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The Hunt


Dr J. looked at the details of the latest mission. In his opinion, the gundam pilots were not functioning at optimal efficiency. There were long periods of time between missions and they could be using those to improve their skills with drills. Giving a decisive nod, he typed out a priority message and sent it to the pilots.


Heero noted the blinking icon that informed him that a message from Dr. J had arrived. He opened the coded message and read the contents, eyes widening briefly, before deleting it. He quickly rounded up the other boys and relayed the contents of the missive.

"Dr. J has determined that we should use our down time to hone our skills. We have been instructed to perform a field exercise over the next week. One of us will act as prey and be hunted down by the rest. Each of the hunters will take a turn at tracking down the chosen one over the course of a day and night. To make things interesting the one who loses owes the winner a forfeit of his choice."

The boys looked at each other in shock for a moment before it dawned on them that this could be fun! Quatre summoned Rashid and asked him to gather four black stones and one white stone. Rashid placed the stones in a bag and the pilots would draw a stone from the bag; the one with the white stone would be the prey.

Each boy carefully reached into the bag and withdrew a stone. Quatre was the first to open his hand, his stone was black. Trowa opened his hand next, his was also black. Duo grinned and opened his hand and revealed... a white stone.

"Aw man!" whined Duo. His unsympathetic comrades laughed, greatly enjoying the thought of hunting down the braided loudmouth.

"Hn,doesn't seem like much of a challenge does it? He won't be able to keep quiet enough to stay free for 10 minutes, much less a whole day!"

Duo seethed inside as he listened to the merciless teasing and threats of washing the floor of the safe house with a toothbrush or having to be quiet a whole day. It was time to teach his fellow pilots a lesson and have some fun with them. First, he needed to plant a different idea in their heads on what they would want... IF they caught him, of course.

After the laughing and taunting had died down, Quatre took a look around the room. "Where's Duo?" he asked. No one had seen him for a while.

"You don't think he's cheated and has already run off to hide do you?" asked Wufei. "No, that's not his style," defended Heero. It was Trowa who spoke up and told the others he had seen Duo headed for the lake.

Duo smiled as he heard Heero, Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa approaching. He had very carefully selected this setting beneath the full moon. He knew the moonlight and the reflection of the water would display his slender body to maximum effect. It was show time, and as his partners approached an old adage entered his mind, *Come into my parlor said the spider to the flies*.

Four pairs of eyes stared in fascination at the vision before them; Duo stood before them in all his glory. Appreciative eyes drank in the smooth alabaster of the sleek form. Moonlight kissed every inch of that nubile form and set splashes of flames tthrough the waterfall of silky hair.

They watched as long-fingered hands dipped gingerly into the water and then delicately dribbled water onto the smooth muscular chest. Berry sweet buds hardened on that chest and tempted four mouths with the desire to taste the delicate nubs.

Those sensual fingers again dipped into the water and an agile hand blazed a wet trail up a long leg and over the luscious roundness of a firm cheek. Duo hide a smile inside as he realized his trap had been sprung, his hunters had been primed!

Four determined hunters realized that their goals had changed... they would run this bold beauty to the ground and claim their reward; no longer was the goal to have this fey creature perform silly and demeaning tasks. No... their reward would be taken in the form of the braided one's flesh.


Part 1: Quatre's Hunt

The boys were roused early for breakfast the following day. After breakfast, Duo would leave and be given an hour's head start before Quatre would begin to track him. As they gathered around the center tent, all the boys noticed Duo's attire... or to be more accurate, lack of attire. It was very hot and Duo was wearing a skimpy crop tank top with a pair of the shortest bottoms they'd ever seen.... He was barely covered!

Duo smiled at the hungry looks he was receiving, so far so good. He wasn't really worried about Quatre or Wufei. Both were capable pilots and warriors to be sure, but neither had experience with hunting and stalking. Quatre, because he was raised in the desert, and Wufei because he thought stalking something or someone wasn't honorable.

