Title: Beauty and the Kitsune part six
Author: Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)
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Beauty and the Kitsune part Six
by Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)


~Of all the kitsune in all the galaxy for me to get saddled with,~ Duo thought to himself, frowning at Heero's chest ~ I HAVE to end up with the ONE cuddler in the bunch.~ Trying unsuccessfully to pry himself out of Heero's arms he gave up and glared at the ceiling. "Why do I keep waking up like this?"

"Because you're a soft pillow."

Duo elbowed him in the side, "So, you ARE awake!"

Heero didn't even grunt at the rough jab. Of course not. No blow Duo could deliver would ever penetrate THAT muscled chest... Now give him a blow to the HEAD and...

Duo chuckled wickedly. Heero lifted an eyebrow and pricked his fuzzy black ears at him. Rolling them both over, Heero lay partially on top of Duo and wagged his tail in the most undignified manner.Duo gaped at him for a few moments. Heero's velvety soft ears pricked forwards and backwards in amusement as the dark, silky tail waved like a proud flag. Duo couldn't help but laugh. Apparently, Heero took that as an invitation and began placing kisses all over Duo's face and neck, rubbing against him fondly.

"That tickles!" Duo's hands came up and batted Heero's head away impatiently.

"Good." He wrapped his arms around Duo's slight, naked body and began gently squeezing him and rubbing his cheek against his skin as if he were a huge stuffed doll. It was an interesting thing to think on. Did kitsune get dolls and playtoys? How did they grow up? Did they all act like Heero in private? Duo rather thought not. The others had seemed so... cold-blooded.

Not that Heero didn't have a lot of brutality in him. He did and Duo would never forget it. Still.... He was kind of cute when he wagged his tail. Duo actually found himself blushing and was startled to realize he had a wide grin on his face.

Heaving a disgusted sigh, he put up with being nuzzled and stroked for a little while longer. Finally having enough, he tried to squirm away. Heero held onto him all the tighter.

"I gotta get up," he mumbled.

"Do you?" Heero grunted.

"Yes." Duo's eyes flew up to meet his as he glared.

Heero met his irritated stare for a long time. Then without breaking eye contact, he slid over, letting Duo climb down out of the huge bed and hop off the platform. Duo could feel those golden eyes burning into his back as he stood, toes burrowing into the thick carpet. He shivered a bit from the sudden cold.

~Of course you're cold, FOOL~ he chided himself, ~You're bare assed naked! How the hell else were you supposed to feel?~

He looked down at his toes, scrunching up the carpet in between them. ~It's warm next to Heero...~ He was minded again of the warm flame. Every time he thought of Heero, that bright fire was glowing in a corner of his mind.

His mind snapped nastily, ~Yeah, I bet it would be real warm if you cuddle up against him, let him pet you like a fucking dog, huh?~ He almost flinched, ~Gonna spread your legs for him again? You know, he makes the word `slut' seem almost like an endearment, doesn't he?~

Duo closed his eyes, aware of Heero's continued scrutiny. But the kitsune remained silent. ~It was exciting, wasn't it? It was like a game, seeing how much of that thick cock you could fit into your mouth. When you licked it and rubbed it all over your face, did you like it? Whore.~

He shrugged his shoulders uncomfortably. He'd tried to kill himself yesterday. But a collar had stopped him. When the collar caused him pain, there were never any marks. Yet it always felt as if something were moving around inside his skin, threatening to claw its way free. His fingers twitched as he resisted the urge to tear his flesh with his fingernails an dig it out. Of course, that was nonsense, the pain was in his mind. His actions were controlled by the pain. There was no resisting or denying it's hold over him. When he was shocked he corrected his behavior. But if the pain was in his mind, then....

His mind was being used against him.

The collar was doing it, but he could not remove the collar.


Duo stomped into the next room, ignoring Heero's discontented grumbling. He'd noticed earlier that fresh slave garments were sent up through the dumbwaiter. Sure enough, some more had been delivered while they'd slept.

Tearing open the tiny door, he once again noticed, that it was just too small for even HIM to be able to fit inside. ~Then again, even if I COULD get in, ~ Duo mused, "Why would I want to go back down to the kitchens in the first place?"

"What?" Heero queried, finally stirring in the room behind him.

