Title: Beauty and the Kitsune
Author: Eternal Treasure (sailoreternity@yahoo.com)
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Finally the long awaited, yeah right!, prologue to this story. It's not at all good I suppose, but I was in a happy mood when I wrote it way back when. It gives just a tiny bit of insight into the storyline. Just a tiny bit, don't look for the meaning of life in between the lines. *grin* You'll get subliminal messages.

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Beauty and the Kitsune
by Eternal Treasure <eternaltreasure@yahoo.com>


They had been rich! Once. Their foster father had been a successful merchant, trading with people all over the galaxy and he'd opened his home to the five of them, sharing his wealth with a group of children who needed some stability, some sense of security. Their tables had creaked with the weight of the food presented them every night and their clothes expensive. More importantly, the motley crew of orphans he had gathered together had bonded into something that seemed so much stronger than the ties of blood. And now that was threatened because their foster father had run into some hard luck. His space transports had been caught in a meteor shower, pulverizing the whole fleet.

What was really bad was that the cargo had been the Plutonian crystal that was used to power heavy spacecraft and wines pressed from the Moon's private vineyards. The cost of such items was astronomical and his father had been broken by the losses. Everything had been sold off. Their luxury liner that had been orbiting Uranus, their clothes, their furniture and jewels. Everything. The creditors had finally been appeased and the family was forced to move down to planet Earth where the cost of living was cheap. How Duo missed the stars!

Or at least, he'd have liked to live in the city. With the money they had left and the high cost of city life, however, they would have had to live in the sublevels, way under the ground. It was dangerous there. Dark and full of despair. However, it was something Duo was familiar with, having grown up there. He knew the perils, he knew the terrain.... he just ...knew!

He didn't know not one damned thing about living in the country!

The World Nations had insisted that large portions of the earth be reverted back to rural communities and farmer were paid handsomely for their services in tilling the earth. They were the backbone of the inhabited world, providing a steady and absolutely essential base for food in outer space. If everything else was shot to hell, earth would be able to provide the seedlings and food necessary to keep everything going in space.

Duo scowled down into the sinkful of dirty dishes. So here they were, all that money to buy this little bit of earth! And they worked and slaved every day. It was not that he minded having to do dishes, it was just that there were so damned many of them. He thrust his hands back into the water and heaved a long sigh. His two younger sisters were in the next room happily scrubbing the walls, weaving or any other boring farm chore that they could find. It was sooo sickening listening to them in there. They seemed perfectly happy with the lot life had dealt them. Well, he... was... not! Tears of frustration welled up in his eyes and fell into the sudsy water.

Damn it! Why couldn't things have stayed the same? He hid it from the others with a smile and a joke, but if everything could change so rapidly then NOTHING was certain. For eight years now, he'd foolishly believed that their new father was a king come to rescue them like a fairy tale. Bullshit! No one was going to make all his troubles disappear with a wave of their hand. CERTAINLY not with a wad of cash.... but that wasn't why he'd stayed. He had been so TIRED of being on his own and having to take care of himself. He'd just wanted someone else to take over and be responsible. Was that so bad? Was he being punished for being so selfish?

Biting his lip savagely, he forced himself to stop crying. Just because he'd led a soft life for the past few years didn't make him soft... right? Perhaps it was time for him to leave. It was pretty rough making ends meet and the family would do better to have one less mouth to feed and provide for. He didn't know where to go though, or what he could do...

His eyes jerked up and he glanced through the window above the sink. His brothers, Trowa and Wufei, were heading in from the field. Wiping his eyes on his sleeve, he turned from the window and went to the back of the rustic little cottage. "At least we have running water," he grumbled.

The older boys came nearer and he readied herself as they rounded the corner. Both were talking animatedly about the novelty of plowing a field. ~How sick!~ he thought, ~Are they insane? They prefer polyester to silk? Dirt floors to plush carpeting? CBS to Showtime?!~ Were they EVER gonna get it this time!

When they caught sight of him, sweat drops popped out on their brows. Wufei backpedaled frantically, trying to get out of his line of sight. "Don't you dare!"

"Duo, no!" screamed Trowa, hands going up defensively. "Wait! I'll take a shower, I promise." Duo turned the water on full blast and taking a bead on Wufei first, he pulled the nozzle on the hose back. The boys flew backwards with the force of the watery burst and Duo staggered back into the cottage wall.

