Title: Beauty and the Kitsune
Author: Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)
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Beauty and the Kitsune
Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)

Note: Possible squick warning in this part, depends on your own tastes I suppose.


"Mmmm...warm...s'nice..." Duo cuddled closer to the heat generating next to him. Oooooh! It felt so good! It had been so long since he'd been warm. He didn't want to open his eyes. It was as if he were in a cocoon, safe and protected. He pressed his face closer into his pillow, nuzzling it with his nose, trying to recall where he'd smelled that strange scent before. Spice and musk and something else he just couldn't identify. Mooshing his face harder into the pillow, he blinked his eyes blearily when his `pillow' started laughing.

"Gyaaah!" eyes snapping open, he shouted in alarm and flung himself backwards. A large hand caught him about the waist and hauled him back into the nest of blankets before he could fall off the platform the bed stood on and hurt himself.

"Good morning to you too." A husky voice rumbled above him.

Duo froze as something silky and soft ran up and down his side. Gods! Where? Oh! Going scarlet to his hair, Duo attempted to curl in on himself. A large hand cupped his face, tilted it upwards and Duo cringed at the fierce glow in Heero's eyes.

"Kuso!" Heero snarled down at him. Duo froze, torn between fighting back and not making him any angrier. When Heero released his face and dragged him out of the bed, Duo immediately decided to fight. He sure as hell wasn't going to let this asshole beat him AGAIN and THIS time he wasn't chained down and helpless. "I'm going to have to--"

"Like hell you will..." Leaning down, Duo sank his teeth into the tender skin under Heero's arm. Heero made the funniest yipping sound and dropped him back on the bed. Duo wasted no time putting some distance between them. Taking up a delicate lamp, he flung it at the youko with all his might and fled into the sitting room. The sound of breaking glass was almost completely drowned out by the howl of outrage Heero gave in response.

Duo grabbed the bottle of brandy on the table and smashed it. Snatching one of the larger broken pieces, he pressed it to his wrist, slashing downwards. His collar shocked him hard enough to make him drop the glass. Trying again, he went for the vein in his neck. Heero burst into the room in time to watch him stumble and fall to the floor.

"Duo!" he screamed, sprinting across the room.

Duo staggered drunkenly to his feet and raced toward the door. Fumbling clumsily, he snatched up the chair leg he'd dropped yesterday and whirled around, swinging with all his might. Heero ducked under his swing and tore the heavy wood from his fingers. Duo gasped as Heero brutally knocked him to the floor. The carpets, thick as they were, didn't even cushion the blow to his head. Head swimming, Duo snarled and latched onto Heero's hand like a snap turtle. Heero pressed behind his jaw and Duo's mouth popped open. The resounding slap echoed through the large room. Duo lay there, eyes unfocused, staring at the wall.

~Now!~ Duo hazily assured himself, ~He'll kill me now!~ Heero roughly lifted him and his hand rose again. Duo closed his eyes in anticipation of a killing blow. Instead, none too gentle fingers probed at his cheeks, making him wince in pain.

"Duo no baka! Omae o korasu!"

~Get it over with then!~ Duo thought savagely. Heero's arms lifted him gently from the floor and into the bedroom again. Panic made Duo squirm in Heero's arms earning him a hard shake. ~No! Nononononono! WHY won't he just kill me? Or does he plan to rape me to death? I want to join my family in death, but not like this!~ Ice settled in his belly and hopeless tears rolled down his cheeks. He was so distraught his didn't notice when Heero passed the bed and entered the washroom. Heero flicked on the bright lights above the mirror and set him down in a chair. Automatically Duo tried to make a break for it and was slammed back down. Duo winced when his still tender rear protested the injudicious action and he looked up into the mirror across from him to glare at Heero in it. Violet eyes flew wide at the sight of his face. "Gods!"

Large, dark bruises decorated his cheeks, the left side of his face a bright fiery red from the blow Heero had dealt him in the other room. A hand flew to his cheek in shock and he checked the rest of his body. His upper arms were mottled with hand-shaped prints, his wrists were red. He didn't have to even LOOK to know that his bottom and thighs were severely bruised.

He looked up in the mirror again, frowning at the tear streaks on his face. Actually, they looked worse than they were. It was an embarrassing fact, but he bruised very easily. The marks hurt, but not all that much. His eyes darted to Heero's face in the reflection. Heero was staring down at him fury written all over his face. No... wait. He was glaring at the bruises covering Duo's body. One large hand reached down and Duo flinched when Heero grasped his shoulder. Heero glowered harder at his involuntary reaction and left his side.


