Here's part one to Red Love. It's yaoi!!

Part One

Treize was standing on the ramparts of the castle looking over his territory for the overdue group of humans. Human refugees were flooding into his kingdom, secure in the knowledge that he was sympathetic to their cause and desire for freedom. Over the past year his clan had actively supported the scattered bands of rebel humans. The most successful of those numbers was due to arrive today; Maxwell’s group had been the most successful in wiping out entire clans of the enemy. Treize tensed as he heard the quiet sounds of a slight figure intruding upon his solitude. He let out a relaxed sigh as he felt the familiar presence of his bonded wash over him. “The Maxwells have been sighted over the next hill, they should be here in the next half hour.” Treize smiled at the petite blond that stood near his elbow, Quatre had been his bonded for 50 years now. He marveled at the miracles of scientific manipulation.

Quatre had been one of the first enhanced beings As a strong empath he made a formidable ally, and so his aging had been slowed down by his creators to match the long life span of the vampires. Treize’s race had long been drawn to humans, but most relations with them had ended in pain due to the humans short life spans. Only the enhanced humans had life spans to match their own, although recently the vampires had discovered a way to prolong the lives of certain humans. A serum had been developed from the blood of the vampires that could prolong life and age if taken periodically for the rest of the human’s life. Trowa had been the first human to receive the serum. His bonded Wufei, had given the blood necessary for the serum to be made. As such, his clan made many enemies that day…they had been at war with the more hostile clans ever since that discovery. Treize felt every one of his years at the moment, all 125, and he had watched as the changes had been wrought upon the humans and vampires both. If any had told him that he would have fallen in love with a human, he’d have had them committed…or worse…and yet, he’d done just that. He’d fallen in love with a human…and bonded with one. It had been the single most wonderful day of his life.

He felt a tug on his sleeve, bringing him back to the present. “Make sure they are welcomed properly at the gate Quatre, and make sure Heero knows they are arriving, he will be responsible for their safety”. “I already know of their approach general”. Both men were startled at the sound of Heero’s voice, as neither had heard him approach. Treize looked at his best captain with sadness before he spoke, “You and Wufei will help train any in their group who need it.” “Acknowledged.” Heero gestured for Quatre to proceed him down the stairs. Wufei was waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs, Quatre smiled a welcome that turned to a pout as Wufei ruffled his hair. Wufei smirked, throughly enjoying himself, because Quatre hated to be treated as the teenager he looked like. Quatre gathered his dignity and began to tell his two friends all he knew about the Maxwell group.

The information was typical of most rebel groups with one difference, it was rumored that the creature called Shinigami was with this group. “They say he’s the reason Father Maxwell’s group is so dangerous. They also say Father Maxwell closely guards his identity”, reported Quatre. “Do you think there’s any truth to the rumor?” Wufei smiled at the excited boy, but before he could reply a cold voice interrupted them. “If I were you I’d be worried about what kind of meal we’re going to serve them”. Quatre sighed and wondered if anyone would ever melt his friend’s stone heart. Heero had once been loving and open, but that was before he had been betrayed by his best friend and his clan had been wiped and Heero had been crucified and left to die. Treize had found him and healed his body, but had not been able to heal his soul. Heero barely tolerated other vampires and he was just as cold to the humans. He lived only to wipe out the enemy clans.

Father Maxwell eyed the castle with some trepidation, he hoped he was making the right decision by entering into a treaty with Treize’s clan. He heard a whisper of sound and turned hi head to see Duo grinning cheekily up at him. Father Maxwell couldn’t help the smile that formed on his lips in return. “Quit fretting about this old man, we’ve done our homework and we know they’re friends to humans” “Old man?! Why, I ought to put you over my knee, you impish pup!” Duo laughed and sassed him back, “Got to catch me first old timer”, Duo jumped out of reach and ran back to the children to continue entertaining them. Father Maxwell continued to smile. He knew that Duo had only wanted to lift his dark mood...and as usual, he had succeeded. He didn’t understand how a child of such morbid beginnings could be such a bright light in this world of darkness. The group looked to Father Maxwell for their leadership and purpose, and he looked to Duo, the son of his heart.

Father Maxwell’s thoughts were interrupted by a sudden scream. * Damn! We’re under attack. Have we walked into a trap?!* A dark shadow passed over him and he looked up in time to see his attacker’s bearing down on him, fangs exposed and finger’s hooked into claws. Father Maxwell let the impact take him to the ground, bending with the enemy’s weight, and rolled quickly, pulling a silver dagger and driving it into the monster’s throat all in one smooth motion. He leapt to his feet and spun around, preparing for more, when he saw it wasn’t necessary.

Nine more of the monsters lay dead and three stood facing off with Duo. The largest of the three stepped forward and raked over Duo’s slim form with lustful eyes. He grinned evilly as he hissed at the determined looking boy, “Our master only wants you pretty one; surrender and we’ll let these other go.” Duo tilted his head to the side as if giving this demand serious consideration before giving his reply, “Eat shit and die bloodsucker!” Duo threw one of his daggers faster than the vampire could react and killed him with a strike to the heart. One of the remaining vampires grabbed him, but Duo easily slipped out of his grip, tripped him and fired a silver bullet into his head. He spun and fired another bullet into the heart of the final vampire. “Impressive, I didn’t think humans could be that fast”. Duo jumped and immediately aimed his gun at the new voice. He found himself pinned before he could fire off a shot. Duo stared into the most intense blue eyes he had ever encountered. “I’m with Treize’s group, we heard the fight and came to help.” Duo looked around and saw that the rest of the group was being tended for injuries and relaxed. The vampire got up and offered him a hand. Duo grinned up at the intense boy, “So blue eyes got a name?” The boy stared at him before reluctantly replying, “Heero” “Glad to meet ya, hey where ya going?” Duo pouted at the lack of response, before a look of mischief came over his face. “Hey Heero, you’ve got a nice ass” Heero froze for a moment in total disbelief before turning to glare at Duo; which was totally ignored as the boy winked at him before making heading back to the others.

Duo walked over to Father Maxwell who was talking to a bronze skinned vampire with dark hair and a cute innocent looking blond. "Duo this is Wufei and Quatre, they’ve come to assist us and escort us to the castle.” “I’m pleased to meet you”. Quatre looked at Duo and smiled sweetly, he had almost laughed out loud at Duo’s outrageous comment to Heero. *I think we will become good friends* he decided as they walked towards the castle the castle.


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