Title: Beauty and the Kitsune part two B
Author: Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)
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Eternal Treasure
Beauty and the Kitsune part Two B



It was nothing Duo had ever experienced before, these feelings. He stroked Heero’s arm where it rested beside his head keeping the kitsune’s larger body from crushing him. His fingers traced the powerful muscle under the soft cloth of his jacket. Heero’s hips began grinding into his in small circles. Involuntarily, Duo arched his back, gasping aloud. Flopping back down, he blinked, shocked. ~Whoa! What was THAT?!~ Duo bit his lip and closed his eyes as Heero leaned back and gripped his hips with both hands. Duo could feel Heero’s hot erection grinding into his bottom thorough the rough fabric of his pants. Such strong hands, easily lifting and holding him close.

Closing his eyes, Heero began humping his small love urgently, enjoying to the hilt his plaintive little gasps and sobs, loving the power he felt, fondling his helpless little angel. Duo reached for his hands, clasping them, helping with the rhythm. Arching his back so that his balance shifted to press his shoulders to the sheets, he tightened his legs around the youko’s waist and rolled his hips against the large bulge in Heero’s pants.

"Duo..." Heero moaned into his mouth, blowing his warm breath across his neck and chest.

The sultry vibrations of his growl ran through Duo’s whole body and he giggled as it tickled his belly. His mouth became more demanding, the feel of Duo naked and willing body writhing beneath his was sending him to new heights of lust.

Duo, for his part, was trying to return the almost punishing kisses, the animal savagery enough to bruise. How could he have known it would feel this good? He had pictured it and dreamed about it, but the reality was far from the sweet gentle images his innocent mind had conjured up. It was like fire, coursing along his veins, rendering him senseless and at the same time, more aware of everything around him.

One of Heero’s hands left his hip and slid over to grasp his plump erection firmly. Duo screamed silently, shaking his head back and forth on the covers. Heero’s hand moved in a steady counter to his dry thrusts. Settling Duo down, he pushed his legs wide apart, fingers dancing across his thighs.

Reaching over on his nightstand, he picked up a small jar and releasing Duo completely, he pulled out the cork. A sable eyebrow rose almost to his hairline when Duo snarled and tried to re-capture his hand. Chuckling contentedly, he straddled one of Duo’s legs, pinning the boy to the bed and shoved his other leg aside, leaving him completely spread. A hot flush of embarrassment colored Duo’s face and he tried to scramble up again. Heero grasped Duo’s erection almost roughly and laughed again when Duo yelped and involuntarily bucked his hips. Dipping his fingers in the jar of white cream, he wiggled his moist fingers in front of Duo’s face.

"Heero?" Duo gasped, clasping the youko’s hand where it gripped his arousal. He was completely unable to decide whether he wanted to stop, Oh Gods!, if he WANTED to stop that incredible sensation or save himself from the hunger he read in his eyes.

"Shhhhhh..." Heero replied, still making that sexy chortling sound in his chest. Duo opened his mouth again, but was distracted by Heero’s bushy tail trailing over his chest. The tip danced across his collarbone, the baby soft hairs tickling him deliciously.

He sucked in his breath, "Ooooohhhhh!" Vaguely he felt Heero’s fingers lightly massaging his balls, rubbing against his perineum. One coated finger slid between the cheeks of his ass, stroking his hidden entrance. Leaning back, Duo moaned, supporting his weight on the heels of his hands. The finger pressed for entrance, moving in slow circles. Sweat broke out over Duo’s brow and he began shaking his head, trembling. "I can’t, I can’t! Please, Heero, I-"

Heero sank his finger inside his small lover up to the second knuckle. Duo yelped at the sudden discomfort, unable to dislodge the intruding digit. Easing his tight hold on Duo’s erection, he listened avidly to his tiny whimpers and protests, dragging his fingers lightly over the swollen flesh.

"So sexy," He purred, bending slightly to lap at the boy’s lips. He moved his finger around inside Duo’s tight passage, "So tight," Sharp teeth nipped at Duo’s ear just as Heero located his prostate with the tip of his finger. "So warm," Heero smirked evilly and began to slide his finger in and out, taking extra care to press and massage that spongy bump each time he thrust his long finger in.

Duo was unable to sit still, squirming under Heero’s powerful body, hands shoving at his broad shoulders. It took almost all of his concentration just to remember to breathe. "Oh Gods, Heero! That feels... I don’t... goodgoodgoodgood..."

