By Enjeru

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Reach the stars, fly a fantasy
Dream a dream, and what you see will be
Rhythms that keep their secrets
Will unfold behind the clouds
And there upon the rainbow
Is the answer to the never-ending story.

~Never Ending Story
Sung by Limahl

Nearly four thousand years ago, the Earth was a place where hi-tech weaponry was a way of life. Huge metal robots, called mobile suits, were used to 'enforce' peace. War broke out. The higher powers had seen that it would destroy most of the life on the planet and so, for once in a long period of time, the Creators interfered. Soldiers were made amnesiac, pollution was cleaned up, the ozone layer repaired, and the mystery of why the male characters in anime were prettier than the girls was solved.

The Council of the Creators reintroduced magick to the new world. magick was mixed with technology. There was a reappearance of the elves, faeries, mages, nymphs, so on and so forth. Mystical animals came back out of their hiding. The Peacecrafts, a family known for their pacifist ideas, were deemed appropriate for leading the world anew. And so peace and tranquility prevailed.

To make sure that peace stayed, the Guardians were summoned to watch over the Earth. Angels were picked to watch over the people themselves. Each Guardian had one Chosen handpicked by the Fates themselves with the exception of Nataku. The Chosens would only be called to service if there was a crisis.

Unfortunately, they were called to service more than once. There was continuous peace for a rather long period of time but it was slowly starting to deteriorate. It didn't bode well for the situation when a certain incident happened about ten years ago. It was rather menial and insignificant at first but if observed closely, one could see it sped the decline of a peaceful life for the people. So far, they were lucky that nothing else happened.

And of course we all know that luck only lasts for so long...


Deep in the heart of a distant star, a cloud of darkness managed to escape through a miniscule crack in the perfect crystal prison it was trapped in. Slowly but surely, one crack separated into more until it exploded outwards, scattering the shards. The black cloud solidified into that of a man. But this...thing...was no man. No one, not even the Shilani, the dark elves, possessed a nature as dark as this one. He was Epyon, one of the Guardians who was imprisoned because of his ways.

He took joy from slaying those weaker than him and deliberately killed for the fun of it. Even Shinigami himself was not as ruthless as this person. Guardians were those who watched over those of Earth, intervening when necessary and backing off. They were the ones who were given a Chosen, their warriors, who would possess a percentage of their powers. There used to be a total of 1 god, 1 goddess, and 5 powerful magick wielders who were deemed to be the Guardians.

The oldest of them all was Shinigami, the god of Death, representing Death and Rebirth. The goddess was Nataku, who was the goddess of Justice. She was the second oldest, and always with her dragon, Shenlong, the one who enforced her will. She was the only one with two Chosens. After all, Justice cannot be carried out by merely one. Except in her case, but she's a goddess so she doesn't count.

The first to become a Guardian was the mage, Tsubasa, who was fondly called Wing by his lover, the god of Death. He was the one who represented Bravery. The second was the cheerful, Sorceress Hirde. She possessed a sharp mind and the power to Heal. Her Chosen would also inherit her great abilities as a strategist and her empathic powers. Hirde stood for Intelligence. She was also the lover of Nataku.

The third was the Shapeshifter Hyo, called Gaia by the old people of Earth when seen in its female form and Herne when in its male. Hyo was the embodiment of Nature, with the power to influence animals and the natural elements.

The fourth was Sorcerer Gacho (who was often teased by his lover Hyo because of his strange name). He was the youngest of all the others. When one lived an eternity, three thousand years did not make a difference to those before him who had lived at least tens of thousands. The Council of the Creators had chosen him to become the replacement for the death of the Guardian before him (The female Guardian had died in an attempt to save her Chosen). He was a warrior by heart and had the power of Honor and Chivalry.

The last was Epyon, who was also a mage. He was never ruthless to begin with. If he was, he would have never been picked by the Council of Creators to become a Guardian. It was a sacred rank of honor and only those who possessed a pure heart could be picked to become a Guardian by the Council of Creators. However, when he couldn't find a suitable Chosen, he began to change. He started to taunt Gacho's age and about his Chosen, becoming bitter and scathing. The Council tolerated him at first, confidant that he would be able to find a warrior to fit his expectations, but it only became worse.

