Techno Dream

by Dena


Quatre was worried, Duo had been plugged into the net for too long. He had gone in to retrieve evidence of corporate espionage for their employers. Quatre used his shmanic abilities to check on Duo at the spiritual plane, but saw nothing life threatening. He hoped Duo hurried up, they needed to be gone soon or they would be caught by the companies security. He didn't relish explaining why they were illegally hacking into their system.

Duo had found the information and now rushed through the system to the back door he had installed so he could escape the system. He had the most advanced soft ware implanted in his head and had been lucky enought to be able to receive the cosmetic surgery that covered up the electronic implants. No one could no that he was a professional hacker unless he was scanned. His computer image, the one that hid his identity in the net, was an ebony crystal figure with bat wings that looked much like his true form. He used his wings to flee the computer generated guard dogs chasing him. He exited the system just in time. Smiling at Quatre he gave a thumbs up as a sign of his success. Both boys jumped as their hide-away was suddenly invaded. They stared at the guns pointed at them by two fierce looking warriors. One had cold cobalt-blue eyes, while the other had glassy green eyes.

Duo and Quatre raised their hands in surrender as they wondered what would happen to them.