He would lead them a merry chase and when the time was right...capture them. After all, he fully intended to ravish both boys thoroughly.

Trowa and Heero were a different story; both had extensive experience with tracking down prey. He knew he wouldn't escape them, but he definitely intended to make them work at capturing him. His one weapon against them was they didn't know *he* had experience with hunting and tracking and would be able to elude them... at least for a while.


It was time! Duo gathered up a few belongings and headed for the woods. Just before he entered the woods, he *accidently* dropped a bag. He bent over and retrieved the item, making sure his watching audience got a good look at his firm butt before sauntering off into the woods and disappearing from sight.

Quatre chuckled as he realized that last act had been for their enjoyment. He hoped that hour passed quickly because he was looking forward to grabbing that saucy butt when he caught a certain braided boy. Quatre held in laughter as he listened to Wufei's grumbling.

"He did that on purpose! When I catch him, I'm going to spank his bottom good! That will teach him to be such a tease," boasted Wufei.

Trowa smiled before venturing his opinion, "I can think of better things to do with him than spank him, and they definitely involve his butt." Wufei smiled impishly; "Well that comes after the spanking!" Then he turned red as a voice was heard from the woods, "I heard that! Wuffie is a hentai, Wuffie is a hentai!" Laughter rang out from everyone as Wufei cursed and yelled "KISAMA" at the retreating Duo.

Finally an hour had passed; Quatre gathered his gear and took off in the direction he had seen Duo go off in. Duo's trail had been easy to follow for the first hour, but then all traces had disappeared. Quatre continued in the same direction for a while and then decided to backtrack.

As he returned to the area he had last seen a sign of Duo's passing, he found a note.

He opened the note and read the contents: 'Nice try Quatre, you made it this far but you have to do better if you want to have your wicked way with me. Try the east trail!' Quatre decided to be amused rather than angry, after all, he really did need to work on his tracking abilities. He headed to the eastern trail and again found signs of Duo's passing.

Quatre sat down to rest. He had been following this trail for three hours now and still hadn't caught Duo. He found signs of Duo passing this far out, but it was obvious Duo had left the signs deliberately. He was leading Quatre a merry chase, but he was also teaching him how to track better.

He glanced around the clearing he was in and spotted a note on the far side. He grasped the note and read the writing inside: 'You're doing good Q-man, but now it gets harder. There's a beautiful spot up ahead about ten miles. You reach it without getting caught in the traps I've set and I'm all yours, but if you get're all mine! See you soon.'

Quatre laughed, trust Duo to turn things around on him. He cautiously approached the trail, being careful to look for any triggering devices and found none. For the next five miles he found no devices and was beginning to think Duo was just playing with him when he suddenly triggered a trap. He watched in horror as a huge log came rolling down a hill at him; he leaped away just in time. He realized that Duo had set the trap to give him plenty of time to avoid the danger.

Quatre was more careful for the next four miles, but in the end it did him no good as he was caught in a net only half a mile from his goal.

Duo jumped down out of a nearby tree and gently untangled Quatre from the net. "Well, well, I caught a beautiful wood nymph." He teased. Quatre smiled at the compliment as Duo lead him to a clearing with a stunning view of a waterfall. It was late afternoon and both boys were covered in sweat. It was Duo who suggested that they take a swim to cool off. Both boys stripped and spent a moment admiring one another before plunging into the cool water.

Duo lead Quatre to a huge stone that was at the center of the lagoon. Part of it sat up out of the water and was the perfect size for the two boys. Quatre was barely out of the water before Duo pulled him close and landed a devouring kiss on his lips.

Quatre moaned as Duo plundered his mouth. He ran his hands over the slender boy's soft skin, reveling in its silky texture. He felt that hot demanding mouth move from his mouth and blaze a trail of fire down his chest. Duo latched onto a nipple and began to suck on it, occasionally swirling his tongue around the stiff nub.

