Author/Alias: Eice Bleu (
Title/Part Number: The Downward Spiral--Part 1
Catagory/Warnings: Serious & Angsty, Drugs & Alchohol, Depression, Shounen Ai, some OOC (last one may be a matter of opinion)
Pairings: None in this part
Feedback: Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or any of it's characters. I am NOT getting paid for this. Do NOT attempt to sue me. You will NOT get anything AT ALL from me. I am poor, and unemployed.

Now that said, the warnings: I don't condone the usage of drugs or alchohol, but it's not named "The Downward Spiral" for nothing. You may not want to see Duo in a bad situation, making bad choices... but despite what anyone says, Duo isn't perfect.

Part 1:

Heero and him had yet another fight tonight. He didn't really know why, either. And now, the normally cheerful Duo, was plodding his way through the park. He stopped and looked at his watch; 10:58. He had expected it to be later than that, but this meant Niko might still be home. He had met Niko a few months ago at a party, and now he was his dealer. Niko had offered him somthing he hadn't had before, and he tried it. "Just a little harmless weed," as Niko had put it, "and a little somthing else, but don't worry about that." He was drunk and therefore didn't really care. Heero and the others didn't know. They would've thrown a fit. They didn't need to know anyway, the war was years over, he could use the recreation. Especially right now, he needed an upper, he thought. Dark clouds blotted out the starlight as he made his way to the road to hail a cab. After a few tries, a traditional yellow cab stops for him, right as it begins to rain. "Ah, just in time, dontcha think?", he remarked and gave only a half-hearted smile.

"Don't you think you were to hard on him?" Quatra pleaded. "No" was the only reply. "Do you even know the reason you two were fighting?" Silence was the only answer, and Quatra knew that would be the end of the conversation, and sighed. "I sure hope he's okay," and left the room, the door shutting with a resounding thunk. Heero had been angry with Duo before, and probably would be again in the future. It was nothing out of the ordinary. Heero put the last screw back in the casing of his laptop, and switched it on. He began typing. Something was off about Duo, and he knew it, he just didn't know what. He had changed in the last few months, he had started going off alone at night to god knows where. In the begining he could find him, at night clubs here and there, but now he couldn't. He had promised that he wouldn't follow Duo in an earlier make up. That is what pissed him off the most. He hated not knowing, knowing where he was or where he was going. The laptop displays an error message, hits enter, again the error. Heero can't take it anymore, "DAMMIT! Where IS that BAKA!" All of a sudden, the computer cracks against the wall to which it was thrown, and Heero storms out of the room. This time he was going to break more than rules.

Duo knocked on the door, wet from the hard rain, he could hear loud music playing inside. He knew Niko was home, he just hoped he could hear him knocking over the music. He didn't want to think anymore, and Niko could provide that. He knocked harder, this time someone turned down the music, & after a few seconds, Niko answered the apartment door. "Ohayo, maan what's up?" His eyes were severly blood shot. Duo smiled at the sight of his friend as Niko invited him in, "Whatcha been up to?" The room was severely smokey. He noticed something else, a girl, one he had never seen before was sitting on the couch with two other friends of Niko's. He imeadiatly began to feel a little paranoid. He didn't like doing this sort of thing with people he didn't know around. Niko was leading him to the kitchen area, obviously to offer him a drink. Niko took out a glass, and asked him what he would like, but instead Duo asked who the girl was. "Oh her? She's a friend of mine, not to worry, she's cool." The hispanic answered. "Her name's Cordelia, now, are ya' gonna' answer my question?" There was a slight pause. "Uh, yeah... gimme some of that." Duo smiled and gestured towards a bottle of Jack. 'Niko's probably right, I'm just silly.' He thought.

She was the first to hear the guy knock. 'What would they ever do without me,' she thought druggedly, and took another shot of the Vodka that was sitting on the coffee table. It seemed like forever for Niko to get to the door, but of course time was flowing different for her right now. She contemplated the directions of time at the moment and let out a slight giggle. The guy who had come to the door was inside now. It wasn't the police, that's all she cared about. After all, she had warants. Then it dawned on her, 'Haven't I seen that guy before?' She thought. The guy had followed Niko into the kitchen, out of her view. 'Damn, I wonder who he is', she looked at the silver tray on the coffee table. It had a pile of dark green marijauna on it, then she wondered when Niko would return so they could burn it. More of it actually, they had passed two joints around already, and had consumed a quite rather large amount of alchohol. Ole' tender-foot to the left had already passed out. She gloated a moment in the fact of how much alchohol she could handle, 'None of these boys in here can surpass me, mwhahaha'. Smiling, she snickers.

Duo exits the kitchen with a tall glass of wiskey into the living room, shortly followed by Niko. "Hey, guys... you remember Duo, right?" He asks the fellows on the couch. "Cordelia, you haven't met him yet... Duo, Cordelia... Cordelia, Duo." "Ohayo," is Duo's only comment. Niko sits down on the chair at the end of the furniture arrangment. Duo takes notice that there's no place for him to sit; Niko's in the arm chair, and the couch is taken up by two guys and a girl in the middle. He scans the seated patrons and goofily pouts, "Hey, there's no place for me to sit..." Cordelia (of course) can't resist, she smiles back at him, looks at passed out guy to her left, and shoves him off the couch. The guy dosen't even wake up, he just releases a loud snort and falls fast asleep. This is just too much for the stoner on her right, and he begins to break out in the giggles. Cordelia imeadiately frowns, and with a resounding crack, the guy is doubled over an elbow in his chest. "Stop that! Or you'll get us all doin' it!" The guy can do nothing but gasp for air. Duo's eyes widen with a shot, 'DAMN!!!' He is also suddenly not so sure of sitting next to her, and is quite suddenly aware of big her arms are. Cordelia just looks at Duo with big crazy green eyes, smiles and pats the spot left of her, "Come on, I don't bite." 'Yeah, right!' Just not to piss her off, he complies. 'Why me? God I hope she doesn't hurt me,' he thinks for a moment. His mind begins to wander back to Heero, and as if to drown the memory of the fight, takes a gulp of the tall glass of wiskey. Heero hadn't hit him, this time, and for that he was thankful. It burns, but he dosen't chase it, and manages to supress a cough despite it. He had to look like he was experenced, why? It was a part of the game, 'seems like everything's a game lately.' Heero and him always had fights, he had said he would change, but he didn't. He never got rid of that temper. 'I wonder if he'll come lookin' for me this time?' They didn't know about Heero, about how he was, and he didn't want to tell them either. 'For all I know they might be phobic…' Niko breaks the silence by turning up the music. All eyes turn to Niko as he rolls a joint on the silver platter in his lap, all hoping he'd hurry the hell up.


So tell me what you think. Should I keep goin' on this one or trash it? Should I probably make the next part a little longer? This is my first fic so go easy on me! Most comments will be appreciated!
--Eice Bleu