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Training Duo (Prequel to Willing Slave)


Duo sighed in frustration. He was rapidly running out of ideas and he knew he couldn't give up. He and Heero had been in a relationship for several months now and at first things had been so sweet. Now, they were running into difficulties that were frustrating them both.

He knew the Japanese youth loved him with all his heart and that his feelings were just as strong, but lately the barriers that both had thought were vanquished were rising again.

After much soul searching and many talks with Heero, Duo had decided to go to the source of the problem; he had gone to talk to Doctor J. The scientist had been brutally honest with him about the training methods he had used... if the old man hadn't been truly regretful of what he had done, Duo would have killed him on the spot. Duo still couldn’t believe how pained filled Heero’s training had been. The least little show of weakness or emotion had resulted in severe shock therapy and sometimes beatings as well. It was no wonder the Japanese youth was having difficulty opening up.

So here he was, uncertain of what to try next. Duo turned on his computer and decided to surf the net for a while, maybe he could get some ideas from it. He typed in the word "control" and waited to see the results. He was surprised at the variety of sites that were listed as being associated with that word. Settling down to a long afternoon, he clicked on the first web site.

It had been several hours since Duo had started his research and he had found something that might help him and Heero. Smiling for the first time that day, he ran to find his koi.

Heero was out back working out. He was afraid. He loved Duo so much and yet found himself shutting the lovely boy out these past few weeks. He didn't know why it was happening and he couldn't seem to stop it. He felt so out of control and feared that Duo would get tired of trying and leave him. He knew he would die the day that happened.

"Heero!" Turning, the dark headed youth saw the object of his thoughts approaching. He saw a renewed enthusiasm in those enchanting violet eyes and felt the tight bands around his heart loosen some. It seemed Duo was not yet ready to get rid of him.

"I think I may have an answer to our problem." Duo handed Heero the print out of the information he had found and waited for his lover to read over the material. He stifled a nervous giggle as he saw a blush rush across the stoic boy's face.

"Duo have you lost your mind? Have you really paid attention to this and do you realize what this would entail?"

"I did some research and while I don't know all the details, what I did uncover didn't frighten me. I think we should at least look into it. J said the reason you're putting up barriers again is because you feel out of control. I know you feel strong emotions where I'm concerned and emotions are not easily controlled. If we decided to do this, it would give you back your control and I trust you enough to give up my control. I don't want to lose you."

"Gods Duo, I don't deserve you! If you think this can help then I'm willing to try it. Why don't we do a little searching on the net. They have schools for this and can at least answer our questions."

No one had been more surprised than Duo and Heero to learn that Zechs Merquise ran a sex slave school. It was only under the name of Zechs, but Relena was listed as trainer in the school as well. It had taken a lot of discussion and research, but since it was the most recommended school, the lovers decided to give it a try.

Relena and Zechs motioned for their potential clients to sit down. They had been shocked when Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell had requested an appointment. After showing them in and few moments of awkward silence, they waited for the pair to begin.

"Heero and I were wanting to expand our relationship and we thought this might be a possibility, but we both wanted more information first."

Relena sighed in relief before answering. She knew they were serious if they wanted to know more before insisting on training. "Well the first thing is that it has to be mutual. You both have to want this and be willing to commit to it. It will only create problems later on if you both don't want it. It will create intense feelings between the two of you. May I ask why you are interested in this type of love play?"

Duo glanced at Heero before receiving a slight nod to answer. "You know that Heero was exposed to harsh training methods to help him become the perfect soldier? Well now he's having difficulty letting down the barriers around his feelings in order for us to grow closer. It started out ok, but as his love for me grew, so to the loss of control, and now the barriers that we thought had been destroyed are re-emerging."

"So you think that having a master/slave relationship will help to bring down the barriers again?" asked Zechs.

"Yes. Heero needs to be in full control in order to fight back against his soldier training, and I trust him enough to give up my own control."

Zechs and Relena gave the pair a thoughtful look before Relena replied, "Well, I don't think we've ever faced a challenge like this before. Why don't we tour the facility and if it doesn't frighten you off, we will begin profiles on you."

Heero and Duo gawked at the sites within the school. Heero felt himself harden as he watched a plump-bottomed boy, who was strapped to a whipping horse, receive a firm spanking with a leather strap in the courtyard in full view of anyone who cared to watch. He could just see Duo in the same position as he reddened that firm bottom and then fucked it after it was thoroughly warmed.

Duo was trying to decide if he was turned on or disturbed by what he was seeing. He felt excited at the thought of Heero spanking him or using his body as he pleased, but he wasn't so sure if the liked the idea of submitting to others. He didn't mind the thought of being submissive to Heero or even the other pilots, but wondered if he would be able to obey the trainers in this place. This type of submission required a lot trust and there were very few people he trusted.

He decided to see how things went. If he found that he couldn’t tolerate it, then he would tell Zechs and Relena and they could try to arrange for his and Heero’s training to be together for the full duration.

After viewing the grounds, everyone retired to a study to discuss particulars. Heero and Duo were both amazed at all the profiles they had to fill out. Each one filled out a likes and dislikes list as well as what they liked and disliked about each other. Then, Relena and Zechs had made them talk out and choose what they both found interesting about what they saw while touring the school.

Lastly, they jointly filled out what Duo's slave training would entail. Limits were selected and agreed upon by all parties and training would begin in a week's time.

Duo and Heero talked over all aspects of the training during that week and Heero enrolled in a training school for masters that was next door to the slave school. He wanted to be sure he knew just how to treat Duo so that they both enjoyed the sex play to it's fullest. Heero would be training under Treize and Dorothy, although they should have been surprised at who was running the master's school, neither youth was.

The week passed quickly and both packed to go to the schools. They had told the other pilots that they would be away but not the full details of what they were doing. They were both looking forward to this new start and were anticipating the times when they would actually training together, but that would be after basic training was completed. They were ready to tackle the task ahead of them.


