I don't own the character, Bandai and Sunrise do! This is a very silly PWP with Yaoi Lemon. Pairings are: 4x3, 5x2 and 1x2. It was previously called I thought I saw a rabbit (I didn't like the title so hence the new one!). Enjoy and let me know what you think! Thanks to my beta reader Kitsune!


Playboy Bunnies



Duo woke up feeling strange. He *knew* he should have refused when G asked him to test a new serum, but he'd taken it anyway.

He slowly stretched his body before getting up and stumbling into the bathroom to start his morning routine. He quickly relieved himself and began to brush his teeth. After rinsing out his mouth, he glanced at his reflection in the mirror and froze. Reaching up a shaky hand, he gently touched the soft furry bunny ears that were sticking up on top of his head.

Snarling at his reflection and thinking it was some sick joke, Duo yanked hard on the ears to get them off his head... and then yelped as waves of pain hit him. They were attached to his head! That was when he felt a tiny wiggle where his lower back met his buttocks. Slowly reaching behind him and praying it wasn't what he thought it was, Duo encountered a fluffy bunny tail. "NOOOOOOOO!!" was heard throughout the house.

Duo ran out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel around his waist and encountered three of his team members. He stared at them and noticed they, too, had changed.

Quatre, Wufei, and Heero all sported wolf ears and large bushy tails behind them. Duo started to ask what the hell had happened to them when he noticed they were staring at him... and drooling. Duo slowly began to back away as he remembered that wolves *ate* bunnies. Staring at the hungry looks, Duo did the only thing a smart bunny would do: he ran like hell!

As he ran down the hallway, Trowa stuck his head out of his room; seeing that the banged boy had bunny ears too, Duo grabbed him as he ran by. Dragging the boy after him, they left the house and made it into the nearby woods.

Heero, Quatre and Wufei scented the air and took off after their prey. Quatre had made it clear that Trowa was his, and Heero had likewise claimed Duo. Wufei was unsure which pair he was going to join, but he was definitely going to be in on the fun.

Duo dragged Trowa deep into the woods until he found Deathscythe. He quickly coerced his companion into climbing inside with him and the pair took off in the Gundam just as their wolfy teammates entered the clearing. Duo watched as the trio snarled in frustration and ran to find their own Gundams.

It didn't take long to reach the doctors' newest hideaway. Duo and Trowa entered the lab and glared at the Scientists.

"Just look at what that stupid formula you had me drink did! Now give me something to get rid of these stupid bunny ears and tail!!!" Duo tried to intimidate the scientists but his efforts were spoiled by the towel finally dropping off. Massive nosebleeds occurred as the scientists got an eyeful of a gloriously nude bunny Duo.

By now Heero, Quatre and Wufei had retrieved their Gundams and were tracking the runaway pair. Lustful thoughts filled each boy's mind as they anticipated getting their hands on their sexy teammates.

Duo was now dressed in a robe and was listening to the scientists explain that there was no way to reverse the effects, but that it *should* wear off in a few days. Duo's eyebrow was twitching as he received that news and before anyone could react, he had grabbed Trowa's gun and was firing at the scientists. The doctors were running madly, trying to avoid the bullets as Duo's mad cackling echoed throughout the lab.

Fortunately for the doctors, the other pilots showed up and began yelling for Duo and Trowa to surrender to the inevitable. Duo and Trowa ran for the escape shuttle along with the scientists as Sandrock, Wing and Nataku began to tear into the station looking for their escaped bunny boys.

Duo still wanted to maim the scientists, but was talked out of it by Trowa as the scientists promised they could hide the boys in a place they wouldn't be found. They even promised they could stay there safely until the effects of the formula wore off!

They were led down a back alley to the place where they were to hide and both boys goggled when they saw it. It was a club called The Playboy Bunnies Club.

Duo and Trowa were dragged inside and presented to the manager as possible Playboy Bunnies. Both boys started to balk at this until they were reminded that three hungry wolves were after them. The Manager, Mistress Bobbie, walked around the pair and looked them over. They were both quite beautiful, even if one of them did have strange hair.

"Now girls, we are all family here, but we do have strict rules to follow. First, your bunny ears must match your costume and your bunny tail must be white. Your tails are ok, but you'll need to change out your ears. We will begin training in 30 minutes, so go in the back and pick up your uniforms. Trowa, you'll be in the emerald green, and Duo, you'll be in the dark purple. Come back out as soon as you're dressed... oh, and Duo, wear your hair down.

Duo stalked back over to the scientists, "Now what?! They'll find out we're guys because we don't have breasts!"

Doctor G patted Duo's arm, "We thought of that. We figured they would choose those colors for you and we have costumes and dye for your ears in the car."