Heero laughed, flinging him onto his back, stretching him gently. Duo spread his legs wider, rocking and thrusting against Heero’s hand, gasping as another finger relentlessly forced itself in his body. "My good little slut," Heero breathed softly.

"Heero," he whispered, moaning his name over and over again. The sound of his name, without hatred or accusation tumbling from those soft lips made him slump back down on top of his, feeling as if his chest would explode. He wanted more. Needed more. Redoubling his efforts, he roughly stroked and squeezed Duo’s cock, fucking him with his fingers.

As for Duo, he was flinging his head from side to side, "Gods!" he wailed, his cries of passion growing louder. Pressing the heel of his hand to his mouth, he felt suddenly overcome as the feelings inside of him built. He knew that something wasn't quite right, but he didn't care anymore so long as he didn't stop! Something warm glowed just out of his reach, something fierce and burning and bright. Like a flame. As his orgasm drew near, so closer came that perfect luminescence. A sob welled up in his throat as he longed to touch it. Be one with it. What--?

Heero pressed his face into his line of sight, obscuring the vision. Duo blinked in confusion. The light, the glow, it was there, in Heero’s eyes. Violet eyes glazed over, his body tensing, "Heero?" he gasped, "I...I can't..."

"Shhh," he said, "Come for me." Heero bent his elbow, lowering his weight gently on top of him, locking Duo in place as the first orgasmic contractions rippled through his body. Screaming at the top of his voice, Duo released his seed all over Heero’s hand, his come splattering over his shirt and on his own naked chest. Heero continued to stroke him from the inside. Breathy, passionate whispers on his lips, he rode the wave of his first orgasm. Heero stared at him in awe, it was such a sexy sight. Duo convulsed, his eyes sliding closed as he caught his breath. A thin line of drool escaped the corner of his mouth.

"Heero.... please..." he whispered. Heero smiled, he sounded so sweet and perfect! One thing Duo was sure of now was that he didn't want it to stop, ever. "I need... need..." his hands made clenching and unclenching gestures and his body was now shivering with intensity.

Slowly, Heero licked his fingers clean of Duo’s come, his tongue darting out to catch every salty drop. "Mmmmmm..." he murmured down into Duo’s flushed face. His hands slowly pushed his legs up until they rested on his shoulders and he kissed his way down each one before falling to his center. Duo wailed at the sensation of hot breath on his manhood, delighting in the feel of Heero’s face nuzzling against the downy hair at the juncture of his thighs. When Heero took the head of his penis in his mouth, Duo made a grab for his head to hold him in place. Flinching, Heero pulled away with a pained cry.

Gulping for breath, bewildered, Duo slowly pushed himself up onto his elbows, slowly struggling back into conscious thought. Heero was clutching at his bloody ear, having forgotten his injuries in the heat of the moment. Duo stared at him, not comprehending for all of a few more seconds. Then he stiffened and sat bolt upright hand flying to his mouth. HOW could he have forgotten? One look down at himself and he felt tears of shame burning behind his eyes. He’d...He'd... But he’d let him... Trembling fingers touched the collar at his neck. How could he have been so stupid? He'd almost let him....

"Kisama..." he mumbled. Gripping bundles of sheets in his hands, he wrapped them around his body. Self loathing made his voice drip with hatred, "Bastard! How the fuck dare you!?"

"How dare I?" Heero asked in shock, anger flaring.

"How dare you touch me!" he yelled, voice picking up volume with every word, "YOU DON'T HAVE ANY RIGHT!"

"I HAVE EVERY RIGHT!" Heero shot back. He flinched and touched his head. "You hit me." He grumbled in disbelief. He fingered the growing lump on his head and grimaced. His fingers came away bloody.

"You deserved it," Duo panted, snarling. "What did you think, raping me would make up for a knot on the head?!"

Heero regarded him in surprise. "Raping you?" he laughed harshly. The ugly sound rocked Duo back as if he’d been hit physically. "I wouldn't call what we were doing rape." Duo’s face suddenly drained of color and he looked ready to faint. Heero scowled at his, shoving away the disturbing feelings of regret and shock at his own words, "I treat you with nothing but kindness and you're telling me I deserved to be bashed senseless with a wooden club?" he shouted. He abruptly stood up in alarm, eyes wide. Golden eyes regarded Duo with cold suspicion, "I don't have any clubs!"

