11-19-2002 (revised)

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Title: Willing Slave
author: dena
pairing: 1x2
warnings: bdsm, ooc and yaoi lemon
archive: Kikotei's, Shades of Colo and my own which is down at the moment :(
Disclaimer: I don't own the guys, Bandai and Sunrise do but I did borrow them for this fic:)


Willing Slave


By Dena


Duo smiled softly as he settled down to eat some breakfast. He had graduated from the Slave Training School and was on his way home. He'd missed his Koi but he had also missed his fellow pilots. The group was still close and shared most aspects of their lives.

Sipping some coffee, the slender youth read a letter delivered to him on the last day of school. It was from Heero and had contained a train ticket. The missive had informed him that Heero had been sent on a Preventers mission and their reunion would have to wait a little longer.

Sighing in disappointment, Duo finished reading the letter. There had been an apology for missing the graduation ceremony and a promise to make it up to him as soon as he returned from his mission. There was money in the envelope and the letter encouraged Duo to buy something nice for himself at the one hour stop before he reached home. It had ended with the declaration of "dai suki Duo". (I love you Duo)

The braided boy was glad he was taking a train. While a plane ride would have been faster, the train stopped in a little town that had a S&M shop that Zechs recommended. He was looking forward to spending the money he had received in that shop.

Duo was escorted to a private train car and deposited within. He had not expected to have his own private car for this trip. He was further amazed as he glanced around the room.

Most every available surface had been covered in red and white roses. Duo smiled at the unspoken message ; red roses for passion, and white for true love. He stepped further into the room and smirked as he spotted a large box of imported chocolates. Heero had certainly spared no expense in pampering his beloved.

A laptop resided on one of the few uncovered spaces. Duo quickly checked it and found a CD next to it. He slipped the disk in and hit play. His lover's image filled the screen and delivered his missing Koi's message.

"Duo, I hope you like the accommodations I arranged for you. I wanted to show you how much I loved you for being willing to sacrifice so much for me. I can already feel my barriers start to crack from the depths of your love. Allow me to pamper you for this short time, since I could not be there to meet you in person. By the way, do you like your new collar and cuffs? I had them specially made. Look at them closely and you will figure out how. Enjoy yourself my love, for the trials begin when I return."

Duo shivered a little in excitement and apprehension. He was looking forward to Heero's domination but also knew that his limits would be tested. Much was riding on the success of this love play. He had everything to win and everything to lose. Only his confidence that this was the right track to smash through the last of Heero's soldier's training had allowed him to submit himself this way. For Heero, he was willing to make every sacrifice. There was no other choice, the Japanese youth was the other half of his soul and he would break through his emotional blocks.

Remembering his lover's words, Duo took a minute to examine his cuffs. The material was a shiny, supple metal. As he stared at the lovely pieces of artwork, the fey boy gasped in recognition. The metal in these most prized possessions was from Deathscythe! His heart swelled with love for Heero's thoughtfulness. Now he would always have his old friend with him. The gundam had been his first source of protection and support. Now it was a part of his new life with his soul mate, it was perfect.

Duo settled back to indulge himself and enjoy his ride. Soon enough he would reach his destination. He planned to spend his money on a new outfit for himself and a special set of silken ropes. He would store them away. They would only be used for the day when Heero was ready to surrender all. As he thought about Heero, Duo decided to get him a gift as well. He wasn't quite sure what it would be, but he would find something.

Several hours later, the former pilot of Deathscythe woke up from a catnap and noticed the train was slowing down to stop. He quickly rose and straightened his clothes. It didn't take long to reach the shop after the train had stopped and the passengers had been allowed off. Duo felt a little awe struck at the various items in the store. He perused everything and finally settled on a black leather outfit. It concealed and revealed at the same time. It would be perfect to wear on the night of Heero's surrender. That night would not be far off, if things progressed as he hoped.

Now that his own shopping had been attended to, it was time to select something for Heero. Taking a deep breath, Duo decided to give the stoic boy a gift to be used on him. He walked over the side of the store that held various implements for reddening a pert bottom. He carefully looked at and handled each device of torment before picking up a particularly wicked looking device. It was a riding crop. Duo had chosen it because it reminded him of one of his most cherished days.

