Chapter 3

Kami ga sora ni moeagaru
Karada ga honoo no you yo
Yada wa nande kou naru no
Honto ni mou okotchau kara
Koi wo shite setsunai mama
Amai yume wo mitetai noni
Yurusenai aitsura no sei yo
The god is burning in the sky
The body is just like flame
Whatever light becomes is nasty
Truly, this finally happens again
As it is, We love and are apart
And yet, I want to see a sweet dream
I won't allow evil to end it!

~Ai no Senshi
Sung by Yooko Ishida

In the village of Cathay, a celebration was in session. The family of the House of Shirin and Chang had invited their relatives and friends for a huge party in honor of their heirs who had been revealed as Chosens. A great bonfire was lit in the center of the joined villages as aromas of special dishes wafted to the noses of adult and children alike. In the middle of the village, two persons danced, a circled cleared around them to see their graceful movements.

The female was dressed in a beautiful red silk dress that was embroidered with designs of beautiful flowers. It was sleeveless and a slit on both sides reached mid-thigh in order to not to hinder movement. After all, she was a warrior. On her feet were red slippers. Her silky black hair was caught up in back in a bun and a red flower was secured just behind her ear. Her wings shimmered with iridescent shine as she moved.

The male was dressed in white silk pants and shirt. Although there was nothing fancy about the clothes other than the material, he still managed to seem more elegant than the other males in the clan. Long silky black hair moved with his movements. His wings fluttered in time with the sensual music.

Meiran twirled gracefully with the music. On her face was a small smile as she began to rise up in the air. Wufei did so with her and still they continued dancing as if they were on the ground. A sudden explosion caught them off guard and both nearly fell back to the earth but were saved by fast reflexes and their wings.

"Where did that come from?" Wufei asked, untying the scarf. Screams of terror and fear rang through the village of Cathay. The explosion came again as the Chinese yosei called his weapon. His wife did the same as well. Together as one, they flew towards the source of chaos. What they saw was not pretty at all. Bodies were strewn around, some injured, some dying and some dead.

Meiran growled lowly when she spotted her dear cousin lying on the ground, moaning in pain. "Who's there? Where are you bastard? How dare you hurt my people!"

"Airen, be quiet," Wufei hissed. His onyx eyes scanned the surroundings. When he saw nothing, he switched on his psychic senses, searching for auras that were not yosei. He nearly missed it because the aura was nearly all black, the color of hate and evil.

A chuckle was heard and a figure stepped out. He was easily over seven feet tall. That was a lot compared to the Asian yosei who were rather diminutive in size, the female more so.

His hair was the same color as flaxen strands of gold, and his eyes were bluer than the sky. He looked like what Americans would have considered the perfect symbol for an angel if not for the twisted sneer on his face and a scar that ran its way down the left side of his face. He seemed to be a parody in itself, darkness surrounding and swallowing the light.

"What business do you have for attacking my clan?" his wife shouted, pulling back on her bow. An arrow of pure energy appeared. The character on her forearm flickered red in her anger.

"Aa, the little girl is a Chosen," he said to himself. "To perfectly tell you the truth, I was bored."

"Bored?! As heir to the House of Shirin and Chang, I command you to stop this destruction! Our clan has never had dealings with you, Barton," Wufei snarled.

"You know, you are rather pretty for a boy. I'll give you a chance to save your village if you join my harem as one of my consorts. It would be a great honor for you. I know how your clan cherishes the thing," he said with a lustful smile, ignoring Wufei's command.

"When hell freezes over!" Wufei shouted, insulted. His sword came down in an arc. A wave of red energy flew towards the mysterious enemy and hit him. When the dust cleared, the man was still standing there, dusting his tunic off. The place he was standing on was now a crater and he was using his powers to stay in place.

"That wasn't very nice," he frowned. "And I mustn't keep Master Epyon waiting. He isn't exactly a very patient Guardian."

Dekim launched a wave of pure dark energy at them which Wufei and Meiran dodged easily but they realized that they were not the intended targets. They turned around and saw what remained of their clan. A black hole of nothingness. Whatever survivors of the first attack were reduced to dust. They were the last of their clan.

Wufei and Meiran turned to Dekim with fire in their eyes as a blue-green aura surrounded them and started to enlarge until it resembled a dragon. Their bodies seemed to disappear and two large dragons, one blue and one green in color, one with onyx colored eyes, the other brown, replaced them. With a mighty roar, the two dragons raced towards the unmoving Dekim. They opened their mighty jaws and a well controlled stream of fire raced towards him. An inhuman scream tore through the night as he was burned alive in the slowest possible way. Soon after, little was left of his body but a simple blacked spot on the ground.

