Title: Beauty and the Kitsune part two A
Author: Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)
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Beauty and the Kitsune, Part Two A
Eternal Treasure (eternaltreasure@yahoo.com)


The rooms were in utter chaos. Clothes were everywhere and things were strewn about. Duo had been digging through stuff, trying to get at a decent weapon, but nothing useful was ANYWHERE. Just when he was about to give up and start cursing, his darting eyes found just the thing he could use. With great effort, he managed to secure that special little something suitable for his purposes. With a grim smile, he settled down to eat the meal they had laid out before him earlier.

He forced himself to calm down, eyes glittering with rage, "They HAVE to be as vulnerable as everyone else." He stuffed more food into his mouth. He figured that the kitsune used some kind of mental control to use the collars. Fine. There was a small bag at his side, packed with the things he might need in his flight. "Give him a headache and once he's down, it should be safe to leave the room." Unconsciously rubbing his neck, he stared balefully at the door.

When he’d tried to leave before, and it had felt like a powerful shock rocketing through his body. He still ached all over. "Don’t leave, you’ll regret it." he said mocking Heero’s deep and slightly nasal tones, "Sawed off no dick asshole," he muttered. There was no way in the universe he'd let him use him as a plaything. He didn’t know what had stopped Heero last night. In fact, he hadn’t even come back until that morning, ordering in a breakfast tray. After a terse explanation of the room’s facilities, he was gone again.

He would NOT be a plaything He’d cut it OFF the bastard first


Another batch of humans was being gathered to serve in the house for the new year. Tonight there would be feasting and parties to welcome them into their new lives. Fresh faces, full of vitality turned up to him as he passed. In three years time these would be dead or worse. Then more would come.

Heero snarled. Why had he taken in that whining little child? Child he was too. Just barely seventeen... the little imp. He was due a reckoning for that lie later tonight. If he had to be disciplined every night, Duo would learn to obey him without question and with complete honesty. Actually, the idea of cupping that firm, rounded ass as he smacked his bottom rosy was a pleasant thought that he held for a few more moments as he walked.

A few of the humans, the less attractive ones, were being discreetly picked out and drawn out of the group below. The young ones would be taken to the barracks and put in cages with last years rejects. There they would endure the attentions of the guard until they either lost their attractiveness or their lives.

Heero raked a hand through his hair and sighed. Duo was a lively little thing when his temper was up. Perhaps he wouldn’t beat all the spirit out of his little companion. It might be interesting to see just how smart he was. He seemed to be knowledgeable about some things, but his eyes were that of an innocent. A tiny smirk kicked up the corner of Heero’s mouth. From his little one’s reactions the other day, Heero knew that he would be a passionate and responsive lover once he’d been trained properly. No, it was good Heero had found him last night. He didn’t know what had Hilde in such a snit, but she’d practically torn the whole palace down searching for slaves.

One thing he did know, Duo didn’t deserve to end in the barracks or wherever she might have tossed him. She wouldn’t have included him in the night’s festivities for the new year. Heero frowned as he imagined Duo lying limp and battered down in the darkness he feared so much. Strapped to a thin pallet stained with his own blood...

Heero snorted and tossed his wild mane over his shoulder. Why should he care? Because Duo was HIS now, that's why...! But why did he CARE? The sensation was entirely new.

The group below was stirring just as he passed out of the great hall and it was lost from sight. They did need to clean out the human’s frequently. Otherwise there would be too many. Picking were usually light at year's end because everyone had already checked out the "talents" and separated them from the chaff. Only the gladiator handlers went down to the lower levels to clear out those who'd been unworthy of higher status. After all, they were of no use to anyone. That's what the party was for. The good ones were scooped up quickly. Kitsune would wander through the festivities and take the ones they had a liking to. The rest were herded to work sections.

Heero paused and looked down into the crowd, not really seeing anything. He'd left Duo alone last night, let him get used to his situation. "He's probably still curled up in a ball someplace."