Duo was mildly nervous as he was escorted to the room assigned to him for the duration of his training. He quickly unpacked and laid out the various straps, paddles, and sex toys that he and Heero had selected. These were the actual instruments that they would take with them to use in their play upon graduating.

He had just finished arranging the room when a knock was heard on the door. Opening the door he saw that Relena was outside dressed in the trainers uniform. It was exactly like the old Oz uniforms except the colors were deep blue and black, rather than green and white. His eyes were immediately drawn to the collar and cuffs she held in her hands.

Relena smiled at the slightly apprehensive look in the expressive violet eyes. Entering the room, she decided to get started immediately. "Duo, these are your training collar and cuffs. The red color designates you as a trainee. You will wear the black set with Heero's sign on it when you have graduated."

She walked a slow circle around the lithe youth before giving her first command. "I will be your trainer and my first command is for you to strip. You will not need any clothes for the duration of your training."

Duo stared at Relena for a moment as if she had grown a second head, before reaching up to comply with her order with methodical movements. His mind raced with conflicting emotions. He wasn't shy about his body, but he had not appeared nude before anyone except Heero for a long time and a part of him felt like he was betraying his lover by exposing his body for another. He jumped as Relena's sharp voice interrupted his thoughts.

"No!" Relena moved to stand closer to Duo. "You must remember that a slave's purpose is to please the master at all times. Every movement and act is to show your master how lovely and submissive you are. Think of Heero; imagine him watching you. You want to please him. Now, lets try this again. Strip as if he is watching your every move."

The pilot of Shinigami took a minute and visualized his love. Smiling, the hands on the buttons to his shirt became playful and seductive. One by one he slowly slipped the buttons to his shirt open, thrusting a teasing finger back and forth through the button slits, mimicking one of his favorite activities.

Relena felt hot flashes throughout her body as she watched the sensual creature before her peel off his shirt to reveal creamy skin stretched over a firm and toned chest. She watched as that wicked hand slipped down a washboard hard stomach to tease the waistband of the tight pants encasing his lower body. God, no wonder Heero had taken the boy to his bed, who could resist such pure sensuality.

He could just see the lust filling the Prussian eyes of his mate in his mind as he swiveled his hips in an inviting dance. He gently drew the zipper to his pants down and then swayed his hips until the tight material began a slow, caressing trip down his long limbed legs. Feeling the material pool around his ankles, he stepped out of them and was left with only thin boxers to cover his most precious treasures.

The Queen of the World licked her lips as the shielding boxers made a slow descent until the braided youth stood revealed in all of his stunning glory. She raked greedy eyes over the toned, lightly glistening chest. Her mouth watered as a tiny drop of sweat oozed it's way down that sculpted body to disappear into the chestnut curls that nested just below a tight bellybutton. Lastly, her gaze took in the well endowed and slightly dripping erection, proof of Duo's desire for the Japanese youth.

Duo felt a small breeze that served to break the spell he had cast over himself. Wide eyes flew open and took in the breathiness of his trainer. He almost took a step back at the hunger he could see in her eyes and then realized he didn't have to... that hunger was firmly under control.

Relena firmly beat down her raging libido and advanced upon the naked boy. She gently fastened the collar around his neck and then placed cuffs around his wrists and ankles. She noted the small step back when she placed the leather cock ring around his beautiful arousal but didn't comment on it. New slaves typically needed a little time becoming comfortable with being touched intimately by others.

"I'm going to show you the areas that you will be assigned to for the first part of your training. I have given you the basic mindset you need to do well as a slave. Your focus must be on looking, moving, and acting in a manner that your master will find pleasing at all times. I will have to punish you if do not obey all orders instantly and with your best effort. I will allow you to ask questions just this once as I show you the training areas.

Firmly locking into his mind that this was for Heero, Duo raised his neck so Relena could attach a leash to the collar around it and then followed her out of the room at a respectful two paces behind. He watched with curiosity as they moved through the courtyard; various Masters and Slaves were scattered throughout the area.

He noticed that one slave was serving as a foot stool for his master as the woman read a book. Another was attached to a small pull cart into which her owner was dropping fresh picked fruit. Still another was bent over a table being thoroughly fucked by his master.

Relena drew them to a halt in front of a slave who was tied to a whipping horse. "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, what have you done now? I can see you've already had your bottom reddened and I assume you'll be getting another one if you're still on the horse."

"I haven't been bad Mistress Relena. My master just enjoys spanking me and then putting me on display. He will be returning in a bit to apply a strap this time, but promised me a good hard fucking afterwards for being so good!"

Duo watched the conversation with interest and noted how respectfully the slave had addressed Relena. He filed that away in his mind as he realized that he would need to call Relena 'Mistress' while he was in training.

"Do you have a question Duo?"

"So spankings are not always given for discipline?"

Relena smiled at the lovely boy beside her. "You will find that very few of the spankings given here are due to discipline, but rather for the amusement and pleasure of the Masters."

He was about to reply when a man approached them. "My, my, Relena, where have you been hiding this one. I'd like to have him for the evening."

"I'm afraid this one is a special case. He is being trained for a specific master and instructions were clear that only a few designated people are allowed to touch him."

"Well, can I at least watch him get spanked?"

"Well, since he needs to get used to it, I don't guess there's any reason to put it off."

Duo stiffened as he heard Relena blithely announce that she was going to publicly spank him for the amusement of this man. He started to balk when Relena's voice began to speak soothingly to him in his ear.

"It's ok, Duo. I'm going to do it in my courtyard and only in front of him. You and Heero both expressed interest in it and made it a part of the training. I want you to realize how sexual it can be. Just try it and we can hold off if you don't enjoy it."

Duo nodded his acceptance, but didn't think he would enjoy it at all. After a moment's hesitation, he followed the pair to the closed off courtyard.

He noted that the area was beautifully decorated and filled with the pleasing scents of several different varieties of blending flowers. He almost felt detached from his body as Relena lead and positioned him over a spanking horse.

She spoke soothing words to him as she fastened his arms and legs down... no escape from his fate now. He jerked a little as she placed a sheath of some type over his erection. He knew he still sported one only because of the cock ring.