The dragons began to shrink in size until they reached human size. Two forms seemed suspended in the air for a moment before falling to the ground, energy depleted and exhausted. The memory of their transformation and Dekim's form of death was deleted from their minds by their Guardian, safeguarded until a future date.


Several moments later, the two Asians woke up to the destruction that stood in place of what was once the village of the Dragon Clan. Meiran cried out in pain as tears of a deep sorrow flowed down from brown orbs. Something in Wufei hardened and turned to ice as he observed the destruction.

"Stop your blubbering onna!" he shouted harshly. Wufei really didn't mean his words to come out that way but the death of his village was too fresh on his mind.

"It's your fault! If you had said yes to the demon's offer the village would still be here!" Meiran shouted at her husband. She came at him in blind rage. Wufei dodged the barrage of punches and kicks. His wife was fast and her anger fueled her speed.

Out of no where, a group of women appeared and attacked him as well. Wufei, still tired from what he didn't know, was defeated.

"Men are always the same. Barbarians, the lot of them," said one of them. She appeared to be an Amazon, wearing armor no doubt made from the strongest metal and a sheath with a broadsword strapped onto her back.

"Sister, he is defeated. We give you the option of condemning him or letting him live," said another one. She handed a dagger to Meiran, who absently accepted it, shifting her grip to make it fit more comfortably in her hand.

"I..." Meiran looked into her husband's ebony eyes. She saw anger, pain and sorrow swirling in their depths. Buried under all that was the eternal love that she shared with him. She couldn't kill him. That would mean severing part of her soul and she would merely be a shell of a human. She threw the dagger to the ground and walked away. They needed time away from each other to heal.

"Worthless male, she let you live. Be thankful," sneered one of the Amazons. As a group, they turned and followed Meiran.

Wufei merely sat there on the ground, his hands clenched around clumps of soil as he tried to calm himself. He couldn't even find the energy to call out for his wife. He didn't deserve her, he was not worthy of that title. Meiran was right. He was responsible for the downfall of the Dragon Clan and he will regain his honor if it was the last thing he ever did in his life.


"Daddy, Daddy!" came a gleeful voice belonging to a little girl about six years old with disheveled red hair. She jumped into the embrace of her father.

"Come back here you little monster!" came a mock angry voice. Graceful Lady Anne stepped out into the courtyard, wielding a brush in one hand and barrettes in another. "Mariemaia just wouldn't stay still when she heard that you came back from training."

"She just missed your father, didn't you?" chuckled Treize. The little girl in his arms nodded enthusiastically and gave her father a kiss on his cheek.

"Little suck up," Lady Anne laughed. "Come over here and let me fix your hair first, Marie. You wouldn't want to embarrass yourself in front of your friends because your hair is all tangly would you?" she asked.

"Sara's hair's tangly," she said matter-of-factly. Lady Anne sighed in defeat. She stomped over to Treize and grabbed one of his hands. She stuck the brush and the barrettes into it.

"She's your daughter," she said before turning with a slight rustle of her robes and walked back into the estate.

My daughter when she's not listening and your daughter when she's the perfect angel, Treize grumbled. He turned to the little bundle in his arms. "So, Marie, let's get down to business shall we?"


Several minutes later, the six-year-old walked to the playroom to meet her friends with a rather...interesting hairstyle. Multiple pieces of hair were clipped at the base with a multicolored barrette, creating a rather 'punkish' look.

"What have you done to my daughter?!" Anne asked in distress. The mage snagged her daughter and managed to turn the hairstyle into something more fitting for a six-year-old child.

"Now off you go. Don't cause any trouble," Lady Anne said before patting Marie on the head and shooing her away. She turned to her husband with a glare. "That is the last time you are fixing her hair."

"I don't have to manage long hair," he shrugged.

"Well you better learn, buster," she poked him in the chest. He fell to the floor dramatically, pretending to die. Anne rolled her eyes in disgust and kicked him in the ribs. "Come on, you have training to do. It will not do for the leader of the Khushrenada Empire to die young."

Treize sighed and dusted himself off as he followed the keeper of his heart out into the courtyard. With a brief hand motion, Anne was no longer garbed in her cumbersome robes but in light armor from head to toe. At her side was a jeweled rapier. In her hands was a mask of which she slipped over her head.

