and he handles the meals around here. You will be helping him with the dishes after every meal and setting up the table in the evenings. If he needs aid peeling vegetables or any other such thing, you'll be right in here with him so get used to this room, you will be seeing a lot of it." Duo couldn't see much of the man's face through that thick screen of shiny brown hair short of bending over and peering under it. He imagined that the other young man would be almost as tall as Mr. Marquis if he didn't hunch over like he did.

Mr. Marquis' voice cut through his thoughts and he straightened with a blush, realizing that he'd almost bent down to look in the other's face. Quatre's lips twitched a little, though he kept his eyes fixed on some distant point on front of him. "The last is Wufei, he is in charge of the master's garage and stables for the most part, though he will be sharing your chores as well from time to time."

*Stables!* Duo thought. *What could they keep in stables, this day and age? Surely not horses. I've never seen a real horse before. I wonder what one looks like up close? Maybe Ill get to see one since I practically live here now.* The look that the slender Asian man pinned on him was enough to make him reconsider that thought a bit. Those dark eyes held entirely too much pent up violence in them.

Though, if you forgot the eyes, he was actually almost lovely, even with that severe ponytail at the nape of his neck. Quatre was cute too, now that he took the time to notice. Probably, so was Trowa. Duo's lips tightened a little. Okay, so he was a pretty piece in a gallery. So what? This was HOME. That thought brought a sense of security that Duo hadn't felt in a long while. Oh, there probably were a whole hell of a lot of things wrong with it, but still, it was a far cry from the last place he'd worked in. He might actually LIKE it here. If these guys turned out all right.

Mr. Marquis looked at the time display on the wall and scowled, "I've wasted enough time here with you." he fairly growled, "Get to your room, change and then get back here and help Trowa with the midday meal. I will return after dinner this evening. Ill expect you to fit smoothly into your place here, or you'll be smoothed to fit, I assure you."

Ahhhhh! The first threat uttered in a strange place. *Yep, feels like home already* Duo mused.

Mr. Marquis looked Duo over again and taking a firm grip on Duo's waist length braid, gave it a quick tug. "Make sure this stays neat, trimmed and gleaming, or I will have it cut off, understand?"

Clenching his jaw, Duo thought he would expire from having to reply with a completely passive tone, "Yes, sir." As if he didn't know how to take care of his own hair. There would be one hell of a fight if anyone thought they were going to cut it!

"Good." Without saying another word, Mr. Marquis released Duo's hair and strode out of the kitchen. The others held their breaths silently for a few seconds until there was the sound of a door closing. Then they all hurriedly sat back down to their meal.

Duo stood there uncertainly, shifting his weight from foot to foot. Finally, unable to stand the silence for a second longer, he opened his mouth. "I--"

"Best you get back to your room to change quick. He has a habit of coming back suddenly." Quatre advised. He gulped down what to Duo looked like burnt bread with red paste smeared all over it, took a long swing from a cup with a handle and took off for the door. Wufei followed almost on his heels not bothering to say a word. Trowa silently stood up and began gathering the dishes. With a heartfelt sigh, Duo turned and went in search of his room


Quatre waited patiently for Wufei to finish pouring gasoline into the lawnmower. It still amazed him that petroleum should be wasted in such an inefficient manner. The doctor could have simply bought grass seedling that were genetically altered to only grow a certain length and remain green throughout the year. Instead, Quatre would be spending most of the day in the hot sun mowing the huge estate lawns by pushing this archaic contraption about. He'd seen something like it in one of the doctors encyclopedias, it was so outdated.

The young man sighed and shifted his weight to the other foot. He supposed though that it wasn't so bad. He actually liked doing the yard work and the heat didn't bother him so much. He was just used to wearing cooler clothing in it. Where he'd grown up, grass and other green things like it were rare, so it was a joy making flowers grow. He supposed he'd just been spoiled working at the last house was all. The unnecessary labor took time away from doing other things he knew he needed to do before the sun set and he still had to serve at the table.

Wufei finally finished carefully pouring the gas into the mower, careful not to spill one carefully rationed drop from the canister's nozzle. Topping both up, he primed the machine and stood up quickly, startling Quatre out of his brown study.