Duo grimaced as the enraged kitsune stalked out of his line of sight. The wretched curtains draped over the top of the bed obscured his vision. Right now, being drowned in the fluffy layers felt suffocating and painful. He felt as if someone had beat him with hot nettles. His skin burned painfully. This, however, was preferable to the wrenching agony of a few moments before. Or the... lu...lust of a little while after, so he sat there disconsolately, noting that his clothing was in shreds on the floor.

"Animal," he mouthed, not daring to even breathe the word.

Heero’s cry of rage made him flinch. There was a loud crash. He decided that apologizing, however distasteful, might be prudent, "Um...Sorry!" he yelled. Clenching his teeth, he scrambled up despite the pain. So what if he’d broken the leg off a chair? His freedom was at stake here! Her eyes flew upwards, "Oh SHIT..."

Now Heero was coming right for him, offending chair in hand. His eyebrows shot up almost to his hairline. That chair was heavy and he lifted it as if it were a toy model! Duo’s attempt to dive to the side was thwarted when Heero dropped the chair and easily leaped over the bed landing in front of him.

Snatching Duo up, Heero took him by the shoulders and shook him until his teeth rattled.

"That was a family heirloom!" he bellowed, "Do you know how old that chair was? I could buy and sell you a hundred times and still not have made up for the loss!"

Duo screamed and clutched at Heero’s shoulders to support himself. Gods above! He was like an infant in the youko’s hands. If he didn't him calm down, Heero could end up KILLING him, "Stop!" he yelled, kicking at Heero’s legs. He forgot himself and kicked him with his right foot. It had been feeling so much better that the sprain quite slipped his mind. His shouts changed in tone from fright to torment. Immediately Heero calmed down and flung Duo back down on the bed.

Duo grabbed at his ankle and cradled it gently. Completely overcome and frustrated, Duo opened his mouth and howled with rage. He didn't know when it happened, but soon he was sobbing and blubbering. Shame turned his face crimson, but he couldn't bring himself to stop. "Fuck you! Motherfucking son of a goddamned BITCH!"

Still crying, he tried to push Heero’s hands away. He'd been moving about the bed quietly, grumbling to himself. Through the haze of tears he couldn't see what he'd been doing, but when Heero took his wrist away from his face and snapped a silver cuff over it, he flinched away only to discover that he was bound.

Shock cut off his misery and he stared for a few seconds. At the metal link. Then he lost it again. Heero had obviously anticipated this, because he threw himself over his flailing body and forced his other arm above his head to fasten another cuff on his small wrist.

"Get off me!" Duo tried to knee him in the crotch, but Heero evaded his attempts and slipped off the bed. "Pig fucker!"

Heero’s full armed slap made his head ring. Duo lay there, eyes almost crossing from the blow. When his vision cleared, Heero was sitting at the foot of the bed, staring at him. His eyes shone in the light from the fire, unreadable. Duo protectively hunched in on himself, valiantly ignoring his pain so that he could focus on him.

"Why do you do this?" he whispered quietly. Heero’s ears twitched forward to catch his almost inaudible question and he flinched again. The oddest feeling swept over Duo then, making his face heat up and his eyes drop. Anger burned inside of him. How could he feel guilty for smashing him in the head? He'd chained him...had him chained now! Like an animal. Worse than an animal. He was a sentient, thinking person! Then he'd tried to rape him...

The facts of that matter pissed him off even more. Had it been rape? Had Heero used some kind of mind control? Or was he so twisted inside that he’d willingly lie down and spread his legs to...

He screamed inwardly, shaking his head at him. His puzzled look sent him over the line of anger to rage. His lips peeled back in a snarl, "Asshole!" he shouted, "No words are bad enough for what you are! You guys are rich, so why do you keep people here and do such horrible things to them... us... me?"

"I've treated you with nothing but respect and care since I brought you here." Heero growled.

"Ha!" he barked, "Is this what your people call respect and care?!" he rattled his chains.

"I could have just taken you if I wanted." he loomed over his suddenly, his hand gripping Duo’s uninjured leg and pulling it out toward him. His other hand slid up and down his inner thigh despite his protests. "I could have buried myself deep inside you and ridden you long and hard until I'd had my fill of your lovely body," Duo was pressing his hands to his ears, yanking at his leg. Heero reached forward, snatching his hands away, "I could have had you any way I wanted to. But I didn't. I still could." he frowned menacingly, "I should."

