Title: A Christmas Angel
Author: Enjeru
Category: Shounen-ai, Sap, lots of it.
Timeline: Two years after the events in "Feathers of an Angel"
Pairings: 1+2 and mentioned 3+4
Disclaimer: Don't own the Gundam boys. Wish I did, but you never get everything you want.
Notes: At the end.
Warnings: None, at least I don't think so.


Christmas Angel
By Enjeru

Duo hummed lightly under his breath while he washed off a dirty plate from dinner. Smiling, the seventeen year old glanced at the long limbed figure sprawled across the couch in the living room. Who ever thought that the infamous or famous pilot of Deathscythe Hell could actually be a good little 'wife' and keep a tidy house? He, for one, surely didn't but spending the past five years with his lover could really change a person.

Washing the last dish in the sink, he wiped his hands off with a towel and walked silently with a grace that few could match. When he was three feet away, he pounced onto the couch, abruptly waking his lover. Duo went immediately for his lover's most ticklish spots, filling the sunny room with the hearty laughs that came only with one who could feel. But being the efficient soldier that he was, his lover rubbed a rather sensitive spot between his shoulder blades and he collapsed bonelessly onto the body with a small moan. Duo purred in pleasure and pressed against the hand. He glared at him when the carress stopped.

"That was underhanded," Duo pouted.

His lover laughed again and kissed him. "So was when you jumped me in my office earlier today," he laughed.

How wonderful that laugh sounded! He had to wait so long to hear it without a tone of contempt. "But Hee-chan!"

"Don't you Hee-chan me. I almost got fired because of you because my boss walked into my office," Heero said in mock anger.

"He couldn't see us though," Duo smirked.

"That's true, but that's only because of you, Shi-chan," Heero said, kissing the violet eyed man to make up for the previous remark.

"It's not my problem that he sent you on such a long business trip, besides, Quatre wouldn't fire you. And I missed you. Isn't that a good enough excuse?" he asked, butting his head into Heero's chin like a kitten.

"Don't know. Care to convince me?" Heero asked with a smile.

"Always," Duo purred as he leaned up to capture those smiling lips. They contentedly took their time savoring the sensual meshing of their mouths, breaking apart only to take a breath. "Are you convinced?" the braided boy panted.

"Wholeheartedly," Heero sighed.

"Do you want to go flying with me? It's been so long," he whispered, touching his forehead to the other.

"You do so love the sky. It's a beautiful day out, why not," his lover answered. Duo jumped off Heero's lap and practically dragged the other through the door.

The cheerful rays of the sun greeted them with late afternoon golden light. Duo breathed in the crisp winter air and pulled off his shirt, shivering slightly as he adjusted to the cooler temperature. He heard Heero doing the same except he folded his shirt neatly and laid it aside instead of just throwing it onto the ground.

Around them laid at least two miles of grass in all directions, their house being the only building within four miles. After the war, they found themselves restless of the noisy city and had moved to the nice, quiet countryside. He remembered himself telling the others that if they died or got killed it would take a normal person around these parts three weeks before they knew they were dead when he still possessed his sardonic sense of humor. They had chosen this place because of the nice open meadow and lack of people in the surrounding area.

Besides, it wasted energy to cloak himself when he wanted to fly, which would what he would have to do if they lived in the city. Once a Guardian Angel, always a Guardian Angel. He may be stationed in the Human World for a long time but that didn't mean he had to pretend to be human. Even his human side had supernatural powers!

Duo smiled and hunched forward a bit as pitch black wings unfurled from his back. He hopped slightly when his center of balance changed from the extra weight. He then turned around to watch Heero. Some time last year, they had awoken to find Heero with wings, white wings to be exact. Duo, being the very worried Guardian Angel that he was, immediately reported to his elder and came back with slightly alarming news to tell his lover.


The cobalt eyed ex-Gundam pilot was not normal as it was. He was chosen when he was young because of that fact. Heero was never normal to begin with. None of the other ex-pilots were either. Each one of them possessed a supernatural ability that appeared in less than one in a million or so. Heero had the ability to read and send thoughts to humans as well as a unique ability to acquire objects, depending on the size and distance, from anywhere providing he knew exactly where it was. One of Quatre's abilities were always known by the others. The rest of them were not so easy to figure out. Duo didn't find out until he asked when Trowa had saved him from an angry lion during a vacation the five friends were on.