"And THAT'S for the last five and a half months!!" he howled insanely.


The family sat around the table, heartily gulping down dinner. Duo kept his smile fixed for his father's benefit. He really didn't want to give him anymore grief than he already had, so he tried his hardest to be a good son, smiling at Relena and Dorothy. They both sat there in those itchy woolen dresses and beamed at their father. All Duo wanted to do was go sit down in front of their black and white 12' and miraculously have pay per view and color pop on the screen.

Their father was frowning for some reason. Before Duo had to force himself to chew on the rubbery mass Dorothy called cornbread, he spoke up, "I have an announcement to make."

Duo sagged back into his seat. ~Great~ he thought, ~We've lost more money, so now we have to move down to the threshold of Hell. You guys don't mind do you? Hey Duo, you're a virgin, right? They mentioned something about needing one for a sacrifice. It was in my lease and...~

"I've made a few trade arrangements with a few notable personages. I'm going now to finalize the arrangements, but when I come back, I'll be a wealthy man again. I... URK--!" he broke off gasping, trying to pry his children's arms from around him. Relena and Dorothy were sobbing hysterically, wailing about how much they hated wool in the summer. The boys were at his feet, hugging his legs and praising his name like a saint.

Duo fumed. So they HAD been faking the Brady Bunch act!

Always the level headed one, he stood up and left the room when his father's face turned blue from lack of air. A few moments later, there was a faint whining noise and his siblings found themselves face to face with a quad cannon laser rifle. One can't give up ALL the comforts of home, after all. "Okay, no funny business, back away from the kind rich man... Nice and easy."

They all face vaulted and scurried to the other side of the room.


The merchant climbed into his Volvo Hovercraft (TM) and smiled down at his troupe of happy kids. "Anything you guys want when I get back?" he asked.

"A silk dress!" shrilled Dorothy.

Trowa grinned, "Fubu Ice!"

"A book on quantum physics!" hollered Wufei. Everyone sweat dropped.

"A pony!" Yelled Relena. They all stared at her, "What?" she asked.

"I want some Tommy Hillfiger clothes. There was this great bomber jacket I saw in a catalogue the other day, I want that too. You know I like to spray my sheets with Chanel, so get me some of that. The kind for MEN, dad, okay?"

Hey, who SAID that when everything got back to normal, he couldn't enjoy it?

He continued, "The stuff for women is not the same thing at all. And while you're at it, how about getting me some satin sheets, hmm? I know you think that since we've got that herd of esters out there in the back, that everything needs to be polyester*, but I have sensitive skin! Speaking of which, I need a whole bunch of some nice silk boxers because I am sooo tired of wearing these cotton briefs. On that note, I'd like to add..."

Duo finally realized how hard everyone was staring at him. He hunched his shoulders, "Well fine then, I'll just have a rose, if that's okay with everyone. One, simple black rose." he grumbled. His father nodded to him graciously and the car lifted off and flew away.

"I didn't even get to ask for a Playstation2," he grumped.


The merchant was sitting in an opulent room aboard his freighter craft sampling some of his wares. Sampling a lot of his wares. Okay, he was so drunk that he was trying to get the captain to fly loop the loops across Saturn's rings. She got so mad that she took time out of her busy schedule to dunk his head in water. A short time later, they'd crashed into another ship. After a lot of dashing about and repairs, the captain and the merchant were brought before the owners of the other ship.

The merchant was sober all in an instant and he gasped in horror.



Duo stared up at the dark manor with wide unblinking eyes, "Dad," he breathed in horror, "You spent the night in this dump?"

"It was the only place around," he replied defensively. "Besides, it gets better once you get inside. They call it the Palace."

"Hardly looks like a `palace' to me."

"Anyway, I brought you could tell everyone else where I am. Then they can stop stalking me."

"You're rich now, they'll stalk you to your grave." Duo dead panned.

"You too?" The merchant raised an eyebrow.

Duo gave him a flat stare. The merchant sighed.

Duo got out his all purpose remote control that worked with the TV, cable, VCR, popcorn popper, microwave, blender, pillow fluffer, etc. "I hope this place DOES get better. I don't think they have cable as it is. While everything gets settled, I wanna watch TV."

"Is that all you care about?" He father furrowed his brow and glared at him.

"Yes." he dead panned again.

