This is a prologue to a total re-write of an old fic. Let me know what you think.


Red Love


Dr. J admired his greatest creation, floating there in the clear fluid of the growth tank in the center of the room. He had spent many years sequencing and manipulating DNA, experimenting in seclusion, in preparation for this day. He lovingly and possessively stroked the glass on the tank, *soon my pet, soon humanity will revenge itself on those parasites that dare to prey on us!* He was snapped out of his musings as the door to his lab was opened. He smiled when he saw it was one of the few friends he had left. "Max come in, gaze upon Man’s salvation.”

Max entered the room cautiously. This place made him very uncomfortable. It was one of the last scientific complexes left in the world and he knew it was only a matter of time before the vampires attacked and destroyed this place too. It was the only true threat left to them. It was labs such as this that led scientists to develop powerfully enhanced humans who could succeed in destroying whole clans of vampires. It hadn’t taken long for the vampires to figure out that if they destroyed the labs, then the humans couldn’t make replacements for the enhanced beings that were killed. Humans, even the enhanced ones, couldn’t procreate as fast as the vampires. At one time they had allied with some of the more compassionate vampiric clans, but then scientist like Dr. J began creating creatures to destroy vampires period, it didn’t matter if they were allies. So the allied vampires had withdrawn their support and chosen to remain neutral until the war ended.

“J, what are you doing? Didn’t you hear the reports? The enemy is on the way, they are evacuating the lab.” Max sighed as he was ignored. Dr. J had been a friendly, loving, family man at one time…until his wife and child had been victims of a vampire attack. “J, please, we need to leave!” “Wait, I can’t leave my creation, I’ve worked too hard.” Dr. J worked frantically to awaken the creature floating in the fluid filled tank. Max watched as the fluid drained out and the door to the tank opened. The small form inside fell out and sprawled unconscious on the ground. “J it’s just a child, surely you don’t expect it to fight.” “Of course not! But I have to get him out of here. As you can see he is male.” Max bit back a reply as alarms went off and the building shook. “Damn, they are here! We have to go!” “Max take him, I can’t leave without destroying the notes in my lab.” Dr. J pushed his friend to a solid wall at the back of the lab and pressed a hidden switch. A door appeared and swung open. “Take this secret passage, I’ll follow.” “J, I can’t leave you here!” “Yes you can, you can’t let him fall into their hands. Go! If I don’t appear within the hour assume the worst. You have to raise him for me. Make sure he knows his duty is to destroy those parasitic freaks. His powers and the knowledge to use them will appear as he matures and as they are needed.” Dr. J pushed Max through the door and sealed it behind him. Max stared at the delicate child in his arms and then ran down the passage to freedom.

Dr. J knew he didn’t have much time. He hit the key that released a virus into the system and watched as his life’s work disappeared. As the last file was destroyed, the door to his lab flew across the room. A strikingly beautiful male entered the room. Dr. J could feel how powerful this vampire was. Another entered the room and spoke to the first one, “Master, we have killed most of the scientists and their creations. A few escaped and we are hunting them down. The ones that interested you have been captured.” “Good.” The leader moved to stand before Dr. J, he had long silky red hair and bright green eyes. “So, you’ve finally run out of hiding places. You’ve caused me a lot of trouble over the years and I’ll take great delight in killing you and enslaving the creature you’ve been working on.” Dr. J looked at the murderer of his wife and child and snarled, “Your too late. My masterpiece is gone. One day my creation will destroy you and all you care about, Dalos!” Dalos snarled and backhanded the doctor across the room. “You will beg for death before I’m through!” He closed in on the doctor, but stopped as he heard him laugh. “Wrong again, I only have a few minutes left.” “Fool, did you take poison? I’ll still find your creature. I promise you that your creature will kneel before me one day and call me master!” “My creature will destroy you”, sighed Dr. J as he died.

Dalos was in a rage. His quarry had escaped. “Find me something, anything that will give us a clue to what he was working on!” His servants scurried around, but found no traces, all Dr. J’s notes had been destroyed. Dalos grabbed Dr. J’s body and began to beat it in frustration, before a servant interrupted. “Master, we found the tank where he kept his creature.” Dalos threw the body aside and strode into the room with the tank. Again he felt frustration with the lack of clues on the tank. “Make sure you burn this place to the ground!” he snarled. As he turned to go he noticed the tag at the top of the tank. He felt a cold shiver run down his spin as he read the name engraved upon it…..SHINIGAMI. He turned and left the room unable to shake the sense of unease the name left him with.


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