Before the blond could do more than blink, Wufei had his arms wrapped around his waist and his body pressed tightly against his. Quatre quickly slid his arms around the Asian boy's neck for balance and sweetly submitted to Wufei's mouth claiming his. Almost desperately, Wufei released Quatre long enough to open the smaller boy's mouth with urgent fingers before sweeping in with his tongue, tasting. A tiny frown line formed between Quatre's brows and he stood up on tiptoe to more fully press his mouth to Wufei's.

Sensuously suckling on Quatre's tongue one last time, Wufei pulled away, his smile teasing. Quatre's eyes flashed in displeasure and their eyes locked in the heated moment, both struggling to catch their breath. Snorting angrily, Quatre grabbed the pull cord and yanked on it angrily, the loud roar of the engine drowning out the roar of the blood pounding in his ears. Wufei watched the smaller man stalk away like an offended cat. He let the grin slide off his face as he bent to retrieve the canister. He'd been unable to help himself, but truly if Quatre was suffering, then Wufei was in hell right along side him.

He couldn't WAIT until I was time to serve at the table.


Duo stared at the cup in his hands in confusion. It wasn't glass, in fact, it was white. But it was nearly as thin as glass and he imagined it would break as easily. Contemplating the dark liquid in the cup, Duo dipped his tongue in and grimaced at the bitter taste. He felt the cup being taken from his hands and stared when Trowa dropped in two spoonfuls of sugar before handing it back. Duo took a careful sip and his whole face lit up. He'd just discovered the joys of....CAFFEINE!

Absorbed with eating and drinking the wonderful food that had been placed in front of him, (he didn't like toast at all. Why make something as wonderful as bread dry and hard?) He spared some of his attention to watch Trowa moving silently about the kitchen. "Trowa, right?" he asked through a mouthful of incredibly rich bacon.

"Yes." The other man replied. His voice was sweet and almost hesitant, but smooth and mellow at the same time. *Smooth and mellow... like coffee!* Duo thought blissfully.

Duo swallowed quickly, eager to snap down some more bacon. "How long have you been here?" he asked before shoveling in a mouthful of eggs.

Trowa sighed as he grated cheese into a small bowl, "Years I guess."

"You guess? Don't you know?" Duo slathered some creamy butter onto a slab of thick white bread. Bread without mold! Fresh! "I'd sure as heck know how long I've been in a huge, echoing place like this. Is it always empty? Or are there a lot of parties? Do a lot of interesting people come here? Or is it just a bunch of old folks? The doctor's old, right?" He jammed the bread into his mouth. Brushing his hair back, Trowa leaned against the counter and regarded the other young man carefully. "You have nice green eyes." Duo blurted, bread crumbs spilling over his lip. Then he blushed crimson, hand over his mouth. "I...uh...."

"That will happen a lot." The other boy said softly, turning back to the sink where he was scrubbing gently at a huge bouquet of broccoli.

"What will?" Duo mumbled, still blushing.

"I suppose I should tell you." he turned his head to he could glance at Duo over his shoulder. "There are drugs in the food. Different kinds of stimulants."

"Stimulants?" Duo repeated brilliantly, eyeing his cup. NOT THE COFFEE!!!

"Right." Trowa murmured.

"What does it do?" Duo wanted to know.

"It makes you more amiable to company." At Duo's confused expression, Trowa shook him head grimly and turned his back again.

"You'll see. I just thought I'd let you know." Trowa said, plainly not willing to go further into the subject. He began pulling apart the broccoli and chopping it into a large bowl. When Duo opened his mouth again, Trowa pinned him with his visible eye, "Why don't you wash your plate and cup and then slice up the roast that's in the cooler?"

"Sure thing!" Eager to keep Trowa talking, maybe long enough to explain his last remarks, Duo hopped up out of his chair and quickly rinsed the food off his plate, fork and cup chattering the whole time. Well, he dipped his finger in the sugar coating the bottom of the cup and ate it first. Practically bouncing over, he opened up the cooler and dragged the huge roast out to lay it on the counter. Then he scratched his head. "Ummm... How big do cows GET in these parts?"

