Chapter 1

Dreams are my reality the only kind of
Real fantasy
Illusions are a common thing...

Sung by Richard Sanderson

Duo grumbled as he trudged through the dark forest. He had worn a black tunic with a couple of gold and silver trimmings. Fancy enough for his tastes and comfortable enough for travel. His leather boots were mud streaked. His leather tunic, thank goodness, was still in pristine condition. What was annoying him was the fact that branches grabbed at his hair, making the loose strands tickle his face and make him angry. "Maybe I should cut this stupid braid off," he mumbled. Then changed his mind immediately. It stood for the memories of the people killed by the Maxwell Church, it was their only memory of them.

His mind turned back to the task at hand. He should have gotten a unicorn to travel with, it would have been easier. The unicorn ruler did owe him. He wondered which Chosen he was going to meet. He was told there were seven of them, with him being one of the seven. Absently, he traced the runes on the staff of his scythe. The blade only appeared when he told it to appear. So much easier for carrying. He had no wish for it to cut it all off.

He looked around the dark forest to see if there was anyone nearby. Duo removed the sheath on his back containing his scythe. Seeing no one, he reverted to his angelic form. Black wings extended upwards from his shoulder blades and his eyes took on a silver sheen over the violet. He held on firmly to his weapon and pushed off from the ground, activating a cloak of invisibility as well. Duo did not want to be shot down while being mistaken for a huge black bird.

The entire mission of theirs was idiotic. They were counting on their luck, which Duo was sure that he had none of. After all, he had left just before Maxwell Church was destroyed. That was the reason he decided to turn away from his guardian angel status. He was not blamed for the deaths of the people of Maxwell Church.

Duo wanted the blame, he knew it was his fault. Nobody would acknowledge that fact. And so he turned towards becoming Shinigami. He trained with the best warriors fighting for the position of possibly being Death. There was always work to do; one person could not handle so many souls at once. Duo knew that there were about twenty other 'Deaths' roaming around, working for the original and only Shinigami. He wanted to have that position. No, he needed to have that position. What was a guardian angel who killed their charges?

The black winged angel scanned the forest beneath him. Shinigami had told him that he should be able to sense a Chosen. He had felt a tingling in the back of his mind sometime ago, but when he was walking, he didn't seem to get anywhere. Duo spotted a girl about to be killed by a black robed man below him. That isn't right, he thought. Although he had renounced his title as guardian angel, he still had a soft heart for the Terrans.

Landing somewhere nearby and changing to his human form, he crept silently towards the pair. He readied himself for launching a fireball. When he was close enough, his hand was surrounded by green fire. Willing it to become somewhat round, he threw it at the robed man. It hit him and he went down.

The man turned and glared at him under a fringe of moss green hair. The girl that was about to be killed by the man stared at him curiously. "Well, aren't you going to kill him?" she asked.

"What?" Duo nearly shrieked.

"You heard me," she answered.

"I was only going to incapacitate him and then bring him to the authorities," Duo said.

"He is a Shilani, he deserves to die," she said matter-of-factly.

"And what, pray tell, are you?" he asked, his hand moving towards his staff.

Meanwhile, the man Duo had attacked earlier got up and took out his sword. He leapt at the disguised angel but Duo wasn't there anymore.

"Kill the Shilani! Kill him! He deserves to die!" the girl shrieked.

The hood fell away, revealing perfect features that only angels could rival. The angel was stunned for a moment. Duo then blocked furiously with his staff and willed it to become a sword. The girl he had saved was shrieking in the background, urging the angel to kill the elf. There was something...different about this Shilani.

Duo, too caught up in his fight to be very observant of anything but protecting himself, finally realized that his weapon was glowing. Amethyst eyes widened in surprise and he teleported several feet away. "Stop!" he ordered.

"Nani?" the elf said.

"You damn idiot! If you won't kill him I will!" she shouted. The girl stomped up to Duo and grabbed his weapon before he could warn her. She shrieked in pain as shocks ran through her system. The braided boy pried it out of her fingers and she fell limply to the floor.

"Baka ningen," the elf muttered under his breath.