He'd checked on him that morning and he been sitting there, despondently staring at the wall. He'd actually been perturbed to think that his room was without windows. His rooms were deep in the Palace. Perhaps he should change rooms. Maybe the sight of the sky would wake him. He wouldn't be much of a companion if he didn't snap out of it. Contrary to some, he did prefer life in those he took to his bed. Sighing, he turned the knob and stepped into his room.

Warrior’s instinct made him look up just in time to see the tiny little baggage standing on a chair with a thick piece of wood in his hands. The next thing he saw were glittering stars. Through watery eyes, he saw Duo lift that thing over his head again. Before he could form a protest, Duo whapped him again with all his strength. Managing not to fall over, Heero slumped in the doorway. The whisper of silk on his arm and a hint of mulberry touching his nose and he knew Duo had darted past him out of the room. His grab was too slow to stop him.

"Sorry!" Heero dimly heard his mumble, almost sincere, "You'll still be pretty."

Duo’s momentum carried him a few steps forward before he came to a dead stop. Heero grimaced as Duo cried out in pain and doubled over. Fumbling clumsily, the boy tore at the slender band around his neck as he went down, fingers jerking convulsively. He lay there, desperately trying to make the pain stop and failing.

Grumbling, ignoring the shocked stares and the smothered laughter, Heero stood up straight, blood running down the side of his face, and walked out to collect his ‘companion’. He kept his steps even and slowly measured. Not too fast. Little brat.

"Heero ignores the humans for I have no clue how long, then he picks up a savage!" cried a nearby vixen. Ignoring Duo’s mewling cries, Hilde took the boy by the hair and pulled him up to his knees. Her screech made several people wince and a lot more leave as her piercing voice climbed the octave scale. "You!" she shook Duo like a wet rat, "You pathetic little slut! You’re the one I’ve been LOOKING for!" Her hand fisted in his hair, her nails clawing his scalp. "Stupid, stupid little tramp, how did you get out of the kitchen!?"

"That little slip of a thing is why you dumped me out of my bed last night, Hilde?" Mueller grumbled somewhere in the crowd, "I told you I didn’t have him! That must be the dirty little thing I caught by the stairs last night. Heero took him." His voice had the distinct ‘I’m telling’ sound.

Hilde fixed her golden gaze on Heero and her eyes narrowed when she saw the blood on his face and his slightly out of focus glare. She sneered down at Duo and shook him again. "You’re going to pay," she whispered venomously. "Oh yes you are." She ran a long, slender finger down the curve of Duo’s cheek, a delighted smile turning up her rosebud lips. Her sharp fingernail rested over the pulse in the boy’s throat threateningly, before the pad of the finger traced a line down to his collar bone.

Now there was a small audience as Hilde dragged Duo up to his feet. Several kitsune stood by either alone or accompanied by slaves. There was a lot of quiet conversation on how to improve such a slave as who would let his voice be heard.

"I know a good way to keep them silent," a brown haired one said, leering. A red headed female snorted and shrugged delicately. She couldn't have been more than two hundred, rather young to be entrusted with a human. "Remove his tongue, Alex. There, problem solved." She said.

"There are other uses for a slave's tongue, Mariemia." An older kitsune replied, smiling. "And that little human has a nice one I'm sure. With training, he’d be--"

"I'd prefer a tongue with all that much potential cut out, Dekim." the female said angrily. She flicked her wrist and the human male attached to it scurried to her side. His head was bowed low and his eyes were hollow and dead. Nasty red puckered scars from repeated whippings ran across his ghostly pale skin. A walking corpse. She jerked her head toward him, as if making her point, before stalking off, flipping her hair.

Heero watched the scene and listened silently to the comments. Mostly, his eyes were fixed on Duo’s face. The boy’s eyes were screwed shut and his teeth bared. Heero’s anger was at a slow boil. He was afraid that if he touched the child right now, that he'd snap his neck. Just as soon as he could TRUST himself, he was going to snatch him away from his grasping little sister and then beat him within an inch of his life!

