Ok here's my attempt to write a crossover of GW and The sentinel. No
one has beta read this so...sorry for the errors. I don't own the
G_boys, Bandai does and Pet Fly owns the Sentinel. This is Yaoi and
will have lemon at some point, but only hints are in place at the
moment!! let me know what you think and any suggestions for making it

Senses: A New Beginning


The panther paced outside the temple waiting for his mate, the wolf.
Finally, after centuries of waiting their time had come again. He
suddenly snarled, turning towards the unwelcome scent the filled the
clearing. He hissed as another predator entered the clearing. It was
his ancient enemy, the jaguar, the only threat to his happiness. A
challenge was roared as the two circled each other and prepared to
clash. As the two gathered muscles to pounce a beautiful silver wolf
entered the clearing, settling between the two. Although both still
wanted to rip out the throat of the other; neither would risk hurting
the wolf, for both loved the wolf. As the jaguar turned to leave the
clearing, its voice was heard, "It is a new age, this time it will end
differently. I will finally destroy you and claim the guide for
myself. He will be MY mate this time!" The jaguar raced from the
clearing to the angry roars of the panther; it took the wolf several
minutes to calm his mate down and prepare for the journey ahead. They
stepped through the temple door and gave one last loving look at each
other, before starting the journey to the humans who awaited their

Heero awoke from an intense dream, sweat running down his body, as he
gasped for breath. He had dreamed of running through the forest.running
from something. He could hear roars from the animal chasing him.
Finally he had run to the edge of a cliff; he turned to face the
creature pursuing him. He had one minute to take in the beautiful form
of a black panther before it leaped at him and had.merged with him.
Heero lay back down and tried to go back to sleep, he couldn't
understand why everything seemed so loud and why the sheets seemed to
irritate his skin. *What is happening to me?*

A room away.Duo dreamed of running through the forest, he entered a
beautiful clearing with a waterfall. He stepped to the edge of the
water and dipped his hand into it, then gently ran the wet hand down his
neck and chest. He turned as he heard a sound behind him. His eyes
widened as he saw the magnificent wolf that approached him; he knew he
should be afraid.but he wasn't. There was no threat in the animal;
there was only a sense of belonging together. Duo knelt and held his
arms open and braced himself as a bundle of fur rushed into them. He
played with the wolf for several seconds, before it began to withdraw.
The wolf gentle closed it's mouth on his shoulder and applied steady
pressure until blood was drawn, then it lightly rubbed a paw mixed with
water and earth on the wound. Duo sighed as a sense of being one with
the world filled him.before he awoke with a gasp. He shivered slightly
with the certainty that dark times were coming.

Miles away another figure dreamed. He dreamed of the violence and the
power of the jaguar. It whispered words of conquest and destruction to
him, of finding the wolf and claiming him as his mate. The darkness of
the jaguar buried the light that was in the mans soul. He dreamed of
utterly destroying the panther and ruling this world, with the wolf
beside him..he would be unstoppable. The man awoke and sat up with a
growl. He jerked toward the door that opened. "Zechs.I heard a noise,
are you ok?" "Go back to sleep Noin, I'm fine.better than fine." Noin
never noticed the cold, deadly smile on her commander's face as she
closed the door and returned to her quarters.