Duo scratched his head, wondering how in the world was he supposed to convince the Chosen that he was the one he was supposed to meet. The guy didn't seem to be the one who took anybody's word as the truth. The elf chose to attack him again. "Hey, I said stop! Why in the world did a Guardian choose someone who wants to kill me?" he groaned. Luckily, his weapon came to him when he desired it to, no matter where it was. He raised it just in time to block an overhead blow. "Matte!" Duo yelled.


"I have a gundanium weapon! That's why!" he said exasperatingly.

"I don't believe you," he stated.

"I run, I hide, but I never lie. That's my motto for life. You saw what happened to the girl when she touched it. Didn't your Guardian tell you anything?" Duo said, backing off.

"Hn," he snorted.

Duo rolled his eyes and pulled up the sleeve of his black tunic, revealing a glowing silver character on his shoulder. "Is this enough proof for you? I trust you more than you trust me," he sighed. He then gave the elf a grin and with a wide smile, said, "May I have your name or shall I resort to calling you, hey elf?"

"Baka ningen," he said before turning away and walking in what was supposedly the direction of the Sank Kingdom.

"Hey, elf! We're supposed to work together you know," Duo said, walking next to him. Well, actually bouncing but let's not get into minute details here. "I'm Duo Maxwell. What's your name?"


"Great, I'm paired up with a guy who is unsociable, grumpy and favorite sentence is 'Hn' You know that that's not actually a word right?" Duo said.

"You talk a lot," he commented.

"And from what I saw of you so far, you don't talk much at all," Duo grinned.

"Hn, you talk enough for the both of us," the elf responded.

"Yea, but from what I see our time together is going to be filled with silence. I don't like it, gives me too much time to think and that's a dangerous thought," Duo said, giving a mock-shiver. "So, where to, elf?"

"Sank Kingdom," he simply said.

"I know that much. So what are your powers? Elves usually have some kind of magical power lurking up their sleeves. So what is it?"

"Hn, you'll see when we fight the enemy," he said. After a moment, he said, "My name is Heero Yuy."

"Aa, got tired of me calling you elf, eh, Heero?" Duo said, nudging the elf's side with an elbow, a grin plastered onto his face. Heero merely ignored him. The smile drooped before coming back up again. "So, you're a Shilani elf? You certainly don't look like one. You're rather tall for an elf, then again, I'm rather short..." For an angel, he almost said. What was it about the guy that gave him a loose tongue?


"I could call some unicorns to help us with our journey," Duo suggested.

"We are expected at the kingdom no earlier than four months from now. There is no reason for us to get there so quickly. It is starting to get dark, there is an inn somewhere nearby where we can stay for the night," Heero said. His form shimmered for a bit before he took on a more human appearance.

"Sugoi! What's with the robe anyway? Did you notice that you just said a mouthful?" Duo chattered.

"Shilani are not exactly the most...welcomed of guests anywhere."

"Aa," Duo merely said, not sure how to respond to it. He opened the pouch secured onto his belt and wondered if he had enough to stay at the inn. He had not been on Earth since the Maxwell Church incident and wasn't sure if the currency had changed in that time. Shinigami had given the pouch to him, saying that should he need any money, all he had to do was open the pouch. He took out some of the contents. Several gold coins came out with a few credit cards with his name on it and a couple with Heero's. "How much is it for room and board at the inn?" he asked.

"Much less than what you have. One gold coin should be sufficed. Make sure that you keep that pouch close to you at all times," Heero said, a bit surprised.

"Okay. My Guardian just gave the pouch to me. He said that it should cover both of our expenses and some as long as we don't abuse its powers. I think it produces money," Duo said, peering into the pouch. All he could see was darkness.


"So, how far is the inn? Is it any good? How's the food? The lodging? I haven't been in an inn in my entire life. I wonder how's it like? All I know is that they have rooms where people can stay and they serve you food. So how is it?" Duo said, asking question after question. Heero shook his head mentally to get rid of the dizziness from the words dancing around in circles in his mind.

"You'll see," he merely said.

"Come on, give a hint or something? I'm dying of curiosity here," Duo said, bouncing in front of Heero and walking backwards.

"Curiosity killed the cat," he answered, eyeing the black clad boy.

"Yea, but the answer brought him back," Duo answered with an even wider smile (as if the other one wasn't just as face-splitting). Still walking backwards, he never noticed the tree root behind him. He dangled in the air for a moment, flailing his arms about in an attempt to regain his balance.