Heero had taken him riding for the first time in his life. Being born on L2 had deprived him of many of life's simpler pleasures. He still remembered how sexy Heero had looked in riding gear and carying a riding crop. It was ironic to him that this instrument that triggered such fond memories, was also one that would cause a worse sting than a paddle when used on him. Shaking his head in resolution, Duo purchased the wicked item and had it wrapped. His lover would certainly be surprised by it and he would also understand why Duo had chosen it. It was time to go home. He returned to the train with his precious items and enjoyed the rest of the ride home.

It did not take long to reach their current residence. Duo quietly snuck in and took care not to be seen. He wanted to see the others with Heero by his side. Reaching his room, he quickly unpacked and prepared to make himself beautiful for his lover. He filled up the huge bathtub in the bathroom and added a light lavender scented oil to the hot, frothy water. He delicately settled himself down in the steaming water to bathe. He would be ready by the time Heero arrived. He could hardly wait.


Heero was just stepping off the shuttle that had returned him to Earth. He was glad to have his mission behind him and was looking forward to his reunion with Duo. He had some time before he needed to get home and hailed a cab, directing the driver to an exclusive leather shop. Walking inside, he decided that he needed a new outfit to celebrate his love's homecoming. He wanted to look his best.

It did not take long to select a pair of skin-tight black leather pants with crisscross stitching up the sides of his leg. He knew Duo would love the flesh that peeked out between the lacing. He also purchased a short leather vest and knee high black boots to complete the look and finished off his accessories with a pair of black fingerless gloves. Taking his finds to the register, Heero also collected the last of his gifts to Duo. A set of nipple clamps made from the metal of Deathscythe that matched his collar and cuffs. Each clamp had a set of different weights that could be attached to it with Duo's name engraved on each set. He was pleased with the lovely adornments and paid the cashier what he owed for his purchases. Now it was time to go home.

As the former pilot of Wing Zero entered his home, he was greeted by Quatre. He hugged the enthusiastic youth and asked if the others were there. Quatre assured him that everyone was there and he though Duo was there as well because he heard the bath running in their room. Heero asked if he could meet with them in the living room in five minutes. He almost snorted at the burning curiosity he could see in Quatre's eyes as the blond left to gather the others.

It wasn't long before four of the five Gundam Pilots were present in the room. Quatre and Trowa sat together on the couch, while Wufei sat in a recliner. As usual, Wufei was the one to voice the question that was on everyone's mind.

"Why are we gathered here Yuy?"

The Japanese youth smirked slightly before replying, "As you know, Duo and I have been a couple for a while. The barriers that were trained in me by Dr. J have been popping back up lately. Duo and I took some steps to try and remedy this problem. He and I have entered into a Master and Slave type relationship for the time being. Prior to this latest mission, he and I were at a training school for Masters and Slaves."

Trowa and Quatre starred in shock but Wufei had a shrewd look on his face. "Was it Treize and Zechs's schools?"

"Yes Wufei. Treize told me you had experience as both a Master and a Slave."

Wufei snickered at the open mouthed looks he was receiving from the pair on the couch. "Yes. I enjoyed both roles. I take it Duo has trained as the slave and you as the master? Why this type of play Heero?"

"Because I need to be in total control in order to let down my barriers. Duo was the one who figured things out and suggested this. I was so afraid of losing him but I couldn't stop myself from starting to shut him out. By showing that he has total faith in me and by giving up his control, he has proved to the soldier side that he is no threat. I can start to relax around him and let myself totally go and totally feel my love for him unrestrained. We need this."

Heero felt relief when he saw only support from the others. He had half feared to see nothing but disgust. Now it was time to set the rules.

"You are our family. We could not do this without including you. I want you to see the depths of his love and dedication for me. He has worked so hard at this and deserves to be shown off. He will be serving us tonight and demonstrating his submission to me in a specific act after dinner. During the day, Duo will act as he always has, got to work and probably sass us as much as he always has. At night however, he will assume his new role as a slave. Although I loathe to share my Duo, it will force the soldier side of my nature to admit that he can be trusted and you are the only ones my possessive side will allow to touch him. He will serve you as he serves me. The only restriction is that you must have both our permissions if you want something of a sexual nature. I will also allow no penetration of his lovely derriere to occur unless it is a toy that I have approved. Duo and I discussed early on what we felt was acceptable to be used on him. I will allow you to play with him as long as the slave-master rules are followed. Quatre, you and Trowa can speak to me or Wufei if you have questions about what is acceptable to do to a slave and what is not allowed."