"Nothing." Duo ground out, glaring at the package within. Taking it out, he ripped it open and looked with great dissatisfaction at the long purple slave tunic inside. Shit. At least while he was working in the kitchens he got to wear breeches. This damned thing would come down to his calves and look like a dress. "It may have escaped your notice...Master," Oh, he....hated saying that, but... he had been serious about his death wish. Whatever it took. Heero had never answered his request. Did he dare bring up the subject again? Yes! But not just now. Soon...maybe later today, when he wasn't so damned pissed.

Turning around, he faced the bedroom doors, "I am not a girl."

Heero snorted caustically as he entered the room, "A fact I appreciate." he murmured, watching Duo unwrap his `gift'.

Duo's last thread of control snapped and he growled, crumpling the fabric in his fists, "Then why the HELL am I being given dresses to wear?"

Heero didn't answer, but crossed the room to where Duo stood and pressed him against the office desk. Lifting Duo easily, he set him on the edge and settled between his thighs. Duo dragged the thin garment over his lap, glaring. Heero regarding the young man with an almost flirty smile. "Because it's easier to play when I can just lift--" he reached a hand toward the silken dress, attempting to peek under it. Duo yelped softly and scrambled backward on the desk till he could jump off the other side.

He frowned at Heero and pulled a face before stalking off to the bathing room. Slamming open the shower door, he reached inside to turn on the water. His fingers barely touched the knob before his hand was engulfed by Heero's larger one. Switching on the water, he took the dress from Duo and pushed the boy into the stall, following close after.

Duo glared mutinously, but didn't resist as he was turned to face the warm spray and Heero began gently washing him. His large callused palms were careful, as if he was afraid of breaking him. Duo allowed himself to be turned this way and that and let Heero wash his hair. The soap was a berry scented lather on his skin. What had Heero called it? Mulberry. Since when did he ever wear such a girlie scent? Not that he had a choice.

Heero finished and after rinsing him off, pushed him onto the ledge in the roomy stall. HE got to use a more robust scent, heavy with spice and musk. Duo sat for a while, and watched as Heero washed his mane. The formerly proud, fluffy tail dangled limply behind him, swishing now and again in the water. Duo waited, his face blank as Heero's shower ended and he was led out of the stall.

Duo simply stood there, dripping. Waiting for Heero to make nice and hand him a-- "YOW!" Grabbing at his rear, he glared at Heero. The kitsune innocently tossed him a towel, drawing his offending tail behind him.

Duo gathered up his dress and went off in a huff, ignoring Heero's soft laughter.


"Eo dao wayo hay!
Eo dao wayo way!
Air breathe and Air blow,
Make the wheel of magick go!
Work the will for which I pray
Eo dao wayo way!" *

Wufei looked up from his papers, lowering his bifocals so he could focus clearly on the little girl standing in the courtyard below him. She was twirling around barefoot in a tiny circle made of shiny white pebbles. Her voice was high, lilting sweetly up to where he sat at his desk as her little hand clutched a feather, waving it about.

Looking down at his papers once more, Wufei sighed. Relena's neat, stylistic handwriting precisely outlined the day's proceedings at her morning and afternoon audiences. He did not much care what craftsman was having what problems with who or what, but he did realize the significance of her work. In order for them to present an effective front out there, they had to be organized and united here at home. The reports, though exhaustive in detail, often allowed him to pick up important bits of information.

For instance, in the case he was looking over now, two bakers had been in dispute. Owen Minesby, a prominant citizen in the small community of Kale's Landing, had been accused and found guilty of stealing wheat from him competetor, Jamerith Prusane. Minesby's wheat supplier had apparently been having problems with his crop so the baker had figured he would solve the problem of his own shortage and hurt his new competetor at the same time. He'd been heavily fined and sentenced to community service. There were no jails on Dawning.

Upon further investigation by Relena, it came to light that a lot of farmers were having similar problems with their grains. Relena was a very determined person when she put her mind to it. She eventually found out that most of the farmers had gotten their seed from Allied Intergalactic.

Wufei knew that Allied Intergalactic had been having severe problems in the hydroponics portion of their business. Their computer systems had screwed up and added too much of certain minerals to the bays where the seedlings and pods were for the hydroponic gardens. Most ships used hydroponic gardens to feed their crew from the vegetables and grains and freshen the air with the vital oxygen they produced. Often, when a ship came to port, seedlings were exchanged for different varieties grown planetside. More often, at the end of their journey, the crew of a ship usually sold off their whole inventory at very cheap prices to settled farmers.

