Here is my epilogue to Losing it. It is Yaoi Lemon. Sorry but this will be the only one. I just could not squeeze a 4x3 out of my muse. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. As always I don't own them, Bandai and Sunrise do and thanks to Kitsune for beta reading for me!! Enjoy!



No sooner had the three boys exited the car than their lips were locked on one another. Stumbling, giggling, kissing, and groping each other, they slowly made their way towards Heero and Duo's shared bedroom. Suddenly a loud moan of "OH TROWA, YESSS. SUCK IT BABY!" was heard, sending all three into hysterical laughter.

Duo tried to set up a tape recorder outside the door but was dragged into the bedroom before he could start it. "Hey! That could have been great blackmail material!" Heero smiled wickedly before letting Duo know, without words, that he wanted his mind back on the business at hand.

Duo found himself sandwiched in between two hot, hard bodies. Hands roamed the planes of his body and began a slow removal of his clothes. Duo pulled away from his lovers before they could fully strip him and speared the two with an intense, sultry look before releasing his hair from its ponytail. Laughing a low, throaty rumble, he finished stripping and began a slow teasing of his lovers.

Sauntering over a small cabinet in the room, Duo drew out a bottle of red wine. Removing the top, he poured a small amount into an elegant, long-stemmed wineglass. Grinning at Heero's and Wufei's puzzled looks, he dipped two long, slender fingers into the dark, swirling wine. Slowly, he traced his lips with the tart substance before slipping the fingers into his mouth and sucking on them. He ran his delicate, pink tongue along the digits before licking his lips clean of the wine.

Glancing over at the exotic boys he noticed they'd both begun to breathe heavier. Bringing the glass to his lips, Duo dipped his tongue inside and lapped at the red liquid, before taking a sip. Hearing moans across the room, he decided to push the two even more. He wanted to make them wild with desire, because he wanted to be taken... and taken hard.

Pouring a small amount of the ruby liquor onto his fingertips, Duo traced his soft, pink nipples, anointing them, before raising his fingers again and licking them clean. Thrusting his fingers deep into the wineglass, he drew his dripping fingers out and traced a line down his chest, past his smooth, flat stomach, to grasp his hard erection. Slowly he ran his hand up and down the firm, rosy flesh. Moaning, he slowly began to thrust in and out of his hand, exaggerating the movements for his lover's viewing pleasure.

Heero and Wufei were spellbound by Duo's erotic display. Lust and desire rose higher and higher with each teasing move the braided beauty produced. Heero began to strip off his clothes, absently noting that Wufei was following suit. The two looked into each other’s eyes and exchanged a passionate kiss before nodding in agreement. It was time to take charge of their teasing lover.

Duo's eye sparkled as he watched Heero and Wufei lose control and storm across the room to claim him. Rough hands yanked him against hard bodies as each took a turn at ravaging his mouth. Wufei pinned his hands behind his back as Heero began to lick and suck his way down Duo's body. Duo gasped as Heero lapped every bit of wine from his nipples causing them to become rock hard and ultra sensitive.

Duo was spun around as Wufei took over and followed the path of wine down Duo's chest and flat stomach. He gave teasing licks all over Duo's chest and belly but refused to touch Duo's throbbing arousal. Duo thrust forward, trying to gain release by rubbing against Wufei's toned stomach, but Heero secured his hips and denied him that relief.

Heero and Wufei positioned Duo on his hands and knees. Duo felt Heero finally touch his penis but it wasn't to deliver release, instead he tied Duo's hairband around the base of his erection. Duo moaned in protest as he realized that his lovers intended to torment him mercilessly, and the band around the base of his cock would prevent release until they decided to remove it. He shuddered at Heero's wicked laugh and waited for the torment to begin.

Wufei couldn't help but wonder at the incredibly erotic sight Duo made as he trembled with desire and the need for release. Slowly he guided himself between Duo's soft lips. He was overwhelmed with pleasure as Duo began to suck ravenously on his plump arousal. Moaning loudly, he began to pump in and out of that hot, wet mouth.

Heero took a moment to enjoy the view of Wufei screwing Duo's mouth. Tearing his eyes away from the hot sight, he began to bathe Duo's pucker with his tongue. Enjoying the braided one's impassioned moans, he thrust his tongue deep inside the fey boy as his hand began to firmly stroke Duo's cock. He laughed softly at Duo's frantic thrusts, knowing that Duo couldn't come until he allowed it.

Duo thrust wildly into Heero's tight hand to no avail. He worked out his frustration by lavishing attention on Wufei's erection. Drawing it deeper into his throat, he began to hum. He felt Wufei's penis draw up, getting ready to climax, when Wufei pulled himself from Duo's mouth. Duo cried out with that loss, but didn't have time to dwell on it as he felt Heero slam into him from behind.

Wufei had been so close; it had taken ALL his will power to pull out of that wonderful mouth before reaching completion, but like Heero, he wanted to come inside of Duo.

Heero was in heaven. He loved being inside Duo's hot, tight heat, even after being lovers for almost a year; Duo was still small and tight. He pulled all the way out before slamming in hard and hitting Duo's prostate. He savored the pants and whimpers he was drawing out of his braided beauty. He ruthlessly worked Duo's bound member as he thrust in and out of Duo's tight hole. He could tell Duo was frantic for release now. Needing to look into those gorgeous, vulnerable, violet orbs, Heero pulled out of Duo and flipped him over before plunging back inside him.

Duo found himself staring into Heero's beautiful cobalt blue eyes. He knew Heero loved to see the want and need for him in his eyes during lovemaking. Heero needed to know that Duo was as vulnerable as he was..

Heero could feel his climax approaching. He increased his pace and the deepness of his thrust then leaned down to take Duo's mouth. Kissing Duo with bruising force, he used his tongue to thrust into Duo's mouth just like his cock was thrusting into Duo's body. Pulling back to admire the kiss-swollen lips, he then looked around to catch Wufei's gaze. Holding Wufei's dark eyes, Heero thrust three more times before shouting his release and collapsing on the boy beneath him.

Wufei watched as Heero slowly drew himself off Duo. Duo lay there panting and moaning, eyes begging for more…for release. Wufei knelt between the long, slender legs. Tentatively, he reached down and stroked Duo's well-worked pucker, before plunging two fingers inside. Gently, he drew out some of Heero's seed and carefully coated his neglected member with it before slowly penetrating Duo.

Pinning Duo's waist to the floor, Wufei began to fill Duo with his manhood. He started a slow and steady pace, but prevented the longhaired boy from speeding up the pace by thrusting back as he thrust forward. Again and again he plunged deep into the boy beneath him striking that special spot deep inside.

Heero watched from the side, enjoying the sight of Wufei fucking Duo. He crawled over and began to stroke Duo's angry arousal in time with Wufei's thrusts, listening to their lover beg for release. He noted when Wufei increased his pace and increased the pace of his hand to match. Sensing that Wufei would climax at any moment, Heero reached out and released the band around Duo's cock.

Wufei was so close, he could feel it. Looking deep into Duo's eyes, he thrust one last time screaming out Duo's name as he released his seed deep within that willing body. He felt a flood of warm liquid on his belly and knew Duo had come as well. Tenderly he kissed Duo and then Heero. Smiling a shy smile, he told them the words he had told no other, "I love you."

Heero gently picked up Wufei and carried him to bed, planting a soft kiss on his lips, then he returned for the exhausted but sated pilot of Deathscythe. Laying Duo on the far side of Wufei, he joined the two in bed and curled his body around the Chinese youth. He noted that Duo had done the same. Both boys told Wufei that they loved him... and then promised him that he would be in the middle tomorrow night!