Reluctant Prince

by Dena


They had been searching for their missing grandson for so long. Recently they had seen a boy on the TV who had looked exactly like their beautiful daughter. She had died at birth and a cousin jealous of her title as heir had smuggled the newborn baby off their home colony. The child had disappeared without a trace, until today.

The war was over, Duo was so full of joy he thought he would die. Heero had asked if they could still stay together, maybe the Japanese pilot felt something for him afterall. Duo raced around the house gathering up his fellow pilots to celebrate. As theygathered to plan the party of the century, the doorbell rang. Rashid went to answer the door and after several minutes reappeared with two elderly people. The woman took one look at Duo, ran to him and hugged him tight. Duo stared at his friends, the look on his face expressing his thoughts that the old lady was senile.

The elderly gentleman stepped forward and introduced himself. I am Lars and this is my wife Celia. We have been looking for you a long time Duo. We got a sample of your blood from Sally Po and can prove at a genetic level that you are our grandson.

Duo stared at the couple that claimed to be his grandparents, he felt joy, fear and a myriad of other emotions. As he sttod there processing that they were his relatives, they dropped a bomb on him. They told him they ruled a remote rich colony and that he was heir to the ruling throne. Duo responded in his typical fashion, "Well shit!"