Thirty minutes later two very embarrassed boys stood in line with ten other girls. Mistress Bobbie carefully inspected each girl and smiled, pleased with how everyone looked. Duo looked absolutely stunning in the skintight, silk one-piece outfit that amounted to a highcut, bustier-styled bathingsuit. A little white stand-alone collar with a small black bowtie encircled Duo's neck with matching stand-alone shirtcuffs. His bunny ears had been dyed a matching purple and his fluffy, white bunny tail could be seen through a tiny cutout at the back of the costume. The look was finished off with sheer black panty hose with a center seam running down the backs of his long legs, 3-inch heeled matching shoes.

Trowa looked just as attractive in his outfit that was identical to Duo's. Nodding with satisfaction, Mistress Bobbie went over the rules for conduct.

"Now girls, you have been selected to serve in the most exclusive club in town. You will walk like this at all times and present your tray, like this, to the patrons." Mistress Bobbie walked with a seductive swing in her hips and then bent her knees, keeping her back straight and reached down and picked up a glass and put it on a tray. She made sure her body was on display the entire time. "Ok girls, I want to see each one of you do it."

Things went smoothly until Duo and Trowa's turns came. Duo wobbled over to the table but was able to bend down correctly and pick up the glass. Trowa's turn came next. He walked better than Duo but over balanced and fell on his butt as he tried to retrieve the glass. Shaking her head, Mistress Bobbie dismissed the rest and did extra training with Trowa and Duo.


Three hours later Mistress Bobbie decided she REALLY needed a drink! Finally, after much hair pulling and countless demonstrations, the two had gotten it right. Now they had only 45 minutes to practice the right way to ask for orders! Calling the other girls back, Mistress Bobbie went over how to take orders.

"Now girls you first introduce yourselves and then ask for the gentleman's membership key. Once you've confirmed that they have a key, you take their order and serve them their drinks. You must be polite and follow procedure and the walk and serving method you've been taught or you will receive a demerit. A total of ten demerits will get you suspended anywhere from a day to a week. Now go out there and make me proud girls!"

Duo grumbled under his breath and planned revenge as he and Trowa went to their assigned areas. Duo practically swallowed his tongue as he saw the scientists in his serving area. Growling low in his throat, he went over to serve them.

"Hello sirs, my name is Bunny Duo and I'll be your server this evening. May I please see your club key?"

Duo seethed inside as the dirty old men raked his exposed flesh with their eyes. He took their orders and went to have the drinks filled; he was surprised to see that Trowa really seemed to be getting into this as he gracefully sauntered around the tables and took orders. Duo picked up his order and returned to the table. He never noticed the gleaming eyes watching him from the shadows in the corner of the club.

Duo began to distribute the drinks when he felt two hands roaming over his skin. One hand was groping his ass and the other was rubbing his inner thigh. Duo's eye twitched before he dumped a drink on J's head, the thigh-rubber, and banged his tray on G's head, the ass-groper. He bent over to pick up the glass G had dropped when a hand reached between his legs and caressed his family jewels. Seeing red, Duo spun around and looked into the face of a grinning O and calmly wrapped his hands around the fool's neck and started to throttle him.

Mistress Bobbie was horrified; Bunny Duo was trying to kill a client. Running over, she tried to pry his hands from around the man's neck. "Now Bunny Duo, Playboy Bunnies do not act this way! If you don't stop I'll have to give you a demerit!"

Duo turned around to tell Mistress Bobbie where she could stick her demerit, when he spotted Heero, Quatre and Wufei. He took one look at the hunger on their faces, screamed, and tried to run for it.

All hell broke loose as the three wolves began to chase the bunnies around the restaurant. Duo and Trowa kept weaving in and out of the other bunnies so that their pursuers kept grabbing the wrong ones. Finally their luck ran out, and Duo was cornered behind the bar. Wufei slowly herded him back toward Heero who snatched him up, flung him over his shoulder, and walked out with his prize, Wufei following.

Quatre just tackled Trowa as he tried to scramble around Mistress Bobbie who had fainted on the floor. Smiling evilly, Quatre pulled out a leash and collar, attached them to his poor victim and dragged him out of the restaurant.

The scientists, grumbling because they hadn't gotten to grope Duo and Trowa like they'd wanted too, went home empty handed.


Quatre smiled as he admired his handy work. His tail wagged wildly as he looked down upon the nude boy who was bent over the back of the loveseat in his room. Trowa's hands were tied behind his back and he had each leg secured to the back legs of the small sofa. He was spread wide and ready to be taken.

Quatre walked over and scented his new lover, then he ran a wet tongue up the length of his back. "Are you ready to be eaten by the big bad wolf, my sweet?" Quatre rubbed his hard erection along the crease of Trowa's delightfully firm ass. The tall boy moaned and thrust his bottom backwards. Quatre laughed softly, "Not yet my dear, you led me a merry chase and I'm going to make you pay for that."

