I don't own the guys , but I sure have fun playing with them. This is a Yaoi tale and has OOC. Let me know what you think! Thanks to Kitsune for beta reading for me!!

Losing It


Wufei smiled triumphantly. He had finally won and now his two victims would suffer humiliations galore! Actually, it was really the braided baka he wanted to embarrass, not Quatre, but Quatre had entered the game so....

He looked at the two boys waiting for his demand for losing the game. Drawing out the sense of suspense he finally spoke. "We are going out dancing tonight at the Den of Iniquity, but you two have to go dressed as onnas!

He nearly laughed out loud as Quatre blanched. He looked over to savor Duo's horror but was denied, as Duo did not look horrified at all. He tried not to feel disappointed, as Duo did not reveal any shame or terror at his announcement; instead he wore a look of thoughtfulness.

Duo was struggling hard not to laugh at Wufei, he could tell the Chinese youth was trying really hard to get back at him for his numerous pranks in the past. Being devious-minded, Duo had figured something like this was going to be the penalty for losing. Duo smiled evilly and watched as Wufei's look of disappointment turned to a look of serious unease.

"Alright Wufei, we'll meet you back here and be ready to go bar hopping at 9:00p.m. We need to leave a note for Trowa and Heero in case they return from their mission." He heard an acknowledgement from Wufei as he dragged a still embarrassed Quatre from the room.

"Why did we ever agree to this? I'll never live this down. Oh God, what if Trowa finds out?" Duo decided it was time to calm the panic-filled blond down.

"Quatre, it's not the end of the world. Weren't you expecting Wufei to demand something like this? I was, and I fully intend to turn the tables on Mr. Stiff Neck!" Duo noted that Quatre had calmed down some and was listening to him.

"What do we do?" Quatre felt further relief as he noted Duo's devilish grin. His braided friend definitely had a plan.

Duo dragged Quatre into the shop of an old friend. He smiled as he spotted Jazzy straightening the dresses. "Hey sexy!" Duo found himself thoroughly glomped by the excited Jazzy.

"Baby boy it has been toooo long, tell mama what you've been doing with yourself!" Duo filled Jazzy in on his status as a Gundam pilot, his current main squeeze, and why he was in the shop.

Jazzy was well-acquainted with Duo's twisted sense of humor. She and Duo had roomed together for 3 years on L2 before they had parted ways. She loved the boy dearly because he had taught her to love again in a time when her life was filled with hate and pain. She intended to make him and his friend the hottest things anyone had ever seen. "You just relax baby boys, let mama take care of everything!"

Wufei glanced at the clock, it was almost time. He hadn't seen either boy all day long; maybe they were going to chicken out. Wufei's face took on a dreamy look as he imagined the suffering he could put Duo through if he chickened out. He was just building up to a world class gloat when he heard the front door open.

"Hey Wu-baby." Wufei turned to look at the source of that feminine-sounding, seductive alto and stared at the two stunning visions, his mouth dropping open.

Duo was dressed in a curve-hugging dress that left little to the imagination. The dress had a high neck in the front with a teardrop cut out that gave a teasing peek at the slender column of Duo's neck. The dress ended at Duo's upper thighs and had two slits on the side that revealed most of Duo's long, creamy legs. There were no sleeves, so Duo's toned arms were on display. The rich violet color of the dress brought out the stunning color of Duo's violet eyes, making them seem even larger. The silky tresses on Duo's head were held back in a high, loose ponytail so that they caressed Duo's body with every move.

Quatre looked just as beautiful. His delicate blond hair had been softly curled. He wore a spaghetti strap, short, flowing dress of royal blue.. The dress hugged and then floated away from his slight form, teasing the onlooker with tantalizing glimpses of his figure. His legs and arms were also on display. Both boys wore dancer shoes for ease of movement and both had subtle make-up on to make them look even more feminine than they already did.

Wufei had one minute to register Duo's sexiness and Quatre's innocent-looking beauty before his nose started gushing red. He ran to the nearest bathroom to take care of the problem.

Duo was laughing out loud as he watched Wufei run to the bathroom. He glanced over and noticed the glee in Quatre's eyes as he realized that Duo had been right. They were definitely going to turn the tables on Wufei.