Epyon went as far as stealing Gacho's Chosen and forcing a bond between them. This resulted in the insanity that immediately took over the great warrior as he stepped back out onto Earth only to go into a murdering rampage, be them innocent or guilty. That immediately got the Council's attention. He was immediately banished and sealed in a prison of pure crystal made by the ones' who created life itself. Even the remaining Guardians pitched in to create his prison. However, his hatred and evil grew, making his dark powers increase in intensity. He remained in his prison for over a millennia and with the growth of his powers, the crystal began to weaken. With great amounts of patience, Epyon waited.

That was what granted his freedom. Epyon stretched his bat wings and folded them behind him. Unlike Shinigami's wings, they were made of the darkness in his mind, soul and heart. The God of Death's wings glowed with an inner white light which gave him a rather ethereal appearance whereas for Epyon, it only enhanced his dark nature. "It's time I returned the gracious favor the Guardians did for me," he said, his voice a booming sound that resembled the sound one makes when nails are scratched down a blackboard and inducing the same reaction only much, much worse. He disappeared from the star to wreck havoc on some unsuspecting souls.

His escape occurred nearly ten years ago, his powers were still weak from the destruction of his prison so nothing really big happened. However, the Earth, whose peace had already been walking on a tight rope, had begun to lean towards war and conflict. Epyon's appearance made sure that the people chose war.

The Guardians were not able to intervene because the situation had not become big enough to be brought to their attention and did not need the help of their Chosen. That was slowly beginning to change.

~Ten years after Epyon's escape~

Hirde sat straight on her bed, her lover still dead to the world. She pressed a hand to her chest to ease the pain. Such evil, she hadn't felt anything like that since the Council sealed Epyon away. Wait...Epyon! His power has finally reached a point where the Guardians cannot defeat without destroying the entire Earth. Hirde got out of bed quickly and her gown appeared automatically. This woke her lover. "Aisuru? Why'u up so er'ly?" Nataku slurred, voice still groggy from sleep.

"Epyon's power has finally began to disrupt the Earth's balance," she said grimly.

"Nani?" Nataku yelled, immediately falling off the bed from sitting up too fast. The goddess grumbled something about getting a bigger bed before materializing clothes. Hirde immediately grabbed her lover to contact the other Guardians. She had hoped that she would not have to find her Chosen but at this rate, they were the Earth's only hope.


Heero Yuy, the only Shilani born with a pure heart, walked silently through the dark forest. A Shilani was what most called a dark elf. They had separated from the Prislani to become a new race some hundred years ago. They were ruthless in their ways, letting nothing stand in their path to the completion of the assignments they were sent on. They were called dark elves because of that reason. They were often emotionless, cold, soldiers. It was their nature to be like that. Besides that fact, they resembled a regular elf in every way.

Like the Prislani, the 'golden' elves, they were beautiful in appearance as was Heero. Most were born with dark colored and dark brown eyes. The rest had black eyes. However, Heero had cobalt blue eyes, eyes that were considered too innocent by Shilani standards. Blue was considered a trait of the Prislani, their hated enemies. Therefore, he never had a childhood. Ever since he could remember, he was on his guard. How else could he avoid getting beat up by those more powerful than he?

Ever since he was on his own, he had worn a hooded robe to hide his appearance. It really didn't do much good to waste magick on a disguising spell for no apparent reason. Nobody wanted Shilani elves and it was better to avoid trouble that way. Heero could easily pass as a Prislani elf by his face but the way he acted would blow his cover.

All his life, he felt that Fate was somewhere laughing at him because of that fact. Ever since he had been kicked out of his clan for showing grief when he had killed a little human girl and her dog, he had been on his own. The training he had gotten in his clan still stuck with him though. However, one would have to batter down several gundanium strength walls if they wanted to get to know the boy within. He looked to be 17 in human years. However he was more than 320 in elven years.

A pair of twinkling violet eyes peered at him from beneath a fringe of long lashes. Heero shook his head to clear away the image. Ever since he was born, a pair of eyes kept haunting his dreams. That was another thing that the other elves had made fun of him about. However, after he became the best at tracking, hunting, fighting, and just about everything else, Heero had managed to shut them up. That did not last long.

The Shilani remembered it like the back of his hand. It had happened about a hundred years ago. He was to go out and infiltrate a human base. His partner was to guard his back while he was hacking into the network for the required information. It was theorized that important documents were situated at the location. On his way there, he stopped by a park, cloaked in magick, which made him look like every other human, to clear his mind.