Allowing the others a moment to absorb this new information, Heero reached down and gathered his bags and baggage. He needed to take his stuff upstairs as well and bathe and change. "Wufei? May I use your room to bathe and change in? I want to look my best when going to see Duo. I have missed him and he deserves to see me looking my best."

The Chinese youth smiled as he escorted Heero to his room. "Feel free to take as long as you like."

Wufei was waiting on him as he entered the room following his bath. He noticed that the Chinese youth had been admiring his outfit. "Do you think Duo will like it?"

"I'm sure he will Heero. I'm glad to see that you and Duo are trying to work things out. The pair of you belong together and using this type of love play will allow you to test each others limits while enforcing your love and trust in one another. I do hope you will allow me to Dom Duo after things have settled some and you are back to your regular routine. I will be looking forward to seeing your mastering technique this evening Yuy." Wufei smiled at his friend as he left him top finish dressing.

Heero glanced on the mirror one last time as he prepared to leave the room and see his lover after their long separation. He had gotten regular reports from Zechs on Duo's training after he had been assigned a Preventer's mission before Duo's schooling was completed. He hadn't really needed to read the letters, he had no doubt that Duo was succeeding at all assigned tasks. He could feel his body pulsing with excitement at the thought of finally seeing his closest friend again. He had been denied that lithe form too long. He was looking forward to playing with his beloved and seeing how many different ways he could make the boy moan and scream his name. A last decisive look was sent to the image in the mirror and Heero left the room and advanced towards the place where Duo awaited him.

Heero entered the room and glanced around until he spied his waiting prey. He advanced upon the kneeling youth in the middle of the room, and raked his eyes over the bared flesh before him. Duo was gloriously nude, except for the marks of a sex slave that adorned his body. His graduation collar encircled his neck, while both ankles and wrists were bound by the matching cuffs. A generous erection bloomed full between his firm tights and was captured in a leather cockring. Lastly, his nipples were stiff and rosy and begged to be adorned with the nipple clamps he was going to gift to Duo.

Duo trembled slightly with excitement as he realized his master had entered the room. He felt a gentle hand under his chin urging him to raise his face and gaze into the eyes of his soul mate. He had been Heero's lover for some time now and the love which filled those eyes every time Heero gazed upon him still took his breath away. There was a burgeoning vulnerability in those eyes that had not been present prior to their commitment to do what ever it took to break through Heero's barriers.

Heero took a moment to calm himself as he stared at his love. Duo's hair was pinned up and he looked young, and vulnerable, and delicate; his expressive eyes seeming even larger. He ran his hand softly over the exposed flesh of his chest, enjoying the trembles and soft whimpers. He knew Duo wondered what the night would hold for them and was ready to begin.

Heero presented his booted foot to his slave and enjoyed the sight of Duo kissing it lovingly. He gestured for Duo to rise and spoke. "I have a special gift for you my Love." He reached out and caressed the ripe nipples standing proud on that smooth, toned chest. Deciding to torment his small one a little more, he stopped the caresses and sucked on the berry sweet nubs with a famished mouth. Heero found himself moaning in time with his victim as he relished the berry sweet taste of those delicate fruits. It was only through sheer force of will that he was able to draw back and complete his original intent. He gripped one sensitive nub and showed Duo the custom clamp, before applying it to aroused appendage. He smiled at the groan of pleasure and pain that accompanied his action and then repeated the act with the other nipple. Grinning wickedly, Heero then selected the medium sized weights and attached them to the delicate clamps. With a final kiss to the tormented buds, he stepped back to admire his work.

Duo was filled with love and adoration as he viewed the hand-made gift of the nipple clamps and matching weights. He appreciated their beauty even as he cursed their merciless teasing of his delicate nubs. He decided now was the time to give Heero his own gift. "May I speak Master?" He continued as he received permission.

"I have a gift for you as well. Please sit in the chair over by the window."

Duo gracefully rose from his kneeling position and entered the bathroom that was by the chair. He struggled not to laugh at the confused expression on Heero's face as he returned with a washing basin. The water was steaming hot and Duo poured in a small amount of his personal decadence, lavender oil to scent the water. He carefully let down his hair and taking a section of it, dipped the lower half in the water. He then removed Heero's boots and placed his feet in the soothing water. Glancing up into the eyes of his true love, he gently lifted up one foot and bathed it with his hair. He lovingly massaged every inch of the foot with his hands and hair before taking it out and drying it. He then repeated the treatment with the remaining foot. He revelled in the tiny moans of pleasure coming from his lover's full lips and greedily drank in the look of awe at his special gift to his true love. It was his way of showing Heero how much he meant to him as well as marking Heero as his with his personal oil scent.