Relena stood in front of Duo and showed the apprehensive eyes the paddled she held in her hands. She noted that he saw the cord that dangled from the handle. "This is a training paddle, Duo. Each time I strike your lovely bottom, it will send a vibration to the sheath that's on your erection. With every strike you will receive an equal measure of pleasure. You will be paddled several times throughout the day until you don't need this to maintain an erection during a spanking.

Duo's eyes widened as he realized how effective this type of training would be. It would teach him to have pleasure in being spanked and the sheath would gradually be withdrawn so that just the spanking itself became the instrument of pleasure. Before he had time to protest or attempt to resist, Relena began.

Relena took her place behind Duo and smiling at her fellow master, brought the paddle down with a resounding blow… SMACK! She loved the way Duo wiggled his bottom as the pain hit him along with a jolt of pleasure from the vibrator on his cock. She quickly established a firm rhythm and soon the courtyard was filled with the loud sound of the leather paddle as it struck the helpless bottom put on display before it. Keeping up a steady pace, she admired the sight of that creamy skin as it darkened under her minstrations.

Duo moaned and cried out as he felt his body jerk forward and his bottom burn with each blow Relena landed on his butt, but at the same time, he felt intense pleasure from the sheath that vibrated and caressed his neglected erection. He was so confused at the moment. He wanted it to stop, he wanted more, he was drowning in the sensations that were running rampant in his body.

Duo looked so beautiful in his writhing and suffering and pleasure that Relena found it hard to stop. She realized in that moment that she would be spanking Duo a lot because he had a body made for it. He was one of the most responsive sexual creatures she had ever seen. Duo was one of those rare individuals who was made for loving and sex.

She drew back the paddle and administered three more blows, SMACK... SMACK… SMACK! She admired the lovely deep red shade of that perfect bottom as Duo quivered, exhausted from the ordeal. Gesturing for the other to leave, Relena quickly knelt down and began to soothe Duo. She knew he was feeling many conflicting emotions at the moment.

"Oh Duo, you did so well. You were so beautiful. Heero will be so proud of you. I know you feel vulnerable and open right now and that's the purpose. It lowers your guard and helps you open totally for your master. Come, you've earned your rest."

Duo squirmed restlessly all the way back to his room. He need release so badly now and the aching in his bottom along with the burning of unfulfilled desire was driving him nuts. He meekly allowed Relena to draw him down into a prepared bath.

He sat in a dazed state as she gently washed the sweat from his body and released his cock from its leather prison. Her hand encircled his neglected hardon and began to stroke it, building up the fires of passion even further.

Relena drank up the sight of the fey youth's passion as he thrust wildly into her encircling hand. Higher and higher his passion rose until with a scream of Heero's name, he came and passed out. She had never seen anything as beautiful as Duo Maxwell in the throes of an orgasm. Calling for her servant to dry off the exhausted boy and then put him to bed, one thought ran through her mind... Heero Yuy was a lucky man.


It had been two weeks now and Relena was pleased with how Duo was coming along in his training. He had begun to truly enjoy having his bottom spanked, but she still noticed a slight hesitation in him when complying with orders.

He had all the basics down such as kneeling, how to crawl without hurting his hands and knees, and how to read the body language of his master for a better response to commands. She was looking forward to today's lesson.

Duo was just finishing up cleaning Relena's room when the servant entered and announced that when he finished he was to join Mistress Relena in the courtyard for his morning spanking and then they would attends to his lesson for the day.

He was nervous about today's lesson because it would be something new. He and Heero had never experimented much and today would open up a new experience for him. Sighing as he finished up, he wondered how Heero was doing with his training under Treize and Dorothy. He missed his beloved more everyday.

Heero smirked down at the slave that was licking his boots clean. "You missed a spot. That was very sloppy of you. Go get the wooden paddle."

He watched appreciatively as the nubile youth went to retrieve the instrument for his punishment. Heero had discovered that he enjoyed spanking very much, after he had finally learned how to wield the various instruments used for such activities.

He remembered his first week when Treize had taken over his training personally and had shown him the different types of paddles, straps, belts and crops that could be used to spank the slaves with.

Treize had asked him to pick one and he had chosen a wicked looking riding crop because it had fascinated him. Treize had called a boy into the room and had him bend over and offer his bottom for Heero to practice on. Treize had explained that any of the slaves who had merited punishment for the week were volunteered as practice for masters in training.

Heero had raised the thin, hard rod when Treize had surprised him. For every blow he gave the boy, he had to give one to himself on some part of his body and he had to take the blow first before giving one to the slave.

Heero had scowled at that but had complied. He quickly learned why Treize had him do this. It taught him how hard the blows felt and motivated him to learn how to wield the instruments correctly. He had been told that until he could demonstrate that he was in full control of any device used to hit another with, he would have to experience the blows himself.

It was a wonderful motivator for learning to spank a slave without truly damaging the person. Heero had discovered that he liked to start out slow and soft and slowly build up the intensity until the bottom was a rich red. Then he liked to soothe the sore and heated flesh as well as pleasure his victim. He had been faithful to his koi. They had agreed to doing and accepting hand jobs and blowjobs but no penetration by others. The only exception allowed had been penetration by toys.

Heero hoped that the training would be over soon because he wanted to be with Duo again. He longed to see his love kneeling submissively before him, or stretched across his lap getting his bottom spanked and then having slow, hot sex with him.

A sound intruded upon his daydream and he realized the slave had returned. He positioned the slave so that he was on all fours on the ground with his bottom raised high in the air, waiting for the paddle. As he began to administer the punishment, he thought of his lovely Shinigami in the same position.

At that moment, Duo was bent over the spanking horse having his own bottom reddened in front of a crowd who took great delight in the writhing of the beauty before them. Hungry eyes watched the paddle fall again and again, darkening the once white flesh to a dark rose.

Relena landed a final blow and stood back to admire her work. Duo's delightful bottom was a brilliant shade of red that enhanced his already seductive form. Smiling, she released the straps holding him down and drew him to stand.

