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Title: To the Victor: part 1 & 2
Author: dena
pairings: 1x2, 3x4, not sure about Wufei yet...either Zechs or Treize
Warnings: AU in a fantasy setting. Some OOC but no feminized boys!
Notes: This part has a 1x2 lemon ! Enjoy!

Part 3

Duo smiled up at Relena as her priestesses finished the final touches on his hair. He felt beautiful for the first time in his life and it excited him that he looked this way for Heero.

"You look lovely, Duo. Heero will be speechless when he sees you." Indeed, Relena was practically speechless herself as she took in the youth's attire. Her priestesses had delved deeply into the vaults and had found the bonding attire for one who had wings. The gossamer garment was a translucent rainbow of shimmering blues, violets, and greens. It looped around his neck and covered his front, yet left his back bare, much like a halter, that allowed his delicate wings to flutter unfettered.

The garment revealed and concealed, barely, at the same time. His silken hair had been left down and was filled with artistically placed jewels. The finishing touches were delicately wrought armbands engraved with the symbol of his lineage.

"Now, for the final piece." Relena handed Duo a crystal clear gem that was to be his token to his bonded. Every bonded allowed a drop of blood to fall on the crystal, which absorbed their life force and bound them to their partner.

Duo smiled as it was announced that he was ready and it was time for the ceremony. He was taken to the great hall in the temple and took his place kneeling at the foot of the altar.


Heero swallowed nervously as his friends assured him that he looked magnificent as he waited for the signal to enter the temple. He was wearing the formal robes of his house as well as his family sword. The deep cobalt blue matched the shade of his eyes and enhanced his exotic good looks.

The doors opened and Heero entered with his dearest friends. The boys walked forward to the altar with heads held high. Heero could only stare at his beautiful friend and soon to be lover. He was so honored that Duo had chosen him and wanted him for a mate. He knew in his heart that Duo was the only one for him and he would do all in his power to protect and cherish the smiling youth before him.

Duo smiled radiantly as Heero knelt down beside him, as their friends stood to the side as official witnesses. Both placed the clear jewels they had on the altar as Relena stepped forward.

Everyone in the temple gasped as they saw that Relena's eyes were a glowing, benevolent yellow. She was possessed by the Goddess! The Goddess herself was joining the two kneeling before her!

"My children.a time of change is coming." The voice was Relena's alto overlaid with the rushing sounds of earth's wind upon the fields and earth's waves upon the shores. "You must be strong my children and save the land from the evil wrought upon it. These two are my chosen to right the wrongs against the land. I join them now so that they may support and draw strength from each other for the coming trials. Duo and Heero, my blessings upon this union and I bind your souls into one with the exchanging of the jewels."

Duo's hands trembled slightly from the great honor bestowed upon them as he cut his hand on the sharp edge of the altar and allowed the blood to fall on the jewel in front of him. All watched as the jewel glowed brightly and changed to a vibrant deep purple.

Heero stretched forward a hand and mirrored Duo's actions. His blood flowed over his own stone and changed it into a deep, rich blue color.

The stones were then kissed by the Goddess and handed back to the boys. Duo touched his stone to his forehead and pledged his love and loyalty to Heero. Pressing a gentle kiss to the exotic youth's lips, as he handed him the stone to seal his bond.

Heero knelt in shock for a moment from the silken lips that had brushed his mouth. He forced himself to finish the ceremony as he kissed the jewel he had christened with his blood. He pledged his protection and love to the fey creature in front of him and handed over his own jewel even as he placed the one given to him onto the underside of his wrist, where it painlessly embedded itself as a sign of his bonded state.

He watched eagerly as his jewel embedded itself onto the delicate wrist of his love. The jewels would now fully activate and allow them to each feel the other after they had joined their bodies together.

The newly bonded pair rose together and walked from the temple to the cheers of their friends and families. They quickly disappeared from sight as they went to the special grove that had been prepared for their first night.

Holding hands, the joined couple entered the groove. Turning, they faced each other and smiled. Heero reached out a tender hand and stroked a smooth alabaster cheek.

Duo covered the hand on his cheek and nuzzled into it. He was drawn hesitantly into a strong embrace. The two leaned forward to touch lips into a kiss and ended up bumping their noses together. Laughing nervously, the two tried again and pressed their lips together.

The pair laughed gently as they fumbled their way through a first close mouthed kiss. Heero was the first to speak. "Quatre said it would get better with practice." Realizing that he felt as excited and unsure as Duo looked at the moment, he suggested that they disrobe and swim in the little lagoon before them. They had gone swimming together frequently as children and he hoped the simple act would dispell the nervous tension.

