~Five years later~

Two figures in the sky backflapped against the air to land soundlessly onto the courtyard of one of the Winner Estates. The two following them tumbled into a not so graceful landing. Two elves ran outside to greet them.

Two of the smaller forms detached themselves and ran into the arms of the approaching elves.

"Uncle Quatre! Uncle Triton!" they squealed. A bundle of black and white launched themselves at the unsuspecting elves.

"Gabriel! Michael! Calm down!" Duo shouted exasperatingly. He brushed his bangs aside with a hand and let the smaller bundle in his arms down onto the ground. With slightly unsure steps, she half-flew, half-walked over to her 'uncles'.

"All of you have grown so much! Especially Helen!" Quatre said, his voice filled with laughter. The twins were nearly identical in appearance except for a few differences. Both had the same amethyst eyes that Duo had but their face was of Heero's. Gabriel had the white wings while his brother had black. However, Michael kept his hair long and in a braid. It was also the deep brown tones of Heero's hair rather than the chestnut that Gabriel and Duo had.

Helen seemed to look like an even more feminine form of Duo. Her wings were white but the primary feathers were a uniform black. Her cobalt blue eyes made everyone melt.

"And don't forget, they still act like a bunch of monsters!" Duo commented. He folded his black wings neatly against his back. A pair of arms snaked around his waist and pulled him against a well defined chest. He sighed in contentment.

"It seems that you finally got enough power again to have another child," Triton said quietly.

"Took long enough time as well. Never knew how much a Generation spell cost in terms of energy," Duo complained.

"It was worth it, wasn't it?" Heero whispered into his ear. Duo nodded and gave him a big smile.

"So, where's Trowa?" Duo chirped.

"He's inside. Wufei and Meiran came already with Weiming. Mariemaia is already with them and her parents are here as well," Quatre said.

"A full Chosen reunion, ne?" Duo said, gliding over to his friend.

"We haven't had a get together like this in a while, koi," Heero murmured. Duo jumped nearly ten feet into the air. Sometime during his conversation, his lover had managed once again to creep up to him without a sound.

"Don't do that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Duo said, clutching his chest dramatically.

"Hn, you know as well as I that angels, especially the Angel of Life and Death cannot get any sicknesses or physical malfunctionss," he snorted.

"Whatever! I want to see what Wu-man's been up to. It isn't every day that Heaven's angels get to visit Earth often," he said, bouncing in the direction of the French doors leading into the estate. Quatre followed the perky angel, leaving Heero and Triton alone.

"How's the family?" Triton said, the more talkative of the two.

"The twins just recently learned to fly. Helen's catching on faster than the first two," Heero answered.

"It seems that you got the hang of flying as well," he said.

"With the threat of constant babbling..." Heero said, leaving the statement trailing.

"Good point. Shall we see what the other's are up to?" Triton stated.


Inside, a most peculiar sight greeted them. All of the adults were off to the side of the sitting room. The children were playing in the middle. Mariemaia, the oldest, was supervising the group. Besides, she adored the twins, even though they were the most mischievious of the bunch, having inherited Duo's knack for practical jokes.

Gabriel and Michael were hovering a foot above the ground while shooting mage bolts at Weiming. However, still not being very powerful, they merely dissipated once they hit something. Nonetheless, they were still very annoying.

The little female yosei was studiously ignoring them while she erected a shield around herself. Instead, she was playing with Helen, making her giggle each time she made a funny face. It was rather amusing to see the offspring of a serious pair of yosei making weird faces. Trowa was with her as well but he was doing the tricky acrobatic tricks his father, Triton, had taught him.

Mariemaia tackled the two boys to the ground and sent them into a tickle fight in which they were no match for the already Master-class mage. She had gone into power rather early for her age and had managed to inherit her mother's power. Several more years and she would be a powerful Adept, something even her mother couldn't achieve. It seemed that what Elven blood Treize acquired had amplified her powers.

Heero smiled and walked over to his mate.

"...peace lasted so long. Sometimes, I still can't believe it's finally over. I mean, Epyon was supposed to be some really powerful mage," Duo said.

"It really is over Duo. Let's talk about something else other than the war. Last time, you told me that you replaced Shinigami and became the God of Death," Treize said.

"Hai. He said that he wants to concentrate on his Guardian duties. Like he has anything to do after us. Each Guardian only has one Chosen each generation. Hn, as far as I know, there is no war coming up after we defeated Epyon. The peace is now stronger than ever. I don't think anything can break it now. I just think he wants to spend some more time with Guardian Tsubasa if you get my drift," Duo stated.

"Never say never," Heero remarked.

"You are such a pessimist. Lighten up, will you?" Duo said, elbowing his lover in the stomach. A blinding light filled the room. Only the children remained oblivious. Duo groaned.

"Must you always remain so literal?" he complained.

"That's our Heero," Meiran laughed.

"Well, at least things are normal," Wufei sighed as he held his wife close from behind.

At that moment, a resounding crash brought up the heads of the adults. Trowa sat smiling sheepishly next to the remains of a china vase. Five of the Chosens laughed.

Quatre and Triton smiled at their son and joined their friends in laughter.

"Yes, things are very normal," Triton said. He hugged Quatre closer to his body and sighed contentedly. This was what he--no all of them--were looking for since they were Chosen over five years ago. Love, friends and laughter. And most of all, euphoria.

July 2000


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