Duo cursed silently as he blushed. He couldn't stop the flush from appearing over his cheeks as the audience stared at his nude form, especially his freshly baked buns!

He no longer needed the training paddle to maintain an erection during a spanking, or after it. He had learned to accept the sensations and pleasure to be had from a spanking, but to really enjoy the act, he had to imagine that it was Heero who was doing the paddling.

Relena gently tugged downward on his leash, indicating she wanted him to crawl on his hands and knees to their next destination. He knew this position provided anyone they passed a great view of his reddened bottom.

Relena hummed softly to herself as they made their way towards the playroom. She was looking forward to Duo's reactions on what would be happening to him shortly.

They entered a plushly carpeted room and Relena motioned for Duo to kneel over by the bed that dominated the room.

Duo took a minute to admired the beauty of the room and note that it had wall to wall mirrors on every side. He turned as Relena called his name.

"Duo, I want you to pleasure yourself but you may not come. You will tell me when you feel your orgasm approaching. I want you to look at yourself in the mirrors and see how lovely you are in your passion"

Duo reached down self consciously at first and ran a light stroke up and down his swelled flesh. Seeing the beginnings of a frown form on Relena's face, he pretended that Heero was watching and gave himself over to the wanton side of his nature.

Relena drew in a breath to reprimand Duo when she saw him surrender to his passion. She licked her lips as she watched him run light teasing touches up and down his erection, before grasping it firmly and pumping it a couple of times before starting the teasing all over again.

He moaned and thrust, teased and rubbed his throbbing need as he imagined the dark gaze of his true master on him. He arched his back and began to thrust brazenly, showing off his beauty and passion for his imagined audience. Faster and faster his thrusts became, he was so close and he wanted to come so badly.

At the last minute he remembered that he did not have permission to come and moaned out his disappointment as he informed Relena that he was so very close.

Relena barely heard Duo's announcement, so caught up was she in the vision before her. Getting herself under control she ordered him to remove his hands and take a few deep breaths to calm his raging blood.

She walked over to a drawer and drew out a huge dildo. She grinned wickedly at the widening of Duo's eyes. "Have you ever played with sex toys before Duo?"

Duo shook his head 'no' as she drew near with the huge latex toy. He knew it couldn't be much bigger that Heero's but it was still intimidating. He noted that it had a handle attached to it as Relena held it in front of his face.

"Duo, I want you to show me how well you can use your mouth." Thrusting the toy into his shocked mouth she gave her command, "Suck it and then deep throat it if you can"

Duo hesitated before sucking timidly on the invader in his mouth. Slowly, he began to relax and suck it in earnest, especially when Relena began to move it in and out of his mouth. After he got comfortable and relaxed, he took a deep breath and slid the toy deep into his throat.

Relena was pleased. After he had relaxed, Duo had displayed good technique with his cock sucking and he could deep throat. He wouldn't need instruction in that area. She was ready for the next step.

Duo felt the dildo leave his mouth and he sat back and waited for his next command. He found himself following an order to crawl up on the bed and get on all fours, spreading his legs wide.

Relena walked over to a drawer and withdrew a tube of lube and generously cover the dildo before sitting on the bed behind Duo. She held back a giggle as Duo jumped when she ran a teasing finger over his puckered opening.

Duo had to call on all of his control not to jerk away as Relena penetrated him with a finger. He found himself responding to her knowing touch as she messaged the inner walls, coaxing him to relax and open up to her. It wasn't long before she had the longhaired youth moaning as she began to thrust two long fingers in and out, making sure to rub his prostate each time.

Duo felt his body relax even more as she added a third finger. Part of him wanted to resist but he reminded himself that this was part of the training and that he would submit. He was lost in the sensations of pleasure and wasn't even aware that he was being penetrated by the dildo until it was already a fourth of the way in.

Relena rubbed Duo's back as he tensed slightly as he realized he was being penetrated with the toy now. She slowly slid it in and out, pushing it back in a little further each time. Soon she had it all the way in and she began a slow building pace with the toy. Continuing to pleasure the fey boy before her, she watched as he came closer and closer to a climax. When he reached up to stroke his aching flesh she denied him.

"No, Duo. You will be allowed to come, but only from the pleasure derived from this toy. You must surrender to it and to me before I will let you climax."

She chuckled inwardly as she saw the rebellion in his face at that comment and increased the thrusting of the dildo, slamming it into his prostate again and again. Their battle of wills continued until Duo's overwhelming need forced him to give in and beg.

"Please let me come, Mistress Relena. I need to come so bad now"

"Of course, pet. All you had to do was ask." She pulled the dildo almost totally out of his body before slamming it in hard and quick and hitting the prostate to send a jolt of pure pleasure into Duo's already overloaded senses.

Duo could feel release just out of his reach. Then he felt the slam of the sex toy against his prostate and screamed out his surrender as he came, spilling his creamy seed upon his chest and hand. He collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion.

He trembled from the force of his orgasm as Relena stroked his sensitive body. "Do you see now how wonderful play with toys can be, my sweet?"

Duo nodded his agreement. He would always love the real thing but he could definitely get to appreciate the use of toys. He drifted off to sleep unaware of the intense look he was receiving from his trainer.

Relena sighed as she watched Duo drift into sleep. She needed to talk to Zechs. Duo was obeying every command and he was performing well but she could always sense a holding back and a very slight hesitation in him. She was beginning to wonder if he had the ability to be a true submissive. She would discuss it with her brother and they would decide what to do together.


Duo was dusting the books in the library when the summons came for him to attend Relena and Zechs in the main office. Frowning softly, he wondered what they wanted with him. He ran over his performance for the past week and could not remember doing anything that would require he be addressed by Zechs. Feeling equal parts of curiosity and dread, the nude boy gracefully made his way to the room.

Duo knocked on the door and entered at the gentle summons. He knelt before the pair and kissed each booted foot before sitting back on his legs and awaiting their first command. He couldn't help the slight tensing throughout his body as he took in identical looks of concern.