It seemed that Trowa had the ability to 'mindspeak' to animals as well as read and send thoughts to humans. In other words, he could send thoughts like words to wild creatures. It seemed that that day was a day for disclosing secrets when a freak firestorm started with them stuck in the middle of it. Duo couldn't very well fly each of them out and calling water to douse the flames would destroy the fragile balance of nature in that area. They were in the wild, not some city or country where people lived and flourished. Imagine his surprise when he saw Wufei walking right up to the fire and merely hold up a hand to the flames. A moment later, the fire suddenly stopped but the Asian had badly burned his hand. It seemed that the martial artist had been out of practice with his gift.

But that was no problem, Quatre had, with a slightly sheepish look, healed it with his other gift. None of the other three pilots were surprised with the exception of himself. Because he had arrived late and appeared to be as normal as can be when Quatre, Trowa and Heero had scanned his mind, they did not bother revealing their powers. Of course, Heero had to sleep on the floor that night because the ex-pilot did not bother telling him after they became lovers. The former soldier had tried to get out of his 'punishment' but being a rather new player in the game of relationships, he only dug himself into a deeper hole. Experience would later tell him that it was much easier to just shut his mouth.

And where persay does this all tie in with the appearance of Heero's wings? His elder had calmly told him that it wasn't the first time that a human received wings before they chose it after their death. Many of those who did get them however, were those with black winged Guardian Angels since they had the most peculiar charges. Most, if not all, had a touch of the supernatural although Heero were one of the most powerful they had ever seen. Because Duo and Heero's gifts were so powerful, they merged. Duo's telepathy increased in power and Heero gained a pair of wings. Humans could not receive the angelic gift but he would certainly have the power of a black winged angel once he died though should he choose to stay dead and not become reincarnated. Although that little tidbit of information Duo kept from his lover, he told him the rest.


His mind went back to the present and he held his breath in as snow white wings extended nearly to the second floor window of their house before folding themselves neatly onto Heero's back. He was always amazed by the whiteness of the feathers compared to his own raven black ones. Smiling to his lover, he extended his wings and pushed off the ground to take to the sky. He felt his lover nearby.

The wind ruffled his feathers and ran her gentle fingers through his hair as the sun smiled down upon them. Duo closed his eyes and savored the feeling. Giving his lover a smirk, he taunted him by flying around his body in circles rather than staying in one place in an unecessary show of aerobatics. Heero growled and shot off after them. For the next two hours, they flew around the sky. When they finally settled down into a leisurely flight, the sky was already dark. Duo was pondering the coming holiday of Christmas when he felt fingers running down his spine. He expertly turned in a tight roll to fly with his back facing the ground. "It's getting dark and you know you can catch a cold like any normal human," Heero admonished lightly.

Duo pouted but knew Heero was right. Sighing, he began descending. Once on the ground, he quickly put his shirt back on and ran back into the heated house. For some peculiar reason, his human form was a bit sensitive to the cold. You would think that he, one of the most powerful type of Guardian Angels would be able to beat the cold. A pair of warm arms wrapped themselves around his slim waist and he closed his eyes with a small smile on his face. Duo laid his head on the shoulder behind him and kissed the skin within reach on Heero's neck.

"So is Winner Corporations improving?" Duo asked, back to serious business.

"Not much but the decreasing profits have been stabilized. Hopefully, things won't get out of hand," Heero frowned.

"Hopefully," Duo repeated.

"No more depressing words. I have an early day of work tomorrow and then I get off for the rest of the week until after New Year's Day. I suggest we get some sleep and wish for the day to past by quickly," Heero suggested, kissing the top of his lover's head.

"No funny business?" the angel whined.

"None," he answered.

"You sure?" Duo asked, turning around in Heero's arms and whispering into his ear. His warm breath gusted over the sensitive shell of his ear and he suppressed a shiver.

"I need--oh," Heero stopped, his sentence interrupted with his own moan when Duo latched onto the ear and nibbled gently on it. The black winged guardian mentally grinned and then proceeded to drive his lover frantic in desire for the rest of the night.