Trowa poured noodles into a huge cauldron like pot and poured water over them before putting it over the stove. He shrugged, "Pretty big."

Duo looked up at the top of the roast. It was above his head. Sitting on a low counter. The thing almost weighed as much as he did. Sighing, he selected a knife from where it was stuck in a piece of wood. Then he saw something. Bending down, he read the box........and grinned.


Sighing, Wufei washed the last of the horrible mess out of his hair. He'd already made a mental note to keep the braided idiot away from any and all electrical equipment. Hell, keeping him away from things that ran on batteries would be a good idea too. As he switched off the shower, a luxury that he hadn't had before moving to this manor, he heard the crazy man singing an old pop song softly in the other room. HIS room. Or what had been his room.

Using the towel to attack the water clinging to him like he'd have liked to attack the other man, he quickly got dressed in his uniform for the afternoon luncheon. After he smoothed the gel in his hair, he realized that he'd left his hair tie in the bedroom. Grumbling, he opened the door and stepped into the hallway.

Quatre stood there, grass clippings on his uniform, but mostly it was the mashed potatoes in his hair that were making him look so miserable. "Promise me?" he whispered desperately, clinging to Wufei's shirt.

"Never again, will Duo to be allowed near an electric carving knife." Wufei swore again. Shaking his head sadly, he pried Quatre's fingers loose and kept on toward his room as Quatre ducked into the bathroom. He turned the handle to his door sharply and flung it back so that it bounced off the wall, smacking into his outstretched hand.

Duo jumped a little from his position on the bed, frozen in the act of brushing out his long, thick hair. Thankfully, his eyes looked a little less wild than they had earlier. Of course, earlier he'd been straddling a block of ice trying to make an ice sculpture to resemble an elephant in a tutu. WHERE the hell THAT image had come from, he didn't care to know. Wufei actually almost chuckled. It was so hard getting any reaction out of Trowa, but the look of horror on his face had been--

He cleared his throat. He was mad. He had to remember that. He stared at the smaller man for a long time, eyes caught in the sunny highlights of that chestnut spilling over Duo's shoulder. "What's up?" Duo asked curiously, tossing his hair behind him and setting aside his brush.

It took a few seconds for Wufei to get his mouth to work, but when he did, he let his face settle into a severe expression. "You're not allowed in the kitchen anymore unless you're taking a tray to someone in the house, got it?"

"Aaaaww!" Duo complained, jumping up in front of Wufei, "Who will keep Trowa company then? Where am I supposed to eat if I can't eat in the kitchen with you guys? What about all the chores I'm supposed to do in the kitchen...?"

Wufei listened incredulously as Duo went on, absently twisting his hair into a neat plait hanging down his back. "Do you always talk so much?" He managed to cut in.

Duo grinned ferally, "Talk? Me?" Wufei stared at him with something like terror in his eyes. Duo snapped the tie on the end of his braid and smiled up at Wufei. "Last I heard, we had guests to serve, you gonna let me by?"

Wufei looked down into Duo's wide amethyst eyes in that cherubic, heart-shaped face. Images of ravishing those soft lips until they were tender and red with his kisses came to mind. There were a whole hell of a lot of other things he'd rather be doing with Duo and none of them involved leaving this room. Then again... the state Duo would be in later this evening made him beam down at the slightly smaller man and step out of his way.

"After you." he said jovially.

"Thanks Wufie!" the smaller man chirped as he bounced out of the room.

"Wu-FEI!" The Asian boy glared angrily at the idiot disappearing down the hall. Then he sighed and leaned against the door of his room. For better or worse, he was stuck with Maxwell. The corner of his mouth tilted up and he chuckled to himself softly.


Duo discreetly tried to cover his yawn with the back of his hand. Mr. Marquis gave him a dirty look from where he stood at Dr. J's elbow. Duo gave an apologetic grin. That, if anything, made the formidable blonde even angrier. Sighing softly, Duo ducked his head and poured wine into the tall glass in front of him. The owner of said glass barely even looked up at him as he continued his discussion about some boring topic or other.