Duo smiled at the soft moans he was pulling from the blond. Quatre couldn't seem to get enough of touching him, he could feel the other's hands wandering everywhere over his skin. "What do you want Quatre?"

Quatre thought for a minute, as much as he knew he would enjoy letting Duo fuck him; he was saving that for Trowa. He knew this was why Duo had asked what he wanted. "Oh Duo, I want to suck you and feel you sucking me!"

Duo felt a jolt of lust run through him at the thought of Quatre's soft pink mouth surrounding his erection. He flipped the boy onto his back and quickly made his way towards the boy's dripping sex. Looking up to make sure Quatre was watching, he swallowed the member in its entirety.

Quatre cried out as he felt his organ enveloped in liquid heat. He had never felt anything this good in his entire life.

Duo was merciless as he worked Quatre's sex. He nibbled, sucked, puffed and then hummed causing mind blowing pleasure to shoot through the blond's body. Quatre was begging for release so sweetly, but Duo wanted this to last. Just as he felt the blond about to come, he grabbed his balls and prevented the orgasm.

Quatre whimpered at the sudden halt to his sweet torture. Looking into Duo's eyes he knew he would get no release until Duo allowed it. He felt himself turned until he was on top of Duo. He immediately began to work on convincing Duo to let him come. He placed nipping kisses along Duo's body, leaving a trail of red until he reached Duo's arousal. He took the head into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it.

Duo laid back and thoroughly enjoyed Quatre's ministrations. He felt Quatre's delicate tongue trace the line of the slit in the head of his erection, tasting his dripping precum. It was his turn to moan as Quatre placed delicate nips down one side of his erection and back up the other. Inch by agonizing inch he slowly took more and more of Duo's organ into his mouth. He swirled and sucked, pressing his tongue to the big vein for maximum effect.

All to soon Duo realized he was close to coming and turned so he was within reach of Quatre's deep red arousal. He again engulfed it and sucked on it, matching his rhythm to Quatre's.

Soon each boy was thrusting madly into the mouth of the other, so close to exploding in pleasure. Finally, as if they could read each other's minds, each took a breath and deep throated the other and hummed. Each exploded into the others mouth, feeling waves of pleasure shoot through them as they drank each other down.

The two exhausted boys cuddled for a while before taking a quick dip in the water to clean off. Slowly, they made their way back to camp holding hands and enjoying each other's company. Just before they reached the camp, Quatre turned to Duo and gave him a deep lingering kiss, "Thanks for everything Duo." Duo smiled softly, "My pleasure my friend."

Both entered the camp to greetings from their fellow pilots. "Well Maxwell, I see he caught you before the night had passed."

Quatre blushed before confessing, "Actually Wufei, Duo caught me."

"Nani? That's not in the instructions!"

Duo smiled evilly; "There's nothing in the rules that says I can't lead you into a trap. Makes it more interesting... don't you think!"

Trowa and Heero smiled as both agreed with Duo's statement. They couldn't wait to see how tomorrows hunt went, when Wufei would stalk their cheeky American.


Part 2: Wufei's Hunt

Wufei rose and stretched his limber form. Today, he would show that braided loudmouth who was boss! He dressed quickly, grabbed a bite to eat, and took off for the woods. He was determined to find Duo before late afternoon.

Duo watched from his perch high in a tree in the heart of the woods as Wufei entered the woods. He smiled wickedly as he ran through his plans for the day. He was going to teach a certain oriental that losing control wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Wufei found Duo's trail easily, but like Quatre lost it and had to double back. Once he doubled back he saw where the trail was a little *too* smooth and changed his course to follow this new path. Further down the way he was rewarded with more clear signs of the braided boy's passing.

He sat down to take a sip of water when he spotted his quarry. Duo grinned down at him from a tree before swinging out of sight from a vine.