A little girl had walked up to him with a golden retriever at her heels. With her blonde candy curls and big blue eyes, she was adorable. In her slightly chubby hand was a daisy, in her other was a cuddly teddy bear. She gave it to him. "Are you lost niisan?" she asked. Are you lost, older brother? The question caught him off guard. Heero stared at the daisy in his hands. It was already beginning to wilt.

"I've been lost all my life," he answered back honestly. Heero lifted the daisy upwards and waved a hand over the top of it. Blue energy surrounded the flower, giving it back its life. He then handed it back to the little girl.

"Are you a mage, niisan?" she asked, awed. She held the flower gently in her hands. A voice called her name and she ran off in that direction to her mother, looking back at him with a wide smile. Heero had found out that the little girl lived next to the base he was ordered to blow up after his mission was completed. He had no wish to destroy such innocence that he himself had lost so long ago. He was determined to save that little girl's life.

The mission had gone off without a hitch. He had put bombs in all the places away from the little girls house. He couldn't bear to destroy such innocence. However, he had miscalculated and the base collapsed onto the house. Heero found the little girl, dead, lifeless with her little golden retriever lying right next to her and a ragged teddy bear in her arms.

He began to dig a grave for both of them. That was where he was found about an hour later, kneeling a midst the rubble while staring off into space and hugging the teddy bear close to him. Odin Lowe, his instructor and commander had ordered him to be retrained. It worked for some time but as he grew older, his aura became another color, blue, the same color aura that the Prislani had. And also those with pure hearts, hearts that did not belong in a Shilani clan. He was immediately thrown out.

Heero dug himself out of his memories. There was no use wallowing in his inability to successfully complete a mission and ignoring his emotions. It was his fault. In a way of self-torture, he kept the ragged old bear to remind himself of his failure. Suddenly, his senses began to yell at him. There was someone watching him. A snap of a twig caught his attention and he immediately spun, the stunner in his hands switching to hunter mode. A white glow appeared in front of him. Heero was about to shoot but something prevented him from doing so. The glow died down to reveal a male with pure white wings folded neatly behind him. He had hair whiter than snow and eyes darker than the night sky.

"Hello, Heero. I am your Guardian and you are my Chosen..."


Swing, dodge, flip, blast, shoot. The same mantra played itself over and over again for Duo Maxwell, Shinigami-in-training also known as the Angel of Life and Death. His opponent was good, but not good enough. This person was the only one left to battle him for the possibility to be the God of Death. He couldn't lose now when he gotten so far. Imagine that, a supposed angel of life battling for the role of the angel of death.

Duo remembered the days when he was a Type G guardian angel. Type G guardian angels were 'grounded', meaning that they were to protect a group of people while disguised as a human on Earth. He was sent to protect those under the roof of Maxwell Church. He was undercover as another orphan. He was taken care of by two of the most pure souled people he had ever met in his life, Father Maxwell and Sister Helen.

The disguised angel helped in any way he could, mechanical problems, which were many, financial problems, you name it. He had thought that he had hidden his talents as a mechanic rather well, but he was mistaken. That had happened nearly two hundred years ago, when mobile suits existed.

Soldiers came for him, but he refused to go with them. After a while, they stopped asking. Duo was off giving his weekly reports when he felt it. The severing of ties with his protected. He immediately flew back down and saw where once a church was, a charred hole in its place. The bodies of over 200 of the orphans laid strewn across the destruction of the church. A wavering aura caught his attention and he immediately ran straight to the source. It was Sister Helen, lying in a pool of her own blood.

She had been outside when the explosion had happened. Father Maxwell had died automatically along with the rest of the orphans. The beautiful nun was shot and there was no way that anybody could arrive in time.

"Maxwell's little angel," she sighed, coughing. "You were an angel all along weren't you? We forgive you, Duo," she said, before her eyes went glassy with her death.

Duo sat there, staring at the woman who gave so much kindness and received so little. It was all his fault. If he had went late like he usually did, he would have been able to save them all with his powers. He lost all of his charges, all of them. It was all his fault. It was all his fault. He killed them. IT WAS ALL HIS FAULT!

