{I'm in FAR too much of a hurry for disclaimers and everything. This is NOT a part of the Beauty storyline. It's just something I was playing with. It's rough, so please don't snarl at the poor harried writer..


by Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)

Heero was draped over his favorite chair, idly swirling the thick red wine in his glass, watching it lap at the sides of the thin, delicate crystal. Duo's soft groans and the faint rattle of chains made Heero's lips curve up in a pleased smile before he took a careful sip from the glass. Slitted golden eyes lazily rolled over to the bed in the center of the room where his slave tugged inefectually at his bonds.

Those little hands and fingers had to be red and sore from his constant pulling, but Duo refused to give up. Tears ran copiously down his cheeks, heartfelt, angry sobs making his chest heave. A huge ball gag stretched his pretty mouth wide, his lips looking adorably kissable wrapped around the red sphere that was secured by a silky black ribbon around his head. His slender wrists were encased in delicate cuffs that were fastened to the headboard with more of the unbreakable little chains. After alot of thrashing around at first, Duo seemed to realize that he couldn't stand upright because of the chains holding his wrists. He also couldn't lie down or roll off the bed because of the links affixed to his collar. Finally he quieted and stared sullenly at the headboard.

Stretching languidly Heero swished his tail to fluff it out from where it had been curled underneath him. Heero stood and poured the rest of the strong wine into his glass. Setting the empty bottle aside, he strolled over to the bed and set the glass on the nightstand before he flopped down on the matress behind Duo. Pressing his nose into Duo's soft hair, he inhaled the boy's scent, filling his senses. Wide lavender eyes fluttered closed and Duo shivered, moaning plaintively behind his gag. Large, battle hardened hands gently smoothed over the slave's hips, tracing over his clothes, fingers dancing lightly over the faint red welts Duo had recieved from his earlier switching.

Gently, Heero turned Duo's head and kissed his open mouth, licking his lips. Duo's moans became more frantic, his sobs racking his slender body. More tears escaped form the corners of Duo's eyes as his master greedily drank his tears, enjoying his misery. Heero stared into those, wide frightened eyes, fascinated as they changed from the palest lavender to a dark, amethestine hue. Sitting back for a moment, Heero took some time to just admire him.

It had taken the trainers a good two hours to settle Duo into his role. The boy's hair was a shimmering cap of curls dancing around his ears and brushing his shoulders. His soft, full lips were moist and sweet from the strawberry lip gloss they had lightly brushed on. Those thick, lush lashes were enhanced with brown mascara and eyeliner, making them even more prominant in his blushing heartshaped face. Duo had sat through the proceedure stoicly, barely even looking around except to occasionally glare in Heero's general direction.

In fact, he had only made a fuss when they had started slipping the black thigh high stockings and shiny Mary Janes on. That had been a fight to remember! It was also the main reason he was bound and gagged. The trainers had been quite annoyed with him and so had also given him a good dose of a slender switch to quiet him down.

Heero smiled at his little one, tail wagging contentedly. Duo was watching Heero apprehensively, vainly trying to hold back his sniffles. The kitsune rubbed his face into the boy's shoulder and nuzzled his neck fondly. Duo truly was a treasure. The moisture sparkling in his eyes was absolutely captivating. Usually, Heero took his pleasure in listening to Duo's husky alto moaning in pleasure, pleading for his master to claim him, to mark him as his property.

However, he had taken great interest in watching the trainers so expertly handling his recaliant slave. At his first sign of rebellion they had promptly held him down and switched his creamy little bottom until it was criss crossed with those charming red stripes. They did their job very well too, because Duo wasn't black and blue with bruises. They took great care to NEVER mark a slave's delicate skin.

Heero just wanted to bend down and trace his tongue over every lovingly rendered crimson mark. This, he knew, was how he should begin to train his little one. It was his responsibility to make sure Duo was happy and content and he'd been doing a poor job of it from the start. Eying the paddle hanging on a peg near his headboard, Heero smiled and took a moment to look over his little one.

Duo looked like a little school girl in his short, pleated green skirt and white shirt with a green jacket. Even his tie and the little headband in his hair was green. Duo's wild struggles in the beginning had lifted the edge of his skirt in the back and Heero could see the bottom curve of his tight little ass encased in innocent looking white panties. He could see the evidence of the boy's punishment peeking from under the thin cotton. Duo shifted on the bed uncomfortably, unable to even settle back and sit on his heels because of the stinging ache in his backside.

Heero moved closer to Duo, smoothing his free hand down over Duo's back. His fingers tangled in the hair at the nape of his slave's neck and he pressed kisses down the boy's flushed cheeks before burying his face against Duo's neck, lapping at his smooth skin. Duo invoulantarily moaned again, trying to twist away. Heero unfastened his pants and freed his thickening erection. "I want you to fuck you." Heero mumbled against Duo's shoulder.