Heero was mentally castigating himself. He'd woken up with Duo's warm, firm body pinned beneath him and had felt a tender swelling in his heart, wanting to just cuddle the little one to pieces. It had been such a wonderful thing, waking up with someone in your arms. Duo had woken up slowly, pressing against him and sighing and making kittenish sounds as he yawned and stretched. To Heero's wonder and joy, the boy had glomped onto him, his breath tickling Heero's chest, his face burrowing into his arm to hide from the artificial lights that rose as the waking hours drew near.

Even Duo's obvious alarm when he came fully awake hadn't dampened Heero's mood. He'd eagerly reached out, capturing that tiny jaw. He wanted to be the first thing those lilac eyes focused on.

Stomach twisting in self loathing, Heero looked over his shoulder at Duo where he sat before the mirror, still studying his face. He had no IDEA he'd been so rough with the boy. The damage was horrific! Then he'd gone and lost his temper and hit him again, KNOWING how much it would hurt his little Duo. Shame and a terrible loneliness made his ears droop on top of his head. His ear was still radiating pain. He'd forgotten to tend to it and now it hurt badly. He'd tend to himself after he took care of Duo.

Turning around, his arms full of supplies, he drank in Duo's scent. It was slightly bitter, with fear almost overpowering the sweetness and warmth. Heero couldn't deny it. He wanted Duo! Wanted to keep him by his side for all time. Nothing in the universe was going to make him give up the brightness that was in Duo's soul.... but... At the same time, he wanted the boy to stay with him... willingly. That was never going to happen. Duo hated him, thought him a heartless monster and cringed from his touch. He hated him enough to take his own life to escape from him. Not that the youko could blame him. Even so, he could live with that loathing, painful as it was, it was nothing to being alone again.


~I wonder what he's so angry about?~ Duo wondered, ~It doesn't seem like he's mad at me anymore. Or....not as mad as he was.~ Heero turned around behind him and Duo was startled by the penitent look that briefly crossed his face. ~He's...embarrased?~

Heero picked him up and gently set him down in the perpetually hot water of the tub. Duo winced, then smiled ecstatically as the heat slowly drew the pain out of his welts and bruises. ~He WAS embarrased!~ Now he stared at Heero's still face with a kind of wariness, ~He's was upset because of the bruises. Well he should be upset!~ He shifted in discomfort.

Heero picked up a cloth and dipped it in the water. Taking up a handful of some kind of strange foam, he rubbed it into the soft cloth and began washing Duo's back. Puzzled, Duo allowed this treatment for a while. It actually felt nice to have Heero's strong hands gently kneading his arms and shoulders and stroking his back like that. Presently though, he turned so that he was on his knees in the soap clouded water, facing Heero. He'd been too upset to notice before, but the dirty water was drained out somewhere below and clean, hot water swirled in from a vent on his left. The youko watched him curiously, golden eyes inscrutable.

"Heero?" Duo said softly. He half expected the youko to dunk him under the water for daring to speak his name. "What do you want from me?" Heero didn't answer, but continued to rub at his shoulders, lathering up his neck. "You tell me that my job is to be your companion." He lifted his neck as Heero cupped water in his palm to rinse the foamy lather away. Sighing, he grabbed Heero's hand where it started to run the cloth over his chest. Heero blinked and stubbornly kept his eyes on the cloth. Duo took away the cloth and studied Heero's hand. Sighing explosively he started talking again. "I have nothing in the world left to me. You say my family is dead and gone. You refused me when I asked you to make sure. I suppose, in all, that's for the best." His eyes glittered, ~Yeah, if any of them ARE alive, I don't want you to correct the situation.~

Instead he said, "I have no rights. I don't even have the right to die." he clutched Heero's hand tighter, pressing it to his cheek. "I don't want to serve you. I don't want to serve anyone, but I have no choice. That's been made clear to me. So I want to make a deal with you. Please?"

Heero's sudden scrutiny made him blush and lower his eyes, "I will obey you. I will do whatever it is that wish of me. I'll be your slave and... your whore..." He took a deep breath, clutching Heero's hand tighter, "ANYTHING you want. But I'm begging you. When you get tired of me, don't send me back down below with the others. I want to be free." He hurried on quickly, afraid of being interrupted, "I KNOW that I am not to leave the Palace alive! What I want is the right to die. When you get tired of me, PLEASE, take my life."