He leapt high into the air, his pitch-black wings blocking the light from the sunlight seeping through the window. He was merely a vague shape in his opponent's eye. Duo swung his green fire scythe at the weapon and it was cut cleanly in half. He threw a paralyze spell on him and he was defeated. He barely managed to rein in his control before he killed the poor guy then and there. If he did, he would be thrown out of the school and become a rurouni angel, one with no ties and no powers other than immortality. His punishment for the taking of an innocent life.

A resounding clap made his head shoot up. A tall man with huge black bat wings stood, leaning against a scythe which seemed to be suspended in the air. His amethyst eyes widened in recognition and he immediately kneeled. "Please get up, Duo Maxwell. There is no need for formalities. I hate them anyway," he said, scrunching up his nose in disgust. His blood red eyes turned serious. "There is a reason why I am here, Duo Maxwell."

"Um, what's that?" Duo asked nervously. He went over his daily schedule to find if he had played some joke on some clueless classmate of his but found no one.

"You are my Chosen warrior..."


Triton Bloom, younger brother of Catherine Bloom, star knife thrower in the circus, walked out of the huge circus tent. He was dressed back into his normal dark green and blue robes instead of the clown costume. His brown hair was longer up front, falling rakishly over one eye as green as the forest surrounding him. In his hands, was a staff with a wicked looking pointed turquoise colored gem.

The same colored gem was worn on a ring on one slender finger. He strolled over to one of the lions in the cage, sticking his arm inside. There was no emotion flickering across his face. The lion inside roared before walking over and butting its head against Triton's hand like a playful kitten.

The corners of Triton's mouth turned upwards slightly but only for a brief moment. Even when he was young, he always had the ability to attract and calm animals, even control them if he wanted. He was a handful alright, especially since his parents had died just before he was three. His sister was seven at the time. His family lived on the circus and usually had an act together, sans Triton of course. He was too young then. His father was a Dryad while his mother was a Nereid. However, neither heritage explained his powers with animals.

Catherine, even though she was so young, tried to take care of him. But when one is a child taking care of another child, that task was not easy. The others in the circus had taken them in, the ringmaster being their acting father, his wife, their acting mother. She was rather enthusiastic about it because she could not have children. But they were all busy people and could not really take care of a three-year-old boy. Often times, he would seek the friendship of animals, bringing in cats, dogs, mice, you name it.

Of course, he was smart enough to tell them to leave just before anyone could find out. Silence was one of the things that he had to learn in keeping his animal friends and so it became his nature to do so. That was why his sister did not know of a certain incident with a group of mercenaries.

He was about eight at the time. He was mindspeaking with a rabbit when a mercenary grabbed him. Triton got thrown back several feet where he was immediately pinned. "I didn't do anything to you! Why are you doing this?" he screamed.

"Cuz yer real pretty. Pretty boys are always askin fer it," he growled.

Triton thrashed and shouted for his sister, for anyone, to help him but with the laughter and applause coming from inside the tent, no one would hear his pleas. His clothes were ripped off by at least five other hands. Tears poured from his emerald eyes as he pleaded for them to stop what they were doing.

"Please stop. Please!" he cried.

All of a sudden, there was an intense pain that blinded his senses. A ripping inside of him, both mentally and physically as the mercenary pounded into his unwilling body. He cried until his voice was hoarse and still they did not stop. One after another they came until he forgot what his life was like without the pain.

Then, it stopped. They left his broken body on the ground. Idly he thought they were nice enough to clean him up, then again, they wouldn't want anybody to be able to track them down.

He laid there, pain streaming through his body and learned to ignore it and focus on other things. His innocence was destroyed that day. His sister never really noticed how he became even more silent than usual. Only when he didn't laugh at certain things he normally would of did she become concerned, but Triton made sure he never made that mistake again.

Triton pulled himself out of the depressing memories and focused on the soft fur beneath his fingers. The gem atop his staff started to glow dully. Someone he did not know was here. However, the presence was not evil in nature. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

"Triton Bloom..."came the voice from the mysterious person. Triton turned around and for once in his seventeen years, his face showed some emotion, a mixture of shock, awe and fear.

The man, er, woman, no, man, had long black curls reaching his, er, her waist. Golden cat like eyes observed him in the darkness of the forest he was in. The feathers of its black tipped golden wings were ruffled slightly by the wind. "Who are you?"