Leaning back slightly, Heero winked. With slow deliberation, he reached down to gently squeeze his own erection, massaging gently. Duo's cheeks flushed and his eyes invoulntarily dropped down to watch the kitsune play with himself. Heero's hand firmly stroked his penis, his other hand lifting Duo's skirt to he could see the boy's panties more clearly. Heero's large hand settled over Duo's crotch and the boy whimpered behind the gag, rocking his hips forward.

Heero smirked at the sullen, angry look in Duo's eyes. Reaching forward, he untied the black ribbon and gently pulled the gag out of Duo's mouth. With an expression of pure relief on his face, Duo closed his mouth, pressing his numbed lips together. Heero forced a kiss on his lips, tongue sweeping into his mouth, caressing--

"Mmmph!" Heero pulled back, eyes wide with astonishment. The little minx had bitten him! Duo, for once, didn't say anything, but glared for everything he was worth.

"Bad!" Heero admonished, wagging a finger in Duo's face. Duo bit at him again, his pearly white teeth snapping shut with an audible click. "I'm going to ram my dick into that naughty little mouth of yours." Still caressing himself, he slid his hand down to pinch Duo's ass. The boy yelped and jerked away, struggling with his bonds. "Wicked girl..." Heero murmured and drawing his hand back, he struck Duo across the hips.

That snapped Duo out of it, "OW! Get the fuck away from me you sick-- Oooow!"

Duo was reduced to open mouthed sobs as Heero delivered a series of hard spanks to his bottom, enjoying the way the boy's hips swayed enticingly in that short skirt. Heero cupped the soft globes in his hand as he delivered each smack, forcing Duo forward with each blow. Still cupping his arousal, Heero stood on the bed beside Duo and brushed the head of his engorged penis over his mouth.

"Open." he ordered.

Duo bared his teeth and growled. Having none of that, Heero drew back his hand and cuffed him. Head swimming, Duo reluctrantly parted his lips and allowed Heero to slide himself into the warmth of his mouth.

"Lick it."

Cheeks crimson with humiliation, Duo licked the thick shaft, pink tongue darting over the smooth, veined surface. Every once in a while he would pull back to kiss the tip and dip his tongue into the slit at the top. Heero reached down and grabbed his chin, and Duo obediately opened his mouth wider as Heero began to force his cock in deeper.

Heero groaned softly as Duo sucked and licked his meat. The tiny strangled sounds coming from deep in the boy's throat as his master fucked his mouth turned Heero on immensely. Making sure not to use enough force to actually hurt the boy, he grabbed the back of Duo's head and rocked his hips back and forth, fingers clenching in Duo's thick brown hair. Unable to balance, Duo whimpered in alarm as Heero picked up the pace, balls slapping against Duo's chin. So preoccupied was he with trying to gasp for air around the cock raping his throat that he was totally unprepared when Heero tensed up and came. With a loud moan, Heero held his cock in Duo's throat as his seed spilled from the tip of his shaft.

When he finally pulled away, Duo coughed and sagged in his bonds so Heero had to hold him upright for a while. Eyes fluttering shut, Duo leaned against Heero's thigh, breathing heavily. Heero knelt down in front of Duo and ducked in between the boy's bound arms, allowing Duo to literally hang from his neck. Pushing Duo's legs apart, he settled the boy on his lap, pressing him against his still hard erection. Cupping Duo's bottom with both hands, he lifted the exhausted slave's hips in quick, hard movements. Groaning softly, Duo felt his own shaft harden and press insistantly against Heero's.

"No..." Duo was struggling to pull away, head shaking wildly from side to side, "I don't... I don't want it like this..."

Heero looked deeply into Duo's eyes, still grinding their hips together. Duo was straddling Heero's lap, his long legs spread wide as he invoulantarily rolled his hips, clutching at the back of Heero's neck. Tears were sliding down the boy's cheeks again and he closed his eyes, hair clinging to his face and neck in sweaty tendrils. Reaching under Duo's skirt, Heero grunted, holding tightly to the boy's ass, squeezing hard. "I'm going to fuck you into the matress."

Duo whimpered and panted, his precum staining the front of his panties, "Don't want...that..." he groaned, burying his head against Heero's chest.

"Then what do you want, Duo?"

"Your love."

Heero froze, clutching Duo even harder against his chest. "Wha--?" Duo's breaths got suddenly deeper and stiffened in Heero's arms, his warm seed coating his panties and staining his skirt as he climaxed. Heero followed immediately after, gently stroking the boy's shaking body as he rocked their crotches together. Duo twitched and moaned, leaning against Heero's chest, eyes drooping tiredly.



Ugh... trite, cliche'd. I know, I was just toying with this part a bit. Wasn't gonna put it out but since part has no sex in it, if figured I send this out too.