Wufei yelled in outrage and took off in hot pursuit. He was so focused on Duo that he ran straight into a trap. He found himself tangled in a vine net, and he heard Duo's mocking laughter as it faded into the distance. "KISAMA, you will pay for this Maxwell!!!" he screamed at the retreating figure.

It took him an hour to free himself and once he had calmed down from the humiliation of being caught; he realized that he needed to be more focused. He had been tracking Duo to the exclusion of everything else.. Duo had shown him that he had to watch what was going on around him as well pursue his target.

Again and again, Duo would tease Wufei by letting the Chinese youth see him and then slip away. Wufei began to have a grudging respect for the boy's ability. He had thought Duo would be easy to capture but he had proven to be an elusive target.

Wufei sat down and looked at the late afternoon sun, he had tried every trick he knew and still he hadn't caught Duo. Duo had sprung trap after trap at him, catching him in half of them before he had finally learned to watch for the triggers and avoid them. He pondered on what he had learned today.

He did tend to be single minded in his pursuits and often focused on his goal to the exclusion of all else. Duo had used this hunt to teach him that could be dangerous and lead to his downfall. He needed to focus more on his surroundings and be willing to listen more to others.

He smiled, he couldn’t really afford to be a loner anymore and his fellow pilots had always held out their hands in friendship, perhaps it was time to accept their offers. He didn't lie to himself, it would be hard, and he was a very private person. He hadn't depended on another for a long time, but for the sake of friendship, he would try.

He jerked around as he heard a noise; Duo appeared across the clearing he sat in. The smile on his lips was so understanding and full of friendship that he wondered if the boy was telepathic. "The hunt is almost over Wufei", whispered a sultry alto, "catch me if you can!"

Duo fled from the Chinese boy, racing towards the final trap. He could hear the boy pursuing him, he sounded so close. Duo ran through a cluster of bushes and jumped into a small revine. He raced towards the end, but ran close to the side near the end. He was already climbing one of the confining walls, when he heard his last trap spring.

Wufei was cussing up a storm as he fell on a bed of leaves that were at the bottom the small pit he fell in. He had been so intent on catching up with Duo he had fallen into the trap. He looked up into the grinning face and knew he had lost, there was no way he could get out of the pit without help.

Duo watched as an array of emotions flew across Wufei's face, but finally he nodded. Duo reached down and offered his teammate a hand and pulled him up. Duo was on him before he had a chance to react.

Duo pinned the exotic boy to the ground and took possession of his mouth. He applied a firm pressure until Wufei opened his mouth in surrender. Duo plunged his tongue inside and tasted the sweetness waiting within.

Wufei moaned as he experienced a strong rush of desire. He was unused to such intense stimulation and fought to maintain his control. He gasped as he felt slender fingers delicately run across his chest. Those fingers teased and tormented him with a light teasing touch that played havoc with his senses.

Duo kept up his assault on Wufei's senses. He had one last lesson to teach his friend, giving up control can result in expansion of one's senses. He slowly stripped off Wufei's shirt followed by his own, and he admired the rich bronze of the smooth chest beneath him.

He leaned down over the supine boy and gently began to rub his nipples across Wufei's own. Both boys enjoyed the pleasure rippling through them at the stimulation.

Wufei watched in fascination as his nipples hardened and became sensitive, then he saw a similar reaction occur in Duo's pretty berry pert nipples. He hesitantly flicked a tongue over one of the tiny buds, then became more aggressive with his licks as the braided boy moaned sweetly.

Duo enjoyed the sensation of Wufei's tongue on his nipples, before again wresting control of the encounter. He placed soft, slightly sucking kisses down Wufei's chest until he reached his belly button. Smiling seductively he dipped his tongue inside and teased the tiny well.

Wufei jerked and gasped at the slightly ticklish sensation; he writhed underneath Duo's ministrations. He stiffened slightly as he felt Duo undo his pants and slide them off his body. He felt the braided beauty slowly kiss his way back up his toned, firm legs before he removed Wufei's underwear as well.

