This little idea popped into my head while I was working on one of my other fics, so I wrote it down to get it out of my head so I can finish the other fic. I wanted to know what you guys thought about it, this is a very rough draft! It is a AU (gee, what a surprise) so there will be some OOC.


Heero gazed at the message on his computer, he committed it to memory before erasing it. He quickly shut down the laptop and began to gather his things, he had a shuttle to catch.

He resisted the urge to smirk as everyone got out of his way as he entered the terminal. He was immediately shown to a private treminal and given first class seating on the first available shuttle to his destination. No one wanted to annoy the top assassin in the current universe.

Heero slowly went over his plans for observing the potential target. He never accepted a mission without first checking out the target. Although he had a reputation for being ruthless and killing any target without remorse, Heero never killed a total innocent. He always investigated his potential victim throughly, then informed his client if he would indeed accept the assignment.

The shuttle landed at one of the pooer colonies, L2. He made his way without incident to a motel that was a block away from the targets residence. Most people were mugged if they wore expensive clothes and traveled alone like Heero did, but even the worst criminal elements steered clear of the deadly assassin.

He spent the next three days obseving and researching his intended victim and finally came to a decision. The target was a good man, but a foolish one as well. He was a local priest who ran an orphanage but he also sheltered a rebel faction and would soon bring the wrath of the Colony officials down on the orphanage as a result of this. Heero decided that Father Maxwell was about to meet his maker because he had no excuse for endangering the innocent children who looked up to him for protection and shelter.

He boldly strolled across the street and entered the church and approached Father Maxwell. He noted the gasp from the Father as he recognized his visitor and then he spoke. "You will accompany me to the back room. I have a message for you."

Heero lead the old man to a back room. As they entered the room, Heero realized someone was in there. A slim form with an impossibly long braid of silky chestnut hair was facing away from them. He watched as Maxwell addressed the boy. "Duo, I need to speak to this gentleman, why don't you gather the kids up and get them ready for lunch." Heero's eyes widened in appreciation of the beauty of the face that was revealed. The youth was petite and while he looked about 15, Heero knew he was 18, a few years younger than his own age.

He had recognized the name of Duo from his reports. Duo was Maxwell's adopted son and he helped the old man run the place. Duo knew nothing of the rebels that were sheltered in a secret room below the orphanage and none of his reports had revealed how lovey the boy was. He could drown in those wide, purple eyes.

Duo left, but not before eyeing Heero with distrust. As he closed the door behind the elfin figure, Heero got to business. "I have come to give you warning. You have the rest of today and tomorrow to makes arrangements for your death and peace with your God, then...Omae O Koruso." Having delivered his message, the assassin left. He would inform his client this evening that the mission was accepted.

Neither Heero or Father Maxwell noticed the stricken face of Duo who had heard the whole thing. Duo had recognized Heero after he had left the room and had hidden outside and listened to the conversation. He knew he couldn't hurt or kill some one of Heero's skill but he had to do something. Tonight he would go and lower his pride and beg for the Father's life.

Heero sat on his bed cleaning his gun, the computer was on and he was waiting for his client to contact him. He planned to announce his acceptance at that time. He was surprised to hear footsteps stop outside his door. He primed the gun and waited for the intruder to break into the room, but instead he knocked on the door.

Heero told his visitor to enter, and his eyes narrowed in speculation as the beautiful youth from this afternoon entered his lair. He could tell the young one was nervous but he did nothing to make things less tense. Nervous people made mistakes.

Duo stifled a tremble at the cold-eyed gaze of the assassin. Eyes that beautiful shouldn't be that cold he thought. He cautiously edged closer to the deadly man and stated why he had come. "I heard what you said to Father. I don't know why you want to hurt him but I came to beg you not to. If...if you spare his life, I'll do anything you want." Duo clamped down on the urge to cry. He knew men and woman found him attractive. He had been jumped by gang members before but had managed to escape before he had been touched. He was always receiving offers from people so he knew there was a slight chance that this man might change his mind if he offered his body to him.

Heero's eyes narrowed further. He could see that this beauty was untouched and practically about to faint from fright as he offered himself like a whore for the life of his surrogate father. Heero decided to give the little angel a good fright and then send him on his way. He had no intention of letting the Father go and this lovely innocent was part of the reason why. Maxwell was likely to cause this ones death or worse with his activites if he wasn't stopped.

"Take off your clothes. Let's see what your bargining with." Duo shivered at the coldly delivered command. The last thing he wanted to do was stand naked in front of this man but he knew it was Father's only hope. Before he had time to truely think about what he was doing, he undressed. Soon he stood before that frightening gaze with nothing to cover him. He crossed his arms across his stomach and waited for further instructions.

Heero slowly circled the delicate figure and realized he had made a mistake. He could feel the desire burning in his blood as he hungrily took in the soft and unblemished creamy skin. Duo was a stunning beauty. He looked so fragile and desirable as he stood bared for Heero's pleasure. Heero was shocked to realize that for the first time in his life he was considering taking a bribe. He realized that he just might let Maxwell live...for a night spent between those silky, alabaster thighs.

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