Duo basked in the drowzy languor that preceeded full awareness. He used to jump straight from sleep to wakefulness but the war was long over and done with. The angel rolled over in an attempt to get more snuggle time with his koibito. His eyes immediately opened when his hands encountered an empty space and a note. Frowning, he picked up the letter addressed to him.


I'm very sorry, but Quatre needed help for the security problems that arised early this morning. I promise I will come home early to make it up to you.

Love always,

He signed and kicked the covers away, resigned to his fate of no snuggling with his lover. Duo stuffed his cold toes into his slippers and put on a robe, cinching it at the waist. Padding silently to the bathroom he began his morning ritual. He stuffed his hair into a shower cap after stripping. Adjusting the water temperature to his liking, he stepped into the warm spray. Grabbing the soap, he pondered the events that had been happening in the past month.

For some strange reason, companies with long term business contracts with Winner Corporations suddenly backed out. There really wasn't an incentive whatsoever. The death of Quatre's father wasn't it because that had happened nearly two years ago and business was still running smoothly. News travelled rather slowly in these parts and since he didn't go to the city very often, he had no idea what the current news was.

Finishing his shower, he toweled himself down and donned his bathrobe. Walking into their room, Duo grabbed a pair of black pants and a loose white long sleeved shirt. Finding a red vest in the closet, he put that on as well as he worked on detangling his hair the bed had made to his hair while he slept. Slowly, his concentration went back to the situation at Winner Corporations.

Each time he saw Quatre, it seemed that he looked older in a tired sort of way. There didn't seem to be any major problems plaguing him, he had asked Heero about that. However, lately, his lover had been trying to keep something from him. His deft fingers separated his hair into three equal sections and he set about plaiting his long tresses. Heero wouldn't lie to him about something this big would he? Of course not. Duo tied the end of his braid with a red ribbon in honor of Christmas Eve and grabbed his jacket. Supplies were running low and he needed to run to town. His mind turned towards getting food rather than wandering the twisted path of Winner Corporation.

Running out the door and to the garage, he sat on the seat of his motorcycle. Revving the engine, he sped off towards the grocery store five miles away.


"Gabriel! It's been such a long time. You're looking better since the last time I've seen you," chirped the friendly middle aged lady that ran the shop. Duo smiled at her. When he and Heero had moved to their home, they had decided to change their names to avoid the fear that sometimes came hand in hand with the names of the so-called infamous Gundam pilots. Since their faces were not well-known, it was rather easy. He doubted that Mrs. Windebaker, the owner, would be so nice to him otherwise.

"And you are looking younger every day, Mrs. Windebaker," Duo smiled.

The woman laughed, feeling rather flattered. "What would like to buy today?"

"Oh, just the usual," he said, grinning as he looked around the shop. It was a quaint little place with mostly homemade goods and a couple of brand name food products. It wasn't one of those large supermarkets but the food was fresh and low price compared to the prices in the cities. It was decorated with cheerfully colored ribbons in red, green and white. Handmade Christmas ornaments were displayed behind the glass doors of a cabinet. A couple of empty spaces indicated that some of them had been sold.

Mrs. Windebaker found him observing the ornaments. She smiled at the childish delight on his face that made him appear much younger than he was. She then remembered that she had something for him. "Oh, Gabriel. I have something for you and your friend. My son immediately made them once I suggested it to him," she said as she puttered about under the counter.

Duo looked on in confusion. "You didn't have to get anything for me," he said.

"You must accept them. I owe you for saving my son's life," she said as she took out two small boxes. Some time ago, her son had fallen dangerously ill and with the town doctor away, there was no one to care for him. Duo had called Quatre for help which he immediately gave in the form of medicine with a bit of speed-healing power infused in them. Mrs. Windebaker's son was the baker and only the artisan in the entire town. Without him, they wouldn't have the glass jars that they held most of their preserves, which was what the little town was known for. Her son also made special ornaments for holidays.

"You really shouldn't h--"

The woman pushed the two boxes into his hands. "Open them."