Heero struggled very hard to keep the tears filling his eyes from falling. He was so moved and filled with love by Duo's humble act. He knew how special Duo's hair was to him. It was his link to the past and by performing this act.he was telling Heero that he meant more to Duo than anything, including his past. He was further surprised when his beautiful koi rose up again and went into the bathroom and returned with a elongated box. He reverently took the box from the slightly trembling hands and proceeded to open it. He could tell, that Duo was just as affected by the act that had just occurred between them as he was. Heero barely held back a gasp as he viewed his present in the box. It was a finely carved and engraved riding crop.

He took the beautiful but wickedly cruel device out to admire it. He knew why Duo had chosen it. It reminded them both of that special day when Duo went riding. He admired the fey youth's courage in giving him such a gift. The former pilot knew Heero would use it on him at some point and all master's and slaves knew that the riding crop was one of the most harsh and stinging instruments to be used on a slave. Heero was overwhelmed again at the depths of Duo's love for him.

Heero felt the need to acknowledge Duo's act of love in some way. He gestured for Duo to kneel by the chair as he went to retrieve a towel. He sat down and took a hand full of the wet hair and began to dry it. He leaned over and buried his nose in the silky softness and inhaled of the sweet scent of lavender as he nuzzled it. He pampered the tresses in his hand as he gently dried the wet ends that had so recently worshiped his feet. He completed his task and them grabbed another hand full and used it to pull Duo up enough that he could ravage the full lips of his slave.

Those sinful lips had been begging for this since Heero had stepped into the room. He greedily drank his fill of the spicy, warm mouth before releasing his dazed looking slave. He decided it was time to go over the evenings plan with his special one.

"Duo, I have spoken to the others and informed them of the changes in our relationship and why we felt the need to try this. I want you to serve them this evening at the meal as you would me. I also plan to give them a demonstration of our dedication to this and each other. Are you ok with that?

Duo smiled softly at Heero's plans. "I am glad. They are closer than brothers to both of us and I really didn't want to keep this from them. I am sure they all accepted our need to do this." Duo's eyes filled with sparkling mischief, "Did Wufei have a nose bleed when you told him?"

Heero smiled as he replied, "Nope, Wufei has been a master before, and has also played the role of a slave." He laughed aloud at Duo's shocked look. "I told the others about this as soon as I got here and they are looking forward to seeing you, as a matter of fact they are glad that you have decided to do this. They admire our dedication to make this relationship work no matter what it takes."

Deciding that it was time to join the others, Heero attached a delicate, chain leash to Duo's collar and lead him from the room. They stopped just outside of doorway and Duo sank to the ground onto all fours and awaited his Master's commands.

Heero led Duo into the dining room where the others were waiting; he couldn't wait to see their faces as he presented Duo. His beloved was so beautiful and his submissiveness was positively intoxicating. Heero smirked with satisfaction as he heard the gasps of the others as they saw Duo. "Duo, greet the others," he commanded.

Duo gracefully crawled across the room to kiss the feet of each of the other pilots before returning to Heero's side, and rubbing his face against the Japanese boy's legs like a great cat. He was filled with satisfaction as he saw only support and some lust in the faces of his friends. He did not think his heart could have recovered if his friends had rejected this new aspect of their lives. He was fully assured that they would help in what ever way needed based on their reactions to him.

Allowing Duo to rise, Heero lead the way into the dinning room. He and the other pilots took a seat as Duo went into the kitchen to gather the food. He served each plate and filled each glass flawlessly, before kneeling down on a soft pillow between Heero and Quatre. As the others talked and ate from their plates, Heero and Quatre fed Duo bits of food with their hands. He took the bites delicately into his mouth, sucking gently on the fingers to clean them after swallowing the food. As the meal progressed the sexual tension rose, especially for Heero and Quatre as Duo licked, sucked and kissed the hands that fed him. Heero found himself unable to resist touching and caressing his smaller love. Duo was a sensual creature that begged to be played and toyed with and he certainly intended to indulge himself. He particularly enjoyed the small excited gasps he drew from his lovely one as he gently tugged on his nipple weights periodically throughout the meal. All to soon the sumptuous meal was consumed.