The two traded stares for a while before the front door opened and a tall, slender blonde opened the door. Duo blinked when he took a look at the slender silver collar around her neck. How odd! She led them in, not making any sound and they were all met by a fox spirit in the lobby.

"You may go now Arine," The kitsune said, waving the woman away. Turning to frown at Duo and his father, he looked Duo over with an appraising eye before shrugging and frowning at the merchant, "I see you've come to serve out your term." He seemed to quickly loose interest, "Gather your things, let's go."

"He's not going." Duo replied.

The fox spirit stared down at him, his golden hair bouncing across his shoulders in fetching waves. Baring his vulpine teeth in a delicate yawn, he asked Duo what he meant.

"He's not staying here. I am," Duo asserted. At the horrified look on his father's face, he waved his hand at him and pushed him behind him, "They need you way too much at home and this is only service for a term, right?" he directed the last toward the kitsune.

"That's right, three years." he said.

Duo's shoulders sagged a little, but he tilted his chin up, "Okay then. If you stay, the family stays poor and starves. If I stay, you make us rich and when I get back, I'll do my best to make up for the time I lost and spend my share." He grinned wickedly.

Duo's father fumbled in his wallet. "How much to keep him for another three years?"

The kitsune opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off when Duo smashed his father into the ground with a mallet from subspace. "Baka!" He flung the mallet away and patted the flattened pancake that was his father comfortingly. "Don't worry, Dad. I'll be okay."

Arine trotted up with an air pump and shoved the nozzle into his father's mouth. "Goodbye daddy." Duo sighed softly as the kitsune took him by the arm and lead him away despite his father's weak protests.

The kitsune looked down at Duo, then back at his father. Shrugging his shoulders, he muttered something to himself and kept walking.


They walked a while in silence while Duo contemplated his fate. This wouldn't be SO bad, he thought. He would tell them about all his fine qualities and his life for the next three years would be comfortable. First thing's first.

"My name's Duo." he said, "What's yours?"

The kitsune sneered, "My name's not important to you, it will never cross your lips. Nor will any other word while you stay here."

"No other word?" Duo said, alarmed.

"Unless you are spoken to. Humans are not to be heard and rarely ever seen." He dragged him through some back hallways and towed him toward a narrow stair case.

"But Arine..."

"Is my companion." the kitsune growled, amber eyes piercing his where he stood. "And a princess."

"You've got royalty working for you?" Duo squealed.

"Be quiet!" he shook Duo roughly, "You talk entirely too much. No one said that you had to come back from your indenture with a tongue in your head!"

"Oh sure, let me be the SILENT companion." Duo grumbled.

"Huh?" the kitsune asked truly startled.

"That is what you guys want me to do, right? Sit on a cushion, play chess with you, drink pina colad--"

"Generally only those with royal blood are given companion status," The kitsune told him.

Duo frowned, "Well then why am I here?" He briefly imagined that somehow his mother had been a queen of some far off galaxy and these guys had known that all along and now were going to dress his up and fix his hair and all kinds of stuff. Cool! A dopey grin plastered itself across his face and stars danced in his eyes. The kitsune picked up a collar from a hook on the wall and snapped the heavy iron band around Duo's neck.

"Your job is to do the dishes," the kitsune replied flatly.

Duo stared at him for a long, long time, not moving and not blinking. Calmly, he pulled the script out of his back pocket and thumbed through it quickly. He paused on a page and frowned. Again serenely, he replaced the script in his pocket and smiled up at his captor. "Just a moment, if you please."

Duo walked off screen for a few seconds and returned with an ax. The kitsune eyed him askance, but he waved his hand, "Just a second longer," he said sweetly. He swayed off screen in another direction and after a second there was a horrified shriek.

"No, Duo! NOOOOOO!" a horrified female voice screamed.

"DIE!!!" Duo howled. The reader could see Eternal Treasure chunks flying across the floor. There was a brief dragging noise and a loud splash. Then all was silent. Duo returned to his place before the kitsune, who lifted an eyebrow at him. "Ready?" he asked.

Duo beamed up at him, "Quite."

(End part one)

*I know perfectly darned well that polyester doesn't come from herds of esters! Don't be silly. *grin*

This part was short, I know, but this is the only part of Beauty and the Kitsune that is humorous and needs to be separated. At least, that's what I think. Since I'm writing it, what I say goes. Sorry about the tiny self insertion, but I couldn't help it. It honestly won't happen again. *grin* Until next time..