Apparently, Allied had dumped their bad shipments onto their world, probably at a cheap price. They obviously did NOT know who they were dicking around with.

"Buyer beware my ass." he grumbled. He would ensure they were recompensated for the bad seed. People could die from food poisoning--was the company MAD?! He debated on whether or not to get Quatre involved directly. He'd report it as a matter of course, but he'd like to have made some progress with the problem today before he handed over the papers tonight.

"Eo dao wayo way!
Eo dao wayo way!
Fire flame and fire burn,
Make the wheel of magick turn!
Work the will for which I pray
Eo dao wayo way!"

Wufei again looked down into the courtyard that was getting darker as the sun set. The little girl was lighting a candle and carefully shielding it from the wind as she danced about the circle. He didn't know the first thing about magick and he wondered what it was the little one was doing.

Wufei tossed the papers to the desk and almost groaned aloud. He couldn't imagine how Quatre had delegated all his responsibilities like he had, kept on top of it all and still stayed sane. The diminutive kitsune seemed to be serenity itself. Wufei had to admit, it was hard.

Keeping tabs on the situation at Elven Home meant keeping an eye firmly fixed on Kitsune activities and Dorothy was handling that. Maintaining a flow of supplies and soldiers to the front lines meant firm control at home. Relena was flourishing and proving herself a vital asset in that department. Quatre needed constant protection from so many different kinds of attacks that it was mind boggling. Poor, harried, disgruntled Trowa was getting gray hairs watching him.

And Wufei took all the information, no matter how trivial, looked it over and fed it into concise reports for Quatre to study and act on. He tore his glasses off and pinched the bridge of his nose. What was he? A glorified secretary?

The little girl stooped and scooped up a bowl of salt from the ground in the center of her circle. She took pinches as she twirled, sprinkling it about carefully.

"Eo dao wayo way!
Eo dao wayo way!
Earth without and earth within,
Make the wheel of magick spin!
Work the will for which I pray
Eo dao wayo way!"

Wufei found himself staring at the little girl again. He suddenly wondered where she came from. He couldn't discern her features from where he sat, but since she had no tail she wasn't a kitsune. The assassination attempts on Quatre truly HAD been getting more original. He had never seen that girl before. There could be all kinds of knives, daggers and vials of poison hidden in the rough folds of her dress. He wouldn't put it past the Kitsune to send a child in to murder Quatre. The little kitsune was too tender hearted toward anyone under three feet tall.

The child knelt quickly and tossed some of the salt into another tiny bowl filled with water. Stirring it slowly with her finger, she stood up and began flicking it into the air, spinning and giggling as she chanted:

"Eo dao wayo hay!
Eo dao wayo way!
Water bubble water boil,
Make the wheel of magick toil!
Work the will for which I pray
Eo dao wayo way!"

Wufei's brows drew together in a scowl. Perhaps the murder attampt would be more estoric this time around. Without wasting anymore time, he stood and quickly made his way out of his rooms and down the stairs. He was going to get that girl and see where she came from. What was she doing casting spells in the courtyard? Where was she from?


Heero stood framed in the doorway, glaring fit to burn holes in the wall. Standing there with his booted feet apart, strong legs encased in brown leather, powerful chest glistening with water from their recent shower... Duo felt his face flush. Even with those, fuzzy pointed fox ears and the long puffy tail, Heero looked like...a god!

~Bad Duo!~ Quickly, he looked down at his bare feet sinking into the thick carpet.

Shaking his long mane out of his face, Heero raised an eyebrow at Duo. Long fingered hands came up to narrow hips and his fingers tapped ominously against his wide brown belt. "What is it?"

Duo bit his lip hard. He couldn't decide it he was more nervous at possibly being turned down or angry that he had to ask permission. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to step closer to the annoyed looking kitsune, "Look, um...." he studied his fingers as they clenched before him. "Master, I would like to go out." he said in a rush, trying to get everything out before he was cut off, "I'm going to go absolutely out of my MIND if I have to sit here another day! It's so boring. Not that I'm complaining about the rooms, of course. This is much nicer than down below, but down there I had people to TALK to. I can't even open the door and maybe catch someone passing by to say `hello' or anything because you've locked me in and even if I could I'd probably get snatched out of here the second the door cracks! You don't even have a television or a vid player--"

Heero patiently listened to Duo's tirade, holding in his laughter. His little one was bored? He tilted his head to the side. Yes, he could see how Duo might see these rooms as a cage. Heero had no need to watch frivolous television shows and he didn't care much for the blaring music he was exposed to when he went anywhere near his kin.