Duo had never felt such pain before! The horrible convulsing agony up and down his cramping spine. His muscles spasmed uncontrollably. The pain from his scalp was minimal really, compared to the... it was indescribable! He had to get away. The vixen cruelly pulled at his hair.

~Vicious stupid cunt!~ Duo flailed with renewed anger. If he could only get the pain to stop long enough, he’d pound that sneering face and then snatch her bald. If he could only stop screaming so he could tell them all what he thought of them and their great and high positions! Animals!

Unable to resist the malicious pulling, Duo felt the vixen press her soft red lips over his. The bottom fell out for Duo and he completely lost all touch with reality and with it, all his strength. He slumped in defeat, revulsion making bile rise in his throat. A hand tore away a chunk of the thin silk slave garment he wore and smoothed itself over his thighs. Squirming did no good. The hand lingered, caressing firmly as it slid upwards. Duo opened his eyes and frantically searched.

~Heero! Why is he just standing there?~ He squeezed his eyes shut again, ~No better than the rest!~ With that thought, the pain at last drove him under and he passed out, falling into merciful, cool darkness.

Heero realized his error when Duo sagged in Hide’s arms. Swearing, he decided that the beating would have to wait for another day. Duo wouldn’t even be able to appreciate it in his current state. Really, it was his own fault. Duo’s life force was so strong, that Heero had set the safe guards to the door on high. Of course, a body as tiny as Duo’s wouldn’t be able to handle the stress for long, but anything less and he would have been able to escape. The fact that Hilde didn't seem to care that he had passed out confirmed some of the stories he'd heard about HER. Duo had deserved pain, all right, but he would be the one to deal it out as needed, not for his own pleasure.

~Then why did you stand there and watch him suffer, if not for your own gratification?~ an inner voice mocked him. Heero shook his head and scowled. It wasn't like him to have second and third thoughts like this. Hilde had lowered Duo to the floor, the others who seemed to enjoy this kind of sport urging her on.

He shoved Hilde aside. "That's enough, little sister." he said, gathering Duo in his arms.

Hilde growled low in her throat.

"I want him," She snarled. Her black tail lashed behind her, her ears spiked upwards challengingly.

"You can't have him." He dead panned. Duo was clutching at the torn fabric of his gown, briefly awake. His mouth fell open in a moan, his voice was so weak that no sound came out.

"Well at least someone finally shut her up. I swear She has a voice like chalk on a blackboard," Someone from the group said softly. There was laughter.

Heero stared down at Duo’s face as the boy clutched at him desperately. He could feel the pain his little body and felt a bit sorry. His head throbbed. Well maybe not that sorry!

"I'll trade you one of my pets, ne?" Hilde insisted, putting a proprietary hand on Duo’s arm. "You'll enjoy a trained human more than a wild one, as long as you've been out of the game."

Heero inclined his head ironically, noticing that Duo’s tremors were decreasing, "Thank you Hilde, however, your pets are known to take up your...habits. As long as I've been on hiatus, it might be too...rigorous for my tastes."

Ignoring Hide’s shocked stare, he pulled Duo away and strode into his room. As he kicked the door shut, he heard something crash on the wood outside. Probably a fireball. Heero sighed. Now he needed new paneling.

What a day!


Hilde stalked into her room and stood in the center, glaring at everything. Her servants, heads bowed and eyes lowered, flowed to their feet, ready to perform her slightest request. Naked, oiled and glistening, docile, beautiful, graceful. So many to choose from. Of so many cultures and shades of skin and hair and eye. She had marked that little slut out herself, in the kitchen. She had so many that until recently, she’d been forbidden from taking anymore and forbidden from killing any of them herself so she could take him in. Now that there were more slaves, she’d sent down most of hers and had gone to collect him. Now HEERO...

She shook her head and rid herself of the thought. Hilde snapped her fingers and two of her pets jumped up and embraced. She watched their playful antics for a while, trying to calm himself down. Thing was, what they were doing just made her angrier.