Wufei calmed down and cleaned his face. Looking down at his stained whites, he decided to change. Smiling his own wicked smile, he decided to show the two downstairs that he could play that way, too!

Duo and Quatre tapped impatient feet and wondered what was taking Wufei so long, and then it was their turn to goggle as the Chinese youth entered the room. Wufei was dressed in form-fitting, black leather pants accompanied by a short-cropped black tank top. He wore a gold and jade earring in his left ear and his hair was down. He looked sexy as hell.

Duo smiled as he realized this was going to be one fun night. As Wufei approached them, he held out his arm and both Duo and Quatre were escorted out into the night.

When the trio arrived at the Den of Iniquity there was a waiting line around the block to get in. As they walked by the entrance, the bouncer took one look and hailed them over. He motioned for them to go on in, and copped a feel of Duo's ass as he went by. Duo turned and eyed the bold man, smirking as the bouncer gave him a phone number.

Just as the trio entered the bar, Trowa and Heero were returning to the safe house. Both were surprised to find the house empty. A search through the house revealed nothing, and the pilots were starting to get worried when Trowa noticed the note on the fridge. Two faces became grim as the contents of the note were read. Eyes met with equal understanding of the next step to take. They went to wash off and change clothes, and then headed to garage to get the back-up car. It was time to gather their wayward lovers and find out what the hell was going on!

Duo waited for Wufei to get comfortable on a barstool before lifting up a long leg and placing it in his lap. Smiling innocently he made his request, "Wufei, be a dear and place this anklet around my ankle."

Wufei was trying not to blush, and was fighting another major nosebleed, as Duo's dress was pushed up even higher by his raised leg. Wufei refused to look any further up the boy's leg and concentrated on fastening the anklet. The skin was silky smooth and he couldn't help caressing it as he finished fastening the gold chain. He made the mistake of looking up to smirk at the boy and got a good view up Duo's dress of the lacy panties he was wearing. Cursing Duo for a sadistic bastard, he was off to the bathroom again to staunch the flow of red.

Duo practically fell over laughing as he succeeded again in getting his teammate embarrassed. "See Quatre, he already regrets making this demand and we're not even through! Let's start dancing over by the men's room. I bet he'll have to run back in as soon as he sees us!"

Quatre shook his head, "That's one bet even I'm not gullible enough to take."

Wufei finally staunched the flow of blood and marched determinedly towards the door. He vowed Duo would not give him another nosebleed for the rest of the night. He opened the door and goggled at the sight before blood gushed again and he ran back inside.

Duo and Quatre were dirty dancing with each other. Their lower bodies tightly entwined as their arms ran suggestively up and down each other's backsides, lingering on each other's rumps. Both busted out laughing and separated as they saw Wufei run back inside the men's room.

After 30 minutes of waiting they finally got a nice guy to deliver Wufei a message of truce. He finally appeared outside of the bathroom and made his way over to the other pilots. Giving Duo and Quatre a grudging look of admiration, he admitted that they had definitely won this round as he had suffered more from this than they had.

After much coaxing, Quatre and Duo finally got him to dance with them on the dance floor. Duo, Quatre and Wufei soon lost themselves to the music and began to have a good time... none of them noticed the four drunken goons that were headed their way.

Trowa and Heero had arrived at the Den of Iniquity. At first the bouncer and crowd had booed them for trying to get in, but one look into the deadly eyes ended all noise and resistance. Entering the club, they scanned the scene looking for their fellow pilots. Heero spotted Wufei right away. He was dancing sandwiched between two beautiful women. He was mildly surprised as he thought Wufei was too repressed to enjoy himself like that. Heero growled low in his throat as his search had yet to turn up his braided koi.

Trowa was also searching for his little lover, and not having much luck. His attention kept being drawn back to the little blond girl Wufei was dancing with and he couldn't figure out why, until he got a good look at the delicate face. In a state of shock he grabbed Heero's sleeve. As the Japanese pilot turned he managed to gasp out, "Take another look at Wufei's dancing partners."

Heero stared for a minute and opened his mouth to deliver a scathing retort to Trowa when he got a good look at the eyes of the brunette with Wufei. That was HIS Duo dressed so hot that everyone in the club was practically drooling over him. Both of the agitated pilots noticed the four goons approaching the trio and began pushing their way through the crowd to intervene.