Duo blushed a fiery red as he slipped his garments off and appeared nude before his bonded. He knew Heero had seen him this way when he had emerged from his cocoon, but it just wasn't the same. Cautiously, he looked up to see the reaction of his mate to his bared form.

Heero's eyes ran over the lithe, perfect form before him. He wanted to touch that silky soft skin again. He quickly threw off his own robes wanting to see Duo's reaction to his own unadorned body. He sighed in relief and satisfaction as Duo's eyes ran over his flesh and glazed over in desire.

Heero stepped into the water, took a deep breath, and motioned for Duo to join him. He smiled shyly as Duo hesitantly moved in his direction and finally stepped into the cool water beside him.

The pair reached out trembling hands and gave each other gentle exploratory caresses, touching each other as lovers for the first time.

Heero drew a hand down Duo's chest, then jerked his hand back as if it had been burned when Duo gasped as he stroked a nipple. Terrified he had done something wrong, he blurted out the first thing that popped into his head. "Quatre made me do it!"

Duo giggled nervously. "It's ok, Heero. It felt good. It just... surprised me."

Heero forced himself to relax and reach out to touch the beautiful boy in front of him again. He drew the fey youth closer and touched his mouth to his lover's.

Duo wasn't sure what to do when Heero touched his lips to his mouth. It felt tingly. He instinctively moved his mouth under Heero's and was rewarded with a moan. He was very much enjoying the kissing until Heero stuck his tongue in his mouth and ended up drooling on him in the process.

The two pulled back and wiped a hand over their mouths to get rid of the wet feeling. Heero looked chagrined as he addressed his little one. "Quatre said it might be messy until we practice some. Can.can we try again?"

Smiling, Duo reached for Heero this time and he initiated the kiss. It was still sloppy, but both enjoyed it more now that they knew what to expect.

Soon the touches became bolder as confidence was gained and each boy realized that the strokes and touches brought pleasure.

Passion rose and both began to relax and enjoy it more. Finally, they were ready to join. Heero repeated to Duo all the advice that Quatre had given him and although both remained unsure, they wanted to bond totally.

The pair left the water and found bedding off to the side that had been prepared for them. A bowl of sweet smelling oil was set beside the plush, pillowed bower.

Heero dipped his fingers into the oil and made sure to cover them generously. He felt his fingers tingle slightly and realized that the oil had a mild relaxant in it. He directed Duo to lay down and spread his legs out. He smiled at the blush that had reappeared in the smooth cheeks.

Heero began to prepare Duo by just rubbing the delicate pucker between his legs. Duo had tensed with the first touch and Heero used the time to relax them both.

As Heero progressed, Duo began to talk to him despite his embarrassment. He guided his love by telling him when Heero's stretching fingers were hurting and when it began to feel good. Soon, Duo was moaning and too overwhelmed with new feelings and sensations to continue his guiding dialogue and Heero was left to figure it out on his own.

Heero could feel his manhood throbbing with the need to take his mate but he was determined that they both would enjoy this. Soon, all four of his fingers were sliding in and out of Duo and causing only pleasure.

When Heero was certain Duo was ready, he positioned himself for penetration. He pushed forward slowly and froze in surprise when Duo cried out in pain.

Feeling tears spring to his eyes and feeling that he had failed, he began to pull out. He was surprised when Duo placed a gentle kiss on his lips and asked him to continue.

"Don't stop Heero. It does hurt but didn't Quatre tell you it would the first time. Just go slowly and give me time to relax and adjust." A gentle hand caressed Heero's face, trying to smooth the lines of worry and pain that had settled there. "I want this, too."

Humbled by the bravery of the lovely boy beneath him, Heero continued his penetration. Slowly, an inch at a time, he kept moving until he was fully sheathed. He was sweating heavily, as was Duo, from the effort.

Looking down, Heero noticed that Duo's face had softened some as he had entered him. He knew he needed to let Duo relax before moving, so he used this time to touch the most sensitive organ on his lover's body.

Duo cried out as the dark haired boy began to stroke him. He soon found himself writhing at the boy's touch as his lover's length buried inside him stoked the fires of his passion higher and higher. Grinning with all the joy overflowing within him, he begged for his love to move inside him.

Heero cried out as he followed Duo's command and began to slowly thrust in and out of the tight passage he was buried in. It didn't take long before both the inexperienced youth's came. Duo splashed his seed over their joined bodies, while Heero filled his true love with his essence.

The sated pair cuddled close and felt the last part of their bonding fall into place. The two could feel each other most intimately, deep within their souls. Neither noticed that the jewels in their wrists now had a glow to them to indicate the bonding was complete.

The young lovers fell asleep content to know that they were one and would face any trials ahead together.