After the meal was cleaned up, Duo joined the others in the den. He sat on the pillow by Heero's feet as they discussed various topics. Heero gave permission for Duo to speak freely as he was bombarded by questions about his training. Duo's silky skin was constantly caressed by one or two of the pilots throughout the conversation. Duo could see the looks of admiration and lust in the eyes of the others and knew Heero would be receiving requests for his services soon. Although he knew how possessive his lover was, he felt that the Japanese youth would be able to tolerate the other playing with him some as long as they followed his rules and his limits. He was confident that his friends would help him refine his training without stepping over the line and failing to follow the rules. He could fully relax with them as he hadn't been able to with Relena because the trust between them was absolute.

It was getting late and Heero was more than ready to ravish his koibito, but first he wanted give his friends proof of their dedication in this course of action, plus he had been waiting patiently to get his hands on that perfect and firm bottom since finishing Master's school. Getting their attention he made a statement that stunned Quatre and Trowa but came as no surprise to Wufei and Duo. Wufei had hoped that this was what Heero meant when he had promised an act to prove their dedication to this new love play.

Heero drew Duo to his side as he made his announcement. "I want to give you proof of our commitment to each other. Duo will now demonstrate his submission and willingness to sacrifice for me. We both invite you to witness this act. I'm going to spank my lovely slave because it gives me pleasure to do so and Duo has consented to put my wants above his own. We do have safe words to use for the sake of safety but do not feel that they will ever be needed between the two of us. Duo, my love, please go get the paddle."

Quatre was shocked and excited a the same time at those words. He had not really considered that this type of play would have pain as well as pleasure. He saw a mirroring curiosity in Trowa's eyes as well. Wufei just looked very satisfied with Heero's words. Duo smiled as he left the room as his friends voiced their praises for the two lovers and their dedication to grow closer.

Duo trembled in excitement as he retrieved the paddle and brought it to Heero. It would be the first time that the paddle would be wielded by his beloved and he ached with desire. He could tell Heero was aroused at the idea of spanking him by the huge bulge in the front of his pants. He approached his master and handed the merciless instrument to him. Heero gestured for Duo to position himself over his lap and Duo shivered from anticipation at feeling his lover's hand and dread at experiencing the kiss of the hard wood of the paddle.

Heero took a moment to stoke the firm flesh of the boy positioned over his lap. He ran a loving hand over the soon to be reddened firm globes presented for his pleasure. Heero gently drew Duo's hands behind his back and locked the wrist cuffs together. He caressed the face of his little one and smiled as a small kiss was given to his hand before he raised it and brought it down in a firm smack. He took great delight in warming up Duo's bottom to get him ready for the paddle. Treize had taught him that the sensations of the paddle were much more intensive if the flesh was pinked by hand first. For several minutes all that filled the room was the heavy, excited breathing of their fellow pilots and the loud smacks as Heero's hand fell on Duo's vulnerable bottom again and again.

Heero stopped spanking Duo with his hand when he had covered Duo's entire bottom and upper thighs and they were a nice, light pink. He had enjoyed Duo's whimpers and moans as he had applied his hand firmly to the rounded globes... now it was time for the paddle. He had his sweet one stand up and turn around so that the others could admire the lovely glow that adorned his lightly reddened derrière. Then he had Duo show each of the pilots the paddle that was about to be used on his deliciously shaped behind. Wufei snorted as he got a good look at the torturous device. Looking at Heero he couldn't help but laugh, "Only Dorothy would give a paddle that has the name of the slave on the flat end and the name of the master on the handle. This is a gift from her isn't it?"

Heero smiled at his friend's perception as he replied. "You have guessed correctly Wufei. Dorothy did indeed give us this paddle as a gift upon my graduation from Master's school." He motioned for the formerly braided youth to resume his position over his lap. He again indulged himself in caressing the slightly hot flesh before wielding the cruel gift from Dorothy.

Duo cried out as he felt the first blow of the paddle against his sensitive behind. His world narrowed to the burning feeling on his bottom as Heero rained blow after blow with the wooden paddle. He found himself moaning and crying even as he thrust his bottom up to meet the firm blows. Dimly he could hear Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa barely audible gasps and moans at the erotic sight he must present with his sexual writhings on Heero's lap... With each blow his neglected erection rubbed on Heero's rock hard thigh and he drowned in bursts of pleasure along with the pain. The loud whacks played a pretty background music for his lap dancing to the paddle's unique tune. He heard his master's voice tell him ten more licks would be applied and that he wished his love to count them down in reverse order. Duo knew these would be the hardest.

