Undercover Angel


Duo was enjoying the movie he was watching when the phone rang. "What?" he uttered as he picked up the receiver?

"Duo is that you? It’s me, Terry."

"Terry? How did you find me man?" asked Duo.

"I saw you the other night with those boys; I've been working on and off for Dr. G. and really need your help Duo." Duo frowned at the phone and replied,

"What do you need?"

"I'm sick Duo and I'm supposed to meet this agent and get some important info from him, can you take my place? This is what you need to know." Duo's eyes got bigger and bigger the longer Terry spoke.

"Terry, please tell me your not serious! I can't do that!"

"Yes you can Duo, I know you can do this, you've lived on the streets long enough to have picked up the moves. Please Duo. This is really important info."

"Alright, but I just know I'll regret this and god help me if the others found out." Duo hung up the phone, grabbed his jacket and ran out the door, he didn't have much time to get ready. Heero stepped out of the shadows and glared at the phone. He had heard the latter half of the conversation and was concerned.

"What was that long haired baka up to now?" Heero decided to get the others and track the violet-eyed boy because he was notorious for getting into trouble.

"Heero, are you sure Duo went in here? This place is a high class stripper bar." Quatre looked pleadingly at Heero, his fair features a furious red at the though of entering this place.

"Yes he went in here which means we are going in here!" stated Heero in a firm voice. They entered the bar after Quatre gave the doorman an outrageous amount as a bribe.

"I'm gonna take that bribe out of Duo's hide!" muttered a disgusted Quatre.

"Che' I should have expected to find Duo in a den of iniquity like this" sneered Wufei.

"Shut up. Let’s sit over there in that corner. It's dark and we'll draw less notice." Heero lead the rest of the team to a large round table in the corner and ordered beer for everyone. They closely examined the other patrons, but no one could spot Duo.

"Heero, he's not in here," Trowa stated calmly. Just as Heero was about to reply a man appeared on the stage at the center of the room.

"Gentleman, I'm sorry to have to inform you that our regular star attraction is sick." The man cringed on the stage as the grumbling and curses reached him. Several patrons made out to leave when the desperate man went on with his announcement. "He wanted to be sure you were all entertained and he hand picked the dancer who will be taking his place tonight. I can assure you he is truly stunning and you will enjoy the show!" The grumbling died down and the patrons remained, but all had dubious looks. The announcer sweatdropped and introduced the act. "Gentleman without further ado, for you’re viewing pleasure I give you, SHINAGAMI!!"

Quatre, Heero, Trowa and Wufei all looked at each other in shock. "It can't be…"Quatre's voice died away as a pulsing beat started up and the dancer prowled down to the center stage. OH MY GOD…it was Duo, but none of them had ever seen him looking like this! Duo wore his hair loose in the back with both sides pulled back and braided together to keep it from his kohl rimed eyes. The audience was spellbound as they took in what passed for the boy's outfit. An indecently short black leather mini-skirt rested low on his slender hips, not quite covering the black lacy garter belt that secured the tops of his fishnet stockings. A soft, violet, high-necked cropped tank top called attention to Duo's smooth and toned stomach, that rippled as he moved. A cropped black leather jacket jangled with loose zippers and revealed a pale shoulder. The whole ensemble was completed by a pair of dangerous-looking thigh high black stiletto boots. Nosebleeds broke out in the crowd as the beautiful boy stepped fully into the spotlight.

