Title: Beauty and the Kitsune
Author: Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@y...)
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Beauty and the Kitsune Part Three
Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@y...)


I have learned that beauty has to flourish in the light
Wild horses run unbridled or their spirit dies
You have given me the courage to be all that I can
And I truly do believe you'll come to me
When you're ready to land

by Mariah Carey


"Oh, yes...please....please! Trowa! Unnnng..."

Trowa pushed Quatre's leg higher in the air, his other hand firmly pressing his other thigh into the soft bed. Pausing a moment to lean down and lick the sweat from his love's upper lip, he broke out in a wide grin and gently rocked his hips forward, pressing the tip of his penis a tiny bit further inside Quatre's tight thigh passage. Growling impatiently, Quatre struggled, trying to impale himself on that satisfying thickness. Struggling up onto his elbows, Quatre gave Trowa a truly mind-blowing kiss, his soft pink tongue stroking and tasting every part of the tall boy's mouth before drawing away and nibbling on his lips. Sharp white teeth flashed and gently nipped his bottom lip, "No teasing," he breathed softly, nuzzling his face into the soft curtain falling into Trowa's eyes, "I'm here...fill me, my love..."

Trowa scattered multitudes of tiny kisses across the bridge of that perfect little nose, over those sea-foam green eyes. He mouthed that little chin and flicked his tongue over the light dusting of freckles across his cheeks. Then he snapped his hips forward and drove his engorged cock into paradise. Quatre's head fell back and his breath rushed out of him in a startled huff. Not letting up for an instant, Trowa proceeded to pound the little one's hips into the mattress. Pinned as he was under Trowa's weight, Quatre welcomed the rough beat of his beloved hips against his thighs. ~Take me, take me, take me! I'm yours! I'll ALWAYS be yours!~


"Chisaii-chan!*" Trowa panted. Leaning down, Trowa pressed his full weight down on Quatre's writhing body, enjoying for a moment, the firm muscles moving under the deceptively delicate skin. Cupping Quatre's head in his hands, he stared down into his cherubic face, "You're mine and I am yours, my little one."

Green eyes met in the first rays of dawn's light, the silence broken only by the excited breaths the two lovers took, breathing in the essence of each other's being. Inside though... Oh! Deep inside their souls the light of their love burned like a bonfire, two roaring flames dancing around each other intertwining and separating, flowing together and spinning apart side by side. Quatre tilted his head back and mewed plaintively, bucking his hips. Trowa laughed and bent down to lap and this throat and his cheeks, loving the sheen of moisture on the fair, rosy skin under his tanned fingers.

Never looking away from each other's gaze, they began to move again, at first slowly, but then slamming against each other so hard the bed rocked and creaked as if it was breaking apart. Quatre was screaming as Trowa's cock withdrew almost completely and sank back deep inside his bowels, filling him and then leaving him bereft and empty. Tears came to his eyes, wishing he could remain like this with his lover for all time, riding the hard, demanding thrusts of his bond-mate's hard, strong body. A particularly hard jerk of Trowa's hips made Quatre suck in his breath and scratch at Trowa's back, drawing blood.

Hissing at the sudden pain, Trowa rolled over onto his back, still encased in Quatre's tight heat. Making Quatre sit upright, straddling his lap, Trowa bucked upward, rocking and lifting his diminutive angel with each roll of his hips. Quatre's head was flung back and his mouth was open, loud cries and wails escaping his parted lips. His hands sought Trowa's and their fingers intertwined, clasping each other desperately. Sitting up, Trowa pushed their clasped hands behind Quatre's back, rubbing his belly against Quatre's erection. Howling gratefully, Quatre suddenly stiffened and came so hard that the only sound he could manage was a tiny strangled whimper. Feeling Quatre's silken insides grasping his hardness tightly, spasming around him, Trowa came with a deep, satisfied moan, shooting his hot load deep inside his loved one.

Withdrawing from Quatre's shuddering body, he gently laid the little blonde back on the bed and began happily lapping at the sweet-salty come that his little one had ejaculated all over their chests. His mouth closed over the head of Quatre's penis and gave a hard suck. Quatre reached down at batted at his head, pushing him off.

"You're trying to kill me, I know you are!" he growled playfully.