Duo stared up at him, once again frightened at the ugly snarl in his voice. "Don't you have the slightest feeling?" his eyes were wet and spilled over with fresh tears. "All you do is stare at me with those cold eyes and say such horrible things." He moved the fingers of one hand and touched his cheek. Heero paused. Strangest feeling... Inside him. It almost physically hurt him to see the livid red bruise his hand had left across the boy’s face. Duo was staring at him, "Don't you know anything about feeling you cold monst...jerk." he flinched at his near slip and hunched his shoulders.

Guilt! That was the emotion he was feeling. A slight shudder ran through him to think that he might have actually shook Duo to death if he hadn't managed the barest hold on control. He'd killed before. Kitsune as well as humans and elves. ~Kitsune, of course being of more consequence than mere human or elves!~ he amended forcefully.

His eyes were down, staring at the silver links connecting his wrists to the bed posts. He'd shown him more care, he was sure than any of his kind had ever offered a mere mortal. What did Duo want? He scowled. ~If I just fuck him and get it over with, all the stupid questions and sensations his presence caused would go away.~ Heero decided, ~He just seems to be so innocent... even if he has a mouth like a drunk sailor.~ Heero sighed inwardly. ~If I take him, make him mine, I will know him down to the core of his being and drink of the brightness in his soul.~ That's what attracted him. That someone so small could have such light an vibrance inside him. HOW had he escaped detection during the Searches? It defied all reason.

One thing was for sure. Once he had him then all the distractions would go away. He'd prefer Duo’s hands free, but if he was going to be wild, then chained he would remain. Heero reached out toward him. Duo twisted away from him, huddling near the head of the bed. Without thinking, Heero brought his hand up to strike him again for insolence. He flinched and lifted his hands to fend off the blow, chains rattling. Real fear shone in his eyes. Heero was defeated again as he took in his little one’s tousled hair, bruised lips, the reddish marks on his tender skin... Was he the monster Duo named him?

Filled with confusion, Heero wrenched himself off the bed and turned to walk towards the fire. He stood there for a long time staring at the flames. What did it take?

Duo peeked over his arms and when he saw where Heero was, lowered them cautiously. The youko’s back was tense and his shoulders hunched. He looked nothing but extremely angry. "Tell me, please." he whispered again.

"Tell you what?" Heero snarled.

"Why you do this. Why I'm here."

"This is the way." Heero turned to face him, face obscured by shadow. "We don’t get much out of your people. Entertainment, I suppose. Gladiators. Public executions.”

"Public--?" Duo whispered.

Heero’s eyes glinted with unholy glee, “They take boys like you, strap your arms above your head and make you scream. The louder the screams, the more coins the crowd throws you see." His eyes were glowing as he was stepping closer. Duo’s eyes grew wide as saucers and he got into a more defensive position on his knees. "Mostly, they throw pretty boys like you into the barracks for the guard's pleasure." Duo’s lips pulled back from his teeth furiously and Heero hid a smile. At least he wasn’t acting like a beaten puppy anymore. "You all die too easily for you to remain here very long."

"Why not let us go?" he demanded.

Heero laughed. "Not that they would do very much, but the Intergalactic Council would object if they knew what went on here. All involved parties are exterminated."

Duo stared at him in silence a few moments, a nasty suspicion forming, "Involved parties?"

"Anyone who knows that someone is coming here. No legal trouble that way." He shrugged. He frowned when Duo failed to respond.

"Duo." he said flatly, getting angry again.

"Heero, is my family dead?" All the emotion had gone out of his voice and the music in his tone had gone flat. The fire shone off his eyes strangely and the light behind them had dimmed.

Heero flicked his tail, "Yes."

"Yes?" Duo repeated dumbly.

"You’ve been here three months." Heero said uncaringly, "It doesn’t take that long to kill a few humans."

"Please, Heero," Duo whispered softly, bangs obscuring his eyes, "Could you find out for me...? For certain..?"


"Please?" Duo’s voice almost broke. "PLEASE?"

"Why should I?" Heero demanded, "You should forget your past. You’re never going back there. Even if by some small miracle they are alive, you’ll never lay eyes on them again."

Duo flushed and turned his head away. "I’ll do anything you want from now on, I swear. I just...need to know."

Heero crossed the room and took Duo’s chin in his fingers. Duo’s eyes were wide and pleading. Holding his face firmly, Heero slapped him, not very hard, but enough to make Duo gasp. "You’ve lied to me in the past and you’re lying now."