Smiling shakily, he opened the first box and gasped in awe. The little porcelain ornament looked almost exactly like Heero except for the different eye color. That wasn't what made him surprised though. It were the white wings attached to the figurine that did. Duo opened the other with slightly shaking hands and was just as amazed by the workmanship. For some weird reason, Mrs. Windebaker's son had chosen to make the angel's wings black, like his. And like the first one, it looked frighteningly similar to himself. "They're beautiful," he breathed.

"Are they not? This is somewhat like an anniversary present to your second year living in this town. Now shoo. I have some work to do and I can't have you distract me," she said in good humor. Duo smiled and paid her for the groceries. It seemed that Christmas was looking better with each passing day.


Sometime later, after going back home and packing the food away into their respective cabinets, Heero came back home from work. The energetic American launched himself at his lover, forcing him to either drop his things or risk dropping Duo. Of course, he chose to catch his lover and found himself with an armful of squirming angel. "Okaeri!"

"Tadaima," Heero said before soundly kissing the braided boy.

"Mrs. Windebaker's son made something for us!" Duo chirped before jumping out of Heero's arms. He dragged his lover all the way to the Christmas tree in the living room and pointed to the two exquisitely made ornaments hanging on it.

"They look like us."

"I wonder whether or not he can make ones that look like the others," Duo wondered. He then sensed Heero's carefully covered anger from his bond with his charge. "What's wrong?" he frowned.

Heero sighed deeply and collapsed into the couch. He rubbed his face tiredly with his hand before pulling Duo into his lap. He buried his face in the sweet smelling locks and deeply exhaled. "Because of the situation with Winner Corporation, Quatre never found the time to hire the Santa Claus he usually does every year for the children in the orphange he supports. It's one big mansion so there are hundreds of orphans living in that one estate. Most of them are the children of the soldiers in the Eve Wars. This should be the third Christmas they have that they would celebrate without their parents," Heero explained.

"So what's wrong? It's not too late to get someone to play Santa Claus," Duo said.

"All of the professional actors he usually hires are booked to the gills and the gifts donated to the orphanages are stored away in the basement of the orphanage. He can't get enough hired hands to give them all out and the children have been waiting for Santa for over a month now," he said sadly.

Duo felt guilt rolling over him in waves as he processed the information. It was partially their fault that some of the children were in the orphanages in the first place. He should at least do something. Suddenly, he had a great idea. He sat up straight and turned in Heero's arms. "I have just the thing. Relax and leave everything to me. Just tell Quatre that all will be well and meet me at the orphanage in the afternoon. I'll do the rest," he said. He kissed his lover and disappeared into thin air, leaving Heero in a daze.


One of the five ex-Gundam pilots waited patiently inside a secluded garden within the grounds of the orphanage for a certain braided boy to appear. And appear he did, with ten others with him.

"Sorry for my lateness," Duo chirped, dressed in a long white robe found typically on the pictures of angels that were found so often on Christmas decorations. The other ten were dressed similar to him, talking excitedly to each other. "These are my friends. They volunteered to hand out the presents to the kids. We might not be Santa Claus but Christmas Angels do just as well ne?" Duo winked. His wings appeared and amazingly, they were white and not their usual black.

"Duo! Your wings!" Heero exclaimed.

"Oh, a friend gave me some dye left over from his Halloween costume. It should wash off with a bit of water," he shrugged as he reached into his voluminous sleeves and pulled out a robe similar to the one he was wearing. "And you mister, are coming with me," he said as he yanked the cloth over Heero's head and made his regular clothes disappear.

The other angels politely hid their laughs behind their hands although a certain light blue angel a bit taller than the rest did not and fell to the ground in laughter. His lavender haired companion kicked him lightly and apologized to Heero but not before hitting the blue haired angel upside the head. Duo shook his head with a smile. "Don't mind Tiranoe. He's a little screwed in the head," he said, ignoring the bark of indignation. "Let's go take care of those presents! Mustn't keep the children waiting!"

As a group, they marched up to the front doors of the orphanage. A kind woman with a round face answered them with a smile. "I'm Gabriel. Mr. Winner called for us. He unfortunately couldn't get Santa Clause but I'm sure that Christmas Angels are just as good as them," Duo said with a wink.