Heero smiled as he watched Duo's bottom go from light pink to a rich red. He gave ten final blows, five to the sensitive upper thighs and five to the delicate under curve of the bottom. He smiled as the husky voice struggled to keep count of the final blows. He knew that the beauty wiggling desperately across his lap was aware that he would start the last ten all over if he missed a count. He was so proud when his little one reached the end and took the last hard spank with no mistakes. His performance had been sublime. Heero ran his hands over the burning hot flesh and held in a laugh as the silly thought of liking fresh baked buns popped into his head. He leaned over and began to soothe the abused flesh with loving licks. He savoured the moans of pleasure from his slave, even as he stoked the fires of his own arousal. He was not surprised to see the sexual arousal on the face of his friends, only a eunuch would have remained untouched by the sensuality of his Koi. Heero allowed his delicate-seeming koi to stand up and walk over to their friends. Each one was allowed to look at his brilliantly red rump. Each saw that while his bottom was very red, it was not bruised. Wufei complimented the Japanese youth on his skilful handling of the paddle and Duo on his magnificent composure during his trial. Heero drew Duo up into his arms and headed towards the bedroom. He laughed out loud as Quatre and Wufei pounced on poor Trowa in a haze of lust that came from watching eroticism of the pair leaving the room to find their own release.

He lay the fey beauty in his arms on the bed and quickly began to kiss and suck on every inch of his body, as he told him how pleased and proud he was of him. Duo's radiant smile was proof of how glad he was that he had pleased his master. He lovingly reached down to release the weights on the little nubs that had taunted his pretty one all evening.

Duo sighed with relief as his nipples were released from the tight clamps and lovingly laved by Heero's tongue. Hands caressed his chest, thighs and stroked his engorged arousal. Duo thrust helplessly into Heero's hand, desperately seeking release but the heartless hand pulled away leaving him unsatisfied. Duo felt himself flipped over and was drawn onto his hands and knees. He couldn't wait for his possession by his master. He trembled with excitement and barely contained desire as he was addressed.

"I have something special in mind my love. I wish to use you sweet gift to me to prepare my way."

Duo was puzzled as to what his lover meant until he felt a cold harness at his tender opening. He gasped wildly as he felt the oiled handle of the riding crop begin to enter him.

Heero smiled wickedly as he penetrated his fairy lover with the riding crop that had been gifted to him that very evening. He pressed the unyielding device deep inside the writhing one below him and pressed it gently but firmly against the youth's prostate. He groaned in desire as he began to rotate it in a circular motion and watched the wild wigglings of pleasure from it's victim. Duo was practically screaming with pleasure as the wicked device was used to stretch him and loosen him up for his Master's firm, engorged cock.

Heero was in a frenzy. He wanted nothing more than to thrust himself deep inside Duo's welcoming heat but knew he needed to stretch his love just a bit more first. He was always careful with Duo and made sure he NEVER did anything to actually hurt the boy who held his heart. Soon the slim youth beneath him was ready and he removed the diabolical riding crop before plunging deep inside of his soul mate. Heero was so aroused that he immediately began to thrust hard into the soft body, hitting the prostate with each perfect thrust. He knew that the two of them would not last long due to the level of arousal they had both achieved.

The feel of Duo's hot bottom and silken depths were getting to be too much. Reaching around, Heero released Duo's erection from its confinement and began to stroke it in time with his thrusts. After only a few seconds he heard that breathless alto begging to be allowed to cum. Heero gave his permission as with a final thrust, the two came together.

Heero and Duo lay in their shared bed cuddled against one another. "I love you Heero," came a soft whisper. The former pilot of Wing drew his priceless bundle closer. He could not thanks the gods enough for giving him this selfless boy's love. Duo touched him in places that had long been buried by the pitiless perfect soldier. He could finally see a forever in the orchid eyes of the half-slumbering youth beside him. He would work hard to tear down the cracked barriers in his soul. Cracked because of the bit of heaven in his arms. He nuzzled his love one last time and breathed a breathless "Ai Shiteru" before falling into a sweet dream filled sleep.



End of Willing Salve and to Be continued in Duo's Gift

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