I don't own the g-boys, Bandai and Sunrise do. This is a short lemon fic I wrote specifically for the Duo-Uke list, but because it's also a halloween fic I thought I'd share with everyone! It has not been beta read so please excuse the errors. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

*WARNING* This fic portrays witchcraft in an unfavorable light. This was not done with intents to harm, it is mearly for entertainment purposes and is in no way a reflection of current truths.


The Sacrifice


Duo struggled wildly, trying to escape his captors as he was dragged into the clearing. Just a few days ago these had been his closest friends and now they were intent on ending his exsistence as he knew it.

It had begun simply enough. Duo had been searching the house for decorations because Halloween was his favorite time of the month. He had decorated most of the house but the kitchen still needed some work, he was out of his own decorations and had decided to see if Quatre had some in his room.

He was digging through an old chest when he found it, a book on witches covens. He was curious and began to read it. He was so shocked at the revelations in the book that he never heard the others enter the house. He jumped a foot when he heard Quatre's sweet voice breaking his concentration.

"Well, you finally found out." That's ok, we were going to innitiate you this Halloween anyway, it's time you joined us Duo."

Duo frantically scrambled away from Quatre. "I don't want anything to do with this. I don't want to be a member of your coven."

Quatre stepped aside to let Trowa and Wufei enter the room. It was Wufei who answered his protest. "You have been chosen by the master Duo. He wants you as his mate, therefore you WILL be joining us. I was resistant at first, but the master showed me that I belonged to him. We all do."

Duo continued to edge away from his friends as they drew closer. In a desparate attempt to gain his freedom, Duo tried to jump out the window, but Trowa was faster and grabbed the slender youth around the waist and flung him away from the window into Quatre's and Wufei's waiting arms. Then everything went black as Wufei applied preassure to a point in Duo's neck and he passed out.

The next few days passed in a drug induced blur for Duo. He was aware of each of the boys coming to him and taking care of all his needs, gentle hands caressed him and tried to soothe away his fears. He did not regain lucidity until all hallows eve.

Duo first became aware again as the sunset on Halloween day. Wufei, Quatre and Trowa entered the room he was being held in and slowly undressed him. Duo had resisted but the three of them were too strong. He was lead to a bathtub and bathed by gentle hands.

Duo's hands were bound behind his back as he was dried and his hair was brushed until it was filled with a copper colored blaze. His fellow pilots all exclaimed over his beauty and how they envied the master who would soon partake of his beauty.

Those events had lead up to his current situation. Duo was dragged into the clearing where a cheerful fire burned, illuminating the cleared out circle. In the center of the circle was a stone altar. Duo was pulled up to the bold onyx rectangle and his covering robe was stripped from his body. His hair was then unbound and Duo was forced to lay upon the altar. His arms were bound above his head and his legs were spread wide and then secured to keep them that way.

Eyes watched the proceedings from concealing shadows. Those glowing dark blue eyes greedily drank in the sight of the smooth bared alabaster flesh laid out for his pleasure. Duo...his sacrifice from his loyal coven. He had dreamed of this night many times. He had first claimed Quatre and then Quatre had delivered Trowa to him. The following Halloween the pair had given Wufei to him and now the three had given him his most precious gift. He had long desired to claim the braided boy and now, on this night when his powers were at their peak...he would finally take a mate.

Duo struggled to free himself but the bonds were too tight. He watched with dread as the others undressed and began to run eager fingers over his body. Suddenly he sensed a new presense in the clearing, looking over, he gasped as his eyes beheld Heero.

Quatre, Trowa and Wufei immediately prostrated themselves before their master. Duo realized with horror that Heero was not here to save him but was behind all of this. He trembled at the look of hunger in those blazing eyes.

Heero approached the altar and slowly undressed with each step. He unclocked himself and revealed his true form to his chosen one. Huge black bat wings unfurled from his back and tiny black horns errupted from his unruly brown hair. He ran a clawed finger delicately over the smooth cheek of his beloved.

