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Part 2:

"Hey," Cordelia nudged Duo in the ribs, "hey, man, I never got your name." She had gotten it before, she just was incapable of remembering it right now. "Huh?" Duo was, and among other things, drunk. "What is your name?" Cordelia repeated. "Oh, that." He slurred his speach, and then a long pause. "Well?" She was getting frustrated. "Huh?" Duo had gotten what he wanted earlier, he didn't want to think anymore, and he certainly wasn't thinking now. "Oh, I give up!" Cordelia was slurring too. "And I know I've seen you before, don't try denying it." She was yammering on about something. Duo didn't know what, he didn't know anything right now. He just listened to the music Niko was playing on his excessive stereo system. Songs he wouldn't have normally been able to understand, made perfect sense now, if only for a fleeting moment. "Maybe you were on the news..." Cordelia was still talking. 'Maybe I should pay attention to her,' Duo thought. He turned his head a little to look at her. "Could you please, shut up for a moment." He said it calmly, and slowly, like it wasn't even him. She blinked a moment of surprise, and then smiled. "You haven't heard a word I was sayin' didja?" Duo shook his head, "Nuh-uh," his violet eyes glassy and bloodshot, were completely blank. She smiles, "Neither did I."

The fuscia haired girl's green eyes were dulled by the glaze, but sharpened by the blood. Duo stared, he hadn't meant to, but it was giving her the wrong idea. She was staring too, but... someone had turned off the music. 'Hey... wtf?... ' Duo turned away to look at Niko, he had turned it off, and was now standing. "Alright peoples, party's over, time to call some cabs." Niko was looking tired and drunk, but he managed to hand the phone over to Cordelia. 'Wait a sec, I can't go home like this, Heero will kill me,' Duo thought for a moment. "Hey, I can't go home," Duo said in the general direction of Niko, who he was hopeing would let him borrow the couch, but he was already to his room, out of earshot. Cordelia got an idea, "Don't worry, leave everthing to me." Duo was still to messed up to think clearly, but he believed her. The next thing Duo knows is the cab ride, the lights passing by, one by one, and someone talking. "Oh it's okay sir, don't worry about it... I said I lived near the club, and you took us there. I was the one to forget you have to go around back..." Duo heard a car door open. "Come on, Duo gotta get up now," Cordelia grabbed him by the arm, and he struggled to his feet.

Heero had been searching for hours now. Five different clubs, and no Duo. He was getting frustrated, and very, very angry. 'Where is HE!' Heero ran down the list of all the possible places he could be. 'Only a one more to go.' He thought as he was sitting in the cab. The cab stopped in front of the last club. Heero had run out of money to get in the clubs about two stops ago, all he had left was fare to get back home. He told the cabbie to wait, as he got out of the car and pulled out a picture of Duo. There were several people outside the club, and was about to ask if any of them had seen Duo, when a cab pulled up a little down the street. A girl stepped out, but leaned back in to get something. Heero thought he over heard her say something, something in conjunction with just one word; "Duo". Heero saw Duo sluggishly step out of the car, right into that girl's arms! 'So that is what Duo's been doing!' Heero thought. This was just too much! Betrayal! Heero saw red, and took off in the direction of the couple.

It didn't register who was running in his direction, but the next thing was a searing pain across Duo's face. "HEY! Who the HELL do you think you are?" Cordelia screamed, and tried to pick Duo up off the side-walk. He was out-cold. Heero grabbed at Duo's coat, "Duo's comming with me!" "Oh no he isn't!" She got in his face, and Heero took a step back, away from the unconcious Duo. 'Oh yes he is!' He thought, drew back, and punched her. Cordelia fell back, but not unconscious as most others would be. She imeadiately retaliated by swinging a heavy fist from low, and struck him hard in the jaw. An adrenaline blinded fight ensued, until the cops showed up. A police officer grabbed, and hand-cuffed Heero; while another restrained Cordelia. They asked alot of questions. Mostly just to stall them enough to calm down. The cops took Heero away, 'probably just taking him home', Cordelia thought. The cops had taken her side, maybe just because she was a girl, but she didn't care. She had said to the cops she didn't want to press charges on the guy, just by the off chance Duo knew him. She was now, after that little experience, quite sober. She could tell by how much the spot on her cheek bone hurt. 'I wonder what that guy wanted with him?' She sighed, and picked Duo up from where the cops had propped him up. "Come on, ::grunt:: Duo, time to go inside." She began to walk around to the back of the club, to the entrance to her apartment.

The car ride home in the back of the police car was sobering. A wave of guilt swept over him. He hadn't known Duo was drunk when he charged. 'He probably won't remember a thing,' he thought, 'and who was that girl? She certainly could take a punch,' he realized. He would have to ask all of these questions when Duo came home, then he would have all the answers. He couldn't stay away forever either, he had to come home sometime. Quatra was waiting for him when he came home. He asked alot of questions, questions Heero didn't answer. Questions like, "Where did you go? Heero, where did you get that bruise? What happened? Where's Duo?" He was too angry, and too confused to answer. When Heero got to his room, he slowly picked up the pieces of his laptop, and began to examine them. The laptop was repairable, and it took up Heero's attention the rest of the night.

Duo awoke to rude sunlight shining in his eyes, and was suddenly quite aware of the trobbing in his head. 'Unnggghh... I neeed an Asprin,' he thought with his eyes closed. Slowly the events of the night before came back to him, 'Wait a sec... where am I?' He opened his eyes to find an unfamiliar room, with him laying on a couch. The room was plain white with rock music posters on the walls. The couch was old, and torn in places. He could see into the kitchen, and standing there was a groggy Cordelia, preparing some ice packs. She turned, "Oh, you're up," he could see a very large purple bruise all along the left side of her face, "need an ice pack?" She walked toward him and proffered it. "Yeah, that sound's like a pretty good idea to me," he takes it, puts it against his head, and lays down again on the couch. His mind begins to wander, "Um... what happened last night? We didn't [pause} you know, did we?" "Oh no, nothing like that happened." Cordelia answered. Duo eyed her bruise a moment. A question crosses her mind, "You wouldn't happen to know anyone who hits really, really hard do you?" 'Oh my god! Heero came looking for me!' Duo sat in stunned silence. "Well... I take that as a yes." 'Damn, did he hit her?' He thought. "What's the guy's name, and why did he slap you on sight?" Duo was shocked again. "Hmph... well, I didn't know he hit me... uhm... his name's Heero, he's... my... err.. room-mate." Duo smiled trying to hide his lie, she didn't need to know, it was too personal. "I really have to be going," knowing full to well what was waiting for him at home. "Oh?" She blinked as he began to gather his things. "Uhm... yeah." He looked at the bruise again, concluded it was Heero's doing, and left.


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