Heero stared down at Duo in shock. "What?!"

Duo let go of his hand and jumped out of the tub, sitting on the edge. Wrapping his arms around Heero's neck, he pressed his face into his mane, "I don't want to be sent to the barracks with the soldiers. I don't want to be anyone else's playtoy. I don't want to be thrown to a pack of hungry dogs." He pressed his body against Heero's, rubbing the youko's hardening shaft with his thigh. "I know I was meant to die with the others and now only live or die on your mercy." He pressed open mouthed kisses along Heero's strong jawline, nibbled at his throat with his lips. "I only want you to be the one to screw me," he nipped at the pulse beating at the base of Heero's throat eliciting a growl from the startled kitsune. Duo pressed a finger to the tiny red gem that glittered just above the red mark he'd made on Heero's neck. ~What's this gem for?~ He wondered.

"Duo," Heero was watching him with no little alarm, almost as if he was unable to move.

"You and only you will be my master, will command me, will own me. You and no one else! Take me, use me, fuck me into a goddamned coma," One hand left Heero's neck and grasped his thick cock in his small hand, "And when you toss me aside, when you do your `spring cleaning'..." Duo snarled as he ran his thumb over the slit at the head of Heero's engorged penis, "Let it be my corpse you toss out in the trash!"

Stunned, Heero quickly stood up and shoved Duo away. Duo fell back with a startled yell, tumbling back into the hot water. Duo stayed under the water a while... a long while. Thinking that the boy had hit his head, Heero hurriedly reached in only to have Duo shoot up out of the water as if he'd been.... Of course, he'd been shocked for trying to drown himself. Watching Duo scramble up out of the tub, Heero shook his head and flicked his tail irritably. Toss him out like he was garbage? When Heero was THROUGH with him? He'd never toss Duo aside and he'd never be tired of him.

Small hands pressed at his chest, sitting him down on the rim of the tub. Heero allowed himself to be guided to a sitting position. He NEEDED to sit down. A gentle touch on his ear made him hiss in pain. Looking over, he saw Duo standing over him with the cloth in his hands. He was cleaning away the dried blood and washing out the wound. A kitsune's ears were one of the most sensitive parts of their body. A fact Duo proved when he finished cleaning and wrapping his ear in gauze. His other ear twitched as tiny fingers played over the furry surface. They massaged and scratched and fondled his ear until Heero thought he would melt into a happy, contented puddle on the floor. Duo cradled his head to his chest and Heero leaned on the slender human while he was petted and scratched. Pale fingers wove through the roots of his untamed mane to where it ended below his shoulder blades. One hand reached back, stroking the tense muscles in his back and gently patting the base of his tail just above his buttocks. Duo slid down to his knees in front of Heero, taking hold of Heero's shaft with both hands, pumping slowly.

About to protest, Heero threw back his head and very gently took a handful of Duo's short, slightly wavy hair when the boy poked out the tip of his tongue and gathered the dewy wetness glistening at the tip. Duo then proceeded to give him a very wet and satisfying blowjob. It was clear he was inexperienced, but the gentle pressure as Duo tried to swallow his cock, watching his powerful manhood disappearing into that soft, hot mouth.... Heero lifted his hips slightly reveling in Duo's sudden gasp and the muted gagging sound he made. Duo took Heero out of his mouth and rubbed his cock all over his cheeks, making them shiny with a mixture of his saliva and Heero's precum.

Flailing both his fists up and down Heero's shaft, he licked it all over like a lollipop, dipping his head to thoroughly bathe his balls with his tongue. Growling, Heero pulled Duo up onto his lap surprised when he felt Duo's erection pressing against his. Making Duo straddle his lap, he lifted Duo and ground their hips together. Duo gasped and bucked his hips, wrapping his arms around Heero's neck for balance.

Taking Duo's chin in his fingers, he stroked the bruises on his fair skin. Duo tossed his head and began rolling his hips against him. Heero groaned and held Duo's waist tightly, one hand stealing down to trace patterns on the rounded globes of his firm bottom. Duo froze for an instant as Heero's fingers pressed against his anus, circling gently. Then he winced as Heero pressed a dry finger inside him. Suddenly uncertain, he looked up at Heero, with a slightly panicked look in his eyes.