Duo admired the nice-sized, golden, dripping erection. He wanted to taste that plump fruit and gently ran his tongue up its length. He enjoyed Wufei's response to this action. Duo slowly enveloped the head and ran his tongue across the slit, tasting the dew that was forming there.

Wufei was losing control. He desperately tried to hang onto it as he felt Duo swallow his throbbing manhood. It felt so good; he had never felt anything this intense in his entire life. He kept up steady panting as he felt sharp teeth gingerly nip the delicate organ, causing it to harden even more.

Sensing how close Wufei was to losing control; Duo pulled back, letting the rock hard organ fall from his mouth. He heard the growl of frustration and knew the time had come. Making sure he had Wufei's attention he raised his fingers to his mouth and sucked on them, wetting them thoroughly.

Smiling wickedly he thrust a finger inside himself and began to thrust, stretching the tiny rosebud. Wufei's eyes darkened with lust as he watched the erotic act. Soon a second finger was added and then a third until Duo was moaning constantly and thrusting back on his own fingers.

Wufei reached up to grab the boy when Duo suddenly straddled him. He was shocked briefly into immobility as Duo impaled himself on Wufei's erection. Wufei screamed as he was surrounded by Duo's tight heat.

"Don't be afraid to let go Wufei. I'm here, I'll catch you." Duo repeated this over and over as Wufei began thrusting up to meet him as he thrust down. Slowly and thoroughly, Duo rode Wufei, driving him closer and closer to losing control and climaxing.

Wufei gazed into those beautiful violet orbs before deciding to trust this beauty who was intent on teaching him about passion and losing oneself to it. He gave himself over to the raging fire running through his body and began to slam upward seeking release.

Duo cried out in triumph as he felt Wufei lose control and begin to slam into him uncontrollably. Faster and faster the two moved, flooding their senses with pleasure. Both cried out as with a final thrust up and a final push down both achieved release.

Duo collapsed onto Wufei's sated body, breathing heavily. He gently kissed those pouty lips and smiled as he felt a response; a soft voice thanking him. The two lay there for a time before finally getting up and cleaning off.

The walk back to camp was a silent one. Wufei had a lot to think about and Duo, sensing this, refrained from chattering. Just before the two walked into the camp, Wufei reached out a hand and stopped him.

"You taught me a lot today, I have much to think on. I will try to reach out more and depend on my friends more. Thanks Duo, you're *still* a baka, though!"

Duo hugged the embarrassed boy before running into the camp and announcing that he had easily won. Wufei's shout of outrage could be heard for miles away.

Trowa and Heero watched Wufei and Duo argue with amusement. Both boys looked at each other with a predatory smile; Duo's luck was about to change!


Part 3: Trowa's Hunt

Trowa woke up as the first light of the sun struck the sky. Looking over to where Duo had slept, he noted with satisfaction that the youth was gone. Quietly gathering a few items, he slipped from the camp, only Heero heard him go.

Trowa found himself impressed with Duo's abilities. Twice now, he had followed false trails left by the braided one. Granted, it had only taken a few moments to realize the trails were fake, but most people couldn't fool him at all.

As he continued to track his prey, Trowa found a part of his mind dwelling on his relationship with Duo. He had very little interaction with the boy, but it wasn't because he disliked him. Something about Duo made him uncomfortable, and he had resisted trying to figure out why this was occurring. Pulling back his full focus, he concentrated on his hunt.

Duo watched Trowa as he continued to close the distance between them. He was far enough away that he needed binoculars to see the tall boy clearly. He knew this hunt would end in his capture but he had plans for that encounter. He had laid several traps to delay his capture as long as possible. Smiling softly to himself, he knew it was time to move on.

Trowa jumped to the side as he triggered another trap. He was impressed at how good they were. The first ones had been easy to spot and he had not triggered them, but then Duo had started leaving easy ones to spot with hidden ones that sprang when he avoided the easy traps. He had nearly been caught twice now, but had learned the new pattern. He was enjoying himself and looked forward to what else Duo had prepared for him.