"En garde," she said, pulling out her weapon with a steely rasp. Being a mage also meant one had to protect oneself both physically and magically. If you were somehow being warded, your magic would be totally out of your grasp, leaving a mage extremely vulnerable.

Anne was one of the best and her skill sometimes surpassed her own husband's in certain instances. Her love for the leader of the Khushrenada Empire merely made her stronger.

They went at each other as if they were mortal enemies, neither losing nor gaining an edge over the other. The pair continued like this for several hours until Anne levitated herself using air magic and prepared for the second part of her husband's training. A powerful wave of lightning made its way for Treize.

He held his ground and put his rapier in front of him. Treize closed his eyes and when he opened them again, they became entirely blue, no white was showing at all. He began to glow a light blue color. It became bigger and bigger, swallowing up the lightning in a vaguely dragon like shape. When the magic dissipated, Treize was normal once again.

"What was that?" gasped Lady Anne.

"What was what?" he asked, sheathing his rapier.

"That power," she simply said. Treize, having just a bit of Elven blood, was never powerful in the way of magic before. He was just powerful enough to shield most attacks but not destroy them.

"I guess it's a quirk of the Chosens or something. I just knew what to do to destroy the magical attack. The weapon my Guardian gave me supposedly makes me more powerful," he said nonchalantly. Treize wrapped an arm around Lady Anne's thin waist and kissed her soundly. "We've had enough training for today. What do you say about some training in a place a bit more...private? Preferably our bedroom."

"You are incorrigible, Treize," she sighed, but willingly followed her husband up the stairs to their chambers. No matter how mature he acted around government officials, he was still a teenager at heart, and with a libido to match.

"So don't encourage me," he smirked.


Meiran was initiated as a part of the Amazons and eventually ascended to leader status. In her heart, she still carried the deep pain of the loss of her entire clan. As each day passed, her soul grew heavy and it sometimes made her go into tears when she did not wake up to the comforting presence of her husband. But that fact remained a secret to the rest of the Amazons. Each one held a bad memory with their male counterparts and she would surely be an exception.

She continued to train, alone, defeating each Amazon until she reached the one with the highest rank. It was a great battle that went on for nearly an entire day, neither relenting. Only adrenaline fueled their strength. Meiran defeated her and promptly collapsed from exhaustion. They were now on good terms after she had settled the malice erupting from the Amazon.

No word was ever heard of about her husband. He seemed to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Nobody saw a black haired yosei wherever the Amazon clan journeyed. One week, one month, two then three months passed by, nearing the rendezvous period, and Meiran was no closer to finding her husband than when she started.

It was nearing the time when she would have to start on her journey to the capital of the world, the Sank Kingdom. Meiran had informed her fellow Amazons about her destiny of protecting the Earth from collapse and take over by an evil entity. Instead of letting her go to fulfill her duty as a Chosen, they followed her, having unanimously swearing their loyalty to her. Even the former leader followed her.

So as a group, they ventured in the direction of the Sank Kingdom. As they journeyed closer to the capital, the houses and markets of the cities became more lavish, the people dressed in nicer robes. In one such city, Meiran and her Amazon clan found themselves in an Asian metropolis while trying to get out of the rain. Chinese elves, mages, nymphs, humans and even faeries, although not from her clan, decorated the streets. Japanese elves talked to Korean mages while trading with Chinese merchants.

Meiran had never seen such diversity in such a place. A couple of the people of her Amazon clan stood out like sore thumbs with their gold gilded hair and leaf green eyes but none received them with a word of animosity. The faery sighed mentally in relief that she taught enough of them her language in order to find directions lest they get lost in such a busy city.

They managed to find a restaurant that was big enough to occupy all of their members and sat down to order. Something about a certain dish caught Meiran's eyes and brought her back to wistful memories about a certain silky haired, onyx eyed husband of hers. She was certain that she would find him again when she arrived at the kingdom. Wufei was a very honor bound person, sometimes more so than herself. He would never shirk his responsibility.

She ordered her food and glared at the waiter when he looked at her doubtfully, uncertain about whether or not he should take her order. Meiran was not dressed in her best, her armor a bit rusted from the rain just moments before. Sighing mentally, she removed the leather pouch strapped onto her waist and threw it onto the table with a jingle of gold coins and credits. Meiran opened it and took out a couple of them that would pay for their food and then some.