"Duo," began Relena, "You have progressed much in our time together. You follow through with all commands flawlessly, but there is always a slight hesitation before you follow those commands. I have also noticed that you tend to hold back just a little bit and never fully submit to me. Zechs and I are concerned about this and we wonder if this is truly the right path for you."

Zechs smiled gently at the longhaired youth before addressing him. "We are concerned that you might hurt yourself trying to be something you're not. This is for enjoyment and pleasure and we are afraid that you do not truly enjoy this. This is not the sort of play you should do if you have reservations about it and are not totally accepting of your role. Relena and I feel that you should stop and maybe rethink this. This may not be the path for you."

Duo took a moment to swallow his anger; after all, they were only concerned about his wellbeing. "Permission to speak frankly?"

"Of course Duo, that's why you're here. We just want to be sure this is right for you before proceeding. We cannot graduate you if we have doubts."

Duo nodded his understanding to Zechs before speaking his mind. "I understand your concern, but I told you at the beginning that I had reservations about being a slave for anyone other than Heero. I love Heero and I can do this for him."

Relena interrupted, "Duo, the hesitation doesn't bother me as much as the fact that you don't really appear to enjoy this. You should be getting more pleasure out of this no matter who the master or mistress is."

"Think about who I am and what you just said Relena," stated Duo. "To truly enjoy being a slave you must trust the master or mistress implicitly. I'm an ex-terrorist. Relena, there are very few people in this world that I trust. I trust Heero with my life, my body, and even my soul. I trust the other pilots just as much because we have a bond that is unbreakable. Although I do trust you and Zechs, I can't totally relax with you. Zechs was the enemy at one time and you were our mission. We were your protection Relena, so it's hard for me to totally relax around you because I never did in the first place."

He could tell by the looks of surprise that neither of them had considered that.

"So what do we do, Duo? You say you can be a slave and be happy doing it, but how will we ever know if you can't totally relax and surrender to us?"

Duo smiled in anticipation. "By giving me a test... with Heero as the master."

Relena looked at Zechs before voicing her opinion; "I don't see a problem with it. Treize and Dorothy can also come and it can be a test for Heero as well. It will address all our concerns and let us be sure we are doing the right thing."

Zechs rubbed his chin for a moment, "I agree. I'll set it up. Duo, you rest for the day because the test will be tonight."

Duo rose from the floor and left the room, fairly quivering at the thought of being allowed to be with his koi. He planned to bathe and make himself beautiful for the evening's reveries.

Duo was overflowing with energy as the day drew to a close. He knew he would be summoned to attend to a private dinner with Zechs, Relena, Treize, Dorothy, and Heero. He glanced at his appearance in the mirror. He had pinned his hair up so that it wouldn't be in the way this evening if they wanted him on his hands and knees. His large, colorful eyes were outlined in kohl to enhance their overall beauty and his toned body was lightly covered in a softly scented oil. He was as ready as he'd ever be.

Duo followed the servant sent to lead him to the dining room. He glanced at all the occupants of the room but his eyes were riveted to his handsome koi. Heero was positively stunning in tight leather pants, no shirt, and fingerless leather gloves.

Heero drank in the sight of his lovely Duo. He had been denied the feast for his eyes too long. Duo's nude body glistened with a light covering of oil and his hair pinned up that way gave him a vulnerable and submissive look. He spent several minutes staring at the swollen member between the long legs, evidence of Duo's desire for him.

"Duo, greet the others and then show them how you greet your true master."

The fey youth sank gracefully to his knees, submission in every movement of his body. He crawled across the marbled floor to each set of boots and gave each a soft respectful kiss before adding a seductive slink to his crawl as he approached his master.

Relena and Zechs used all their self-control and kept their jaws from dropping. Neither could believe that this was the same Duo they had been working with these past weeks. They could feel the sexual tension between the two ex-pilots and Relena felt pure lust as Duo lovingly laved every inch of Heero's black leather boots with that soft, pink tongue. When the lithe boy had finished cleaning Heero's boots, he had then rubbed his cheek against a muscular thigh like a great cat in need of attention.

Heero was proud of his lovely slave. He stroked the silky hair of the nude youth as he noted the arousal of all in the room caused by Duo's erotic greeting of his master. Smiling, he gently cupped the American's chin, lifting up his head to meet the glorious eyes and gave his order. "You may serve us dinner, pet. When everyone is served, you will take your place on that pillow by my chair."

Duo drew himself to his feet and escorted the Lady Relena to her chair and then performed the same act for Dorothy. He led the men to their seats and poured wine for everyone. All that was left was to fill a plate for each and set it before them.

Relena and Zechs watched Duo for any hesitation or signs that he was not enjoying himself. Both noted that he had served them dinner flawlessly and had been happy and content to sit at Heero's feet and be fed from his hand. Duo had given little moans of pleasure each time he had sucked the fingers of his lover clean after being given a bite of food.

Heero knew this was a test of Duo's obedience and of his ability to enjoy performing as a slave. He decided it was time to prove that Duo did have what it takes. He reached over and selected a small empty bowl and poured some wine in it. He then set it on the floor in front of the slender boy and commanded that he lap up the liquid without the use of his hands.

Duo shivered and felt a blush grow across his cheeks at the order to lap up the bowl of sweet wine as a cat would. He felt embarrassed and excited at the same time. Leaning down, he began to take delicate licks at the ruby red liquid. The sweetness filled his mouth and he began to revel in the act as he heard the tiny gasp of breath followed by a low moan from Heero as he lapped at the liquid in the bowl. His enjoyment grew as Heero waited until he had some of the wine in his mouth and then grabbed him, pulled him up, and plundered his mouth, stealing his breath as well as the wine.

Heero feasted on that full mouth for several minutes, before drawing back and setting his slave back on all fours. Taking a minute to fight down his desire to spread Duo on the table and fuck him senseless, he turned to the others. "Master Zechs, would you please take a seat in the chair at the center of the room?"

Zechs raised an eyebrow but complied with the request. He watched, filled with curiosity as Heero spoke to Duo.

