Title: Beauty and the Kitsune part five
Author: Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)
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Beauty and the Kitsune Part Five
Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)



Sitting on my bed
Or lying wide awake
There's demons in my head
And it's more than I can take

--Gotta Get Away From Me
The Offspring


~God save me from the darkness. Heavenly father protect me from the darkness. My Lord in Heaven deliver me from this darkness! Lord God... please... HELP ME!!!~

She rocked back and forth in the gloom of her room, the shutters secured and the drapes blotting out any of the light of the sun. Crouching like an animal, she yearned toward the wide openness outside, the air on her face, the sun in her hair. Yet she was denied. That brightness hurt her eyes, burnt her skin and she only left her room now when the sun set and darkness clothed the world. IT saw to that.

Trembling fingers clutched at her falls of matted white-blonde hair, tearing strands to curl around her feet and pool in her lap. Blue eyes stared fixedly at the opposite corner of the room. To the gathered darkness sitting there, watching. She could feel its presence in her head like a weight pressing her to the floor. Rational thought fled under it's steady regard, leaving her breathless, babbling prayers in the choking silence. It was the same nightmare from her childhood come to life. Her thoughts whirled endlessly, making her unable to do anything more than whimper like a crazed beast, the fingers scrabbling at her scalp tearing bloody gashes in her skin.

Pressing the heels of her hands to her ears, she shut out it's raspy breathing, shuddering inside when she heard it begin to move. "God please no, PLEASE no, shelter me from the darkness, protect me from the darkness..."

Nothing she could do. No matter where she went, it followed, watching her. It's shape was unknown, hidden by the dark mists swirling around it. Occasionally she imagined that she saw a hand, maybe a murky glow.

It was in her head.

It was real.

Dorothy screamed soundlessly in the recesses of her mind.


For time beyond count...

She had been...

In the passing of endless centuries Her own name had been lost to time and faded memory.

Still, She was.

She always would be.

She had stood as one equal among the gods and shaken the pillars of heaven itself. And in one moment been cast down amongst the darkness. Damned and damned until the universe failed and perished. Misery and torment beyond knowing, dreams haunted by phantasms of violence and despair. Her power was shattered.

She had made her children then, with the last of her strength. Of Her own flesh, of Herown blood and of Her spirit and they called her Beloved Mother. Her name was Chanda. They spread like locusts through the universe, conquering and destroying and with each life that shuddered into stillness and crossed into the shadow realm that was Her dominion. She grew.

She was eternity.


Dorothy huddled in silent misery. Day after day, it came to just study her. She didn't know what it was waiting for. Speaking to it was out of the question. It always backed her into a corner and refused her any rest... During the day that was.

At night, she would emerge from her prison when her dark visitor faded into nothingness and it's presence left her alone and shivering in the cold of her room. She took out her rage and helplessness on anything she could get her hands on. Demon of Light, they called her. She never allowed herself a moment's respite, driving herself forward, relentlessly hunting, searching.

For the kitsune.

As soon as she was able she had fled Desert's Dawning, eager to be away from the object of her all encompassing hate. The entire reason that the waking nightmares had returned was because they had destroyed EVERYTHING. All she had based her world on, her hopes and her dreams and the man she loved as her father. His severed hand cradled in hers, the rubbery, cold fingers pressing against her cheek, stiff and still. She remembered that hand when she was a child, moving through her bangs, caressing away her nightmares and letting her settle into blissful, safe dreams.

He had meant that much to her, had BEEN that much to her. Her father. Her protector.

Now she was alone again, helpless and exposed before the predator that stalked her every waking moment. IT WAS ALL THEIR FAULT! What was worse, they still had her brother in that damned `Palace' of theirs. She'd heard enough from the captive kitsune she managed to capture and interrogate. Knew how they had people living in that dark hell they called home. Duo was trapped in that nightmare. There was nothing she could do about that now. No one knew what it was that the kitsune were searching so hard for, but Quatre was absolutely set on finding it.

So was she.

She would hurt them like they had tormented her.

So she came here, got away from the `good' kitsune on Deserts Dawning and embraced the fury of war with open arms. The only escape she had was in battle. The conflict on Elven Home had drawn her, called to her, the song of metal on metal, the steady beat of laser fire. The siren's call that was the screams of the dying. She longed to join them in their solemn journey, down, down, down into the velvet blackness of oblivion.

Her shadow moved.

Dorothy stared at the lone candle in front of her, the inky shadow sucking away the tiny bit of light and warmth it offered. She watched the wax drip. In her mind's eye the clear wax turned red as blood, dripping thick and hot, spreading in an ever widening pool, threatening to rise up and consume her in the crimson depths...

