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Part 2


Relena sighed softly as she watched a set of warriors’ attack each other. The fighting in the arena had been going on for a week now and most challengers had been eliminated. Now only the best remained. She had noticed that Duo had become more despondent with each fight and it was easy to guess why. It was clear that Duo already had his heart set on a mate and it bothered him to see others fighting over him when he had no intention of accepting anyone other than his chosen.

Relena would have put a stop to the fighting as soon as she realized Duo's preference but had been forbidden to end things by the Goddess herself. She had served their deity as her high priestess for over a millenium and would not defy her now. Smiling softly, she offered the lovely youth what comfort she could. "Do not worry Duo. There is a reason for everything and the fierce ones needed this too cool the fires that burn hotly in their blood. I am sure your chosen will win. He will allow no other to claim you."

Duo smiled softly at the high priestess. She was kind to try and comfort him but he would not rest easy until all this was over with. He was also worried about the strange pull he felt to go to the temple. He suspected that as soon as the fights were over with, he would be unable to resist the compulsion. He knew that his having wings and greater magic was a sign of changes to come and that soon the Goddess would be ready to reveal those reasons.

Heero stepped forward. There were only two of them now. He sized up his opponent as he entered the ring. The figure before him well toned and lithe, the face determined. Hilde had been quick and clever in her fights and Heero knew this would not be an easy win for him. He glanced briefly at Duo and nodded his head at the lovely youth. He took heart and firmed his resolve to win as the young one smiled back at him.

Heero struck a defensive pose as the order to fight was given. He knew he was stronger and had better technique but Hilde was fast and crafty. In the seconds that those thoughts ran through his head, Hilde struck.

Hilde aimed a solid kick at Heero's knee. She had to take him out fast because she knew she didn't have his strength or stamina for a protracted battle. She hissed under her breath as he managed to step back out of reach of the kick. She withdrew and waited to see what he would do.

Heero smiled grimly at the female in front of him. From that opening move, he knew she wanted to end the fight as soon as possible. That was fine with him and he flew at her with a series of kicks, followed up by a right-handed swing at her head. He smirked as she stepped back and to the left, right into a left-handed swing. The blow was successful but didn't take her out.

Hilde quickly jumped back and put some distance between herself and Heero. Her head was throbbing from the blow that had just landed. She began to sway drunkenly about and drew the exotic youth closer. He approached her cautiously but was still surprised when she threw herself forward and struck him a blow to the groin. She felt a rush of triumph, as the blow struck true. Now she would finish him off and show Duo that she could make him just as happy as Heero could.

Duo gasped and started to rise, when Relena laid a gentle hand on him and reminded him that he could not interfere. His heart, and other body parts, ached in sympathy of the blow his chosen had just taken. He was afraid that Hilde would win after giving such a debilitating blow.

Heero had seen the blow coming and had managed to deflect most of it but he still felt sick to his stomach and could barely move. He fell down and curled up upon himself using Hilde's own ruse against her. As she raced forward to give him a final blow, he forced himself to surge up and hit her directly under the chin. The blow was hard enough to lift her off her feet and fling her backwards. She landed with a hard thud and didn't rise again.

Relena sighed with relief that the fighting was over and sent some of her priestesses to heal Hilde and Heero. She smiled as she lead Duo down onto the field and presented him to the winner. "Heero, you have won the right to woo our newest adult, Duo. Duo, do you accept his right to woo you?"

"Priestess Relena, I accept Heero as the only suitor that I want."

Heero felt excitement fill his body as he realized that Duo was interested only in him. By answering Relena that way, he had made it clear to all that he wanted Heero and no other as a mate. Now all he had to do was find out what the heck he was supposed to do with him. Heero had never been with anyone sexually, and he knew for certain that Duo hadn't either. Neither of them had any idea of how intimate acts were supposed to be done.

His attention was drawn away from his thoughts as Relena spoke again.

"Since Duo has made his choice, there is no reason the two of you cannot be bonded immediately, if you both are in agreement?"

She smiled as the two shyly looked at one another and then nodded 'yes'. She motioned for her priestesses to take Duo away to a secluded grove so that he could be prepared for the bonding ceremony.

"You will be sent for when he is ready. Use this time to prepare yourself and be sure this is really what you want, Heero. Once bonded, there can be no turning back. Heero... you should be aware that Duo is an instrument of the Goddess and she will be summoning him to her service soon. Be very sure you can stand by his side and support him through the trials that await him before bonding to him."

Heero glared for the first time at the ruler of his people. "I love Duo. He was, and still is, my first and best friend. We both want to become mates now. I know in my heart that HE is the ONLY one for me. If the Goddess sends him on a task then I will be with him to protect and support him. I will allow no one else to take that task from me. He was born to be MINE!"