Quatre slowly licked every inch of Trowa's backside. He slipped a hand between the wide spread legs and began to pump the erection he found waiting there. Pumping hard, he slowly drew Trowa near a climax and then stopped, leaving the dark red organ to bob helplessly and unsatisfied. Trowa whimpered and began to beg his lover to take him, to give them both pleasure.

Quatre sauntered around to the front of the couch and knelt up on the seat. "Show me how sorry you are you made me chase you, pet." Trowa eagerly took Quatre's large erection into his mouth and began to suck on it. He licked and nipped at it before taking the entire length into his mouth. Quatre began to thrust in and out of that hot mouth, moaning at the exquisite pleasure he was receiving. Just as the little blond was about to come, he pulled out of Trowa's mouth and shot his seed in Trowa's face.

Trowa moaned in disappointment, as he had really wanted to taste Quatre's seed.

Quatre went to a chest by his bed and drew out a small device that had a remote control at one end. He dipped the device in some lube and then slowly inserted it deep into Trowa's anus. "I want to watch you squirm, Trowa." Quatre pressed the remote control and Trowa felt a jolt of incredible pleasure as the device began to vibrate. Trowa cried and moaned as he wiggled and squirmed, trying desperately to get enough friction against his erection to let him come. The device inside him kept rubbing his prostate giving him such pleasure, but at the same time such torment because it wasn't enough to give him release.

Quatre slowly undressed and enjoyed the sight Trowa was giving him. By now the tall boy was sobbing and begging for Quatre to fuck him. Quatre made him wait another 15 minutes, enjoying the helpless writhing, before turning off the device and removing it. "I trust you've learned your lesson Trowa. Don't make me chase you again."

Quatre plunged inside Trowa without warning. He howled as he fully sheathed himself. He quickly started a fast, hard rhythm of thrusting and used his furry wolf tail to stroke Trowa's long neglected manhood. Faster and faster the two moved until both came, screaming out their pleasure. Quatre collapsed onto the sweaty back of his lover for a few moments, before releasing him and drawing him onto the bed to fall into an exhausted, sated sleep.


Heero entered his bedroom and gestured for Wufei to follow before closing and locking the door. He had been enjoying running his hands all over Duo's nicely rounded, firm ass while the boy was slung over his shoulder. Smiling wickedly, he dropped his new toy on the floor.

Duo eeped as he was suddenly dropped. Glaring at the two grinning wolves, he reached back a hand and gently rubbed his stinging bottom. Duo rose to his feet and assumed an aggressive stance of hands on slender hips and legs slightly apart. He was trying to look furious, but ended up looking sexy instead.

Wufei and Heero were definitely enjoying the view as their eyes raked up and down Duo's slim form. Heero decided he definitely liked the outfit and it was a keeper, so he'd let Duo remove it. No use in destroying it in his haste to get it off. Sauntering over, he ran a wet tongue along the violet-eyed bunny's neck, then he whispered in his ear, "Strip."

Duo felt his organ twitch and become semi-hard at that seductive command. Looking at the two exotic boys, he knew there was no escape and if he was honest with himself, he didn't really *want* to escape. He'd been lusting after Heero for sometime, but he'd made them chase him because he didn't want them to think he was easy.

Running a pink tongue softly over his lips, Duo reached up and slowly lowered the zipper on the outfit. He peeled the costume down his form causing the material to caress his smooth alabaster skin. He deftly stepped out of the skimpy material and flung it at the two wolves.

Heero and Wufei were drooling and grabbed the material, rubbing their noses in the satiny cloth. Duo's scent and arousal filled their senses and both boys growled low in their throats, ears twitching atop their heads.

Duo stepped out of the high heels and began to roll the pantyhose down his leg. He made a great show of caressing every inch of his long supple legs, before fully removing the filmy material. Standing up, he twirled around giving his audience a good view of every inch of his body.

Duo suddenly found himself sandwiched between two VERY horny wolf boys. Heero rubbed his erection along his flat stomach as he licked and sucked on his pert nipples. Wufei rubbed his arousal along the crease of Duo's delectable ass and placed passionate kisses along the slender column of his neck. Duo moaned loudly and began to rub himself back and forth to encourage the two to continue.

Heero decided to let Wufei take Duo first while he watched, then he would have his turn. Moving away from the pair, he smiled in satisfaction as Duo whined at his loss.

Wufei decided he wanted things down and dirty. He slammed Duo against the wall and began to devour his flesh. He kissed and nipped each inch, driving Duo higher and higher into a sexual frenzy. He reached up and began to stroke Duo's bunny ears and nearly got bucked off the pinned boy as he gasped in pleasure.