"So I've decided to shave all my hair off and dye my bald head green."

Heero stared, "WHAT?"

"You weren't listening!" Duo was standing right in front of him, poking him in the chest with stiff fingers. Abruptly, he turned on his heel and stalked away. "Nevermind. I'll just go and stare at the walls for a few MORE hours today!"

Heero was tapping his foot. A habit he'd picked up from being around Duo, "Freeze."

"Yeah?" The boy didn't turn around, trying to control the sudden glee he knew as obvious in his expression.

Taking a step forward, Heero gripped Duo just above his elbow and walked them both to the outer door, "There is a gallery of virtual reality suites upstairs." he smiled at the pleased look that spread across Duo's face and brushed soft lips with the pad of his thumb. Affecting a bored tone, he left Duo at the door so he could snag his shirt from the back of a chair. "I figure I have a little time before I have to run some errands today, so... I'll take you now..."

Snickering at his slave's sudden blush at the double entandre, he bent over and tasted the skin of Duo's shoulders and neck, leaving tiny red marks in the wake of his lips and teeth. The boy's eyes drifted shut and he grunted when Heero bit down quickly at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. The kitsune pressed a gentle kiss to the angry crimson stain on Duo's pale skin before he pulled away with a regretful sigh. Control... He had to keep himself under control.

Grabbing hold of Duo once again, ignoring the boy's dazed protest, he waved his hand over the new recognition plate. He had ordered it installed to make sure Duo couldn't dart out and cause himself more pain in another foolish attempt to escape. "You are to stay with me," he warned the little human, "Do not speak unless I give you permission."

Duo nodded slowly, fingers pressed to his neck. Heero sighed. "Umm...."

Golden eyes glittered, "What?"

"What are the suites like?" Duo asked almost meekly.

The iciness melted from Heero's expression and he smiled again, "There are many different kinds. I think I know just the one we are going to try. Trust me."

Duo averted his gaze. ~I don't even trust myself anymore~

Too intimidated to make very much noise, Duo stuck close to Heero, unwilling to let even a bit of space get in between them. That meant he had to trot double time to keep up with Heero's ground-eating strides. The kitsune had lead him through the Palace hallways and into an airlift.

He hadn't realized it was an airlift. It was more sleek and advanced than even the ones he'd seen when his family.... He shrugged uncomfortably. Anyhow! He hadn't know what it was until it was too late. Not to say that he would not have gone in willingly. He'd have gotten in.

~I would have gotten in if Jack Frost had jumped off the highdive into a lava pit on the sunny ski slopes of Hell~ he thought irritably. There was nothing more terrifying in the universe than standing on a disk that was being blasted up to the next level by a gust of cold air. Then having to STEP OFF that same disk, look back to notice the only thing holding you up was compressed air; only to watch said air be cut off, causing the disk to fall down the shaft with a soft rattle.

He had wanted nothing more than to yank Heero's tail off, promise or no promise!

Then they had come to this waiting room. Only it wasn't like any waiting room that Duo had ever seen. Oh, it was beautiful! One moment they were in a opulent hall before a huge wooden door, the next, he was standing on a cloud. Eyes wide, he stared down between his toes as saw open air under his feet. Fluffy, damp clouds trailed lazily past him, making his thin silk garment cling to his body.

~What a strange hologram~ Duo thought to himself, looking around. Kitsune lounged on the more solid looking clouds, conversing softly with each other. Give them wings, take away their ears and tails and they could almost be angels.Though Duo doubted mightily that angels had any part of what was going on in this room.

Humans moved around like delicate birds in a wild array of colors. Their silk garments were similar to Duo's for the most part, but more... flamboyant. They moved like dancers, drifting around their masters with far off, dreamy looks on their faces and raised trays, trying to entice their kitsune masters with looks of utter adoration in their eyes. Male and female, every one of them was absolutely beautiful.

For an uncomfortable moment, Duo was embarrassed. There was no doubt in his mind who the ugly duckling in this crowd was. For one thing, he was the shortest BY FAR! It was unfair that everyone else was so damned tall. The male slaves, he swore, looked like Greek gods with their sleek, tanned, muscled bodies glistening in the gently diffused white light. The women seemed to float from one spot to the next like in those old romance movies. Most importantly, to a kitsune's standard anyhow, they were silent. Nearly.