Duo grinned as he heard some of his traps going off, the soft sound echoing throughout the quiet woods. He was proud of himself; he really hadn't expected any of them to catch the silent one off guard. He knew there would be many revelations this day. Duo knew why he made Trowa uncomfortable and it was time to confront that issue. Looking over his shoulder, Duo picked up the pace of his jogging, he knew Trowa was close behind him and he wouldn't be able to elude him for much longer.

Trowa grinned; he was close now, he could feel it. Running faster, he jumped over another trigger, neatly avoiding the trap. Looking ahead he could just catch glimpses of Duo's fleeing form. He was proud of the boy; Duo had eluded him longer than anyone else. He knew the hunt was almost over and his prey was ready to be run to ground!

Duo ran faster but was certain that Trowa would catch him soon. Trowa's longer stride gave him a very good advantage in a setting like this. He stumbled a bit over a loose piece of tree and knew it was almost over, he was tiring.

Just a few more feet and Trowa would have his prey! Reaching inside himself, he increased his speed and caught up to Duo.

Duo cried out as he felt himself grabbed from behind, both boys tumbled down to the ground. Duo fell hard and felt the breath knocked out of him and lay gasping for breath as Trowa pinned him to the ground.

Trowa felt a moment of intense triumph before his gaze locked with those expressive violet orbs. Looking deep into those beautiful eyes, he felt his unease return. Why did Duo make him so jumpy?

Duo watched the emotions fly through Trowa's emerald gaze as his face remained a solid mask. It was time. "I make you uncomfortable, don't I Trowa?"

Trowa started a little as he heard the breathless alto. He started to deny the question because he wasn't sure if he was ready for the answer, but decided to be truthful. "Yes."

"Do you want to know why I make you feel that way Trowa?" questioned Duo.

He waited while Trowa decided if he really wanted to know, finally the banged one answered, "I'm not really sure I want to know the answer, but realize I need to know it. If we're going to function well as a team, I need to fix this."

"If it helps any, I feel the same way sometimes." Trowa couldn't believe his ears, Duo felt uneasy with him? "We have a similar past Trowa, when I look into your eyes, it brings back memories of times I want to forget. When you look into my eyes Trowa, what you see underneath everything else, is another rape victim."

Trowa felt the trees closing in for a moment, he didn't want to remember, but Duo's words struck him to his heart. 'Raped' was what he saw in Duo's eyes, but until now he had avoided that realization. He avoided Duo because Duo reminded him of how crippled he was inside. If he were honest with himself, he would also admit to resenting Duo, because Duo wasn't as emotionally crippled as he was. He envied that strength.

Duo watched the different emotions revealed in Trowa's eyes before speaking. "I was lucky Trowa, I was shown that the act of sex can be gentle and loving. It doesn't have to be painful and violent. No one's ever shown you that... have they?"

"No," came the barely audible reply. Duo hesitated for a moment, but decided to push, "Is that why you won't touch Quatre? Anyone can see that you both love each other." For one minute, Duo thought he'd gone too far as Trowa's hand closed into a trembling fist and rage entered his eyes. Just as quickly the emotion vanished and Trowa's eyes became glazed and dead.

"How dare you suggest that I'd be worthy of him! He deserves better than me."

"Bullshit!" shouted Duo. "Do you know ANYONE that loves him more than you do? Quatre doesn't need to be put on a pedestal and worshipped, he needs someone to love who will stand by him no matter what!" Looking at Trowa with eyes full of compassion Duo said the words that would draw them past the unease and into a deep friendship or that would sunder any chance of a meaningful friendship. "If you're truthful, you'll admit it's really fear that keeps you from him, you don't know any other way except violence, and you don't want to touch him with violence. I can show you a different way... if you want Trowa. If you let me. Let me start your healing, he will finish it."