Heero sighed and wrapped an arm around the boy's waist pulling him close to his body. He froze, wondering why he was bothering to save the annoying human from something so menial. Something akin to an electrical charge traveled up his spine.

"Arigato, Hee-chan," Duo purred, rubbing his cheek against the elf's shoulder.

Heero backed away quickly and gave him a glare. Anybody else would have ran away by now but Duo seemed to just give him another smile. "Omae o korosu," he said before resuming his trek towards the inn.

"Aww, you save me and then threaten to kill me," Duo pouted. He then perked up when he saw a large cottage coming up. He was guessing it was the inn Heero had mentioned.

The black robed elf walked straight inside and to the front desk. "One room, two beds," he said coldly.

"I'm sorry but there is only one room left and it only has one bed. You'll have to share with your girlfriend here," he said, pointing to Duo.

"Fine, we'll take it," Heero said.

"Girlfriend?!" Duo nearly shrieked. He stomped to the innkeeper and grabbed the front of his shirt with one hand. "Let me inform you mister that I am every bit male," he said, lifting the man about four inches off the floor. His eyes looked like they were about to jump out of their sockets.

"Put him down, Duo," Heero said, walking upstairs with the key to their room. Duo complied and gave the clerk his best smile. He flipped a gold coin onto the desk before running upstairs with Heero.

When he got up, the door was already open for him. He walked in and closed the door. Duo flopped onto the bed, bouncing a couple of times in the air. "Can you believe the guy thought I was a girl?" he asked, playing idly with the end of his braid. He turned onto his stomach to observe the elf.

"It's the hair. Long hair is a liability," Heero said, putting down his pack. Duo ignored him. Methodically, Heero rifled through his bag, searching for something. Finding it, he took it out and began taking it apart while taking several things out, intending on cleaning it.

"A gun? You know those things don't work right?" Duo asked. He then noticed that it was rounder than the old weapons he had seen some time ago.

"It's a stunner. It can be switched to hunter mode to shoot magical bolts," he said in a monotone.

"Oooh," Duo said. "Cool, so what's that rectangular thing you have in your bag?" he asked.

"A laptop."

"For what? The computers they have these days have so much security that it'll take a professional hack trained for, what, since they were born to be able to get into the mainframe. And even so, they change the security like every day so it's not possible to get into their programs," Duo said matter-of-factly.

Heero didn't bother commenting, he merely concentrated on cleaning his weapon.

Duo sighed deeply and looked at his watch, he had spent nearly six hours in the god be damned forest looking for the Chosen he was supposed to meet and in the past hour, walked to an inn in the middle of nowhere. He finds out that his Guardian picked partner was a grumpy elf and likes glaring at him. All in all, it was a very tiring day. "So, will I have to take the floor or will we share the bed?" he asked.

"The bed is big enough for two," Heero said, putting the stunner back together.

"You know what, I'm starved. I haven't eaten h-food all day!" Duo chirped. Have to be careful. I nearly said human food.

"Ryoukai," the elf answered. Heero took off his robe to reveal a green tank top and biker shorts?! Duo's eyes widened at the sight of a well built male walking around in a pair of skintight shorts.

"D-Don't you think you should wear a tunic instead of t-that?" Duo stuttered.

"It provides freedom of movement," he merely said, reaching for the door.

"Let's put it this way, elves are all born beautiful, Shilani and Prislani. Even in human guise they are still beautiful. We are two teenage guys about to get dinner in a place where there are many people who would be happy to jump us. God knows that I look too much like a pretty girl for my own good," Duo said in a monotone voice. His eyes had lost all mirth and gained a seriousness that Heero never thought could appear in the violet depths.

"Fine then," Heero said. His body shimmered for a bit and a tunic similar in cut to Duo's clothes, except it was in navy blue, appeared. The pair went down together.


"So, Heero, since we're going to be partners, mind telling me about you?" Duo chattered, stuffing food in his face at the same time. As an angel, he did not need food to survive but in his human form he did. For nearly two centuries, he hadn't eaten a decent human meal. Either way, he loved the taste of ningen food. To him, it tasted similar to the ambrosia of the Gods and Goddesses.

"Hn, there's no point in getting yourself attached to anyone. We are approaching a war," Heero said before eating his dinner at a more sedate pace.