Duo found his eyes returning to the decrepit old doctor. The man was withering away at such a prodigious rate that his eyes and arm had been replaced with cybernetic replacements. Hiding his shiver by pretending to fidget, Duo avoided that glassy stare determinedly.

Instead, he took in the opulence of the room, the thick wood tables, polished to a gleam, the crisp white tablecloths and napkins. The high sheen of the silverware and the pure crystal notes of the glasses. The food was a miracle in and of itself. Duo had watched in amazement as Trowa had turned ordinary foodstuffs that Duo had seen used to make plain ordinary meals into the most delicate, wonderful looking meal he had ever seen.

He wanted to be able to just taste it, to see what it was like, but Trowa had informed him that Mr. Marquis considered it stealing. They would be able to eat any leftovers though. Same old same old. Nothing ever changed. Still, he was grateful to have regular, fresh food. It might even be better to never really know what he was missing.

Quatre looked rather ill, from where he was standing at the end of the table opposite from Duo. It seemed as if he was swaying on his feet and his face was flushed. Duo tried to catch his glazed blue eyes, but the little blond didn't respond, staring at nothing.

Trowa was obviously out of it, his head down, hair obscuring his face. The tall young man almost seemed to fall over before he caught himself.

Duo looked over at Wufei, who was standing closer to the pair than he was. The Asian man's eyes were clear and focused and watching Duo with a tiny smirk curving his lips. His skin looked so smooth, he was so perfectly, heartbreakingly handsome. Duo had been with male lovers in the past. Still none of them were even remotely Wufei. He was so strong, his manner so cold and aloof, but with an earthy richness in his manner that was... welcoming. Those perfect, full lips broke into a full grin and he mouthed some words from across the room. A hot blush rose on Duo's fair skin and his eyes went wide.

A hazy voice floated up to him where he lounged on cloud nine. "Duo."

How could Wufei SAY something like that at the dinner table?! It was indecent. It was wrong... Gods, why would he WANT to be spanked anyhow? He ducked his head again... Oh...right. Some guys got off on that.


That heavy, heated gaze made him feel almost naked. Frozen like a deer in the headlights, Duo swallowed hard. Errr. Speaking of hard... Duo was beginning not to feel well himself... What the hell was going o--


"Huh? What?" Duo almost jumped out of his skin when he finally registered the icy cold metal clamps on Dr. J's artificial hand clamping around his wrist. Shooting a terrified look at Mr. Marquis, expecting to be strangled to death for inattention, he was surprised when he saw the blonde man stripping out of his jacket and walking toward where Dr. J was holding Duo captive.

The look on Mr. Marquis face made him forget about trying to pull away. Not that he could have. The mechanical appendage was stronger than he could ever hope to be.

"It seems that we don't need to wait any longer for the stimulant to take affect." Dr. J announced, "We'll start the demonstration with my newest lad and compare the results to the rest."

Duo felt a hand press against the small of his back and couldn't help but moan softly and press into it in response. Mr. Marquis settled himself against Duo's back, making the younger man feel the firm hard muscles in his chest and the firm ridge of his manhood pushing against his slacks. Duo shivered as Mr. Marquis enveloped him in his arms, his scent surrounding him. One large hand cupped his hip and pulled his waist back. His eyes went wide as the tall, dignified butler began grinding his erection against his bottom.

One hand flew to his face in humiliated shock, noticing his avid, lustful audience. Even Trowa and Quatre were watching him intently, their eyes feverish. Wufei just continued to watch him, arms folded, unmoving.

~Help me!~ Duo mouthed in distress. Wufei's brows drew down in a frown and he shook his head slightly. Then a smile spread across his face. Duo almost choked.

Mr. Marquis began making thrusting motions behind him, pushing Duo down against the table. Duo squirmed and then yelped when one large hand snaked out under him and began fondling his penis and the soft covering of his testicles. The butlers hips rolled against Duo's pressing him harder down onto the warm wood.

~OHMIGAWD!~ Duo thought in panic.


(end teaser)

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