Driving another finger up into Duo's suddenly shivering body, Heero nipped at his neck, "Ride it," he said flatly. Duo blushed and obediently rolled his hips in a circle, pressing against Heero's cock and the long fingers which kept pushing deeper inside him. Hands grasping Heero's shoulders, he groaned softly, taking pleasure from this strange, new act. As much as it hurt, Duo never wanted it to stop, he wanted Heero's fingers there inside of him, roughly stroking him from within. Heero's fingers pressed against his prostate and Duo shouted in surprise, eyes going wide.

Clutching Duo tightly, Heero rammed their hips together, feeling his balls tighten up in response to Duo's gasps and moans. Last night he'd had to go without and he'd continue going without for a while until Duo was ready, but damn it was so hard to resist this writhing beauty squirming in his lap. Heero shoved his fingers deep in Duo's body and grabbed a handful of his hair. His tongue thrust in time to the rhythm oh his hips and as he finally released his seed between their straining bodies, he rammed his tongue as far as he could into Duo's mouth, savoring Duo's choked cries.

Pulling away, Heero smiled in satisfaction down at Duo's flushed face. Smearing his seed all over Duo's chest like lotion, he barely gave the boy a chance to catch his breath before he dragged him down onto the marble floor. Opening a drawer beside the tub he took a few things out, smiling. This was, after all, where he came a lot of the time when he chose a human to pleasure him. Firmly turning Duo over onto his belly, he pressed the boy to the floor and held him with a knee in the small of his back. Duo stirred, trying to look back and see what was going on.

"Heero?" his voice was apprehensive. Heero ignored him, taking out a good sized vibrator and slicking it down with lubricant. It was obvious that Duo was a virgin and Heero had noticed how tight his entrance was. If he ever wanted Duo to enjoy their coupling, he had to get the beautiful boy used to being taken. The vibrator would loosen him up and make him less afraid of the actual act besides giving him pleasure. Pressing the flared head of the vibrator at the head of Duo's rosy little pucker, he switched it on and laughed when Duo jumped.

"What are you doing?" Duo asked innocently, "What is that thing? Heero? Hee--ooooh!" Spreading Duo's cheeks widely, Heero firmly began pushing it past the tight little ring of flesh until the head was fully inside Duo's sweating, trembling body.

"Shhh," he murmured when Duo whimpered, "Easy baby, it will feel better soon."

Duo moaned loudly, trying to crawl away. Tears rolled down his smooth cheeks, "It hurts!" his hands clenched helplessly into fists, beating on the floor, "Heero, please stop, it hurts!"

"You said anything, little one," Heero reminded him gently, slowly forcing the warmed plastic deeper inside his captive slave.

"I changed my mind!" Duo snarled, "Take it oooouuuuu.....!"

Duo moaned, unable to help himself as the gentle vibrations seemed to reach every part of his body. It still ached, he still felt uncomfortably stretched, but the feel of being filled and stretched so intimately soon had him rubbing his still hard shaft against the floor. Heero continued with the slow torture, gently fucking him with the vibrator disappearing inch by inch between his spread cheeks. Heero changed position, leaving Duo free to move freely. Duo lifted his hips to meet each thrust of the plastic toy, his hands stroking his own erection, teasing the reddened head of his cock.

"Tell me how this feels, little one," Heero prompted him. He changed the rhythm of his hand, began ramming the thick plastic cock up his ass. Duo had finally managed to take most of it's quivering length up his ass and was almost screaming when Heero pressed it all the way in and let it buzz against his g-spot.

"Good god!" Duo wailed, he clawed at the floor, wantonly spreading his legs wider, "Please don't stop, jam it up my ass, please DON'T STOP!"

"I don't plan on stopping sweet little Duo," Heero purred, "You're going to ride this cock until you can't walk straight." He pulled Duo up onto his knees, supporting his thrashing body with an arm around his waist. Changing the angle of his thrusts again, he groaned as Duo threw his head back and screamed loud enough that the echoes chased each other in the huge washroom. Grabbing at Heero's neck for balance, Duo lifted himself up and down on the vibrator, sweat slicking his hair to his face and neck, soft, lush lips gaping, eyes wide and fixed on the ceiling.

Duo stiffened suddenly, his pleasured shrieks rising in pitch, before he shuddered and splattered his jizz all over his hand and the floor. Sagging in Heero's arms, he groaned and sobbed when Heero continued to fuck him in quick almost violent motions. "Nnnnngggg!"