"But don't you want anyone to remember you?" Duo inquired, pausing his consumption of the feast placed before him.

"Why would I?" Heero stated, raising an eyebrow.

"I have learned that you should keep memories anytime you can. You never know when they are going to disappear, get killed, so on and so forth," Duo said with a smile. However, it didn't reach his too empty eyes.

"This isn't the best place to be discussing our histories," Heero said.

"Aa, so will you tell me some time?" Duo asked, putting on what the elf had dubbed his 'jester's mask'.

"Some time," he answered, not making any promises.

The rest of the meal passed on with Duo talking energetically while eating at the same time and just as fast. Heero merely listened on in half-amusement. Who knew that he was going to meet such an enticing human? Wait, Duo was merely a human, getting into a relationship with a human would only get into disaster. Duo didn't Feel different from any normal ningen so therefore he wasn't a mage.

Elves were immortal (in the sense that they can live forever) and most chose for their body not to age any farther than their mid-twenties. Humans did not have that ability. They grew old, died, most not living beyond a hundred years old. It was better for him to distance himself from the beautiful Chosen.

Sometime after they finished their dinner, the pair trudged wearily upstairs. Well, only Duo trudged. Heero was still looking as fresh as ever. The elf took a brief shower before leaving it entirely to Duo. Some half-hour later, Duo came out, wearing nothing more than a towel around his slim hips. He was vigorously toweling his hair. Heero was sitting on the bed, searching for any leads about their enemy and studiously trying to ignore the beautifully built body just a few feet away.

"I could dry it for you with air magic," Heero suggested. Idly, he wondered why he suggested such a thing.

"Oh, would you?" Duo asked. Normally, he would have used magic himself but he couldn't exactly keep his cover as a normal human boy if he did. He felt a gentle brush of magic around him and the sodden mass that was his hair was once again silky clean. "Arigato, Hee-chan," he chirped before taking a brush out of his bag and attacking what knots there were in his hair.

"Hn, call me 'Hee-chan' again and I will have no choice but to kill you," he snorted. In reality, he was a bit flattered that Duo was calling him by such an endearment. He admonished himself mentally. I just met the human and I'm already falling for him. Such lack of self-control and discipline. Duo's voice knocked him out of his self-criticizing mood.

"So, which side are you taking?" he asked, pulling on a pair of boxers and an oversized t-shirt for bed.

"Right," Heero said absently while typing furiously. Duo sat behind him and pressed a few buttons to save what he was looking at and shut the laptop.

"It's late and we need our sleep. Oyasumi, Hee-chan," he yawned. Duo curled up into a little ball on the left side of the bed and promptly fell asleep. Heero sighed deeply and reluctantly admitted that the braided baka was correct. If he was not fully rested, they would not be able to start their training. He crawled under the covers and prepared to go asleep but a warm shape pressed its length against his body.

It was Duo. His eyes were closed, hiding the amethyst gems from his view. His face was relaxed with a small smile even in sleep. He also had one arm and leg thrown over Heero's body. The elf sighed yet again. Great, his would-be partner was a snuggler in sleep. It was going to be a long night...


Several miles away from the inn, two forms fought, a sound of metal on metal was heard. They went beyond the strength and speed of humans. Heero was impressed that Duo could actually keep up with him his normal speed. You would think the petite Chosen was not really strong because of his size. The braided boy was a more than worthy opponent for him.

"Hee-chan! Keep your mind on the fight!" Duo whined as he lunged at the elf. Another quirk, Duo always seemed to be able to read his thoughts.

"Didn't I say I was going to kill you if you called me 'Hee-chan'?" Heero wondered aloud. He went at Duo faster, trying to get through his defenses but not at all succeeding. The sound of Duo's laughter rang through the forest.

"I'm faster than I look," Duo said.

"I can see that," Heero grunted. The blades of their swords clashed. Each tried to push the other down but neither could do so. Both threw their weapons down at the same time and resorted to hand-to-hand combat. Duo danced between the punches and kicks gracefully, neither protecting himself nor defending. He merely jumped away gleefully. "Stand still and attack, damn it!"

"It's not my problem you can't hit me," Duo stated before back flipping away from Heero's kick. His face darkened suddenly when he noticed a silver glimmer from behind Heero. "I don't like to be the bringer of bad news but I think that there's someone watching us," he whispered.