"NO!" Duo cried, shaking his head frantically. Heero’s face hardened, "Okay, I know I may have lied to you before, but I’ll never say another false word to you again!" Heero backhanded him across the other cheek and this time Duo sprawled across the covers. Pain exploded in his head and he moaned softly. "I’ll never lie to you again..." he whimpered, face in the sheets.

"No," Heero murmured, almost to himself, "You won’t." The blows didn’t come hard, Heero kept his hands open and not fisted, but they rained down on Duo’s small body despite his feeble attempts to break free. "You will never lie to me again." He concentrated on Duo’s flanks, leaving the print of his hand on his bottom and back. "Not by an inch, not by a hair."

He punctuated his words with a particularly loud slap across Duo’s face that made his head spin. "You will always tell me the whole and complete truth," Duo yelped and fought as he was pinned down for a series of hard spanks across his ass and upper thighs. "Without question, without delay." Heero picked Duo up, studying his reddened and tear streaked face. "YOU. ARE. MINE." He shook him hard a few times and forced Duo to look in his eyes, "Do you understand me?"

Duo nodded quickly, still sobbing, his whole body aching.

"Good," Heero purred, "Because next time I use my belt." He pushed Duo back on the bed and unlocked the silver cuffs, releasing him. "Clean up these rooms. I expect everything to be in order when I get back." the threat in his voice was crystal clear. Duo nodded again.

Heero turned on his heel and strode for the door. As his hand touched the handle, he looked over his shoulder and smiled ferally. "Have brandy sent up." Then he left.


Duo stared at the closed door for what seemed a long while before he shook himself and began to move. His ankle hurt more than anything else, though he knew he’d be bruised over almost every inch of his body. His heart felt like a lump of iron in his chest, squeezing and constricting. Dead? His whole family dead?

He couldn’t even get up enough emotion to cry. That felt like a betrayal somehow. He should be storming and raging at the world, howling this unforgivable sin to the heavens. Instead, he pressed the intercom and called for a serving platter with brandy and then quickly moved about the room, cleaning everything and putting things back in their place. He didn’t put on any clothes because the only bit of clothing he had was so torn it had to be tossed out. Everything was in order by the time the chime on the dumbwaiter rang. He reached into the tiny compartment and dragged out the heavy silver settings, placing them on the table as more came up from the kitchens below.

Finally, when everything was in readiness for Heero’s return, he stood staring into the dark liquid in the glass bottle, as if he could read his bleak future in it’s dark amber depths. The door opened behind him, but he didn’t move. Too tired emotionally to care. Heero’s presence behind him stirred him enough to pour brandy into a glass. Heero took the offering and pressed it to Duo’s mouth. Automatically swallowing, Duo almost choked, startled. While the brandy was smooth and sweet, it was still alcohol and he’d never had much experience with it. Heero forced him to down the whole glass before setting it aside.

Scooping Duo up in his arms, Heero carried him into the bedroom and laid him down on the bed. As Heero stripped off all his clothes, Duo took absent note of the perfect symmetry and proportion to his large, powerful frame. It was also quite obvious from the size of Heero’s partially hardened cock that he was a little above average compared to a human. And how was he supposed to deal with that? It looked like it was WAY too big to fit inside him. Not that he had a choice. He wondered how much it was going to hurt.

Leaning over, Heero grabbed the back of his head and forced a slow, deep kiss on the boy, dragging his tongue over the roof of his mouth and sucking on his tongue to savor the taste of the brandy. Then, lying almost on top of him, he pressed a knee between Duo’s thighs spreading them. Duo jerked a little, trying to hold himself still and not struggle. Heero’s eyes glinted at him in amusement before he draped himself over Duo and went to sleep.

Duo lay there for a long time, staring at the ceiling, listening to Heero’s heartbeat. It was a bit difficult to draw breath with Heero laying on him, but every time he tried to shift the larger man, Heero made sleepy sounds of contentment and ground their hips together in ways that even then, in that situation, made Duo’s body feel warm. The dam broke and Duo found himself silently sobbing into Heero’s shoulder, hand pressed against his lips to stifle his wounded cries. After a while that seemed like an eternity of hopelessness and loss, the day caught up with him and he slid into the oblivion of sleep.

Heero lifted his head and stared down at Duo’s flushed, miserable face. He spent the entire night, studying his little one, unable to close his eyes or rest.


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Eternal Treasure
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