"I am known as Gaia by the people of the Earth as well as Herne. My real title is Shapeshifter Hyo. I am your Guardian and you have been Chosen to be my warrior..."


Quatre Raberba Winner, heir to the entire kingdom of the Prislani, sat down in one of the garden terraces overlooking the ocean. The sun was setting, throwing beautiful splashes of reds across the water. The water itself resembled a great ruby with the intensity of the fiery sun. This went unnoticed by the young elf. His wide turquoise colored eyes were gazing into some far away point, his white blonde hair gilded by the flaming orb in the sky. On the lobe of a delicately pointed ear was an earring. At the end of the dangling chain was a stone greener than the forests surrounding the castle.

Something out there was preventing him from sleeping. He always had this 'feeling' but now it was much stronger and closer. What it was, Quatre had no idea what it was. His uchuu no kokoro was telling him that his life was about to change, drastically. A slight movement out of the corner of his eye put him on guard immediately. He laid a hand on the two scimitars resting in their sheaths at his hips.

"Whoever you are, come out now. I can promise you that you will not be harmed if you surrender," Quatre said in a steady voice. A musical laugh was his answer. He turned and saw a being whose beauty rivaled the stars themselves. She had beautiful dark colored hair which shifted from dark violet to blue to black and then back again. It was short in the back with some of her bangs hanging over her forehead. Her green eyes radiated eons of wisdom and power. However, the reason his mouth was hanging open was because of the golden colored wings folded neatly behind her.

"Haven't lost my touch in making guys gape yet in over three thousand years," she giggled.

"Umm..." Quatre said inarticulately.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Sorceress Hirde and you are my Chosen..."


In the village of Cathay, in a certain house, a certain pair of yosei, the heir to the House of Shirin and House of Chang were arguing, yet again. "You stupid scholar, when will you start cleaning after yourself you slob?" Meiran yelled.

"Women are deigned for that position. You are female, therefore you must clean," Wufei simply said, returning to the book on his lap.

"Ugh, you are simply impossible!" she shouted, half-flying, half-stomping off into the direction of her room.

"Peace and quiet, at last," Wufei sighed. However, after five minutes of absolute silence, he knew something was up. Meiran was never silent unless she was plotting against him. Her idea of revenge the last time they fought (which was just a week ago) was painting his entire room pink and changing the sheets to some frilly pink material. His white silk pants and shirts were replaced by pink shirts and pants with even more frills. He shuddered. The walls of his room were still pink

Wufei put his book down and using all the stealth that was ingrained into his mind because of his warrior training, he silently walked towards Meiran's room. A half choked sob was heard. He made her cry? A floodgate of guilt opened in his mind and he sighed yet again. He opened the door to announce his presence.

"Go away!" Meiran yelled.

"I'm sorry if it makes a difference to you," Wufei said, walking over the bed and lying down next to her. He pulled her smaller form closer to his and breathed in the scent of silky black hair. He was startled when he felt the body in his arms start to shake. Has she become hysterical because of me? "Um, are you okay, Meiran? I promise never to argue with you..." Wufei stopped when he heard a stifled sound coming from her.

"You should have seen your face!" Meiran laughed, whole body shaking in mirth as she pointed to the mirror to the side of the bed. "I should have just let you wallow in your guilt but it was much too funny! And now that I've got your promise," she said evilly.

"Y-You blackmailed me!"

"Ah, ah, ah. 'Tis justice for your ways," she giggled.

"Did someone call my name?" came an unfamiliar voice. The pair on the bed jumped and separated, both going into fighting stances, ready to defend themselves and each other.

"Who's there?" Wufei shouted.

"No need to shout you know," came the voice again. It was distinctly female. A swirl of flower petals appeared in the room and a woman with knee length light blue hair stood in its place. A green dragon with red eyes was perched on her shoulder. He snorted in amusement and a tiny flame came out. The woman herself was wearing an elaborate blue Chinese dress, the same color as her hair, embroidered with a golden dragon across her bosom.

"Do you know this woman, Wufei?" Meiran asked, a delicate black eyebrow arched upwards.

"Oh, no. I doubt you know me personally but you both know me by name. I am Nataku, Guardian of Justice, and you have both been Chosen to be my warriors..."