"Where?" Heero asked, his movements slowing so he could talk to Duo better. He stretched his senses to try to Find the intruder.

"Behi...Heero, watch it!" Duo shouted as he shoved Heero away. He fell to his knees with a dagger lodged into his right shoulder. Damn it, damn it, damn it. All that G-level guardian angel training and you couldn't even avoid a simple attack like this. He stopped yelling at himself to concentrate on not collapsing from the pain. If he pulled it out now, he could very well fall unconscious from blood loss.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" Heero ordered. He stood over Duo, intending on protecting the injured Chosen. Besides, Duo had just taken a knife meant for him, the elf owed him one.

"We just saw two little children playing with swords and we decided to investigate," said one of them as they stepped out of the shadows. He had dark brown hair and sadistic smile on his face. His companion had blonde hair and the same expression.

"Don't you know that it's dangerous to play with knives? You get hurt," he laughed.

"Don't you know that it's rude to interrupt somebody?" Duo spat. He got up shakily with his sword in his left hand.

"Your sword arm is hurt, little girl. You can't possibly beat us and I doubt that your little boyfriend here can beat the both of us together. After all, he was fighting a girl and couldn't even lay a hand on her," the blonde sneered.

"Hey, Mueller, they look pretty enough. We could play with them after we teach them a lesson. Those swords of theirs look expensive and should fetch a hefty price," said the brunette.

"You're right as always, Alex. Come on. We're going to show you how to really fight," Mueller taunted.

"Did I tell you that I'm AMBIDEXTROUS?" Duo yelled, lunging at Mueller. He called him a freaking girl! He knew there were plenty of girls that could fight but he hated being mistaken for a female. Using every trick he had learned in his rather long life, he went at Mueller relentlessly. The pain at his shoulder was forgotten in favor of the fight. However, he was injured and it slowed him down. Fortunately, Mueller was only a bit better than average swordsmen.

Heero had already beaten Alex, who was lying on the forest floor, unconscious, when he heard Duo's shout of pain. His head snapped up to see the dagger that was lodged in his shoulder was now lying on the floor. Blood was slowly dripping out of the wound. Mueller had knocked it out, producing Duo's scream of pain.

Fuck it. I'm already losing blood and soon I'll either have to collapse and risk getting killed by Mueller or reveal my real form, which I do not want to do. He raised his sword weakly, grunting at the impact. Duo shot pleading purple eyes in Heero's direction, urging him to fight him in his place. Thankfully, Heero got the message.

The elf had knocked Mueller unconscious with a little help from his sword's fireballs. He walked over to Duo, who was kneeling on the ground with one hand over the wound, trying to staunch the blood flow. "Baka," he scolded. He removed the braided boy's bloody hand and put his own over it. His hand glowed bluish light as he Healed the wound. "It'll still be a bit sore. You'll have to stay off that arm for now. I think we had enough training for today," he said, getting up. He forced his legs to obey him. Healing took a lot of energy and he was determined not to let Duo know that.

"Arigato," Duo said, a bit embarrassed.

"Hn," Heero snorted. He walked ahead of Duo, towards the inn. Neither said a word to the other.

A bond was beginning to form between the pair, no matter how much Heero rejected its existence. The incident merely reinforced the growing connection the two Chosens had before they had ever met. For it was a gift from the Guardians to their Chosens. In exchange for the service they were to serve, they were given a greater chance of finding their soulmate.

The Fates had chosen to intervene for once in an eternity. Epyon was a very powerful Guardian. They were going to need abnormally powerful Chosens in order to defeat him. Those who had soulmates who were another Chosen were more powerful than a regular one. They shared each other's powers. They were going to need it in order to defeat the steadily growing power of Epyon. The fight was coming closer with each day that went on. The Chosens had to be ready for they were the Earth's last chance for survival.


Two whole months passed and for some weird reason, the inn never had any more available rooms so Duo still slept in the same bed Heero did (and he made the most of it by feigning sleep and snuggling up to the stoic Chosen). Somehow, Duo had managed to wiggle himself into the icy elf's heart . Although, Heero himself had yet to acknowledge it. The braided boy was beginning to lose hope that he would ever find a true love. Heero didn't seem to respond to any of his advances.

He supposed that it was his punishment for failure to save his own charges. It didn't help that everyone he had met so far had died because of him.