Duo wanted to scream but found his vocal cords frozen as he took in the new apperance of his partner. Part of him was terrified but the darker part of his nature admitted that Heero was truly beautiful, even in this demon form. His eyes traveled the expanse of that nude body with eyes widening at the oversized red, dripping arousal that emerged from between rock hard thighs.

"Don't worry Duo, the pleasure will overwhelm the pain, I promise."

Heero decided that he had waited long enough. He pounced on his helpless victim and plundered the soft full mouth. He kissed Duo with bruising force and thrust his tongue deep inside the unwilling mouth and tasted the sweetness within. Duo tasted even better than he had imagined. he pulled back to admire the swollen lips before moving downward.

Duo struggled to resist the sensations Herro was evoking. Finally a moan escaped as Heero reached his nipples and began to lave first one and then the other. He found his body arching into the teasing licks and nips.

Heero smirked as he sensed the fey youth beneath him beginning to surrender. There had never been any question in his mind about this conquest, only how long it would take. he moved lower and dipped a tongue into the deep well of Duo's belly button. He thrust in and out of it, loving the tasted of pure unadulterated Duo. He placed a firm nip along the edge before finally reaching the most sensitive portion of Duo's body.

Heero was filled with triumph as he took the firm arousal nestled in chestnut hair deep inside his mouth. He licked, sucked and hummed, enjoying the moans and whimpers that were now flowing from his soon-to-be mates' lips. He twirled his tongue around the ripe fruit in his mouth and then, just as the beauty writhing beneath him was about to climax, he pulled back.

Duo cried out at the loss of that wonderful mouth. He needed to come so badly now. Looking into those deep eyes, he knew what Heero wanted. he also knew that Heero would continue to bring him to the brink again and again until he got it. He refused...at first. Five more times, Heero took him into his mouth and raised him to the brink, only to abandon him before he found relief. Finally, Duo surrendered to the inevitable. "Please Heero, take me. Please let me come."

Heero smiled in triumph. Duo was his. "Tell me Duo, do you give yourself to me body and soul?" He watched as the last of the resistance faded from the liquid violet orbs and Duo gave his answer.

"Yes, I belong to you...body and soul."

Heero reached down and bite his wrist. He held the wounded wrist to Duo's mouth and demanded that he drink of his blood to seal their souls together for all time. He moaned in pleasure as he felt Duo lap at the bite mark and drink his blood.

He pulled his wrist away and smeared his fingers with the dark red liquid. He watched his lovers face as he ruthlessly plunged two fingers into the tight virginal body. He listened to the sweet cry of pain and pleasure that came fron that dulcet throat. He carefully worked his fingers in and out, stretching the tight hole. Soon, he added two more fingers and was working four in and out of the rosette.

Sensing that Duo was ready, he covered his massive organ with the blood from his wound and thrust forward, sinking himself deeply into the slender body beneath him. Duo cried out in pain, despite the stretching, his virginity sacrificed to the demon that was Heero. Heero waited a few minutes to let the elfin youth adjust, then he began to thrust in and out of Duo's tight heat.

Heero was in paradise. Nothing could have prepared him for how good it felt to be buried deep inside his beloved. He rocked the delicate form beneath him with the power of his thrusts. He could feel the two of them rising higher and higher with pleasure. He knew that they wouldn't last much longer and he increased his pace.

Duo was moaning constantly now as the pleasure of Heero's thrust overcame his senses. The dark boy hit his prostate with each hard thrust and Duo knew he was going to cum any minute. Screaming, he surrendered his seed as he surrendered his soul to Heero. Looking into those demanding eyes, he knew he would never be free again. Now and forever, he belonged to Heero.

Heero gave a final thrust and filled his mate with his seed. Briefly he collapsed on the sated form of his love before rising and lifting the limp youth in his arms. Looking up and seeing that dawn was near, he motioned for the other to follow as he started back to the safe-house. His coven was now complete and soon he would rule the world. Kissing his lover, he lay down with him on his bed. The future was now assured.


end? Dark enough for you Shi? (yes I did mean to leave it hanging cause thats how most horror fics are left!)