"Duo, do you find Zechs attractive?"

"Yes, Master. He is very pleasing to the eye."

"I want you to pleasure him with that talented mouth of yours, but all pleasure has a price. While you pleasure him and take pleasure from sucking him off, Relena will be spanking your pretty bottom for my pleasure and the pleasure of the others. I expect you to put on a good show for us, pet. Relena, there is a selection of paddles and straps over on the counter, pick one and begin as soon as he starts entertaining Zechs."

Duo walked over and knelt on the floor in front of Zechs. He smiled sweetly before kissing his way up the muscled thighs to reach his prize. He felt Relena position herself behind him and he lifted his bottom up as high as possible, providing her with a clear target.

He eagerly unbuttoned the pants and freed the dripping erection of the blond. Leaning forward he took the head into his mouth and felt the kiss of a thick leather strap on his bottom as he swallowed the hard, pulsing flesh.

It took all of Duo's concentration to suck and lick the thick organ in his mouth as Relena applied the strap to his bottom mercilessly. He found himself thrusting forward to take Zechs deep down into his throat and then as he pulled back, sucking all the way; he would thrust out his bottom to meet the blow of the strap.

He was drowning in sensation and enjoying every minute of it because he knew his Heero was watching and enjoying it. He had always enjoyed sucking cock, and he took time to taste every inch of the throbbing mass in his mouth. Zechs was delicious, but not as tasty as his love! He felt Zechs stabilize his head as he took over and began to fuck Duo's hot mouth for all he was worth. As Zechs took his mouth, Duo became aware that Relena was matching the hard spanks to the thrusting of her brother.

All too soon, Duo found himself wiggling wildly as the blows to his bottom became harder and harder as they were matched to the thrusting of Zechs in and out of his mouth. His bottom burned, even as his throat did and throughout it all his own neglected erection jumped and screamed for release that was denied.

Heero could feel himself swelling more and more as Zechs thrusted wildly in and out of Duo's mouth. Heero could tell he was close. He enjoyed the sight of Duo's bottom getting redder and redder under the ministrations of Relena. He had thought it a stroke of genius that she had matched her blows and the strength of the blows to Zechs thrusting.

With eyes over running with lust, Heero saw Zechs stiffen and knew that he had climaxed and was spilling his seed down that long, slender throat. He noted that Relena continued to spank Duo's bottom with resounding smacks and then finally slowed her strikes until they were a light teasing of the welts that had been raised all over the firm half moons before her.

Heero stood and went to gather his exhausted slave. Duo was trembling from unfulfilled desire as well as covered in sweat from pleasuring Zechs and withstanding the spanking. Reaching down, he gathered then beauty into his arms and planted kisses all over the gamin face as he whispered praise to the fey youth.

Relena, Treize, Dorothy, and Zechs stared in awe at the tender statement that appeared briefly on the Japanese youth's face as Duo gently smiled up at him. In that minute they all understood why the pair was doing this. Having Duo surrender himself like this allowed Heero to let down all his barriers.

For Relena and Zechs it had been an eye-opening evening. Both had seen that Duo was the most exquisite of slaves, but only for Heero and by Heero's command. He had obviously enjoyed himself tremendously this night and neither had any lingering doubts about graduating him. Relena smiled as she wished the pair a passion filled night because for Duo, the night hadn't ended yet.


Heero entered the room assigned to Duo and headed for the bathroom. He had sent a servant ahead to draw up a bath for the sweat-drenched boy. He cuddled the exotic beauty to him for a few more seconds, reluctant to set him down and lose the closeness they were sharing at that moment.

Duo groaned in disappointment, as he was set gently into the steaming water. He was enjoying being cradled in the strong arms of his koi. He sighed as the warm water soothed the burning sensation of his well-spanked bottom, and relaxed further as Heero took a damp cloth and began to bathe him.

The Japanese youth lavished attention and affection all over the body of his American lover; he washed and messaged every part of that creamy flesh. Taking a moment to thoroughly rinse the lather off his slave, he then gathered him up again and carried him into the bedroom.

Duo reveled in being pampered by Heero. His beloved was using the softest of towels to dry his body. He felt his body melt as he was given a soothing massage, and then a numbing cream was rubbed into the sore flesh of his bottom.

Heero took his time with relaxing his kobito. He had carefully applied a soothing cream to his flaming red buttocks. He wanted moans of pleasure when he made love to this elfin creature, not cries of pain. As he rubbed every inch of the slender form beneath him, he commented on the evening's performance.

"I was very proud of you Duo. You were exquisite. Tell me, does Relena generally paddle you that harshly?"

"No, Master. I think she was excited tonight and maybe a little envious that I never responded to her like that. I belong to you and you alone."

"Your answer pleases me, my lovely little slave. I give you a gift as a sign of my pleasure. You may give Relena a little payback for the enthusiasm she had on your delectable form tonight. Just be sure to wait until after you graduate."

Glorious violet eyes looked back at him over a firm shoulder. Heero chuckled at the devilish glee he saw in those lovely orbs. Deciding that Duo was relaxed enough, he turned to more pleasurable pursuits.

Leaning down he planted small kisses down the toned back of the pilot of Deathscythe, and drank up the small moans of pleasure uttered by the fey boy spread out before him. He ran strong hands over every inch of that flesh, causing flames of desire to stoke higher.

Duo was in heaven as Heero stroked his body, playing him like a finely tuned instrument. He arched into every touch and let his master know of his pleasure in pleading moans and mewls. He kissed and gently sucked on the hands every time they came within reach of his hungry mouth.

The Japanese youth groaned as he felt that soft, hot mouth lick and kiss at his fingers and hands. He realized he wanted that full mouth to suck on something else. He motioned for Duo to kneel on the floor. Reaching out, he guided the unresisting head between his now spread legs.

Duo willingly allowed himself to be drawn to Heero's waiting erection. He eagerly took the large organ into his mouth and began to lick and suck on it. He slowly drew it deeper and deeper into his mouth, until it was half way down his throat, then he hummed.