The waiter flushed and rushed back into the kitchen to put out their order of food. Amerlia, the former Amazon leader, laughed and clapped her on the back. "Men," she said, shaking her head ruefully. Meiran gave her a weak smile and returned to her previous task, mainly staring into space.

When the order came, she absently took a sip of the soup in front of her. Meiran's eyes widened in surprise. She was brought back to the past when her marriage with Wufei was still new.


She was in the kitchen, desperately trying to put out the fire on the stove. Somehow, she had managed to create a small bomb using chicken and several other items. Coming from a family of rich martial artists did not improve what cooking skills she was born with. There were servants to do the cooking. Meiran could clean well enough and knew enough about sewing to repair clothes but that was about it.

As a wife, it was her duty to make her husband's dinner. The servants cooked everything else. Meiran had forgotten that little information. Because the marriage ceremony had just finished, she was too busy to do anything but supervise the cleaning and help once in a while. She cursed her family for the arranged marriage. It wasn't her fault that her mother could not have any children.

A coughing sound broke through her fluid line of cursing and she froze in place. It was her husband, Wufei. She saw him but one other time before the marriage and that was when she was merely five. Meiran didn't know any better then. They had played together while waiting for their parents to reach an agreement with some topic spoken only in their absence. He was merely a year older than herself and rather tiny for his age.

She had learned that his family was made up of all scholars, preferring books over swords and fights. From him, she had learned the joy of reading and from her, he had learned the basics of fighting. They had an entire week together before their parents separated them. Meiran had never saw him again until two mornings ago. She never forgotten those onyx colored eyes and she was sure Wufei had never forgotten her.

Meiran had known she had to marry a scholar from another clan to form what would later be known as the Dragon Clan. It was her duty as the sole heir to the House of Shirin and she was determined to fulfill it. She had walked into the temple dressed in her best red silk dress with her parents beside her. Her future husband was talking to who she supposed was his parents when he heard her come in through the door.

His eyes had widened so much the Meiran was afraid they would pop out of their sockets. She gave him a small smirk and took her place. They were married and the people of the House of Chang and Shirin cheered in happiness, wishing them both good luck and joy in the future.

"Meiran," cough, "what happened?" cough.

"I'm sorry, Husband. I came from a family of fighters and was never taught to cook any elaborate meals. It seems that they had forgotten about my duty to provide a feast for my husband," she said, bowing low in embarrassment. Her robes were wrinkled and black spots marred the perfect material. Meiran's hands were dirtied and a smudge on her cheek indicated that she had attempted to wipe off beads of sweat. Her normally iridescent wings were dull and drooping from shame. And still, Wufei found her beautiful.

"No matter," he said gently, leading her out of the kitchen.

"No matter? What kind of wife am I to let my husband starve? I have failed my duty as a loyal wife to you, Husband," she said, dropping to her knees. Meiran never felt so useless in her life. Tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Meiran, do not worry. I will do the cooking for you," he said.

"B-But that is inappropriate!" she said, looking up at him.

"I enjoy cooking. It is my specialty and one that I do not exercise often enough. This household does not fall under normal rules, Meiran. We can follow our own," Wufei said, giving her a smile. He gave her a hand up and shooed her out of the kitchen.

About an hour later, he came out with several dishes, a small banquet just for the two of them. "You are amazing, Husband," she said in awe.

"It is nothing, Meiran. And please call me Wufei. We are married after all," he said, placing a bowl of soup before her. "Taste," he said, lifting a spoon to her lips. She hesitated for a moment before taking a sip, eyes widening in surprise.

"It's delicious! I recognize what it is but I've never had better soup in my life! What did you put in it?" she asked.

"It's my own recipe. And the ingredient I put into it is a secret," he said with a wide smile before seating himself in front of her. They spent the entire dinner in companionable silence, a bond slowly starting to form between them.


Amerlia shook her out of her trance and she came back to the harsh world. "Are you okay?" she asked, green eyes clouded with worry.

"Aa, yes. I guess I got a bit too deep into my memories," she said with a sad smile. She reached up and felt the tears there. Her memories were much too melancholy without her husband by her side. Even the happiest recollections were painful. Her husband's words rang in her mind, "...the ingredient I put into it is a secret."

Caught by some fragile hope, she called for the waiter. "May I ask who made this soup?"

"Are you unsatisfied? Is there something wrong with it?" he asked nervously.

"No, no. It was delicious. May I speak to the cook please?" she asked, eyes a bit pleading.

"Um, I'll go get him."

"What's going on?" Amerlia asked, a bit perplexed by Meiran's actions.

