Author/Alias: Eice Bleu (
Title/Part Number: The Downward Spiral--Part 3
Category/Warnings: Violence, Alcohol & Drugs, OOC
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Now that said, the warnings: I don't condone the usage of drugs or alcohol, but it's not named "The Downward Spiral" for nothing. You may not want to see Duo in a bad situation, making bad choices... but despite what anyone says, Duo isn't perfect.

Part 3:

Duo hurt; he ached all over, and he was surprised to find no bones broken. So he just laid there face down on the bed with a ringing migraine. He had walked home from Cordelia's, and when he got there, as he had expected, Heero wanted answers. Duo hid the drug use from the light of truth, and Heero had sensed it. He sensed Duo was hiding some thing, and that was all he needed. Now it was probably late afternoon. He didn't know where Heero was. Duo didn't want to move; didn't want to get dressed, didn't want to look in the mirror out of fear of what he might see, and didn't want to go eat the dinner Quatra was making. All he wanted was an aspirin. After an hour, or maybe more the trobbing had waned enough for him to move. 'Now... for that aspirin.' He got up, and lurched to the restroom to retrieve what he required. He opened the medicine cabinet without opening his eyes, but he opened them to find the bottle. The cabinet shut, and Duo stared into a reflection for a moment he did not recognize. The rest of him was almost as bad.

Quatra wondered if Duo was okay. He had come back when he wasn't there. Heero had said he was drunken, and had passed out in the bedroom. Heero was also adamant on him to being left alone. Quatra knew it was no good to ask Heero questions. He had been hanging around Heero and Duo's apartment lately, ever since Duo started disappearing. Quatra made up his mind to see if Duo was okay. He dismissed himself from the table, and made like he was going to get something. As he entered the hall, he heard a groan from behind the bathroom door. He peeked, and what he saw sent him into utter shock. Duo was in horrible shape. He was black and blue all over. He got a large comforter from the linen cabinet, and burst into the bathroom.

Heero heard the commotion; he knew Quatra had gone to see if Duo was okay, and that he'd be hearing a lecture if Duo squawked. He looked at his plate. He'd only gotten to about half of his food, and now he wasn't hungry anymore. He lied to Quatra, and he lied to himself. Quatra would be occupied for the rest of the night; he'd baby Duo to death if he could. He put his plate away, and grabbed his coat. It was cold outside, he would need it. 'Why?' Heero thought. He turned north from their apartment. 'Why, why do I do this?' He didn't know where he was going. He didn't care. Dr. J had taught him nothing but how to be the best soldier anyone could possibly be, but had never taught him how to be human. The only venue he knew to channel his anger was fighting. First, it was fighting in the war, then it was fighting in public. That was when he'd first been picked up by the police. Now, it was fighting with Duo that helped him feel anything like himself.

Quatra was caring, perhaps too much for his own good. He was beginning to feel a little better; his headache was almost gone, but he ached all over still. Quatra had wrapped him up in this big fluffy comforter which was a little too warm. So he wiggled up out of it, pushing it down around his waist. "Don't worry Quatra man, I'll be okay," and took the bowl of soup from his friend. Duo didn't have to tell him what had happened when he got home, but he did ask what happened last night. Duo told him much, but skipped the drugs as usual. "So I guess Heero thought you had some sort of relationship with this girl, but what happened when he found you and her at the club?" Duo had kinda wanted to skip this part too, and bit his lip. "Um, well, I don't remember much, but..." He retold that section of the story, but this time didn't skip anything. Quatra, being the only boy with like 40 something sisters, didn't look very happy. Heero had hit a girl, and there was no excuse for that. "I'm going to have a talk with him," and walked out of the room, but he came back with a perplexed look on his face. "Heero's gone, he must've left." He sat down on the bed. "I guess that talk will have to wait." Duo nodded slightly in agreement, and spooned in another mouthful of the soup.

Cordelia was flipping through her phone book looking for someone that might have Duo's phone number. She dialed one, "Do you know Duo?" "No?" "Okay, thank you." Another failure, she called another; this time they knew Duo, but didn't know his phone number. "Do you know someone who might?" "Uh huh, okay thanks," and wrote down the new number to call. She was worried about Duo; this wasn't like her fretting over a guy, but she didn't care. He had left in such a hurry. Five more calls; nothing. She wanted to see him, to make sure he was okay. Duo said the guy that hit him was his room-mate, and if it was why on earth was he staying with him? Maybe if he needs someplace to live, she could lend a helping hand. Another call; this time she got something, a number that the other wasn't sure was right, but at least it was something.

The phone rang, and Quatra got up to get it. "Heero and Duo's residence, Quatra speaking, how may I help you?" The voice answered, "I need to speak to Duo," he was surprised to hear a female voice. "He's kind of ill right now, I'll go see if he wants to take your call. Who shall I say is calling?" "Cordelia." "Okay, I'll be right back." He went and got the portable, and took it to Duo's room. "Um, Duo? Cordelia is on the phone, do you want to take the call?" Duo shrugged, "Sure, why not?" Quatra handed him the phone, and left the room. "O-hayo, Cordelia. What's up?" He said it in his usual happy manner, belying that anything was wrong. Cordelia answered, "You left in such a hurry, I was wondering if anything was wrong?" "Oh, everything is fine, nothing to worry about." "Are you going out and about tonight?" Duo paused, and thought about the bruises. "Duo?" "Oh, um, nah… I think I'm gonna lay low for a while." He paused again. "How did you get this number anyway?" "Oh, I called around." Quatra was in the kitchen cleaning up from the earlier dinner, and he wondered what they were talking about. It wasn't any of his business though, heck a relationship with this girl may even be good for him.

Even after the phone call was over, Cordelia still worried about him. She got out the giant directory she'd tricked the city into mailing to her for free. No unauthorized people, cons like her; were supposed to have it, authorized people being cops, investigators, etc. It has all of the phone numbers to a certain area code, plus the addresses, whether they're listed in the phone book or not. She found the number, and the address right next to it. She smiled, grabbed her things, and headed out. The cab stopped in front of a fairly nice apartment complex. She found the right door with ease, and knocked. A guy with white blond hair answered the door. "Hello?" "I'm Cordelia, I suspect you're the guy who answered the phone earlier?" "Oh yes, come in… Come in… Would you like some tea?" "No, but thank you. Is Duo here?" Quatra paused. He wondered if Duo would even want to see her. "He's here, but he needs his rest; is it important?" He noticed the fist size purple bruise that was still on her left cheek. "I just wanted to see if he was okay; I mean he left in such a hurry I didn't know what to think." Quatra understood the sentiment, after all he'd been worried about him too. "I'll go ask if he's up to having visitors." With that, he got up and went to the hall. He knocked on Duo's door, "Duo, you have a visitor."