Dorothy snatched up the candle and hurled it into the center of the dark mass, backing further into her corner. When the fire touched the darkness, it flared up brightly, building and roaring. Blue flame ate away at the shroud, ripping at the disguise with a ravenous ferocity that startled her.... and in the heart of that flame, disguises ripped away, protective layers cast aside...

Was a mirror image of herself.

Long blonde hair tumbled over strong, resilient limbs, concealing the firm flesh underneath... revealing with a breath then hiding again. Tempting. Soft, thin lips smiled in sensuous invitation, bare toes sinking into the still warm wax on the floor. The eyes were white pools, blind and unseeing. Dorothy whimpered and curled into a ball. A callused hand touched her face, a finger slid between her lips and into her mouth. Dorothy closed her eyes and flinched when she was made to sit up straight and then stand facing away from the shadow. It pressed itself to her back. A hand slid down the front of her shirt and smoothed over the curve of her left breast, squeezing gently. One callused hand touched her face, slid a finger between her lips and plunged into her mouth, moving in and out gently. Unable to stand on her own, Dorothy sagged in it's grip, the shadow easily holding her upright.

Something cool and slick touched the small of her back and Dorothy resisted only to discover herself being restrained, the shadow matching her strength for strength. The strange something slid around her waist, gripping her firmly. Lowering her head, partially aware of herself suckling on the finger that gently teased her tongue, Dorothy shuddered in revulsion. A long green, tendril had wrapped around her waist, leaving a moist trail across her shirt. Already it was working it's way beneath the fabric, caressing her skin.

Dorothy floated in a strange sort of dream, barely responding when she was stripped of her shirt and her stiff leather breeches. The shadow eased her hands behind her back and her wrists were secured by another wet tendril. More of the thick green appendages attached themselves to her, one tilting her head back to make her stare at the ceiling. Still her shadow rubbed against her, pressed it's body close, moaning now. It's voice sounded just like hers. Inside, Dorothy was howling, clawing at the layers of complacency that had enveloped her brain, finding them as difficult to get through as layer on layer of cotton padding.

Fingers sifted through her bangs, brushing the ragged hair out of her eyes, soothing the slashes in her scalp with gentle fingers. The tendrils worked together, lifting her slightly off the floor. They began to stroke and massage her skin. Dorothy almost managed to break free once, rallying her strength when she felt the shadow remove it's finger from her mouth and guide the tip of one tendril inside. Again she was thwarted, thrashing uselessly against her bonds. Humiliation and nausea roiled inside of her as her mouth was penetrated by the flared head. At least there was no taste to the firm appendage that began to work its way in and out of her mouth.

"No pain..." her voice whispered from behind her. Dorothy closed her eyes, struggling to breathe with her head thrown back and her mouth full. "I have waited for you so long..."

Dorothy blinked around the rapidly approaching darkness. ~Waiting for me?~

"When I lost you, when he took you away I was bereft..." the voice seemed to falter a faint hitch in it's tone, "But now, you're back. Here with me and you are mine. I will never let you go again." The hand on her forehead slid down to wipe away the tears streaming down her cheeks. She hadn't even been aware that she was crying, "Surrender yourself. Give yourself over to me and there will be no pain, no worry, no fear... just unending pleasure. Forever."

A hand gently parted the plump lips of her pubis, fingers seeking the small nub of her pleasure. Dorothy bucked and fought, trying to bite down on the intruder in her mouth. At the first nick of her teeth, it plunged down a little way into her throat, making her gag frantically. The fingers withdrew and were replaced by the blunt head of one of the tendrils. It quickly squirmed it's way up inside her, ignoring her muffled protests and finally her shriek of pain as her maidenhead was torn.

The hand sifted through the damp curls between her thighs and resumed its slow stroking as she was slowly raised up and down the thick shaft. Another small hand pinched at her nipple before her other breast was bathed with an eager tongue. Dorothy moaned in pain, unable to enjoy this torment, weakly sobbing whenever she could manage to draw a breath. The creature that was Dorothy's shadow knelt before the bound girl, leaning forward to suckle and nibble gently on her clit. Yet another tendril settled between the cheeks of her rear, making her rosebud wet with it's slickness. This penetration was actually easier to deal with than the first up to a point, but when it got in deep enough, she began to shudder, trying to squirm away.

All motion paused for a moment and Dorothy heard her double stand and move away from her. "I claim you, guardian of Air. Surrender your will to me!" Now it's voice was nothing like hers. This voice crashed in on her consciousness like a hammer, making her head ring. The echoes reverberating along her skull stole her strength, draining away her will to fight. The tendrils exploded into an orgy of motion and she was being squeezed and caressed and roughly fondled.