"I think I might have found the other part of myself again," she said mysteriously.

The waiter came out, behind him a familiar form followed. "This is the--" He never got the chance to finish his sentence.

"Airen. Husband. Wufei!" she cried, throwing herself into his arms.

"Meiran!" Wufei shouted in surprise.

"Please don't leave me again. I missed you so much. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. It wasn't your fault," she sobbed against his shirt, tears staining the material. Wufei just held her in his arms and closed his eyes, remembering the familiar feeling of holding his wife in his arms.

"Shhh, it's okay. I won't leave you," he whispered soothingly.

"You again. You hurt our leader," Amerlia said, unsheathing her sword. Meiran turned around immediately with her sword held at her neck.

"He did nothing of the sort. I'm sorry Amerlia, but my loyalty lies first with my husband," she said with a sad smile.

"Men and husbands are all liars," she spat.

"And mine was wrongfully accused by me to be the destroyer of my entire clan," she said. "I loved him, Amerlia and I still do." Meiran waved a hand and the walls of the restaurant disappeared. They were brought to a dimension out of time and space. It was dark all around them and yet they could clearly see each others faces. Light and dark had no meaning in this place. There were no walls and yet they were standing. Gravity had no role in this dimension.

"We are bound by the thread of Fate," she continued, "to be together for he is a Chosen as well as I. In order for this Earth to continue flourishing, we must be together as one. Nataku has told me so."

Amerlia looked at her and resheathed her sword with a heavy sigh. "I don't know why but I trust you...and that man of yours. I will follow you where ever you go, be it on the battlefield or to the next life," she said. The other Amazons all agreed.

"Thank you for taking care of Meiran. Together, we may have a chance at defeating Earth's threat," Wufei surprisingly said.

The Amazons looked at each other, seeing the identical looks of surprise on their fellow clanmate's face. No man had ever said a nice word to them in their entire lives. This man was worth trusting.

A bright spark of magic caught Meiran and Wufei's eyes. A rather loud shout of what sounded like "HEEEEEEE~RRRRRROOOOOOO!" reached their ears.

"What in the world made that awful noise?!" shouted Meiran.

"Oh, sorry. That would be me," came a voice. A figure popped out of nowhere. With pitch black wings, luminous violet eyes, a long chestnut braid, pointed ears a wide smile on his? her? face and a tall scythe with green fire traveling along the braid, it was scary. The black robes didn't help much either.

Swords, daggers, knives, stunners and magic were readied to attack at will.

"Anou," said the mysterious person, blinking big violet eyes in surprise. "I wasn't expecting such an...interesting welcome. You know, you can put those away."

"Who are you?" Wufei asked. He did not notice the glowing red character under his sleeve. A new voice interrupted him.

"What have you gotten yourself into this time, Duo? I'm not helping you, you'll just have to tough it out," came a cold monotone. An inverse of the being in front of them appeared next to the black winged elf. It seems that someone had discolored their wings. The black wings were more fitting for the one who appeared than the one with the cheerful grin seemingly plastered onto his face.

"But HEE~RO," the one they supposed was Duo whined. Heero turned to face Meiran and Wufei, his eyes narrowing in what they presumed to be hostility.

"Are you Shirin Meiran and Chang Wufei?" he asked in perfect Chinese.

"Ni shi shui?" Wufei shouted, his sword glowing slightly. Who are you? he asked.

"Wo men shi Chosen!" chirped the violet eyed elf. We are Chosens.

"Prove it," Meiran said, pulling back on her bow.

"Fine, fine. Such grumpy people, ne Hee-chan?" Duo asked absently as he pulled at the collar of his robes, showing them the silver characters etched onto perfect skin. "We were jumping through dimensions to speed up our journey to the Sank Kingdom because we got...a little sidetracked and started our trek to the capital a bit late." At the last statement, his cheeks began to pinken a bit.

"Hn, baka," grunted Heero.

"So, since we've met each other, how about we hightail it to the Sank Kingdom and get this war over with. I am tired and ready to sleep in some down comforters and feather bed with a Hee-chan wrapped around me!" Duo leered suggestively.

"You are what gives us women a bad name," growled Amerlia. She did not like Duo one bit.

"Why is it that I am always mistaken for a girl?" Duo groaned, sitting down with a rueful thump.


"State the obvious," grumbled Duo. He then leapt to his feet and pasted on his customary grin. "Well, we have to get to the capital and I want a bath. Are all of you coming? I'm sure I could teleport us all from this short distance straight to the capital with the help of Heero here," he said.

