Hi guys!! Happy Thanksgiving, this ones for all of you! I don't own the boys, Bandai and Sunrise do. This is a YAOI Lemon PWP. The rating is ADULT so don't read this if you are underaged. The lists nor I am responsible if you ignore this warning. Also if your going to be as sex crazed as these guys, please use protection!!
Additional warning: Really Bad Puns in this one!! Enjoy and let me know what you think. Pairings: 1 & 5x2 with gratuitous groping by T & Q!


Thanksgiving Feast


Quatre and Trowa were crouched behind the door waiting for a certain braided boy. They were scheduled for a mission and had to leave shortly but fully intended to leave a special gift for Heero and Wufei, who would be coming back from a mission any time now. The two had watched as the stoic boys had become lovers and then had proceeded to moon over wanting to add Duo but had been sure the energetic youth would reject them.

Quatre knew for a fact that Duo was just as much in love with Wufei and Heero as they were with him. With the holiday coming up, now was the perfect time to get the boys together.

Trowa gently grabbed the blond's arm to alert him that their prey was approaching. The door opened and a lithe form entered the room, Quatre quickly pinned the boy's arms to his side as Trowa pressed a cloth over his nose and mouth. The pair watched in satisfaction as their victim's struggles weakened and finally, the form slumped to the ground.


Duo slowly regained consciousness and shook his head to clear the disorientation. He looked around and realized he was in the kitchen. He tried to flex his arms and felt a moment of panic when he realized he couldn't move them.

"Well, well, well Trowa. It looks like our pretty bird has awakened."

Duo glared at his teammate. The glare quickly changed to a look of total outrage as the Arabian rolled a full length mirror into the room and gave Duo his first glance at what had been done to him.

The reflection revealed that he was now naked and had fur-lined cuffs around his wrists and ankles. The reason he couldn't move his arms was because the wrist cuffs had been attached to the ankle cuffs so he was bent over with his back drawn in a pleasing bow.

Since he was on his knees and resting forward on his shoulders, Quatre had placed a pillow for his chin to rest on, so it too could help support him without discomfort in his current vulnerable position.

Duo tried to rise up into an upright kneeling position, when he felt a tugging on his nipples. He growled as he saw that he wore nipple clamps on each delicate bud and that they were attached by a thin chain to a collar around his neck. He would be unable to rise up due to the length of the chains without causing a good amount of pain to the fragile appendages.

Quatre circled the helpless pilot and licked his lips. Duo looked good enough to eat, which is exactly what he planned on happening to the pilot when Heero and Wufei showed up and saw the feast he had prepared for them.

"Trowa, I think our little turkey needs some basting juice, don't you?" Quatre then produced a tube of edible strawberry-flavored lotion. He and Trowa then proceeded to cover Duo's firm form in the sweet smelling fluid. He noted the erotic squirming Duo was producing as he and Trowa indulged several good gropes while performing this task.

Trowa noticed that Duo was now erect and quickly placed a leather ring around the base of the full organ and wrapped attached straps around the swollen balls. Duo would now maintain that pleasing erection until the ring and straps were released. Just two last finishing touches to go...

Quatre leaned over and kissed Duo deeply on the mouth. He laughed softly as the American growled at him and refused to open his mouth for the kiss. He reached out his hand and motioned for Trowa to place strawberry flavored lube on it, then he slowly teased the tight ring of muscle that was hidden between the ripe cheeks of the bound beauty.

Trowa watched, feeling more than a little lust, as Quatre slowly worked his finger deep inside of Duo's body. He began to thrust it in and out until he felt the chestnut-haired youth begin to rock back against his hand and then added two more fingers. When Duo was thoroughly loosened, Quatre slowly slid in a butt plug. He wanted Duo to be stretched and ready for ravishing.

Trowa was ready for the final touch when Duo opened his mouth to yell "Hey!" as Quatre placed the toy inside him. He quickly slid a ball gag into that full mouth and fasted the straps to hold it in place.

Stepping back, the pair admired the lucious view before them and left the room, snickering about how they hoped Heero and Wufei would share the leftovers.


Heero and Wufei were entering the safe house about fifteen minutes later as Quatre and Trowa were leaving. They grunted in acknowledgement as Quatre called back that a Thanksgiving feast was waiting for them in the kitchen and he hoped they enjoyed it.

Heero and Wufei went to their shared room and washed off and then changed their clothes. They had decided to eat, then make plans to seduce a certain loud-mouthed pilot, and finally retired for the evening for some hot sex. Neither was prepared for Quatre and Trowa's surprise in the kitchen.