"My little slut, take the dick, baby....shhhhh" Heero was laughing now as Duo kept sliding down to the floor. Removing the vibrator, he watched as Duo lay there, sweat glistening all over his body, whimpering softly.

Flipping Duo over onto his back, Heero rammed the vibrator back inside his lover and switched it to a higher setting. Duo flopped like a beached fish, eyes bulging, unable to make a sound. Heero lowered his head and took the overly sensitive head of Duo's cock into his mouth, rallying Duo into another hard on. Tossing his head from side to side, Duo helplessly thrust his meat past Heero's lips, bouncing on the plastic dick. Duo's thoughts were a hopeless jumble.

~Fuck, oh gods, help me, good, lick it, suck it, rape me, take what you want, don't stop, wanna come, HEERO!~

"Tell me how much you like it, sweet little baby. Tell me you want it," Heero's voice reached him in the mindless pleasure. Reduced to nothing more than a lump of sensation, Duo couldn't reply, could only sob and gasp and babble insensibly.


It almost hurt to come, it felt so fucking incredible. Heero drank every drop eagerly, happily slurping, sucking to draw every milky white drop out of the head of his cock. Duo sank down into the blank relief of unconsciousness.


Heero switched off the vibrator and slipped it out of Duo's ass. He watched Duo's chest rise and fall for a long time, admiring the sheen of his pale skin. Kneeling down Between Duo's thighs, he cupped his hips with both hands and slid his tongue in Duo's rear, nuzzling and sniffing between the cheeks of his bottom. Everything about Duo tasted and smelled wonderful. Duo made a tiny sound in his sleep, shivering on the floor. Reluctantly, Heero stopped tonguing him and licked a wet trail up the front on his body, cuddling him close. Then, picking the limp body up, he went into a tiny alcove in the room. Holding Duo upright he cleansed Duo with the enema hose before coming back out and slipping into the tub. Cleaning them both thoroughly, he dried Duo off with a soft towel and placing him naked on the bed in the next room.

After cleaning the bathroom and his toys, Heero lovingly massaged the little human, pausing now and then to nuzzle him where he lay sleeping peacefully. He applied ointments and creams to the angry bruises and applied ice to any swelling he could find.

~He must be in such terrible pain,~ He stood there by the bed for a while, embarrassed. Duo would never come to him of his own accord. He didn't love him. Heero despaired that h ever would. Listening to Duo beg him for death had hurt him in ways he'd never imagined were possible.

Steeling his heart, he grimly shook his head. It had taken him all of five minutes in Duo's company to realize that after seven hundred years of solitude and loneliness that he'd finally found his mate. He wanted to bond Duo. The fact that he was male was not a problem. When Heero was ready, Duo WOULD bear his kits. The problem was that Duo was human. Duo had no energy to exchange with Heero during the bond like a youko would. Heero would be left with an empty hole in his life force while Duo's was strengthened. If Duo left him or if he died, it would weaken Heero tremendously. He would perish along with his love.

No one would ever accept such a bond. If Duo had been a youko, he'd have asked proper permission to perform the ceremony, but he couldn't do that. The Mother would refuse and probably kill Duo if she found that Heero's feelings were that strong. Any one of his relatives would happily rend the helpless little human to pieces on just the suspicion.

If he didn't... he would have a few short decades with his love and then he would be alone again. Til the end of his days. He almost sighed, tail twitching in irritation, still hesitating to join Duo where he slept on the bed.


If he DID look for the official records of Duo's family and their deaths, maybe Duo would begin to warm to him a little. It also might make Duo hate him even more.

Duo was such a strange human. He was cautious, maybe a bit afraid, but not at all intimidated by Heero. He had to be the single boldest, most infuriating lifeform Heero had ever come in contact with. Yet... he longed to hear that soft voice that Duo rarely graced him with except in moments of extreme anger. Duo refused to be dominated. Such a brave, strong spirit. A fine mate... if only he were youko. Bewildered, Heero knelt on the platform the bed rested on and watched Duo sleep.



(end part four)

*shrug* I dunno if I squicked anyone or not in this part. I mean, I certainly don't think it's squickish. *chuckle* Anyhow, I'm working on part five and it should be out in a day or so, no promises on six just yet, but I'm working in that too.

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