Trowa was torn between wanting to kill Duo or accept his offer. Duo was asking for the ultimate trust and he didn't know Duo at all. Looking into those eyes, he saw the truth. Duo wasn't trying to hurt him, he really did want to help. Sighing, Trowa took the biggest leap of faith he could, "Show me a different way."

Duo slowly stood up, he was careful not to make any sudden or threatening moves. He knew he needed to undress first and appear vulnerable before Trowa would relax enough to go through with this. He drew off his clothes until he stood nude before that intense green gaze. He gestured for Trowa to do the same, informing him that he just wanted to massage him to start with.

Trowa settled onto the ground on top of a soft mat Duo made out of leaves with a soft sheet on top. He tensed as he felt the fey youth straddle him and it was all he could do not to fling Duo off and flee. Gentle hands touched his back and a firm pressure was applied as Duo began the message.

Duo worked diligently and kept up the soothing massage for half an hour before he felt Trowa totally relax beneath his touch. He leaned over and started to softly nibble at Trowa's ear. The massaging touch soon became less clinical and more sensual and playful.

Trowa moaned as he felt the change in the touch. Duo covered every inch of his backside in kisses. He had Trowa turn over, stating he wanted Trowa to see him and remember who was touching him. Looking into those kind, compassionate and loving eyes, Trowa found the strength to reach out and draw the lovely boy into an embrace.

Duo continued his drugging kisses, only now they were directed at Trowa's mouth. He explored the tall boy's mouth leaving no part untouched. He was careful to keep his kisses passionate but not forceful. He began to kiss his way down Trowa's body. He alternated kisses with playful licks and worshipped every inch of the skin beneath him. He paid special attention to any scar he found, letting Trowa know he wasn't repulsed by it.

Trowa had been told he was beautiful, but until this moment he had never FELT that way. He was so aroused he didn't know what to do next, or even how to ask for more. Feeling a moment's panic, he grabbed Duo's head and pulled it up. He NEEDED to look into those eyes that never lied. Gazing into the pools of violet, he saw understanding of what he was feeling and a promise of release. Tenderly, he stroked that beautiful face and then released him.

Duo continued his journey downward, lavishing affection on every part of Trowa's body. Finally he took it a step farther; he gently began to lick Trowa's throbbing, red erection. He enjoyed the whimpers and soft cries the boy beneath him produced as he sucked and licked his way from the tip to the balls. Taking a deep breath, Duo deep throated Trowa and hummed loudly.

Trowa screamed out in pleasure as he spilled in Duo's mouth. He lay there bonelessly as Duo continued to suck him, drinking down every drop.

Looking at Trowa's state of total relaxation, Duo knew it was time for the next step. Crawling back up Trowa's length, Duo looked into his eyes and asked him a final question, "Do you want to take the last step Trowa? Do you want me to make love to you?"

Trowa had never felt such pleasure as he had with Duo. He trembled for a moment before telling his fellow pilot that he wanted to know what making love could be like.

Duo reached into his backpack and drew out lightly scented oil. He covered his hand and began to massage Trowa's scarred pucker. Trowa immediately tensed when this violated area was touched, but relaxed as Duo continued the gentle touch and gave him time to get ready for the penetration.

Duo slowly penetrated Trowa with a single long finger as soon as he felt the boy relax again. He rubbed the inner lining firmly and tenderly, moving the finger in deeper, and searching for that special hidden spot. He knew he had found it when Trowa suddenly gasped and jerked like he had received an electric jolt.

Duo began to stroke that spot mercilessly as he added another finger and continued to massage and stretch his inner walls and the tight pucker. As Trowa writhed beneath his ministrations he finally added a third finger and then a fourth. He was taking no chances. This was for Trowa's pleasure and intended for they're to be no pain.

Trowa was practically crying. He had never believed that anything could
feel this good. He finally broke down and began to plead for Duo to
finish it, for Duo to take him.