Nearly because occasionally a kitsune would reach out and stroke one of them. Run a hand through this woman's hair or pat a man's bottom as he passed. And each time they were touched or fondled, the slaves would moan or whimper in ecstatic delight. Their eyes stayed the same. Unfocused, dreamy, fawning. What the fuck was going on here? More important, why was he there?

Before he could decide if he dared to ask Heero, a young kitsune woman strolled over to where Heero and Duo stood by the door. She had a small bag in her hands and an almost bored look on her face. Taking hold of Duo's arm before he could think to dodge, she pressed a strange instrument to his upper arm.

Heero's hand was on her wrist, pulling at away before she could push the tiny blue button on the side. "That will not be necessary." Heero pulled Duo out of her reach, ears laying flat against his skull. The woman's ears wilted under his stare, ducking her head.

"I apologize Yuy-sama!" she said quickly, tail tucked, "It is merely a mood enhancer."

Duo's eyebrows shot up. A mood WHAT?! Oh HELL no!

Heero ignored her apology and waved a hand at the door. "I require a suite."

The woman nodded so hard Duo would not have been surprised to see it roll off her shoulders and topple to the floor, still bobbing. "Yes, of course!" she said quickly. Reaching into her bag, she picked up a huge golden ring with many different keys attached. Thumbing through her choices, she selected one and made a gesture for Heero to proceed her.

Duo pressed himself up close as they passed the others in the room. Pitching his voice low, he tried to project his whisper up to Heero's ears. WHY was he so short? "Where are we going?"

Heero slanted a golden glance his way, lips thinning slightly. Duo nearly flinched at the displeasure he read in that glittering stare, -- then he got furious. The fuck HE was going to duck his head and cower! "I SAID," he repeated with more volume and no little amount of venom, "WHERE are we go--eep!"

Heero's large hand holding him by the scruff of the neck was a serious deterrent for more words. In fact, he didn't feel the least bit like talking at all anymore. Nope. Not a word out of him. Not a peep, not a sound, not a syllable. He couldn't help himself. "Peep!" Heero shook him like a rag, but it was worth it.

As they stopped in front of a door, the woman gave Duo a curious stare as she fitted a key into the keyhole, twisting it sharply. "This is one of our more popular simulations. It's called The Lair."

Heero pushed the door open and peered into the darkness beyond the threshold, "I've heard of it. Why is it called The Lair?"

The woman smiled prettily, "Because it's an adventure kind of simulation. You can turn the safeties back on if at any time you and your slave are separated. I don't think he could handle the creatures you two will face. There are also special dungeons inside that can be found, with rest stops and such. This program also has training simulations to teach new slaves the art of pleasure." Duo rolled his eyes. The woman fixed him with an unpleasant smile. "The trainers are not known for leniency. He will be molded to be EXACTLY as you wish him to be."

"Hn," Heero commented, still looking into the darkness. He nodded to her and she smiled.

"Okay, the simulation will last for about a week inside, but you will be out in two hours our time. Is that acceptable?"

"Peachy." Duo mumbled. "OW!"

Heero swatted Duo and released him long enough to push him inside. Duo gave a short yelp as he disappeared in a flash of green light. Heero shook his head and strode in after.

The woman frowned after the two of them. That slave was obviously new and untrained. No manners at all! Opening as side panel, she stretched out her foot to nudge the door shut as she arranged a few things in the program. The trainers were no slouches, but she felt that little tart needed a good lesson since it was obvious that Lord Heero was too busy to teach him his place. There! That should take care of the boy and please Lord Heero as well.

Congratulating herself, she didn't notice her fingers brushing against a few switches as she snapped the cover shut. She locked the door and put away her keys, then took out her hypospray in preparation for the next slave. It was so rewarding to watch the newly trained humans frolic in the waiting room--maybe she would get herself a slave this year.


(end part six)


Eo Dao wayo way -- I forget the name of this chant, but I use it sometimes when I am raising power for spells. The circle dance is another way to raise power and is SUCH a lovely, uplifting way to... I can't describe it really but to say, get in step with the rhythm of the universe. {grin}

I don't know much about how different fabrics burn. I tend to leave the technical stuff to the pros like Ravenfyre. {grin}