"Useless!" she howled, unleashing a coil of energy from his fingertips. Every collar in her room sent ripples of pain through the wearer and they toppled. As one, her pretty, vacuous slaves slammed to their knees and pressed their faces into the carpet. Their snivels and whimpers did little for her temper. Stroking the bloodstone embedded over the pulse in her throat, she glared at nothing in particular. As irritating as it was to admit, Heero was right. They were all jaded to her tastes. Little known as it was outside these walls, she loved to hear human voices. Shrieking, howling, begging for mercy. It was like a drug.

Now that they had tasted of her dark pleasures, they were eager for punishment. They cringed in anticipation as she stalked closer. Hilde snatched up a small slave. Her newest acquisition. The girl trembled in her grip, unresisting. Hilde dragged her up until her feet dangled off the floor and kissed the girl soundly on his lips. The human turned her face up to receive the kiss and eagerly returned it. Hilde tossed her down in disgust.

That pretty little slave Heero had. His mouth was sweet and innocent. His lips trembled so slightly, his breath caught so perfectly. She imagined again the delicate feel of the slave. The vitality and life within him. He reacted so wonderfully to pain. Hilde had been able to feel it travel up and down his body in luscious little waves. The boy was ideal.

"I want him!" Hilde shouted. She snatched a leather device off her wall and stalked back over to the line of waiting slaves. It was a primitive Earth device. The cat of nine tails, she recalled it being named. Quaint.

The little one screamed as Hilde slashed downward with the whip, the metal tips digging into his skin. "You don't deserve him, Heero," Hilde muttered grimly, flailing wildly at the girl who now was trying to scramble away, blood running down her back. Alternating her stroke, Hilde beat the girl into a corner and continued to unleash her anger. Little hands reached up for mercy and were slapped back, metal gouging bleeding gashes into the unprotected flesh. The thighs... Her arms... Her breasts... Thick whip weals spread across her belly and the girl was shrieking for help.

"I deserve him! He’s mine!" Hilde was beyond reaching, beyond hearing, "I'll get him! YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM! I WON'T LET YOU! I'LL KILL YOU FIRST!" She stopped. She had her answer.

Hilde growled ferally.

Scattered sobs woke Hilde to the present. She realized that she had long ago dropped the whip and was tearing at the girl with her claws. Looking down at her bloody clothing, Hilde forced herself to release the girl. The body slumped over onto the floor, neck snapped and the throat torn out. Hilde wiped her mouth with the back of her sleeve and sighed vexedly. Now she needed a replacement. A smile curved her lips.

She knew just where to get it.


Duo whimpered as Heero carefully carried him into the bedroom and deposit him on the bed. He almost tripped on a bag that Duo had dropped by the door and barely managed not to fall over. Duo squeaked at the falling sensation and clutched at him, dazed. Heero took in the sorry state of his room and a sweatdrop slid down the back of his head. What had Duo done?

Duo burrowed into his arm, murmuring incoherently. He made an ironic face. "Yes, you must be delirious to look to me for comfort, little one," he cocked his right ear down at him and flinched, "Little bitch. Nearly caved my head in."

Just when he started to get angry again, Duo lifted his head and nuzzled at Heero’s neck, lips moving softly against his heated skin. He couldn't make out what the little one was saying, but it sent a warm flush through him. Strange child.

Setting him down on his bed, Heero arranged the covers around him as he sank into the fluffy layers. A murmur of distress escaped Duo’s parted lips and Heero quickly reached out to cup a hand over his cheek soothingly. Eyes still closed, Duo took his hand in both of his and nuzzled into the coolness of his palm. Heero examined those tiny, slender fingers as they held his hand. So small.