Heero cried out as he came hard from the ministrations of his beloved. He enjoyed the sensation of Duo drinking down every drop of his passion.

Smiling at the kneeling beauty, Heero gently stroked one soft cheek on the gamin face. "I want to watch you pleasure yourself, but you may not cum. I will be the one to grant you that pleasure."

Duo shivered at the growled command. He rose to his feet and walked around the bed and crawled up on it, taking a kneeling position opposite of Heero. He wanted to be sure his master had an unrestricted view of his body.

Duo slowly spread his legs apart as wide as they would go. He drew a long fingered hand up to his mouth and sucked on the delicate fingers, wetting each thoroughly. After thrusting the fingers in and out of his mouth erotically, he trailed them down his body to the throbbing heat between his legs that begged for deliverance.

He lightly ran his fingers over the erect length before caressing the dewed slit. He covered his hand with the creamy substance and licked it off of his hand. His passion rose at the growled moan he heard from his partner. Looking up into the face of his beloved, Duo couldn't suppress a gasp at the raw desire etched on that exotic face.

Encouraged by the response of his mate, Duo wrapped his hand around his erection and began to pump it with long, smooth strokes. Higher and higher the pleasure rose until he was so close to coming. It would only take a little bit to thrust him over and release his seed but he had been forbidden. He struggled to hold back his release, even as he whimpered to let his master know how close he was. He continued with the sweet torture of teasing his member while denying release, praying that soon his love would have mercy on him and either allow him to come or stop while he still had the ability to hold back.

Heero drank in the sight of his koi's passion and reveled in the struggle as Duo continued to pleasure himself while trying to hold back his climax. That magnificent body was drenched in sweat and trembling with the effort of obeying his master. Deciding it was time to end both of their suffering, he gave a command. "Enough, you may stop. Lay down on the bed and spread yourself for me. Remain that way and I will be back in a minute."

He left the room to get scented oil to use for lubricant. He quickly returned and enjoyed the view of Duo lying on the bed, legs stretched wide open and waiting for him to fill that tight puckered opening.

Duo had time to calm his raging blood some as Heero left the room, but it quickly ignited again as his beloved stripped for his pleasure. Each garment that covered his body was slowly removed and then dropped to the floor until Heero stood before him in all of his nude glory.

Heero dipped his fingers in the oil and after coating them, thrust them hard into the willing body before him. He took a minute to note the gasp that was filled with both pain and pleasure before he continued in his task to stretch the opening. He was in great need now after watching the longhaired youth writhe in passionate need.

Duo was moaning constantly now as Heero finger fucked him to get him ready for the main event. He began to beg and plead in moans and whimpers because he had not been given permission to speak. He began to weave his body in a seductive siren call that his master was only too ready to answer.

Heero lost it as Duo began to sway and writhe in a dance of enticement. He withdrew his fingers and positioned himself, before plunging deep inside the body of his willing slave.

Duo screamed out in pleasure as his lover finally took him. His master was consumed with lust and pounded his body unmercifully. Duo's body rocked hard from the force of the thrusting and he enjoyed every minute of it; he slammed his body downward to meet each thrust and saw white each time Heero hit his prostate.

Heero stroked harder and more forcefully with each passing second. It had been too long and he couldn't get enough of the sensation of being inside Duo's velvet depths. He tried to slow down the pace and prolong their joining, but the need consuming his body denied his efforts.

All too soon the pair could feel their climax approaching and clinging tightly to one another; they took the leap together. With a final thrust deep inside Duo's body, Heero made sure to slam into the small nub deep inside him and both spilled their essence as a tribute to their love and passion for one another.

Exhausted, the pair wrapped around each other knowing that all to soon the morning would come and they would be apart again. Heero planted loving kisses on the face and neck of the one he adored and whispered "Ai Shiteru" as they both entered the embrace of sleep.


Duo smiled as he waited for his turn to mount the platform and receive his official certificate of completed training, as well as the collar and cuffs engraved with Heero's personal symbol.

It had been a hard two months, especially knowing that Heero had been graduated after their night together. He'd been a little depressed by that, and had felt that he had somehow failed his beloved by not graduating with him when Zechs and Relena had explained things.


"Duo, what's wrong? You seem so down these past two days?"

Duo glanced into the Relena's concerned eyes and then glanced behind her at her brother. He knew she was waiting for an answer. "I heard that Heero had graduated. I'm happy for him but I... I wanted us to graduate at the same time. Am I doing so badly that I have to have another two months of training?"

Relena rushed forward and began to soothingly stroke the kneeling youth before her. She also noted that Zechs had joined her in comforting the distraught boy. "Duo, you've done nothing wrong. In fact, you will be graduating early due to your performance with Heero. All Masters tend to graduate before those in slave training. Usually the slave isn't ready for the master until another four months have past. You've cut that time in half!"

Duo stared at the pair; not quite fully believing what they were telling him. "You mean I'm really doing well? That graduating in two months is a sign of being advanced in the training? I haven't shamed Heero?"

Zechs laughed softly as he replied, "No, little one. You should be very proud of your progress. I seriously doubt if it took you the full 4 months that Heero would be displeased with you. I don't think I've ever seen such a strong and loving match before. You two will do well and be the envy of every Master and Slave pairing I know of."

"I have to second that", interrupted Relena. "I do hope you two will attend some of the parties that will be held for such pairings. It's a chance for the Masters to show off their pride and joys!"

*End Flashback*

Duo had been very grateful to the pair for helping him overcome his concerns. It was shortly after that when Zechs took over his training, much to Relena's disappointment. An old friend of the family had just gotten a new slave that needed training and she had specifically requested that Relena take her stubborn slave in hand. Relena had wanted to refuse because she knew she would have to turn Duo over to someone else.

He could still remember the yelling match that ensued between the siblings as Zechs put his foot down for once and forced her to take on the new slave. Duo winced every time he saw the poor girl on the spanking horse because Relena made sure she paid for his loss.

