Here's epilogue 1 and 2 to Undercover Angel. This a YAOI LEMON!!! Nothing but smut here!! I don't own the characters, but boy I sure had fun with them in this story!!


Epilogue 1

Duo glanced around the room for an escape route, but the only thing in sight was the door. blocked by four nude boys. "Um guys, you really don't want to do this. I mean Quatre and Trowa are practically engaged."

"Oh we definitely want to do this Duo," Quatre purred. The boys pounced and Duo managed a startled gasp.

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute!" Duo's voice was slightly breathless. He took in the others' hungry expression and came to the conclusion that he wasn't going to get away and he was damn well going to enjoy this! "In case you haven't noticed there's four of you and only one of me." His eyes swept violet velvet across the room and his voice was a silken alto. "Why don't we slow down and make this enjoyable for everyone." The boys traded looks as they realized Duo was not trying to escape, and it certainly was a delicious proposition. After much heated discussion and warring glares, it was decided that Quatre and Trowa would wait, reveling in the exhibitionism, as Heero and Wufei took a turn with Duo.

Duo smiled seductively at Heero and Wufei and waved them over. Although Wufei desperately wanted to touch Duo, he was feeling shy and unsure. He had been admiring the braided boy more and more lately. He wasn't certain when that admiration had turned to sexual attraction. Plus, he'd only had limited sexual experience and that had been with his wife. He didn't want to mess this up! Duo looked into the Chinese boy's soft ebony eyes and saw the uncertainty there. He gently pulled Wufei into his embrace and kissed him on the lips. Heero smiled at the beautiful sight of the two boys and embraced Duo from behind. He began to spread soft kisses along Duo's neck and shoulders. Duo moaned softly into Wufei's mouth and teased his lips by gently running his tongue over them until the bronzed colored boy opened his mouth. Duo flicked his tongue inside Wufei's sweet hot mouth and teased the soft tongue inside.

Heero buried his fingers into the soft silk of Duo's hair, winding it around his fist, and pulled the other boy's head back, forcing Duo to break his kiss with Wufei. Heero claimed Duo's lips for his own in a deep, breathtaking kiss. Heero pulled back to admire the swollen lips that gave evidence of his passion. Duo looked over at Wufei and still saw some lingering hesitation in his eyes. "Do you trust me Chang Wufei?" he questioned softly. Wufei searched the beautiful violet eyes for a moment before answering, "Yes. You drive me crazy and I think your totally insane. but yes, I trust you." Duo smiled as he responded, "Let me pleasure you Wufei. Trust me and let go. Don't hold back anymore." Duo placed little kisses down Wufei's neck causing the boy to moan at the sensations. He kissed Wufei's lips one more time before twisting his head around to plant a sizzling kiss on Heero's lips. Heero melted as he enjoyed Duo's kiss. He'd wanted this for so long. He couldn't count the number of nights he'd jerked off with the image of this beauty before his eyes. He would enjoy this first time with Duo and make sure it wasn't the last. One taste would NEVER be enough!!

Duo moved briefly away from the two pilots to retrieve a bottle of lightly scented massage oil. He poured a small amount of oil on Wufei's hand, "Touch me Wufei. Get me ready for Heero." Hesitantly at first and then with more enthusiasm, Wufei ran his hands over Duo's smooth sleek flesh. He slipped energetic fingers over the lush roundness of the braided boy's buttocks. They were so soft and firm. He envied Heero his upcoming experience. Gently, Wufei slid a finger into the beautiful boy who pushed back and whimpered with pleasure. Wufei watched as Duo ran nimble fingers over Heero's shaft, anointing it with the fragrant oil. Heero thrust into Duo's skilled hand, wanting more friction. He couldn't wait to be inside this laughing, giving boy. Heero reached down and roughly pulled Duo up to face him for another soul-searing kiss. He reached around and wrapped impassioned arms around Wufei and pulled the Chinese youth up tight against Duo's back. Wufei stiffened for a moment, then surrendered to the sensations overwhelming him. The trio slowly knelt on the floor, still holding tightly to each other. Duo reluctantly pulled back from Heero and turned to face Wufei.