Bending closer, Heero touched the bloodstone embedded in the collar on Duo’s throat. Pressing a large hand to a soft hip, he gave Duo an irritated look when the boy heaved a deep sigh of relief. And so went a great deal of time as Heero slowly drew off the excess energy. The collars poured it into an erring slave until they went into shock. Death followed if the case wasn't remedied. The little fool had obviously thought that Heero was consciously holding up the barrier. Not so. Good for him that he had a thick skull.

As Duo’s trembling lessened, Heero swept his gaze over the slender form. Such tender, soft, warm skin! Heero allowed himself a happy, contented nuzzle against Duo’s chest. What a heady, intoxicating scent! Mixed with mulberries! Heero chortled to himself in satisfaction and drew his hand across Duo’s belly. Firm stomach muscles tensed and relaxed in the wake of his fingers. Duo’s smile was wide and almost feverish in his intense relief. His pain must have been great. Heero shook his head. He'd never seen anyone react so negatively to an escape attempt. He honestly thought that if the baka gotten any farther, he'd be cradling his dead body.

Duo’s pained hiss startled him. Heero realized that he'd scooped him up and clutched him to his chest protectively. Golden eyes taking in Duo’s flushed face, he examined him more closely. He had an elven face, almost. He'd killed enough of them to know. A few of them were being tested in this years batch to see if they'd make good house slaves. Right now, they were working the fields on their home world to supply the kitsune with food. Another likely member of the Intergalactic Council plucked right out from between it's fingers. It was amusing to think that humans didn't believe elves existed. All the better. No one to plead their case.

His attention turned back to Duo. His head had tilted back, his lips just barely parted, eyes straining to open. His ears weren't pointed though, nor were his eyebrows so sharply inclined as theirs. The elves unearthly beauty was in his face. Heero gently sifted a handful of his chestnut hair through his fingers. Such unusual hair. Different in it's color and impossibly soft texture. He bent his head and examined it. Several different shades of brown liberally streaked with red and highlighted with blonde. How strange. Heero stroked his face again. Duo looked like an angel.

~He's not that~ he told himself. His hand went to support the small of Duo’s back, pressing him along the length of his body. ~But he is lovely spirited little thing~ He turned on the bed so that he was on his knees.

Duo gave up another breathless noise and Heero made shushing sounds. Reaching down, he bunched up the material of the slave garment, exposing those silky thighs. Gently, he pushed them apart. Settling Duo upright in his lap, he wrapped those long legs around his waist, fingers still stroking their sleek smoothness. Heero’s blood warmed and heat settled down around his groin area. He felt that part of him beginning to grow heavy and full with need. An answering growl rose in his throat, a smile lighting his stormy features. Admiring the silken texture of Duo’s fragrant skin, he lifted his hips and thrusted gently against Duo’s still covered crotch.

Duo stirred slightly, his sweet breath whispering across his face. His tender lips were mere inches away. Heero’s gaze rested there for a while, imagining the feel of them. Dipping his head, he claimed that tempting mouth in a kiss. His tongue slowly savored the sweetness, testing. Duo reflexively pulled his tongue back from the contact, body stiffening. Heero pursued relentlessly, hand going to the back of his head. A tiny muted noise escaped Duo’s throat and Heero thought he would die with longing. His other hand began to bunch up the material of the gown, baring more of his firm thighs. When the cloth became too much of a hindrance, Heero laid him back on the bed. Duo stirred restlessly, plucking at the almost confining coverlets.

"Duo..." he mumbled against the slightly bruised lips just below his. Wondering at himself, he fanned his hands across Duo’s chest, fingers tingling with the heat coming off his body. Heero skimmed his hands over his body from the top of his head to the toes of his dainty feet, feeling the warmth he gave off. It was so damned nuts! Why was he acting this way of a sudden? WHY wasn't he just taking him?!

Duo tossed his head suddenly and began to struggle up onto his elbows, tiny face twisting up in confusion, "What’s going on?" he asked in a slurred, tired voice. Sleepily blinking his plum colored eyes open, it took him a few moments to fully grasp why Heero was kneeling between his thighs. When he did, he almost had a panic attack, "No! Leggo of me!" Heero, grabbed hold of his waist and pressed him down into the bed, securing both his wrists with his other hand. Channeling into the collar again, Heero drained more energy until Duo was almost unconscious. Moaning softly, Duo settled back on the bed.