Zechs had been an interesting change from Relena and he was glad for the experience. While Zechs enjoyed giving his slaves a good paddling every once in a while, he really focused on the domination side. Zechs much preferred to demonstrate a total control over his subjects.

Duo received much fine-tuning of his submissive skills under the blond's tutelage. He still remembered the day he had served Zechs as his footstool. He spent the entire day following Zechs to his different meetings, being put on display while he made sure a drink and morsels to eat were available for consumption during the meeting. Then he would lay down on his belly on the floor and take his position as Zechs foot prop.

He learned a lot in that meeting. Most of the other slaves slept but Duo listened and learned a lot about the business of S & M merchandising. Sometimes, Zechs would have him sit at his side and he would spend the meeting soothing himself by stroking those honey colored silky locks adorning Duo's head.

He jerked his awareness back to his surroundings as he realized he would be called on next. His gaze wandered over to Relena and Zechs. He had certainly learned a lot from the pair and had also had some great sexual experiences with them.

Relena and Zechs both were experts with sex toys and seemed to get a great deal of pleasure out of using them on Duo. He had also pleasured Zechs orally several times and then had the favor returned. He had only had oral sex with Relena once. It had been on their last night together and it had been his way of saying thank-you for all her help. He still intended to pull a prank on her before he left tomorrow though!

Finally he heard his name called and he walked proudly up the stairs to receive his reward. His smile was positively dazzling as Zechs removed the training collar and cuffs and placed the black and gold with amethyst jewels collar around his neck.

The delicate gold tag hanging from it proclaimed him the property of Heero Yuy. His matching cuffs quickly followed as well as a matching cock ring that had Zechs smirking as he placed it around the plumped organ. He chuckled as he elicited a soft moan as he teasingly stroked the hardness before handing Duo his certificate.

In a daze the braided youth joined the other graduates, his mind filled with images of his beloved and the fact that they would soon be reunited.

The graduated students and their trainers celebrated deep into the night before turning in. Some spending a last night with their trainers, other going to their waiting masters, but Duo went to his bed alone. Heero had been on a mission for the Preventers and was unable to attend the graduation.

It was shortly before dawn that Duo rose and began his plot for payback. He had drugged Relena's wine at the party and now picked the lock to her door and slipped in.

He gazed down at his sleeping victim and snickered as he slowly picked her up and took her from the room.

A short while later, Duo examined his work, nodded in satisfaction and went to place a note on one of the visitors doors. In the next few minutes, slaves would be waking everybody up and getting them ready for breakfast in the courtyard. The note would be given to the room's occupant along with a gift. Duo checked on his victim one last time before making sure the hidden video camera was in place and slipping silently from the compound to head home.


Dorothy woke up with a pounding headache. She and Treize had attended the graduation specifically to see Duo graduate. She sighed as a slave bustled around the room and drew open the curtains to let in the early morning light. The slave quietly handed her a note and a small square box. As she read the note her eyes widened and then she burst into full blown laughter.

Opening the lid to the box, she wasn't at all surprised by the content. Still laughing, she got dressed and headed for the open courtyard. She sent the slave to make sure that everyone present at the school attended breakfast in the courtyard.

Relena slowly awoke as the sunlight gently caressed her face. She tensed her arms to draw them up for a good stretch, when she realized that she couldn't move them. Frantically she looked around and recognized that she was in the main courtyard.

About the time she realized where she was, Relena also recognized what she was on. She had been strapped to a spanking horse. After struggling wildly for a few minutes with no results, it dawned on her that she was naked as a jaybird.

Her faced turned bright red as she realized that at any moment the courtyard would be filling up with masters and slaves wanting breakfast. Everyone would see her naked and bent over a spanking horse just like a slave. She renewed her struggles when she heard a familiar voice.

"Having difficulty, my dear?"

"Dorothy! Thank God! Please get me out of this contraption and then we're going to hunt down Duo and he's going to pay for this! I know he's behind this!"

"I think this called payback, Relena. Personally, I think it's well deserved. You did spank him more than necessary."

"He liked it. Besides, he just looked so beautiful with a red bottom. Anyone in my position would have done the same."

"Well darling, I think it's time you remembered what it can be like in a slaves position."

"What?!!! Dorothy, you bitch! Get me out of this."

Relena look up to glare at Dorothy and realized that the courtyard was filling and everyone, masters and slaves alike were enjoying the scene. Soon everyone in residence was present. Relena had pleaded with Zechs to get her loose, but even her brother had agreed that she needed a lesson.

Dorothy licked her lips in anticipation. It had been a long time since she had last had Relena under her paddle. Snickering, she yanked the note taped to Relena's bare bottom and held it up. "Oh look, it says 'spank me.' I think I will!"

Relena yelped softly as she felt the tape pulled off her bottom. Her face reddened even further as Dorothy read the note that had been attached to the tape. Relena felt her humiliation increase further as Dorothy opened a small box and drew out her personal paddle.

Laughing at the irony, Dorothy drew back Relena's own paddle and let fly with the first of many hard blows to the delicate, creamy buttocks on display for all to see. She continued to spank the Queen of the World in front of everyone until her bottom was a dark red and the contrite woman was sobbing softly.

The tall blonde then released her sobbing victim and cuddled her close, pressing light kisses to her face. "There, there. Has it been so long since you had one of my spankings that you carry on like this? You spanked Duo just as hard and he didn't carry on half as much."

Relena slowly quieted under the caressed of her former Mistress. Sighing softly, she spoke. "I guess I did deserve that. I did tend to spank Duo more and harder that any other slave I've ever had. It wasn't done out of malice, he was just so sexy like that! I just couldn't resist! Next time I'll have more self control."

"Yes pet you will, or we'll have a repeat of this performance!" Dorothy drew her love off to their bedroom for a serious making up session.


Duo smiled softly as he watched the two leave. He had watched the whole thing, hidden safely in the bushes. He silently slipped over the walls of the school without anyone knowing he was there. He was well satisfied with the lesson Relena just re-learned. It was time to return home... to his beloved.



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