With a graceful twist of his hips, Duo began to dance. The music started out with a languorous rhythm, and Duo's body simply flowed with it, as though he was a natural extension of the beat, oozing sexuality as he moved. The beat of the music increased and Duo rolled his hips in small, tight circles, conveying the urgency of the driving syncopation. He shrugged the halfway down his arms, pale, blushing skin complimented by the dark leather. Caressing his own flesh, Duo ran his fingers over his arms with light, teasing strokes before allowing the jacket to fall to the floor with a satisfying heavy thump. Duo sauntered over to the pole in the middle of the stage, hanging on with one hand and wrapping a single leg around it as he twirled around the cold metal. He stopped when he had his back to the audience and pressed up against the pole. Duo slowly slid down the pole causing the back of the skirt to rise and bent over. He enjoyed the gasp from the audience as they realized he was wearing a skimpy thong. Heero, Wufei, Trowa and Quatre were drooling over the brief glance at firm, rounded cheeks. All four boys found themselves shifting in their seats as their bodies reacted to the view of that lush bottom. Duo slid back up the cold metal, letting the skirt fall back in place. He allowed himself a sly smile at the choked groans of disappointment. Duo spun around and pulled the crop top off letting it fly into the audience. He ran a hand down the shining sweat slicked chest to run a finger over his erect nipples. He danced towards the back of the stage and then turned and with a sweep of caramel colored hair, turned and ran to the pole leaping up at the last second to grab the top of the pole and slide down with a sensual twist. He let his body slide all the way to the floor and turned to his side, smoothly unzipping his skirt in the same motion. Duo rose gracefully to his feet and rolled his hips in smooth thrusting circles till the butter soft leather skirt puddled at his feet. With a small step, he moved out of the skirt and hooked it on one foot, tossing that garment too, out into the audience. He stood before the gathered crowd in his boots, fishnets, garter and lacy thong. His hair painted his sweat-dampened skin in chestnut streaks. Duo smiled wickedly at his spell-bound worshipers and ran a teasing finger along side the erection he had gotten while stripping. A man in the front row lost it and jumped up on the stage and tried to grab the stunning boy. In the back of the room four growling boys rose as one and started to head towards the stage, each one thinking: MINE! Before they got too close a bouncer ran on stage and dragged the man off before he interfered with the dancer. The song was rushing to it's climax as Duo spun faster and faster until with the shattering conclusion he fell down into a full side split on the floor. The applause was thunderous as Duo bowed and then prowled off the stage.

The four boys in the back of the room looked longingly at the backstage. Heero was the first to speak up, "I'll grope, er, go check on Duo and see what's up."

"Wait a minute, why should you go! I'll go check on him. I'm sure I can make him come, er, join us !" shouted Wufei.

"I'm leading here, I'll go!"

"You need to stay here! I'll go!"

Both boys were in each others faces and growling. Just as they were about to come to blows, a voice interrupted them. "Guys, if you must fight about this at least take it outside. You drawing too much notice!" "Fine, Yuy let’s go outside and settle this honorably!" Both boys began to head for the door. "Quatre, we can't let them do this." "Quite Trowa, while they're out there fighting, we can have Duo all to ourselves!" Trowa smiled at the blond's brilliant idea until they both felt this burning spot between their shoulder blades. Both turned around to meet twin glares from Heero and Wufei who had heard Quatre's plan. Quatre blushed, sweatdropped, and suggested that they all go get Duo. Everyone seemed happier with this idea. The boys snuck back stage and moved silently towards Duo's room. Each one was still throbbing with the lust that Duo's dancing and body had inspired. They all planned to release that lust on the unsuspecting pilot. As they neared his dressing room they heard voices from within. They gathered around the door and listened in on the conversation.

Duo: Damn! That is one big roll you have there. I think it may be too big.

Man: Show me the opening. I'm sure we can get it in.

Duo: Here it is, as you can see, your roll is bigger than my opening.

Man: Well, can you use your fingers and stretch it wider?

Duo: I'm stretching, but it's still not wide enough. I know, I'll put some lotion in the opening and you put some on that roll. It should slide in easier then.

Man: Yeah, this will work. Ok brace yourself. I'm going to shove it in!

Duo: OW, let me get my fingers out of the way. It's not big enough for my fingers and your roll. Push, yeah, YEAH it's in!!!" The four boys outside the door had heard enough! If any rolls were going to be put in Duo's opening it would be theirs! Hero kicked in the door as the man and a startled Duo looked up.

"What's going…" Heero’s voice died away and everyone stared at the long tube in Duo's hand with some rolled up papers sticking out. The man grabbed a gun and was just aiming it at the intruders, when Duo's voice stopped him.

"What the hell are you guys doing here!" Duo blushed a deep shade of red at the thought that his team-mates may have seen him strip.

"Duo?" the man at his side threw him a questioning glance.

"It's ok, these are the other gundam pilots. We'll see to it that Dr. G gets this info."

"Thanks, I hope we can meet again some time." The man raked an intense gaze over Duo's body, causing him to blush, and beat a hasty retreat at the four heated glares coming from the other boys in the room. The boys let the man out and shut the door behind him, all turning to look at Duo. Shinigami's pilot let his robe slide from his shoulders. He was wearing only the lacy thong panties, as he reached down for his pants, he heard the lock on the door slide home. He jerked at the sudden noise. Duo turned around and felt a nervous flush rise over his face at the predatory looks his teammates were giving him.

"Um, guys, why did you lock the door....why are you looking at me like that? Wait, why are you taking off your clothes? Guy, Guys..GUYS!!!!!"