Laughing wickedly, Wufei mercilessly stroked those ears, reducing Duo to a writhing mass that pleaded for release. Looking over his shoulder at Heero, Wufei held out a hand and Heero tossed him some lube. Pouring a generous amount in his hand, Wufei licked Duo's ear and plunged a finger deep inside the excited bunny boy at the same time.

Duo screamed in pleasure as his sensitive ear was stimulated at the same time as he was penetrated by Wufei. It didn't take long for Wufei to stretch him and then, he felt Wufei thrust deep inside his body.

Wufei was in heaven. Duo was hot, tight, and felt like cashmere. He couldn't get enough as he thrust into that wonderful body, repeatedly rubbing Duo's insides with each movement. He loved every minute of Duo's pants, whimpers, and moans.

All too soon he began to feel their impending climax. Speeding up the pace, Wufei began to thrust even harder. He made sure each one struck Duo's prostate, until both boys screamed their release. Duo's seed decorated the wall, while Wufei emptied his deep within that luscious body.

Wufei pulled out and lifted the delicate boy up into his arms and delivered him to Heero. He picked up a towel and cleaned himself and Duo off, then kissed Heero and Duo softly on the lips before settling down on the sofa to watch Heero take his turn.

Heero was painfully hard and dripping from watch Wufei thoroughly screw Duo against the wall. He was looking forward to getting Duo worked up to the same level of sexual need. Heero straddled Duo and began to run his silky tail up and down the boy's body.

Duo felt his desire start to re-awaken as Heero ran that soft tail over every inch of his still sensitive skin. Moaning, he arched his body upward into the furry caress and offered himself totally to the beautiful Japanese boy above him.

Heero's eyes smoldered as he flipped his new lover over. Looking down on the body sprawled beneath him, He made his way towards the bottom. That saucy behind had been the star attraction in more than one of his naughty fantasies. Leaning down he laved first one, and then the other, ripe fruit. Licking his lips, he finally did what he had always wanted to do, he bit firmly into the rounded globes, savoring the taste and feel of them.

Duo cried out and writhed madly as Heero licked and bit every inch of his bottom. He knew he'd have red marks all over the previously creamy and unblemished globes. He felt even hotter as Heero growled in his ear that he needed to mark his territory thoroughly.

Heero noted that Duo was almost ready. He only needed a little more to drive him completely over the edge. He didn't want Duo to beg for it. No, he wanted Duo so out of control that he DEMANDED it.

Heero reached for that final place that he knew would cause Duo to lose it. Reaching out, he began to deliver firm strokes underneath Duo's fluffy tail, the effect was immediate.

Duo jerked violently as the most intense pleasure he'd ever felt flooded his senses. Growling, he tried to pull away because it was overwhelming, but Heero's hold was too firm. Squirming wildly, Duo finally gave in to his wild side. "Damn it Heero if you don't start plowing my ass NOW, I'll go get a damn cucumber and do it myself. Now stop playing around and FUCK ME!!!"

Heero snarled loudly and slammed into his wild lover. This was what he wanted, this wild untamed lovemaking with the boy who held his heart. He laughed as suddenly Duo flipped up, sending them both over so he was on the bottom. Duo was now on top, facing away from him, but still impaled on his erection. He gasped as Duo began to ride him, bouncing up and down mercilessly.

Wufei's hands were rubbing up and down frantically as he watched the sexual storm happening on the bed. Heero had managed to maneuver them so that Duo was again on the bottom and they were facing each other. He watched Heero thrust into Duo as hard and fast as he could, with Duo slamming up to meet each thrust. The two licked, kissed, and snapped at each other the entire time.

Heero could feel it, they were both close now. Looking into the passion-filled violet orbs, Heero made his demand. "Give yourself to me Duo. Now!"

Duo gazed into the demanding cobalt blue eyes and snarled at the boy thrusting solidly inside him. "You willing to pay the price Heero, the price is your soul. Do you trust Shinigami with your soul?"

Heero smiled grimly as he bared himself totally to the boy below him. It was time to risk it all. "You already have my soul Duo, you have for some time now. Ai Shiteru."

Duo's heart melted and he reached up and drew his Japanese lover down for a soul-searing kiss. "I love you, too, and I'm yours... forever, Heero Yuy."

Heero thrust inside one more time, as deep as he could go before coming, feeling his love climax exactly at the same time. Gasping and exhausted, he fell to the side and drew Duo close to his body and whispered, "Forever," before falling asleep, truly happy for the first time in his life.

Wufei slowly slipped out of the room to clean off. He smiled down on the two before leaving. He was very happy for them, they were made for each other, just as Quatre and Trowa were made for each other. Smiling as he returned to his room, he looked forward to someday meeting his soul mate and hoped he would be as happy with them as his friends were with theirs.