"I already told my boss that I had to be able to leave at any time so that's not a problem," Wufei said. Duo waved a hand distractedly and gave him a wide grin.

"Okay," he chirped.

"Shut up and let's get going," growled Heero, latching onto the long chestnut braid.

"Impatient aren't we?" Duo muttered under his breath. Louder he said, "Gather around in a circle around us please. We don't want to leave any of you in the middle of literally no where. If you get lost, we might not be able to find you for hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, cenmmph...mmmm!"

Deciding that punching his koibito was not an option, nor was knocking him unconscious, Heero picked a more...pleasurable method, which was why he was now playing tonsil hockey with the violet eyed minx.

Someone cleared their throat politely. "If you two can separate and let us go on our way?" Wufei asked.

"Hmmm," Duo said. He snapped his fingers and a huge book accidentally dropped onto Heero's head, rendering him unconscious, complete with little swirls for eyes. "Oops, that must have hurt. Sorry, Hee-chan," Duo apologized to the inert form.

"My powers must be on the fritz or something," Duo shrugged, the book disappearing to whence it came. The Amazons around him started to get a bit nervous. "Since Heero, we'll just have to get into a smaller circle. We don't have all day."

"Now what?" Meiran asked, exasperated by the braided boy's antics.

"Just give me a second to charge up, will ya?" Duo rubbed his hands together and a violet glow appeared, steadily growing bigger until it encompassed the entire group. With a 'pop', the entire group of 40 Amazons and four Chosens found themselves in the courtyard of the castle of Sank.

The group found themselves surrounded by an army of Royal Guards, all pointing deadly swords at them.

"We come under the protection of our Guardians. I am Duo Maxwell and these are my fellow Chosens, Meiran Shirin, Wufei Chang and Heero Yuy who is collapsed on the floor," he said with a straight face. A hand grabbed his ankle and pulled. Duo fell onto his bottom with a hard thump. "Itai! Why'd you do that for?" he whined.

"That was for accidentally summoning that heavy book on top of my head," Heero said, standing up and dusting off his robes.

"What is this commotion all about?" came a voice. A tall man with platinum blonde hair and a golden crown came up through the crowd of soldiers. His royal robes confirmed his identity as the ruler of the land, King Mirialdo. At his side was graceful Queen Noin in full royal regalia.

"I am Heero Yuy and these are my comrades. We have been sent by the Guardians to protect this kingdom as Chosens. We come seeking hospitality and shelter," the elf said in a monotone.

"Aa, we have been expecting you. One of your fellow Chosens has already arrived at the palace," he stated.

"Mirialdo?" came a deep voice. It belonged to a ginger haired man with cornflower blue eyes, obviously a noble from the way he was dressed.

"Treize Khushrenada is a Chosen?" squeaked Duo.

"Is that so surprising?" Treize asked, a forked eyebrow raised.

"Well, you're a...noble for one and mostly human other than the fact that you have a few enhanced abilities," Duo said matter-of-factly. "And you're not a great magic wielder either. I mean, the rest of us are not your average day humans with elven blood."

Duo and Heero did not look too convincing that they were anything but human with their disguises, but it wouldn't do to reveal themselves as angels. Especially in front of about a hundred soldiers.

"And you are more...eccentric than you appear to be? I find that hard to believe since I cannot Feel anything different about you," Mirialdo said, defending his friend.

"You really shouldn't take us at face value. You know what they say, 'Never judge a book by its cover'," Duo grinned, twirling a ball of green fire on an index finger.

Green fire? What mage can conjure up green fire? What CAN conjure up green fire?! Treize thought in mild panic.

A herald ran up to the king and announced that there was a group outside of the castle walls claiming to be part of the Chosens.

"I'm sure that my queen will be able to provide you with your rooms. Then we shall have a meeting in the war room to discuss strategies," he said before turning with a slight flurry of robes to the front entrance.

"Shall we?" the queen asked.

"Ladies first," Duo said with a smile. Noin couldn't help but smile back. The braided angel tended to have that effect on people.

Rooms were set up. The Amazons had quarters in a separate branch of the palace since there were so many of them. Of course, neither Duo nor Heero made it a secret that they were together so they shared a room as did Wufei and Meiran. They WERE husband and wife after all. After getting themselves settled in, the four Chosens made their way to the War Room.

This was to be the beginning of the fulfillment of their destiny...


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