Wiping his lips with the back of his hand, Trowa reached down between Quatre's spread legs and pressed his hand to Quatre's bottom, grinding his fingers against his well used love-hole. Slipping two fingers inside, he smiled when Quatre sucked in a quick breath and groaned. Everything about sex with his little on excited him. The sounds, the smells, the erotic images of his beloved Quatre in various states of arousal... he lived for it. "I thought you said you loved my sex drive." he purred, winking his one visible forest green eye.

Quatre smoothed Trowa's hair out of his face. "You could make even a Kitsune beg for a breather."

"Hey," Trowa winked knowingly. "If you had just let me jump you an hour ago, we'd have been done by now."

"There's this thing called sleep, baby," Quatre retorted, "Ever heard of it?" Sliding down out of the bed, Quatre flicked his golden tail at Trowa flirtatiously and pranced into the next room in the nude, totally unconcerned about his state of undress.

"Keep that up chisaii-chan and I'll have you bent over the rim of the bathtub."

"Do NOT call me chisaii!" Quatre's head poked around the corner and glared at him. He turned and flounced out again, "Cheeky ningen!*"

Trowa laughed richly and stretched full length on the bed. Turning his head, he glanced out the window, his thoughts reluctantly turning to more serious matters. He'd been absolutely terrified when the people at the Palace had started the `spring cleaning' early, killing off all the human slaves living within. After tense hours of worrying and nearly sobbing in frustration, just wanting to dash in and kill anyone getting within a STEP of his brother, he'd almost collapsed when Quatre gave him the news.

Duo was still alive. His file said that he had not been terminated with the rest, however, his file hadn't been stamped with the three year mark. It was highly likely that he was some lurch's plaything, at some kitsune's mercy until he became too much of a bother. Then he'd be executed.

Trowa's hands tightened into fists, and he sat up, pounding them on his thighs. He HAD to get his brother out of there! Duo was too good a person to be in a hell hole like the Palace. He'd heard too many horror stories, seen too many victims of the cruelty of the Kitsune.

Trowa, Relena, Dorothy and Wufei had all been out in the field during the attack to their home on Earth. Their foster father had sent them out to the field to gather up any remaining farm equipment so it could be given away. The family had finally gotten back on it's feet financially and were moving back into a ship that would orbit the Earth. They were giving the farmhouse to a needy family. The family had been settling their things in the very moment of the attack.

Their foster father had remained behind in the sitting room, waiting for their return. He'd been begging the Kitsune to release his adopted son, but his pleas had fallen on deaf ears, even when he'd offered all his money. Even after he'd demanded to serve the time himself. The whole family was heartsick over Duo's disappearance. It was agreed that ANYTHING was worth sacrificing to have him back.

Then the ships had come.

In a terrifying show of fire and light, the tiny village had been burned to the ground, people massacred and corpses left to bloat in the open air. Their father and the needy family had been brutally hacked to pieces. The entire house blasted with laser fire. Trowa had raced home, barely hearing the others come charging behind him. They got there too late.




"Father! FATHER!" Trowa raced over to the heap of corpses piled in the ruined room, sunlight pouring through the blackened holes in the ceiling. A familiar ring shone from a severed hand in the pile. Staring in wide eyed fascination at the sparkling sapphire, Trowa ran to a corner and was noisily sick.

"Oh...gods....above!" Dorothy's voice was a strained whisper behind him. Trowa swallowed back his bile and rushed over to her, trying to herd her away. Dorothy shrugged him off and fell to her knees in front of the pile, staring at it in silence. Then she started screaming, tearing at her long white-blonde hair, clawing at her arms and her face. Trowa grabbed her by the arms and shook her, finally slapping her across the face to snap her out of the personal hell she was in.

Dorothy's ice blue eyes cleared and snapped up to meet his with a look totally alien to her sweet, gentle nature. He saw rivers of blood in her steady gaze, a hardness to her mouth and a tension in her body that hadn't been there before. "Who did this?" she demanded softly, "WHY!?" she shrieked.

"Because they enjoy it." A soft voice said behind them. Both whirled around to see a small young man standing in the ruined doorway. Correction. A small young man with fox ears and a long, glistening blonde tail. A Kitsune. Trowa shoved Dorothy behind him as the youko entered the room, his pure white clothes untouched by the soot and ash that seemed to blacken Trowa's hands and his heart.

"They enjoy the killing and the destruction of those too weak to defend themselves."