Wufei was actually enjoying himself. He especially liked the feel of Duo pressed up against his back. He had long desired the longhaired beauty as well as his partner, but had said nothing... afraid of rejection. He adored Quatre and Trowa but was only drawn to them as friends. His fun was suddenly and rudely interrupted as both Quatre and Duo were grabbed by sweaty, meaty hands and he was pushed to the ground.

Duo struggled to break the grip of the boy holding him. He cussed like a sailor as the jerk ran his hands all over his body. He looked over to see Quatre receiving the same treatment. Try as he might, Duo was unable to free himself enough to attack.

Wufei felt a rage overcome him as he watched his friends getting molested. He quickly used a leg to trip the bully holding him down. Rolling away, he crouched on all fours and then lashed out with a strong leg and firmly connected with the face of his fallen foe, taking him out for the duration. Gracefully, he rose to his feet and challenged the remaining three drunkards.

Duo watched helplessly as Wufei was charged by the biggest of the bullies. He smiled as Wufei easily danced out of the way and delivered a boot to the huge butt as it went by. The bully became even angrier as laughter was directed at him. He rushed at the smaller boy again... and never knew what had hit him as the slender youth jumped into the air, spinning around, and connected devastating blow to the fool's head. That bully was also down for the count.

Duo heard a hard thud and felt the asshole's arms release him, only to feel arms of steel wrap around him. Turning, he looked into blazing cobalt blue eyes. Smiling seductively, he plastered himself to the firm body, enjoying the possessive tightening of that arm. He teasingly licked an ear before whispering into it, "I'm glad you got back safe. I missed you." He got a reply of, "Hn, you have some explaining to do."

Quatre felt such relief when he was released from his captor, and turning to thank his rescuer, he found himself staring into the eye of his lover. Flinging himself into those beloved arms, he planted tiny kisses to let the tall boy know how much he had been missed. He leaned up and whispered seductively into an ear, "Let's go home and I can show you how much I've missed you, they can take the car you came in home." With a barely visible smile, Trowa lead his small lover from the bar.

Wufei sat in the backseat silently as Duo explained to an irritated pilot about their game. Heero kept sending glares at him through the rear view mirror as if it were all his fault. He felt his heart grow heavy as he realized he would never get to be with the two beauties in the front seat. Looking out the window, he tried to hold back the tears he could feel welling in his eyes. He was so tired of being alone.

Duo saw the pained look in Wufei's eyes before he turned his face away and decided that it was time to rein in Heero. "ENOUGH!" Both Wufei and Heero stared at Duo. Wufei had never heard Duo speak like that to anyone, and Heero knew he had pushed too far when he heard that tone.

Duo stared into Heero's eyes and then nodded briefly towards Wufei. He waited several tense minutes before Heero responded with a yes. Looking at the sad boy in the back seat, Duo hoped he wouldn't reject them.

"Wufei, You know that Heero and I are together and love each other, but what you don't know is that we weren't each others first choice.

"Nani?!" Duo smiled at the confusion that was plain on the exotic face.

"Heero and I were both attracted to you first, but you didn't seem to be interested so we found comfort and then a true love with each other.”

Wufei felt his heart start to die. He could have had Duo or Heero if he hadn't hidden his feelings?! Now he had lost both. Duo's seductive voice interrupted his painful realization.

"Wufei, we both still have strong feelings for you. We'd like you to join us. We both feel that a relationship between the three of us could work, please Wufei... give it a try. You have everything to gain." Wufei looked into the pleading violet eyes and the equally emotional eyes of Heero. He couldn't believe they wanted him.

Leaning over the front seat to crush Duo to him he made his reply, "Yes, please yes. I want to be with you both so bad."

Smiling at Heero, his eyes full of emotion, Duo mouthed "Hurry up and get back to the house!"

Heero sped up the car. He couldn't wait to get back to the house and ravish the two beauties sitting in the car with him. He had thought the gift of Duo's love was a miracle and now he had been blessed with another one... he had Wufei's love as well. He was more determined to end the war now than ever. He had a life to build now, and he was impatient to get started!