Wufei had one second to wonder at the devious look on Duo's face, before the braided boy swooped to engulf his erection. Hero nearly laughed at the look of combined shock and pleasure that passed over Wufei's face. Heero took a minute to enjoy the sight of the Duo running his pink tongue over Wufei's bronze shaft, before his own hunger took over. He gently ran a finger down that seductive looking crease, before placing himself at that most secret of places. Duo briefly paused in his pleasuring of Wufei to prepare himself for Heero's penetration. Heero slowly but steadily drove forward into Duo's tight heat. It felt so good, so right! He was dimly aware of Wufei encouraging him to take Duo and soon he was deep within that sleek and beautiful body.

Duo was in heaven. It felt to good to be impaled by Heero and Wufei's moans of pleasure were the sweetest sounds he had ever heard. As Heero began to slowly thrust in and out of him, he returned his attentions to Wufei's waiting erection. He flicked a silky tongue up the length before taking it again into his mouth. He sucked greedily on the shaft as he swirled his tongue around it. Wufei thought he would go insane. Nothing had ever felt like this! He trembled as the sensations of Duo's hot mouth pushed him closer and closer to a mind shattering climax. He could hear Heero's grunts and moans of pleasure as he increased his pace; rocking the boy beneath him faster and faster. Heero locked eyes with Wufei before leaning forward to claim his lips in a kiss. Wufei opened his mouth to receive Heero's tongue. He dimly noted that Heero's kiss was more demanding than Duo's had been. Wufei reached out and grabbed one of Heero's hands. He gently lead it to Duo's heavy erection and both clasped hands around it and began to pump it in time to Heero's impassioned thrusting.

The three boys writhed and moaned trying to explode with their passion. Quatre and Trowa watched, transfixed and trembling with need.

The passion-driven boys looked so beautiful together. They could hardly wait for their turn. The pace of the three boys became even faster. Heero forgot any restraint he had as he pounded harder and harder into Duo. Duo pushed back to met the thrusts and trembled as the strokes rubbed that hot spot deep inside his body. Wufei lost control as well and began thrusting deeply into Duo's talented mouth. Duo compensated by opening his mouth and throat wider. Almost there!!! Wufei gave a strangled cry and came in hot spurts in Duo's mouth. Duo drank the bitter-sweet liquid down and felt his own body convulse as he climaxed, spilling his seed on the hands clasped tightly around his member. Heero thrust two more times before he succumbed to the inevitable and came. He spilled his seed deep into Duo's body. All three boys collapsed and ran gentle, affectionate hands over each other. None of them wanted to break the closeness each felt at the moment. Duo sighed softly before pressing loving, reverant kisses on Wufei's and Heero's lips. He helped the other two get up and locked gazes with the impassioned pair on the couch.


Epilogue 2

Duo smiled seductively at Quatre and Trowa, “Just let me clean up a bit and I’m all yours.”

“We want to watch,” Quatre demanded. Duo led them into the small bathroom and turned on the water. When it was warm, he gathered some water in his hand and trailed his wet fingertips down his face and chest. He rubbed the small, clear, crystal, drops into his silky smooth skin. He moaned softly as he teased his nipples before dipping a hand back into the water. This time he trailed a long finger along the crevice of his behind. He teased the hidden bud as he gently cleaned himself. Passion-glazed eyes studied the two aroused boys with him to insure they were enjoying the show. He smirked a little at the rapid breaths both boys were taking. Just a little more he thought, and they will be totally out of control. Duo dipped his hand in the cooling water for the last time and reached around to spill the droplets over his erection. As he rubbed the water into his skin, he drew them back into the main room so the sated Wufei and Heero could watch them together. He glanced briefly at the pair on the couch and was surprised at the possessive and hungry look in Heero’s eyes. I’ll have to deal with that and soon he thought, before returning his full attention to Trowa and Quatre.