Treize, leader of the Khushrenada Empire, stirred in his bed. His wife, the peaceful Lady Anne, remained asleep. There was a noise that did not belong. His supernaturally acute Elven hearing picked up a small scuffling sound coming from the sitting quarters connected to his room. He got out slowly out of bed as to not to disturb his sleeping wife. He grabbed the rapier from the night table and slunk over to the sitting room. He closed the doors to his sleeping quarters and opened the light.

"Eep," squeaked the intruder. He had beautiful red hair which reached mid back. Beautiful silver eyes peered up at him. He was also no older than his late teens.

"What are you doing in my quarters?" Treize said menacingly.

"I was trying to find a way to turn on the light. Darn, I still haven't gotten the hang of teleportation yet," he sighed grumpily.

"And I repeat, what are you doing in my quarters?"

"Oh, I didn't tell you yet? Tsubasa is going to tease me relentlessly now," he groaned but then brightened quickly. "To go back on topic, I am Sorcerer Gacho, your Guardian. You are my Chosen..."


Five teenagers from five different parts of the world began their journey across mountains, forests and desert to the capital of the world, the Sank Kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by none other than King Mirialdo and his wife Queen Noin. The heir had disappeared for sometime after the death of King Peacecraft, leaving the kingdom in Princess Relena's hands. However, the kingdom began to fall into shambles due to the fact that the girl had outrageous ideas with no way to enforce them. She was assassinated and Mirialdo, her brother, rose to the throne.

Now, the Sank Kingdom was a prosperous place of magick and technology. Races of all kinds lived there, elves, both Shalani and Prislani, faeries, nymphs, so on and so forth. The Shalani were those of the lower castes. They were mistreated frequently in their clans. Those who managed to get word of the kingdom of races, escaped.

However, peace had slowly been deteriorating about 170 years ago. Skirmishes broke out and slowly became bigger problems. With the appearance of Epyon, the deterioration quickened to the point that the Guardians had to call upon their Chosen.

Treize of the Khushrenada Empire was the king's well respected friend and neighbor. It took merely an hour or two on horseback to arrive at the main gates of the castle. The Guardians had given their Chosens special instructions to carry out their mission. They were to report to the Sank Kingdom and protect the monarchs. Their enemy was deemed to be a supposed ex-Guardian who had turned away from the light and embraced the darkness.

Their mission was to prevent Epyon from getting control of the world's capital. Epyon was to be brought in to the Council, dead or alive. Before they were to report to the castle, they were to meet the one they were supposed to work as partners with, except for Wufei and Meiran since they were already a pair. The Shalani Elf was to meet with Duo, who was posing as a human. The Prislani Elf was to meet with the half Dryad, half Nereid. Treize, a human with elven blood, was supposed to meet them at the palace in about four months.

During the four months, they were to train and get familiar with their amplified powers. In order to be identified by another Chosen, a precaution was taken. A sign on a certain part of a Chosen's body was revealed. They had had it since they were born but were uncovered only if the Chosens were needed. When an unknown Chosen came near, it would start to glow dully.

One blue character, representing Bravery, stood out starkly on Heero's shoulder, just covered by the strap of his ever present green tank top. Silver characters standing for Death and Rebirth, shimmered on the pale shoulder of Duo.

The green character for Nature rested on Triton's right forearm. A gold character for Intelligence shone like a jewel in the sun in the same position on Quatre. A fiery red character for Justice shone on the gracefully winging collarbone of Wufei. The same character was on Meiran's right collarbone. Two slightly translucent blue characters for Honor and Chivalry glowed upon a palm.

They were also given specially blessed and made weapons made of gundanium, a legendary metal that was so rare, it was more precious than gold.

Heero was given a laser sword, which launched fireballs. It looked more like a rod. When activated, blue colored fire surrounded it. It had the ability to cut through anything, save gundanium. Duo was given a scythe, which changed shape at will.

Triton had a staff, tipped with the same stone on top, except it was much more powerful. Quatre got a pair of gundanium scimitars, which cloned itself. He was able to throw them at his enemies without losing his weapon. The second the thrown swords hit something, they disappeared. Treize received a jeweled handled rapier which increased his abilities to their full potential and beyond.

Wufei and Meiran had a katana and a bow, respectively. The arrows appeared when it was nocked. All weapons were protected by a spell which enabled no one but the Chosens who were loyal to their Guardians to touch it without being given a rather nasty shock.

And so, the seven Chosens begin their training...


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