For once in the time he had met Heero, he managed to lock himself within his worst memories in the form of a rather nasty fever. The elf had tried using his Healing powers but it did no good. He had a feeling that it was not a physical sickness but a mental one. All Heero could do was sit by his side and hope to the higher powers that Duo would be able to get himself out of it.

After the fourth day, the fever still didn't break and Duo never stopped thrashing around in his fever induced sleep. With him by his side, Duo seemed to do a bit better but every time he tried to go off and train, it got worse. Heero stopped training altogether when he realized it. He then got up the courage to try something he never dared before, a mind link. It was the only way he could think of to help the braided boy. There was a risk that he would be dragged into Duo's mind and never get out but he had to take that chance.

Heero laid a gentle hand on Duo's forehead and anchored himself to his body before jumping in. He had to gasp when he saw the dark maelstrom inside the supposedly cheerful boy. He called out for Duo but could only hear an echo. A weakening violet glow in a dark corner caught his attention. It had to be the human. He moved towards it.

"Duo!" he shouted.

~go back Heero~

"We still have a mission to fulfill."

~i don't care anymore~

"Doshite?" Heero asked softly.

~why? WHY? YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY? I KILL ALL WHO GET CLOSE TO ME! Father Maxwell, Sister Helen, Solo, all 247 orphans of the Maxwell Church~

Heero tried to make sense of the random pictures that he saw. "Do you have proof?"


"You were away when it happened. It was not your fault."

~i could have been there to protect them~

"How? You are not any guiltier than I am," Heero said. He prepared himself to bare his soul to the only one he had found to be in worse condition than he was.

~you can't be~

"I am the killer of little girls and their puppies. I destroyed a countless number of lives before I was a Chosen. Compared to me, you are as innocent as a newborn. Don't you want to protect the others who are defenseless? If you die now, there are going to be many people that will not be able to be helped by you. You bring happiness into people's lives. Look how much the innkeeper had brightened ever since you've been here. Duo, don't bury yourself in painful memories. Make new ones, happier ones."


"Will you take my hand and get out of here?" Heero asked.


Heero gently guided Duo out of his despair and pulled out of his mind. Duo was no longer thrashing fitfully on the bed but sleeping peacefully for once in four days. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly in a miniscule smile and he placed a light kiss on Duo's forehead before heading out with a light heart to train.


The next day, Duo was up and kicking. Heero had suggested that he rest for the day to build his strength back up. After all, he had been in bed for four whole days. Actually, Heero had forced him to stay in bed. In all that time, there was no mention of what had happened in Duo's mind. The chestnut haired Chosen had seemed to have forgotten all that had happened the day before.

"HEEE~EEERO!" Duo whined. The cobalt blue eyed Chosen ignored the pouting boy on the bed. "I'm bored!"

"I can see that," he said flatly. He was on his laptop, having found signs of their mysterious enemy. "What do you want me to do about it?"

"I wanna go out!"

"Fine," he said, having gotten sick of the incessant whining of Duo's. He told the innkeeper, who had deemed them his favorite customers mostly because of Duo's rather large appetite, to pack a picnic basket for them.

Together, they walked through the forest and found a rather picturesque meadow for their impromptu picnic. Heero spread the red checkered tablecloth on the grassy ground with flourish and began to take out their lunch while slapping Duo's hand each time it got a little TOO near the food.

The place they picked was close to a cliff. Duo had laid close to the edge of it and looked down to see a sparkling river below them. Even from the high elevation, he could see the pebbles on the bottom of the river. It was a perfectly beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and there was not a dark cloud in the sky.

"Hey, Heero, you never did tell me about yourself. You promised didn't you?" he said, lifting large violet orbs.

Heero couldn't help but immerse himself into the amethyst pools for a moment before shaking himself out of his daze. "There's nothing to know."

"Come on. We're about to go into a war here. You want SOMEbody to remember the Heero below the fighter right?" he asked.

The elf sighed mentally. The baka ningen was annoying. Duo gave him a pouting look and turned the LOOK[tm] on him. No matter how cold Heero made himself out to be, he couldn't resist Duo's puppy eyes.

"What do you want to know?" he said flatly.

"Who's your Guardian?"


"He's a Guardian?!" Duo exclaimed before he could stop it.

