Ok, I know I'm supposed to be working on Concubine but this is a B'day fic for Naz!! It was supposed to be a pwp but went and developed a plot on me so here is part 1. As usual I don't own the guys, Bandai and Sunrise do. This an AU and the main pairing is 1x2. There is some OOC of charaters and this is set in a Fantasy world. Enjoy and let me know what you think!



To the Victor


Part 1


Trowa raced through the woods, branches and low-hanging foliage smacking against his legs and brushing his arms and face. He had to find Heero.

It was a well known fact that the race of the Faery constructed marvelous cocoons when they were ready to leave the trappings of their childhoods behind and rejoin the world as adults. Their friend Duo had been the last to secret himself away, being the youngest of the circle of friends. Now he was ready to emerge and Trowa knew Heero would want o be there.

Heero slowly stalked the doe and her fawn. He was so close now he could practically taste his victory. He had been careful to keep his presence masked from the skittish pair; reaching out a steady hand, he stroked both on the flank before the creatures jerked in surprise and fled the scene.

He has no time to bask in his triumph before one of his closest friends crashed through the nearby bushes. Waiting calmly for his winded friend to speak, Heero took in his apperance. Trowa was like him, exotic of features and muscular of frame. Long ago, before the mists of myth had forsaken them, their race had been delicate and had sported magnificent wings, but now they were more human in looks.

They had warred with the humans for hundreds of years before strong magics had let them seal away a portion of the world to secure as their haven. The price had been high, however. No longer did the fey race have strong magics, only tiny magics that helped make their lives more comfortable, and they had lost the ability to fly when their children started being born without wings. Again, in those long-ago days, they had been a race totally devoted to peace and harmony. The nature of the world had forced them to learn the ways of war to survive.

Although war was long since forgotten amongst their people, the tendency for violence remained and an outlet had been found in playing gladiator games. Killing was forbidden the games, for Fae did not kill their own kind, instead the battles were fought for the right to claim a mate. Having a mate seemed to calm the fires to fight. Heero chose to placate his burning spirit with hunting animals, since he hadn't found anyone he wanted to mate with. Glancing again at his friend, he saw that the youth had captured his breath and was ready to speak.

"Heero, we have to go back now. Our friend Duo's cocoon is glowing, so he's ready to emerge."

Nodding his head in understanding, Heero turned and began to run back
towards the city. He was very interested in seeing what Duo would look like. Duo had been his first, and for a long time, his only friend as a child. He had always been very serious and frightened the other children away. Duo had been the only one immune to his scowls and had befriended him against his will.

Heero hoped that the change had been generous to his friend because Duo had easily been the ugliest of the children. He'd been all skin and bones and had eyes that had been too large for his face, and been amazingly clumsy. He was the child that others would have picked on until he'd become totally withdrawn, except he was too loveable despite his looks. Duo had been full of laughter and joy and no one had been able to resist him or hurt him. There would be a large crowd waiting for him to be reborn because his laughter had been sorely missed these past several months.

Quatre glanced anxiously around. He still saw no sign of his mate, Trowa, or Heero, and with the way Duo's cocoon was glowing, it would be opening any minute. He could feel the buzz of excitement and anticipation of the others around him. He, too, would be happy to see his friend again. Although Duo had played with everyone, he, Trowa, Wufei, and Heero had been his best friends. Even now Wufei was muttering under his breath that Duo would hate them all if Heero and Trowa missed this. Suddenly, Quatre sensed his mate and knew he was near. The missing pair burst into the area glancing around to make sure they hadn't missed anything.

"It's about bloody time you two got here!" Wufei hissed. "Duo would have been upset if you had missed this." Further rants were stopped as everyone heard a sharp cracking sound and realized that the cocoon was breaking open.

Heero couldn't explain the undercurrent of excitement that raced through him as the opening in the cocoon widened. A delicate, but toned arm appeared in the opening, attached to a slender hand. The hand pushed against the sides that imprisoned it and forced the silken bundle that had been it's home for the past few months to split into ragged halves.

Everyone held their breath as Duo was fully exposed, no one could really tell what he looked like as he was surrounded and covered by a mass of wet hair. Like anyone coming from their cocoon, he was smeared in the protective fluid they floated in as the changes occurred in their bodies.

Duo slowly began to become more aware. At first he wondered where he was, but then remembered using his magic to spin a silken cocoon and falling into a meditative sleep so that he could mature. He must have just awakened. He was cold and wet and without even thinking about it, he used his power to dry himself. Heero smiled as Duo began to glow brightly. It meant he was awake enough to realize what had happened and was ready to be clean and dry. He stepped forward and grabbed the robe Quatre had been holding so that Duo could be covered. He held it open for his friend as the glow began to dissipate, then tried to pick his jaw up off the ground as he got his first look at his best friend.

The excited and encouraging talking died down to total silence as Duo stood revealed before everyone. Duo looked around nervously and wondered if he was so ugly that he startled everyone. Sighing softly to himself, he glided over to Heero, reaching out to take the robe from him. It was then that it dawned on him that his feet weren't touching the ground. Gasping in shock, he reached over and felt his back. He paled further as his hands encountered the soft gossamer wings that now protruded from between his shoulderblades. 'Oh Goddess,' he thought. 'What have I gotten myself into now'.

Heero had never seen anything as beautiful as the delicate, winged creature before him. This was Duo? The ugliest runt among them had become the most beautiful. He was covered in the softest looking ivory skin he'd ever seen. Heero also noted that the eyes were still large, but that the color was now an enchanting shade of deep orchid. His heart-shaped face was fine-featured and that hair looked like woven silk; it shimmered with colors of flame, gold, bronze, chestnut, walnut and chocolate. Duo was still small compared to most of them, but he was elegantly and perfectly formed.

Then the silence was broken as voice after voice of the unmated males and females rose screaming out challenges for the right to woo the stunning creature floating before them.

Duo cringed as the voices became insulting and angry with one another. Why were they all fighting over him, he didn't want to be the cause of such strife. Without thinking about it, he flew to the one that had always made him feel safe and protected.

Heero was rudely drawn from his shock when he suddenly found himself with an armful of a naked and trembling Duo. He gently drew the concealing robe around his friend and cradled him in his arms.

Someone tried to pry Duo from him and he reacted to the distressed cry from the huddled form. He felt a possessive anger blaze through him and he tightened his hold on the precious burden. He snarled and glared at the intruder. It wasn't until Quatre laid a calming hand on his shoulder that he realized he had been growling at the perceived threat to HIS mate.

That was also the moment when he realized that he would fight and defeat any who challenged for the right to woo Duo. Duo was HIS and he would give him up for NO ONE.



More to come and this will not be just a Heero fights and wins Duo for himself, afterall why did wings suddenly start appearing again on a fairy??