Biting her lip to keep from smiling, Relena nodded her head in agreement before speaking. "I will support you Heero, I did not mean to imply otherwise. I just wanted you to be aware that being his mate will not be easy. You will be called upon to use all of your warrior skills and you will see much death in the days ahead. Take tonight to strengthen your bond with him, for tomorrow, SHE will set forth her call and you will have to answer."

Heero turned from her and walked away. It didn't matter to him what the price was; he WOULD become Duo's bonded, no matter where it led. Letting the darker thoughts go, he focused on finding his friends and getting them to help him prepare for the coming ceremony and the night of pleasure to follow.

Quatre was biting his lip to keep from laughing out loud, as a red-faced Heero demanded to know what he needed to do on his bonding night with Duo. He fell to the floor holding his sides as a sadistically smiling Trowa suggested that Heero treat Duo as stag does a doe; "just chase him down and pop it to him."

Heero stared at his friend, horrified, before sputtering that Duo was not an animal. Then further snickering ensued as Wufei suggested that Heero should ignore Trowa. Everyone knew that when mating for the first time, you did like humans did. You dragged them off by the hair and then bent them over any surface and just drilled them! Quatre finally took pity on Heero and after scolding the Trowa and Wufei, took Heero aside to explain a few things to him.

Wufei and Trowa leaned towards the direction Quatre and Heero had taken and tried to overhear the conversation. It was rare that anyone got to tease Heero about anything and they meant to take advantage of this opportunity. Suddenly a loud shout was heard from the direction the pair had taken. "YOU WANT ME TO PUT WHAT WHERE??!!!" Wufei and Trowa totally lost it and were very glad they weren't the ones having to explain the finer arts of pleasure to the irate bonded-to-be.

Quatre stared at Heero and tried to decide the best way to broach this subject. "All right Heero, let's start out with the basics. You admit that when you look at Duo you get a tingly feeling and a swelling in your groin?"

Heero blushed a dark red but answered the question. "Yes."

"Heero, that's perfectly natural. It simply means your body is in agreement with your heart. Now, I know both of you have no experience so you're both going to have to talk to each other during the bonding and tell each other what you like."

Heero glared before stating, "I don't do well with talking. I won't know what to say."

"Just tell him what feels good to you and get him to do the same. Look, start out simple and just touch each other. Explore your bodies and kiss some."

"Umm, I don't know how to kiss."

"Just put your lips together and rub them. It feels good and when you get comfortable with that, then gently explore the inside of each others mouths."

Heero stared for a minute before giving the blond a disgusted look. "That sounds gross and messy."

"Will you just trust me!? I know it sounds strange, but it will feel good, and yes it may be messy the first couple of times you do it but with practice, that will change."

Quatre resisted the urge to strangle the reticent youth in front of him as he was favored with another dubious look.

"Why don't we move on. Now, since Duo doesn't have anyone to talk with,
you're going to have to take the lead in this. In order for the bond to be fully realized, you have to take him."

Heero blinked for a minute. "Where am I supposed to take him? I thought we were going to stay in the bonding room all night?"

"Ok, maybe I should reword that. You will need to make love to him by penetrating him with your manhood. The only way to do that is to enter his bottom."


Quatre grabbed his head, which was now ringing from the shout. "Heero calm down, it's not as bad as it sounds."

"I hate to break it to you Quatre but there is no way something this size will fit into an opening that small. It will hurt him and I refuse to hurt him!"

"That's why you're going to prepare him." Quatre cut off any further protest by holding up his hand. "Let me finish and then you can ask questions. Now even with preparation, Duo may feel some pain the first time the two of you are together, but the pleasure will far outweigh a little moment of pain."

"You will need to make sure Duo is very aroused and then dip a finger in oil. Gently enter his body with the first finger and rub it around until Duo's body loosens and your finger slides in and out easily. You need to repeat this process until you can comfortably fit four of your fingers inside of him. Be sure to stretch him as much as you can."

"Now comes the hard part. Even with stretching, it will feel uncomfortable and may even be somewhat painful the first time you enter him. Just go slowly and enter him an inch at a time. That will be hard for you and will take lots of self-control because your body will be urging you to slam into him. Once you're fully inside him, make yourself stop and hold still. He will let you know when he's adjusted and ready for you to move."

"Your body will guide you at that point. Try to get Duo to soak in very warm water in the morning because he will be a little sore. Making love to your mate is a beautiful act, Heero. You will find that you help each other so that the act is special for both of you."

Quatre rose at this point to give Heero some time to think. He gently kissed the dazed looking boy on the cheek. "I will be in the clearing with the others if you have further questions. We'll come and get you when it's time to go to the temple. You will do fine tonight, my friend."

Heero was aware that Quatre had left, but paid no attention. His mind was full of the new information he had just received. He could feel himself harden at the thought of having Duo naked and writhing beneath him. He firmed his resolve to make this the best night of Duo's life. Now it was time to prepare. He slowly rose and headed towards the bathing pools, he wanted to look special for his mate.




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