"Hai, why do you sound so surprised? All know the names of the Guardians."

For once, Duo was silent. He remembered seeing the white-haired Guardian a while ago. He was no older than he was! Tsubasa certainly did not look like Guardian material. Then again, you would have never thought him to be an angel and disguising your age was rather simple.

Heero was about to say something when a dark snicker made him turn. It was Alex and Mueller. This time they were with at least ten other men with him.

"Came back for another beating?" Duo spat. He wanted very much to kill them all but he was still bound to his oath as an angel. As long as they did not attack, they were innocent. If he killed an innocent, he would lose his wings and he had no wish to do so.

"Hn, still looking pretty as ever. We should have plenty of opportunity to play," Alex sneered.

Duo cursed the fact that he had left his weapon in his room. He called for it, willing it to go faster. He saw Heero conspicuously take out the stunner hidden in his tunic.

"Why don't you just leave?" Heero said in a monotone voice.

"Where would the fun be in that? Our mage friends here want to have a piece of your little girlfriend there," Mueller said.

The said 'girl' gritted his teeth. Alex motioned for them to grab him but Heero stepped in front of him in an attempt to stop them.

"Get out of our way and you won't get hurt."

Heero didn't say a word but whipped out his stunner and shot. None went through and the shield around them was seen.

"We're not stupid you know. We've taken certain...precautions to ensure our success," Alex said.

Heero was about to revert to his Shilani form so he could use his full powers but a hand on his forearm stopped him. He looked down to see Duo shake his head no. He gave him a smile in reassurance. Trust me, it said.

His eyes suddenly widened in alarm and a fist came out to knock him full in the face. Because they were so close to the edge, Heero fell. He could hear Duo's terrified scream. Fortunately, he managed to grab onto a ledge, but he wasn't sure how long he could hold on.


"HEERO!" Duo shouted. He was about to jump down there to rescue him but a rough arm grabbed him back.

"Now that we're...alone, we can play," Mueller said, as he grabbed his face and pressed a fierce kiss to his lips. Duo fought the urge to gag and unleashed a bolt of green fire into his stomach. Mueller went flying several feet away. He wiped his mouth roughly and spat on the ground.

"I thought you said she was normal!" Alex shouted, shaking one of the men roughly.

"Sh-she has to be! Nobody can hide their power like that!" he stuttered.

"Well, give her a couple of paralysis spells!" Alex ordered. They did as they were told but it impacted against an invisible shield.

"Did I mention the fact that I'm not mage nor am I human," Duo chuckled mirthlessly. He began to rise up into the air as darkness surrounded him and became pitch-black wings. His called for weapon appeared in his hands and became longer. Green fire traveled up the staff and arched to become a blade at the end.

"I-It's Shinigami!" they yelled, running for cover.

"Well, close," Duo whispered to himself. Knowing that they wouldn't bother them again, he ran to the edge of the cliff and saw Heero dangling on a ledge.

"DUO! I CAN'T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER!" Heero shouted back to him. All of a sudden, the ledge cracked and the elf began falling.

Violet eyes widened and he jumped off the cliff, angling his wings for maximum speed. He had to get there in time, he had to! Finally, he managed to get under Heero and snatched him out of the air, grunting slightly at the extra weight.

Powerful black wings flapped upwards to get them back onto the cliff. Duo reverted back to his human form and sat down, patiently awaiting Heero's questions.

"W-What are you?"

"I used to be a Type-G guardian angel. I quit after...after my charges had died from a mobile suit bombing about two hundred years ago. I've been training to be Shinigami's replacement since then," Duo said, shrugging nonchalantly.


"That was why I was surprised that Tsubasa was a Guardian. I met him some time ago. He didn't look any older than I was and he doesn't look like the Guardian type," he explained.

"Aa. Do you still want my history?" Heero asked.

"Yes, if you don't mind that is. I could just find out for myself but that's abusing my powers and rank," Duo said.

"I am a Shilani elf, the only one in their history that was born with a pure heart. This was not found out until later on in my training. Basically, they kicked me out of the clan. A pure heart does not belong in a Shilani clan. I've been a loner for about a hundred years since that day," Heero stated.

"Hmm, guess we're both messed up," Duo sighed. "Want to continue our lunch before there are any more interruptions?" he asked.