"Oh, certainly. The children are waiting patiently," she said cheerfully.

The angel grinned and waved the others in, Heero following him. They split off into groups, two each in ever corrider. Duo stuck his head into one of the rooms and smiled at the children inside. They ranged from ages six to around nine, all of them playing together. One of the more observant children spotted him.

"It's an angel!" he cried.

The braided boy chuckled and stepped in fully, his halo floating two inches above his head. The children gathered around him, touching his feathers with awe and tugging on the sleeves of his robe. Duo glanced over at Heero and saw him treated with the same reverance.

"But where's Santa?" a little girl said. Almost immediately, the cries of 'Santa' came up.

"He's a little busy with delivering toys so he sent us Christmas Angels to do his job," Duo said, kneeling to the little girl who started it all. Opening his hands, he concentrated on the gift that was addressed to the little girl. He felt Heero's strength flowing over to him and a brightly wrapped box appeared in his hands. The little girl gasped in surprise and laughed happily when she saw her name on the tag.

"Thank you," the little girl said in a whisper.

"No problem," Duo grinned, standing up a little shakily. He didn't have the gift of 'Fetching' but Heero did and working through someone else's gift took a lot more energy than one who possessed the talent. He looked over at his lover and nodded. Only Heero would be able to get all the gifts from the basement without tiring himself too badly. Duo could only be there to support him. "Now for the rest of you. My partner over there will get your gifts courtesy of Santa's Angels," he chirped.

One by one, the presents were given to each and every little boy and girl in that room. Duo felt his heart swell in happiness at the smiling faces around him. After spending several moments with the kids, it was time to go.

"Christmas may be only once a year but angels will always watch over you. Merry Christmas!" Duo exclaimed as he was lead out the door by Heero. He met the others in the front lobby, their faces proud from the smiles that they had received in compensation for making a little child's Christmas a little bit brighter.

"Ready to leave?" Heero asked as they walked through the gates.

"Ready when you are," one of them said.

"You can leave if you want or hang around the Human World a while longer. I," at this he was interrupted by a yawn."Need to get some rest before I sleep right here."

"Getting you back home is the least we can do after all that," another said. They gathered around Heero and Duo in a rough circle and with a flare of light, the couple disappeared only to reappear in their bedroom.

"I wonder how they know where our room is exactly," Heero grumbled.

"I don't know but all I know is that I'm bone tired and I want some sleep," Duo said, yawning again. He pulled off his robe, leaving him in nothing but his birthday suit and collapsed onto the bed. He distantly heard Heero rummaging in their drawers but Sleep was more interested in drawing him into her embrace. Just before he could fall into the darkness, his lover shoved something into his face. "Wha's this?" he slurred.

"Christmas present," Heero said nervously.

Duo immediately perked up at the word present and unwrapped the box, only to find a small velvet covered box inside. His hands shook as he gingerly took it out and opened it to reveal an exquisitely cut ring. In the middle of the ring was an amethyst, the same impossible purple of his eyes surrounded on both sides by a pair of stylized angel wings. Inside the ring were the words, 'You love covers me like a pair of angel wings.' His eyes began to mist.

"It was exactly on this day that I was free from the 'Perfect Soldier' mask thanks to you. I have spent the last year with you in every way possible and I would love to have the honor of having you as my partner in all things," Heero whispered, his voice heavy with emotion. "Aishiteru Duo."

"Aishiteru Heero. I love you. I love you!" Duo whispered, burying his face into Heero's neck before pulling back and sealing his lips to the other's.

When they separated, Heero gasped out, "Does that mean a yes?"

"Heero no baka," Duo said affectionately as he laid his head on Heero's chest. "I shall be content to be your partner forever and always. Kore kara zutto itsumademo."


Notes: Thank the Muses! I usually don't type this quickly unless under a lot of pressure (such as handing in a certain english homework assignment that included writing an original story. Only took me a couple of hours to finish!). I believe that this will probably be my last story for this year since I take so unusually long to finish a normal story. Yes, I know I left some loose ends. That will be resolved in the next series I have in plan for this. And that's that.

I hope all of you will have a wonderful holiday!