"Why did they come HERE?" Trowa asked, trying to ignore the fact that Dorothy was on her knees behind him, tunneling into the heap of carrion. There was no need to ask who, Trowa knew.

"They came here because of the incident that occurred when your father's trade ship crashed into the Beloved Mother's personal ship." Wide blue eyes regarded him with deep regret. "My people rushed here as soon as we could, but our home is, out of necessity, very out of the way to hide us from our... brethren." the blonde spit the word out like a curse. "We try very hard to save everyone we can, but our hands are full right now with the crisis going on at Elven Home."

"Elven Home?" Trowa repeated dumbly. Quatre nodded. Now they were close enough to touch, this sea-green eyed angel and the emerald eyed human.

"The Blood are committing genocide." Quatre stated grimly, "Perhaps, after we've gotten you settled, you can help us." he paused, "If you'll come with me. You should. Your brother and sister have agreed already and I KNOW that some scout ships are in the area looking for survivors."

"Why should we come with you?" Dorothy asked behind him. Trowa blinked at her, unable to see her face, but disturbed by her soulless tone.

"Because if you do not come, you will die. We don't have much time." Quatre insisted, "And with MY help, we can try and save your brother Duo before it's too late."

"DUO?!" Both siblings shouted together. Quatre nodded.

"He's being held at the Palace. They are getting ready to perform the spring cleaning."

"What is that?" Dorothy asked, standing up.

"Humans in the palace are on a three year schedule. Every spring anyone who hits the three year mark is destroyed. However, with the discovery of Elven Home, ALL the humans are being killed in about a month or two to make room for the new mix of humans and elves that will serve there. We MUST get him BEFORE then!"

Trowa looked at the remains of his home and frowned. To save Duo! "How do we know we can trust you?" Dorothy asked simply.

Quatre shrugged, flicking his tail, "You don't, but I give you my word, I will do everything in my power to help you find your brother and settle into a new life."

Dorothy eyed the tiny Kitsune standing before him and sneered. "I thought all Kitsune were tall with golden eyes." Trowa could have strangled her. This was NOT the time to make an enemy of the little blonde. If the blonde wasn't an enemy already. If this whole thing wasn't a big lie.

Quatre flushed with anger, hands fisting at his sides. Suddenly he deflated and gave a tiny, but honest grin. "I'm a sport." he shrugged, "No one knows HOW I came about being. It's caused me a lot of trouble in life. I suppose that's why I ended up an outcast. I try to make some kind of difference on the OUTSIDE because they won't let me on the inside. Not that I want to be there." he frowned down at a tiny scar at the base of his throat. "It still hurts though. The rejection."

Trowa suddenly felt a kinship to the little Kitsune. Striding over, he took a small, pale hand and squeezed it. "If we stay here, we are dead and we have nothing here left to live for. I just want time to bury our--"

"Iya!" Quatre barked, "No one can be buried or they will know that someone still lives as witnesses to their crime," he gestured at the bodies, "We are too close to the Palace to spark a full fledged search! I've got people to take care of and I will not lead danger back to our home. You come with me now and leave everything behind." His wide eyes pleaded, squeezed Trowa's fingers gently. "Please come? There is no more TIME!"

Dorothy walked past, out into the hall, "I will come. I want revenge for my family. For this village. Everyone." her voice was lost and small for a moment, but she looked down at the sapphire ring in her hand and clenched it tightly.

"I will come," Trowa echoed her, "I have to find my brother and maybe I can keep this from happening to other people out there."

Quatre nodded happily, his smile relieved. Drawing Trowa out of the room, he followed Dorothy down the hall and guided them both to a glowing blue light. Relena and Wufei waited there, both rushing forward to hug their adopted siblings, tears rolling down their dirty cheeks. Quatre waved them into the light. Wufei shook his head and strode forward, holding Relena's hand comfortingly and they both vanished. Dorothy slowly walked into the brightness and was gone. Trowa stood there, still holding Quatre's hand.

"Stay with me, Trowa?" Quatre had asked, smiling soothingly. Trowa followed him into the light.

