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Star Child

Heero stared at the message on his computer, committing it to memory. He typed in his acceptance and deleted all traces of the message before signing off. He quickly went to find the other three Gundam pilots to inform them of the new assignment.

Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa were in the den of the current safe house; he motioned for them to join him in the kitchen. "What's up Heero?" inquired Quatre.

"We have new orders, Oz has discovered a space ship and confiscated it."

"Nani?!!" exploded Wufei. "There's no such thing! There are no alien lifeforms, just us. Don't you think if there were life on other worlds we would have discovered it by now?!"

Heero glared at his comrade before replying, "Dr. J is positive the space craft was made by a technology unknown to us. He also reported it was tracked from a part of the galaxy we haven't explored yet. They also believe that the spacecraft had a life form in it. We are to invade the base where the craft is being held and secure it for the scientists. Anyone who has had contact with the space ship and any life form from the craft is to be terminated." Quatre blanched at that order; he strongly disliked killing even in combat, but to assassinate someone... but orders were orders, and he sighed and nodded his compliance.


The security had been lighter than expected as the four boys moved deeper into the base later that night. Oz hadn't wanted to attract undue attention to this site and had gambled that they could keep its contents a secret.

The rebels had secured the base in no time and were now exploring it and de-activating any boobytraps. The regular soldiers were kept from the lower levels as only the pilots had access to classified materials. It was on the lower levels that the spacecraft was found. The metal was a strangely beautiful, glowing ebony color... it seemed alive.

The boys went over every inch, but could find no doorway. It was clear from the data in the diagnostic computers the space ship was hooked up and that the Oz scientists had not been able to find a way into the craft after it opened the initial time.

Heero's searching led him to the discovery that OZ had, indeed, extracted a life form from the craft. He glanced around the room and spotted a door in far corner. He nodded towards the door and his companions moved with him to investigate the room beyond the door. It took several moments to deactivate the lock and the self-destruct keyed into the door.

The room beyond was dark, save for the faint glow of activated machinery. Quatre's searching fingers located a switch, pressed it, and light filled the room. In the center stood a huge upright tank, it was filled with fluid, and a slender form could be seen floating in the clear viscous substance.

The pilots stepped closer to the tank to get a better look at its occupant. All four boys stared in awe at the beauty of the male in the tank. The boy looked human, with delicate, elfin features. His body was satiny soft skin drawn over a toned body, with long slender limbs. He had gloriously long hair that floated delicately around his body, a combination of fire and dark bronze.

Heero stared at the boy's beauty, but wondered if he was truly of alien descent, after all, he looked human. All the boys were wondering the same thing... when eyes suddenly opened and gazed at the four boys surrounding the tank. Any doubt that this boy was human vanished.

His eyes seemed to look into their souls. His soft purple eyes, surrounding a royal purple iris with a black-purple pupil... eyes that pleaded for the boys to free him.

Heero couldn't seem to tear his gaze away from those stunning eyes, with supreme effort he shook his head and cleared his thoughts. He had a mission to do! Slowly, he drew his sidearm and took aim at the lovely creature before him. His hands shook slightly as he readied the gun to fire and end this enigma's life.

Quatre was disturbed from his own trance as he registered movement at his side. He turned and felt a shock of horror as he realized Heero was going to shoot the beautiful male. "NO! Heero stop, we can't just kill him!"

Heero looked at the little blond, "Our orders are to terminate any life forms we find. They were only interested in the ship."

Quatre had to think fast; somehow he knew that this stunning boy held the key to their futures. "Oz wasn't getting anywhere with the space ship. He's the only one who can access it. We need him!"

Heero glared at Quatre, but inside he felt relief, he really didn't want to kill the boy before them. Those eyes touched him in a way nothing ever had before. He lowered the gun and began to look for something that would open the tank and free the floating stranger.

Trowa was the one who discovered the hidden switch that drained the tank and opened the door. All four boys stepped back cautiously as the long-haired male stepped forth from the imprisoning tank.

The beauty hesitated and looked at the boys surrounding him. He seemed unsure of what to do next. His gaze finally settled on Quatre and he took one step forward and then held out a hand in entreaty.

Quatre felt the activation of his space heart, felt an irresistible urge to touch the creature before them. He stepped forward and gingerly placed his hand in that of the fey boy before them. He gasped as he felt the boy touch his mind in an exchange of information that was too fast for his mind to fully grasp.

Trowa ran forward protectively and grabbed Quatre to pull him away from what he perceived as danger. As soon as he touched the little blond, he too was included in the exchange of information.

One by one the others joined until the flow of energy stopped and the whole group fell to the floor feeling weak. As one the four gundam pilots gazed at the boy who had taken a human name, the name Duo.

Duo looked with sorrow at the four boys who had suffered so much. This world was much as his own was at the moment... filled with war. Duo's own family had been caught in a crossfire of the warring factions and his entire family had been wiped out. He was the last of his line, now that his cousin had dead in the crash that had brought them to this strange new place.

Duo slowly got up and shivered slightly, he was cold. Wufei was the first to notice and looked around the room; finally he spotted a long lab coat and went to retrieve it. He handed the coat to the shivering boy who smiled in gratitude as he slipped it on.

Heero felt a moments regret as the slim body was covered, he had liked gazing upon that slender, but well formed body. He was no longer suspicious of Duo because he KNEW him now. He wondered what they would do, the scientists would want to examine him and possiblly dissect him. He couldn't allow that, Duo was a pure spirit and he didn't deserve to be treated like a experiment.

It was Quatre that decided to go to Dr. G. He was the most compassionate of the scientists and he had been working on a secret gundam. They might be able to pull off a switch and present Duo as a new pilot. Quatre knew from sharing Duo's thoughts that Duo could shape his spacecraft into any form he desired. It wouldn't be all that hard for him to remake it into a fully functional gundam.


They had arrived at their destination. Duo was very nervous, after all this man held his future in his hands. He didn't want to leave the other pilots, they were his only friends in this world. Dr. G. stepped forward and got his first look at the alien boy. He was fascinated that the boy was totally humanoid... with the obvious exception of his eyes. Duo reached out a hand and gently touched the Doctor, sharing his life with him because it was faster than using human speech. The doctor found himself wanting to protect the delicate boy before him and agreed to the plan.

Duo would be presented as the newest gundam pilot and his space ship would become the gundam Deathscythe Hell. He looked and could act like a normal human and contact lenses made his eyes seem more normal. The contacts were originally blue, but to everyone's surprise the color changed to a deep violet after Duo had worn them barely an hour. When asked why, Duo could only assume it was a hereditary trait. On his world all families had a distinctive eye color that proclaimed their identity, therefore his body always required that at least his pupils be violet.


Duo would go on his first mission with the others tomorrow. He was sharing a room with Heero and found himself drawn to the solitary boy. Something about the Japanese boy called to him, he was hurting inside and Duo was determined to heal him. Quieting his thoughts he perpared to go to sleep, tomorrow would be a busy day.

end part 1