Part 1

Duo was starting to get worried, no one had seen Heero all morning; he
was always the first one to rise. Unable to stand it any longer, Duo
approached the door to his room. He gently knocked on the door, but
received no response. Deciding to take his life in his hands, he slowly
opened the door to the room and peered inside. He was surprised to see
an unmoving lump on the bed; following his instincts, which yelled that
something was wrong, he entered the room. "Heero?" When no response was
forthcoming, Duo reached out a hand and shook the other boy. Still no
response and Duo felt a chill creep into his heart. He sat down upon
the bed and, without realizing it, began to gently stroke the boy's side
and speak in a velvet alto. "Heero, you have to wake up. Who will I
torment if you're not around? Come back to me.you haven't killed me
yet." As Duo spoke, he noticed some movement in Heero. Slowly the eyes
opened and focused on Duo's gentle touch and velvet voice. "Omae O
Korouso." Duo smiled in relief.this was the Heero he was used to.
"Baka, what are you doing in my room?" Heero immediately winced as the
sound boomed in his ears. He could hear everything, the wind outside,
the others in the den, the rustling of the sheets and Duo's heartbeat.
*Duo's heartbeat? How the hell was he hearing Duo's heartbeat* Heero
realized that this wasn't all, he could smell the tantalizing scent of
Duo's body and even though the room was dark, he could see everything as
clear as day. He could even feel the fibers in the sheets under him.
He felt himself began to overload on all the information.blackness rose
to take him again.when Duo's voice reached him. Desperately, without
knowing how, he latched his out of control senses on Duo. He didn't
know why, but Duo's presence seemed to help him stay in control.

Duo noticed something seemed wrong with Heero. "What's wrong?" he
inquired. Heero hesitated a minute before confessing that all his
senses seemed ultra sensitive. Duo thought for a moment, somewhere he
had read about this before.if he could just remember. Suddenly both
boys heard a growl in the room both turned and gawked at the panther
pacing the room by the door. Heero grabbed the gun he kept under his
pillow and aimed at the animal. The panther snorted at the boy, making
him flush with anger. Duo, who felt no threat from the animal, gently
placed a hand over the gun and pushed it down. "He means no harm, he
wants us to follow him." "Just how the hell do you know that?!" Duo
looked into cobalt-blue eyes, "I don't know, but he wants to help us. I
KNOW that." Duo slowly rose and walked towards the dangerous cat.
Heero snarled and followed determined to keep an eye on the braided
baka. They followed the cat from the room to one of the many libraries
in Quatre's massive home. The great cat lead them to a bookshelf and
then disappeared right in front of them. Duo suddenly found himself
shoved into the bookcase by a very upset Heero. "Is this some joke of
yours Duo.if it is, no one will ever find the pieces!" Duo frowned at
Heero and pushed at the immovable arms. "Don't be such a jerk, this is
just as confusing to me. First wild dreams of running through the forest
and now seeing ghost panthers!" "Nani?! You dreamed of running through
the forest? I did too. What the hell is going on?" Heero released Duo
and turned to glare at the spot where the panther had disappeared.as if
it might give him some answers. Duo sighed and turned to look at the
books, He ran a hand over the dusty book covers when he felt a jolt of
energy. He looked at the book that caused the response.'The Sentinel by
Blair Sandburg'. He gently drew the book from the shelf feeling
trepidation and joy. He knew, without knowing how, that this book
contained the answers to what was happening with Heero. He distantly
heard the wolf howl and felt the earth tremble, a shadow off knowledge
appeared in his thoughts.it had begun. He was awakening, Heero was
awakening.and the other was awakening. The final battle was here and
between Heero and the other.only one would survive.

Elsewhere, Zechs Merquise looked in triumph at his defeated foes. He
had staged a coupe for total leadership in OZ and had won. He watched
as Trieze, Noin and Une were lead off to prison, unsettled at the look
of betrayal he had received. A part of him snarled to kill them all,
they were trouble; but a softer part, the part that was dying, couldn't
do it. He turned from his former comrades and began issuing orders, the
troops were to ruthlessly attack all areas of resistance and capture all
rebels. He had arranged the attacks so that several places were to be
attacked at the same time. Those annoying Gundam pilots couldn't be
everywhere at once, after all.there was only five of them. Using this
method, he would systematically crush all resistance. All rebels were
to be brought before him so he could see them before they were
executed. He knew the wolf would be among the rebels.so would the
panther. He would kill the panther slowly and before he allowed the
panther to die...he would make him watch as he claimed the wolf.
Soon...all would be his. The jaguar would rule this world with an iron
fist and no one was going to get in his way.
end part 1