Quatre’s eyes narrowed, the only warning before he pounced. He forcefully plundered Duo's full lips. Duo gasped before submitting to the smaller boy. He had to admit he was surprised. He had assumed Trowa would be the dominant one. Quatre pulled back and smiled sweetly before pushing Duo off balance into Trowa’s waiting arms. Trowa nibbled gently at his lips, then slid a questing tongue inside Duo’s mouth, tasting a mixture of Duo’s own unique flavor and the sweetness of his lover’s taste. Trowa caressed that soft skin till he reached the firm globes of Duo’s buttocks. He gave that rounded flesh a hard squeeze, enjoying the sultry moan Duo uttered, before returning control of the encounter back to Quatre. Duo encircled the smaller boy in his arms and began to plant small kisses down his neck. “What do you want Quatre?”

Quatre’s reply surprised and shocked everyone except Trowa. “I want you and Trowa to suck each other off….while I fuck you raw, Duo!”

Duo’s eyes widened and he felt a hot flush of pure lust at Quatre’s words. He admired the two beautiful bodies a moment before grabbing Trowa and dragging him to the ground. Duo quickly positioned Trowa and himself into the classic 69 position. He took a moment to admire the beautiful dripping organ before running his smooth tongue down its length. Trowa moaned loudly before causing Duo to whimper as he sucked Duo’s entire length into his hot mouth. Duo licked Trowa’s erection like it was a lollipop before finally taking him all the way into his mouth. Quatre was getting hotter by the minute as he watched the two beautiful boys pleasure each other. He grabbed the pot of lube that had been used earlier and began to rub it onto his own weeping erection. He positioned himself behind Duo, “Ready or not sweet Duo, here I come.”

Duo had just enough time to let Trowa’s member slide from his mouth before Quatre slammed into him. Duo cried out at the combination of pleasure and pain. Quatre held himself rigidly still as he adjusted to Duo’s tightness, God, he was so tight, not even Trowa was this tight. If he moved too soon this would be over quickly and he wanted this to last. Duo sighed as he relaxed around Quatre’s length and began to suck on Trowa’s length again. Then Quatre thrust and caused both boy’s to gag as the erections in their mouths hit the back of their throats before each was ready. Duo and Trowa quickly released each other, eyes meeting between Duo’s spread legs. Duo started to snicker, which caused Trowa to begin to laugh. Both smiled affectionately at each other as Quatre finally figured out what was happening. “Obviously we need to work on our timing,” Quatre said, sounding amused, “Let’s see if we can recapture the mood.”

Quatre thrust forward hard into Duo hitting his sweet spot. Duo screamed with pleasure and thrust back for more. Quatre quickly set a rhythm with his thrusting. Duo quickly caught the rhythm and began to pleasure Trowa again. He swirled his tongue up and down the hard length as he sucked on it. Trowa could barely concentrate on pleasuring Duo as he began thrusting into that hot talented mouth. All three boys increased the pace as they felt the pleasure building to a crescendo. Quatre was slamming mercilessly into Duo’s willing body as Trowa and Duo thrust into each other’s mouths. Trowa and Duo came at the same time. Each mouth was filled with the thick liquid of the other boy and swallowed down. Quatre was able to climax as he felt the tremors of Duo’s orgasm pass through his body causing his muscles to tighten around Quatre’s thrusting organ. He cried out as he emptied himself into Duo’s silky body.

All three boys collapsed into exhaustion and hugged each other. Duo’s eyes meet with four sets of other eyes. He smiled at the mutual love and affection being exchanged. The exhausted trio looked over to include Wufei and Heero in powerful emotions. He smiled in contentment as he realized that they were all bound to each other in an unbreakable bond that could never be broken.