~Verily, I come to you, my bright star... Quatre.... I'm coming Duo!~


(end flashback)

Trowa stared at the lavish rooms, wondering how his brother was faring. If he was being mistreated or abused. Smoothing out the sheets absently with his fingers, he looked down at Quatre's little shoes by the side of the bed. Small though he was, Quatre was well over three hundred years old. And he had a... FOLLOWING. The few friends he'd admitted to having were more like a society. A small civilization tucked away from the violence of war and the conflicts of Man.

And Quatre, little Quatre was like their savior, revered and protected. Trowa chuckled ruefully when he remembered the horrified anger they'd been greeted with when Quatre had shown up with the four of them on his tiny ship. He'd been berated up and down by a huge, hulking Kitsune named Rashid, who had been furious that the tiny leader had gone off on his own. Quatre bore the whole thing with a serious grace, admitting to his misdeed and promising to be more considerate of his own life in the future. Then he had turned to Trowa and said quite clearly.

"I felt you, in the heartbeat of the universe, your name was written in the stars. Trowa, you are my match. My mate... I came for you! Will you stay with me?"

Without giving Trowa a chance to answer, cheeks heating, Quatre had walked off leaving Trowa and Rashid stunned behind him. People crowded around Quatre on all sides as he strode down the hall, demanding his attention for matters of state or appointments or whatever. Rashid and Trowa had looked at each other then, mouths still hanging open.

After a moment, Rashid scowled and pinned Trowa with a glare. "Well then, I suppose you'll have to be trained as a bodyguard with extensive focus on self defense. It's no use arguing with Master Quatre once he's got his mind set so I'd better see to it that you live to keep him whole." he'd said cryptically.

Trowa sighed and flopped back down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Dorothy in the time they had spent here was like a fighting demon, her focus alarmingly fixed on battle and killing and revenge. Relena refused weapons, instead burying herself in books and research. Her efforts were towards creating a code of laws and a judicial system for the Dawning community.

People who had grievances would often come to Quatre, asking him to settle their disputes. Quatre was so busy however, that it ran him ragged trying to keep up with the demand. People actually listened to her well put together arguments and she started taking care of the minor issues that came up with the people to draw some of the burden from Quatre's shoulders.

Wufei had also insisted on battle training, but he focused more on strategy, sitting back and looking at the whole picture. He gathered information extensively, sometimes relying on Relena's talents as a researcher, Trowa handiness as a spy and Dorothy's new role as an enforcer. Bringing together all the pieces of the puzzle they collected, he was able to see the larger picture and could almost anticipate what the Blood's next move was on the battlefield. He worked closely with Quatre, supporting the young leader with his findings, making things easier for him yet again.

All of them together were a devastating team. Even Rashid had stopped grumbling about Quatre's unplanned trip to Earth. More people than ever were lead to New Eden because of the four new additions to their team.

Quatre had secretly complained to Trowa that Eden was a clinched name, but the people latched onto it with a desperate kind of hope. It terrified Quatre that the original Eden had been snatched from the grasp of Adam and Eve. It was not a namesake he appreciated. Rather, he liked the name Desert's Dawning. Desert of course, because they were on a planet with very little rainfall, but Dawning for they new hope he saw with every sunrise.

Trowa thought it poetic and flowery, but really was hard pressed to deny his little star anything. So he and his siblings referred to their world as Dawning and it seemed to be catching on.

As for him, himself, Trowa only lived to keep Quatre safe and he did it with such a single-minded savagery that the minor assassination efforts of a few people dissatisfied with their isolation on Desert Dawning had slacked off dramatically.

If only they could find Duo and get him back, their family would be complete. Trowa longed for that day with desperation. He just wanted everything back! He'd lost too much in his life. His original parents, his foster father, and he still hadn't managed to retrieve little brother. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily.

Cold droplets of water dripped onto his chest and he yelped as a cold spray splashed into his face. Quatre stopped shaking his wet head, fresh from his shower and beamed down at him.

"Stay with me Trowa?" he asked merrily, "Forever?"

"I swear it," Trowa kissed his tiny fingers and grinned back.

(end part three)

*wrings her hands* Ooooh, I know, I know, this part was a bit ummm, rushed, but don't kill me, okay? I've been kind of inspired by the plot line and am trying to slow myself down so I can get in as much detail as I can. I hope I'm not confusing anyone. If I lost someone alone the road, let me know and I'll correct it in a future part.

Chisaii-chan - little one. Got this term from Sailor Star Love in the Sailor Moon Romance archives.
ningen- human