~Help me... protect me from darkness, shelter me from the darkness...~ Dorothy laughed, almost choking around the mass bruising her lips as it plunged in and out of her mouth. The waves of blank peace lapped at her consciousness and pulled her under for the final time.


Chanda watched the young girl held spread out before Her, and began drawing away her life force and her will. White pools darkened until they took on the child's icy blue color. And with the girl's life force securely in her grasp, She opened herself up to the flood of power that had been denied Her for time beyond count. How foolish to use the lives of such finite creatures to keep Her away from what was rightfully Hers. It had been much more of a challenge to capture the angel who had the guardianship over Fire. Now She had Air. Two of the four elements at Her command.

She watched with disinterest as the girl began reacting to the erotic attack she was undergoing. Now that the enchantment was done, she allowed the demon's true form to be seen. A small humanoid figure with masses of thick tendrils roiling around it's shadowed body, possesively clutched at the nude girl. She was forced to kneel on the floor facing away, holding her arms straight out behind her. Then it began to pound alternatively into her shapely ass and cunt, making burbling, pleasured noises. Deep groans and harsh pants were all the sound the girl could get past the meat being crammed into her mouth.

The incubi and succubi took on human form to lure their prey into complacency, but this was the form they fed in. Chanda had no need of it to take human form this time around so She had ordered it to stalk the vulnerable girl.

That... man... the one who had adopted her several years back. The one who she had finally managed to wrest the girl away from. That HUMAN had kept her from Dorothy for years. How under the sun She had no idea, but he was dead now. It was a great pleasure to order him dismembered, pulled apart limb from limb and then having his house burnt down around him. His body tossed into a pile for the scavengers.

Shrugging off her irritation, she pursed her lips and studied the action before her. It was satisfying to be able to use one of these lesser demons. They didn't want any energy for payment, they thrived on the sex. The creatures never climaxed because that would mean an end to their playing. If they could, they would toy with their victim until it died in their clutches. Then they would be off looking for another pretty piece to lay their hands on.

Sex was a good way to keep the powerful guardians under Her thumb. It completely robbed them of every ounce of control and rendered them practically senseless for wanting more. Chanda doubted that the angel She had captured would ever recover from his imprisonment. He had been held by one of these very same creatures for over a century now. He would probably beg to be submerged once again into the unthinking bliss of it's attentions if he ever got free. Not that She planned on ever letting him go. He would be Hers forever.

The girl climaxed with a lot of muffled noise, jerking and trembling before she half collapsed in the incubus' grasp. The incubus flipped her over onto her back, spread her legs wide and used all of its body weight to bury itself inside her again. The girl bucked her hips and eagerly rocked her hips up to meet it's thrusts, completely unashamed of her wanton appearance. One hand wrapped around the tendril in her mouth, actively jacking it off as her other hand rubbed her clit frantically.

The incubus reached forward and greedily suckled her breasts. Two small fingers gripped her nipples and held on firmly causing her to moan in pain and pleasure. They fucked like that for a while, the incubus keeping her screams down to a soft, acceptable level. When the girl came again, it turned her over on her hands and knees and set to pounding her upraised ass, pinning her in place on the floor.

Deciding She had seen enough, She could and frequently did watch her toys play from time to time, She made a quick motion of Her hand and they both faded from view to reappear in some other place. Calmly, She went about straightening up the room, clearing away the mess the deranged girl had made in her descent into insanity. Getting carefully dressed, She examined Her image in the mirror hanging from the back of the door.

~It makes no sense that I have not been able to find the guardian of Earth yet. After all, the guardian was hidden among my very own people. When I find the little shit I'll make them suffer. I don't care how they have shielded themselves from me. I will find them and when I do...~

Her lip curled in a sneer.

"I think I might not use one of the pleasure demons. At least not at first." She said. "Dorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy," she murmured, taking on the child's voice. "So worried about your little brother. I can see him there in your mind. Such a tasty little morsel. I think I will have to go and get him for my collection of pretties."

Tossing her perfectly even, silky hair over her shoulder, she winked at the mirror. "After I finish with my business of course." she tapped her finger with her lips, "Or maybe not."

Chanda, now Dorothy, sauntered out the door, lifting her head to feel the warmth of the suns rays. Her laughter rippled like bubbles in the water, startling the people around her.

~Perhaps~ They all at one point thought... ~Dorothy is finally beginning to heal.~

(end part five)

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Eternal Treasure
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