"Might as well," he said.

They began to finish up their delayed lunch in silence, each trying to process the new information they found out. Heero and Duo cleaned up and prepared to walk back to the inn.

Duo, sick of the silence was the first one to talk. "So, we have two more months before we have to meet up with the other Chosens, right?"


"I wonder what they'll be like? Hopefully they won't be as talkative as you are," Duo laughed, ducking a swat from Heero. He began to run away but a hand snaked out and caught his braid. It was pulled taut between their bodies and the angel began falling...into Heero's arms.

"Hopefully they will be more silent than you are," the elf whispered into his ear. He felt a feather light touch on his temple but it disappeared before he could find out what it was. Heero let go of him and he fell onto his bottom.

"Hmph, you're mean," Duo pouted. Heero gave him a hand up but didn't let go afterwards. The chestnut haired boy didn't seem to notice or mind. They held hands all the way to the inn and up the stairs to their quarters.

The second the door closed, Heero's tenuous control over his hormones and wishes snapped. After finding out that Duo was an angel, one as immortal as he was, his mind had quickly told him that he did not have to ignore the attraction between them.

Duo would not grow old as humans did and die. He could live alongside Heero as long as he was alive.

The angel, having sensed Heero's eyes on him, turned to see blazing cobalt blue fires, seemingly wanting to bore into his soul. There was something in them that Duo never thought he would see...affection and, yes, even love.

He felt like a deer caught in the headlights of a car as the elf walked closer to him. His face was cupped in gentle hands as Heero lowered his face to his. "Um, Heero, what are y--mmph?"

Violet eyes widened and fluttered closed of their own volition. His lithe frame was pulled even closer to Heero's bulkier one. Duo threw his arms around the elf and deepened the kiss.

"Do you know," kiss," how distracting," kiss," you are?" Heero said, scattering kisses across that heart-shaped face.

"Mmmm, I know now. Suki da, Heero," Duo whispered.

"Honto? Even after the way I treated you?" he murmured against his lips. Duo nodded slightly and pulled Heero down for more. Just before he did so, the elf whispered the words that would make their bond permanent. "Suki da."

The second their lips met, a bright silvery blue color enveloped the new couple. From Heero's back, snowy white wings appeared and enfolding Duo and himself in their embrace. Duo's ears sharpened into points. Still they kissed on, oblivious to the change in their bodies.

When air became a necessity, they noticed their physical changes. Duo 'eeped' and reached a trembling hand to his ears. "An angel who's an elf, that's something you don't see everyday. Why is it that Heero gets white wings?" he muttered.

Heero had fallen onto his rump from the extra weight of the wings. He sat down, his face set in a scowl with his arms crossed. Duo kneeled down and revealed his wings as well, seemingly fascinated by the contrast in the color of their feathers.

For once Heero's not pissed off at me, he thought.

"I am pissed off at you as well," Heero said, commenting on Duo's thought.

"Huh? I didn't say anything," he said in surprised.

Two glowing balls of energy appeared and solidified into two entities, Tsubasa and Shinigami himself. "Don't they just look adorable? They remind you of us when we were younger, don't they? Brings back memories doesn't it?" Tsubasa said.

Heero glared at his Guardian. "Why did this happen?" he asked.

"You are soulmates as well as Chosen. It enables you to share each other's powers and amplify them as well. And since both of you are of different looking species..." Shinigami explained.

"Sugoi!" Duo exclaimed, brushing a wing against Heero's. The elf squirmed uncomfortably.

"And as some soulmates do, you have a telepathic link between each other," Tsubasa shrugged.

"Well, just to warn both of you. I expect you to fulfill your mission! Ganbatte!" Shinigami said before disappearing with his arms around the white haired mage.

"Ooh! Now we can get to the Sank Kingdom faster. You'll need lessons of course and from me. Flying is really easy, then again, I have been flying for several hundred years already," Duo said happily. He snickered mentally.

"Shut up," Heero growled. He then pounced on the violet eyed angel. They rolled along the floor several times, ending up with Heero on top in the end. "If you tell me how to get these wings to disappear, we can get on with where we were before."

"I like the wings," Duo pouted. But one glare from Heero and he quickly told him. The second they disappeared, Duo was promptly shut up by a pair of lips as he was practically thrown onto the bed.


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