Scowling down at the boy, he released his hands. The demon in him was stirring, becoming impatient. Here he had a beautiful human in front of him and all he could think about was how the little one would feel if he were taken against his will.

He snorted. What else were humans good for but to serve kitsune needs? He should be grateful he was taking an active interest in him. He could have his chained to the bed or hanging from the wall like an ornament. Eyes glinting, he looked him over again. He'd never really gotten a good look at him in that tub. He hadn't had time. Grabbing hold of the gown, he tore it down the middle, shredding it easily with his claws. Warm chestnut and and honey gold, Duo lay there, stirring softly, the firelight making his skin glow. His lips were rosy red from his first kisses, his cheeks flushed. Heero eased himself down on top of him, closing his eyes in bliss, just cuddling him.

Lowering his head, he lapped at a dusky pink nipple. Softening his claws back into digits, he cupped the boy’s hips and lifted them to grind lightly into his own, kneading the flesh of his firm rear as he laved his throat and shoulders with his tongue. Duo cooed softly, starting to come awake again and fidgeted beneath him.

Feeling a strange pang, was this what they called conscience?, Heero slid a hand down Duo’s belly, teasing his hardening cock. His fingers grew damp as he fondled him, thumb rubbing over the sensitive head, teasing the tiny slit that wept pearly fluid. Fire raced along his veins urging him to make himself one with him. The demon in him demanded it. Whatever a conscience was, and he sincerely hoped he wasn't being afflicted, he couldn't do anything with him unless he woke. Touching the stone in the collar again, Heero fed some of the collected energy back into the little body. Not too much, but enough for him to be awake and aware.

Duo slowly opened his eyes. The larger part of the pain he’d felt had fled, leaving him feeling warm and soft inside. As he came more to himself, he realized what was happening and gasped in surprise. The predatory look in Heero’s eyes frightened him and he felt vulnerable in his position, Heero’s large hand cupping his rear and pressing him close. Golden eyes glowed at him in the dark, hard and determined. Duo shivered at their cold intensity. He lifted his hand to push him away, only to have Heero grasp his wrist, fingers strong as iron, and push it down to his side.

Heero’s hair fell around their faces like a black curtain. His eyes became more gentle, a light of warmth kindling within. The harsh lines of his face softened and his mouth relaxed. He stared at him almost anxiously, his expression open and full of need. Impulsively, Duo lifted his free hand and allowed himself to brush the bangs out of his strange eyes. More confidently, his fingers lightly traced his cheeks, smoothing over the scowl lines. Thumb brushing across his eyebrows, he turned his wrist and traced the bridge of his fine, delicate nose. A laugh rumbled deep inside Heero’s chest and Duo smiled up at him shyly. He was so beautiful.

~Why do I feel so...I don't know. As if being with him were so...right?~ he asked himself. ~Even when I'm angry, there's something about him that maybe... I think I could reach if I just...~ The thought made his frown. Heero’s stare turned inquisitive. He didn't respond, sorting out his feelings. Heero smiled at him again and lowered his lips to his. The rush of pleasure was startling and threatened to wash Duo under in a wave of... lust? A tiny noise of protest escaped his throat and he shook his head, utterly flustered. He didn’t like men like that... did he?


Sorry, I had to break it up to make room! I forgot to mention, in case anyone wanted to know... Yu Yu Hakusho has an example of what a fox spirit is in the character of Kurama. This is in no way a crossover, but looking at a pic of youko Kurama will give you a clue about how Heero looks. The kitsune in this fic are kind of like an example of how I saw a fox spirit portrayed in Chinese culture on tv. It was a pretty cold, uncaring image filled with blood and vengence and that's how I picture them in this fic. You'll see why later and It might get a bit graphic on violence.

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