Wufei entered first and turned on the light, but he was talking to Heero and neither had noticed the table yet. Both turned at the same time and stared in shock.

Duo had been struggling steadily since the sadistic twins had left. He had wiggled and squirmed trying to find a way to get the cuffs to release. He was totally mortified as he heard Wufei and Heero return and Quatre tell them about a feast waiting for them in the kitchen.

The horror only increased as the pair he had been dreaming about for months entered the kitchen, any moment now they would turn around and see him naked and bound, placed on the table like a Thanksgiving turkey.

The shock was fast wearing off as the pilots of Shenlong and Wing took in the naked beauty of the bound figure before then. They actually began to salivate at the thought of consuming the main attraction of the feast.

The Chinese warrior stepped forward and ran a hand over the silky, lotion-covered flesh. "It seems Quatre has found the tenderest and most tasty bird for us to eat."

Heero was quick to jump in and play as well. He ran a tongue along the smooth back, savoring the strawberry and unique flavor of Duo. "I have to agree, this is a very tasty treat."

Duo was attempting to glare at the two but was quickly lost to the desire building as kisses were suddenly being rained upon his body.

Wufei and Heero were never ones to let an advantage escape them and this was their opportunity to show the elfin boy how much they wanted him to join them. Heero was busy feasting on the full lips, gently sucking on them, while Wufei licked and sucked the smooth skin on Duo's back.

Both grinned at the moans of pleasure they could hear behind the gag. Bronze hands each grabbed a delicate chain and tugged, causing the sensitive nipples to explode with sensation.

Duo was in heaven and hell as he writhed beneath the onslaught on his senses. He was being overwhelmed with sensations of pleasure tinted with pain. Hands explored every nook and cranny of his captive body, but none granted relief or released his trapped cock. Since he couldn't beg with his mouth, he seduced with his body. He weaved and waved his bound form in a dance that spoke of pleasure as it pleaded for fulfillment.

Heero and Wufei were entranced by the swaying form beneath them and both decided to step up the pacing. Heero finally removed the ball gag, but gave no chance for Duo to use his dulcet voice for begging as he plunged a tongue deep inside the sweetness of that dark cavern.

Wufei released the tortured nipples from the clamps, then slowly began to work the plug back and forth inside the place where he would soon spill his desire. He watched in awe at the passionate nature of their soon to be lover. Duo was so responsive that he could hardly wait to be inside him.

Heero gazed into the ebony eyes of his first lover, it was time. Smirking slightly he announced his intentions. "Wufei, I think our white meat is a little short on stuffing. Let's give him some cream filling."

Duo groaned at the bad pun but eagerly watched as the two exotic boys did a slow strip tease for him. He had one minute to admire the nude forms and the arousing sight of the two kissing before both pounced on him.

Heero had always wanted to see his full organ deeply seated in that sinfully lush mouth and now his dream would come true. He barely managed to hold onto his control as inch by inch of his ripe fullness disappeared into Duo's mouth.

Duo had wanted to taste of Japanese youth for a long time and he intended to take his time with this and enjoy it. He licked and lightly sucked at the flesh in his mouth before sucking hard on it, only to start the pattern over again.

Wufei spent a minute watching Duo pleasure Heero before deciding it was time for him to join in, too. He carefully withdrew the butt plug, took a deep breath, and then drove deep inside the velvet tunnel, impaling the fey boy on his manhood.

Duo was unable to cry with his mouth being filled but he moaned loudly and bucked back to meet the slow deep thrusts that Wufei was producing. He fully reveled in his helpless state as his body was rocked back and forth by the forceful pair.

Heero knew he couldn't last much longer as Duo sucked and hummed constantly now on his erection. He had long since lost control and was thrusting wildly into that wet heat. He noticed that Wufei was close behind him and knew it wouldn't be much longer before they climaxed.

Two hands reached down and jointly freed Duo's cock and balls. He almost cried with relief as those same hands began to stroke him in time to the thrusts pounding into his body. It didn't take much before Duo was overwhelmed and spilled his passion on his new lovers' joined hands.

Heero and Wufei quickly followed Duo into a climax, Heero, deep into Duo's mouth to be drunk down and Wufei, deep inside the tight lithe body.

Duo was barely conscious as tender hands released him from his restraints and cuddled him close. He was aware of being caressed and carried into the den, where he was placed between two hot sweaty bodies that were just as exhausted as he was.

The Japanese and Chinese youths ran possessive eyes over THEIR new lover. They had no intention of letting the beauty go and were even now making plans to move him into their bedroom. Smiling with deep satisfaction, they began to work on how they could thank Trowa and Quatre for their Thanksgiving feast.