Duo smiled as he pulled his fingers out and poured more oil in his hands. He generously coated his own needful erection, before tenderly penetrating and filling the wounded youth beneath him. Duo began to thrust inside Trowa's tight heat with a slow steady thrust. He continued to thrust in and out of that beautiful, long body as he worshipped Trowa's mouth with his own.

Trowa felt so loved at this moment. He was overwhelmed by the emotions he was feeling. Tears leaked out of his eyes as he was filled with intense pleasure and an emotional rush. He felt Duo gently lick the tears away and saw a reflection of Duo's own tears in his eyes. Two violated and wounded souls finally finding healing from some of their past... a past that maybe, would no longer haunt them in their dreams.

Faster and faster the two moved, Duo thrusting down and Trowa thrusting up. Each moved towards the final explosion that waited just out of reach. With three deep final thrusts Duo slammed into Trowa's prostate, causing blinding pleasure that pushed himself and Trowa over the edge. Both boys released a flood of seed as they collapsed, exhausted.

Tenderly, the two boys cuddled and cried out the pain of the past. Trowa was the first to pull away and gaze down at the boy beside him. "How do I thank you? I feel clean for the first time in my life."

Duo smiled shyly, "You helped me as well. We both had demons to face before we could move beyond them and love anyone special."

Trowa thought for a minute and then decided to confess, "I could easily fall for you, Duo Maxwell." The smile he received was positively radiant.

"Thank you Trowa, maybe someday, if things don't work out for you and Quatre. He's a better match for you, believe it or not. He will be able to read you better than anyone, even me. Besides, my own heart belongs to another." Duo didn't have to elaborate, Trowa knew he refereed to Heero and if he was honest, he could admit that Heero needed Duo even more than he did. Duo was the only one who could get Heero to respond as a human and not a perfect soldier.

Both pilots dressed slowly, and drew each other into a lingering kiss. Both were filled for a moment with thoughts of what might have been, before holding hands and making their way back to the camp. It was sunset by the time they returned, and it was obvious to the others that something special had happened between the two.

Two sets of eyes watched the pair, filled with jealousy, until Trowa pulled away from Duo with a small smile and went to Quatre's side. Quatre's eyes widened as Trowa sat close next to him and drew an arm around him. Startled eyes looked at Duo, full of questions, but Duo only smiled and winked and made his way to Heero's side. Duo held in a chuckle as he saw the jealousy and desire in Heero's eyes.

Heero glared at Trowa for a minute before relaxing when he saw the love in the boy's eyes for Quatre. He had no intention of allowing ANYONE to stand in his way. Tomorrow he would finally claim his partner. Duo was HIS and tomorrow he would let the beauty know that when he caught him. He was looking forward to his hunt, and he would show no mercy!


Part 4: Heero's Hunt

Duo rose before the sun the next day. He glanced around briefly at his companions and stifled a startled gasp as he encountered a brilliant cobalt blue gaze. Those eyes stared at him with a menacing promise and Duo knew Heero would let nothing keep him from capturing his prey today. Giving the stunning Japanese youth a sultry, catch-me-if-you-can smile, he gracefully fled the camp.

Heero had been watching the braided beauty as he prepared for this final hunt. He felt a swell of pride at how silent the boy had been as he gathered his supplies and made ready to leave. He continued to watch as Duo gave the room a final sweep with those gorgeous eyes and he held back a soft chuckle as they widened upon meeting his own intense gaze. He felt a tightening in his groin as Duo gave his challenge in that smile before he fled. Heero would wait until sunrise and then he would track down Shingami and show him who he belonged too.

Heero smirked as he caught up to Duo at noon; he decided to play with his partner before capturing him. Moving into view, he laughed evilly as Duo spotted him. For one moment Duo stood frozen, surprise clear in his gaze, before he fled deeper into the woods. Heero gave him ten minutes before he loped after the vision of loveliness.

Duo forced himself to slow down, he knew he would tire too soon if he wasn't careful. He had been totally shocked by Heero's appearance and knew the Japanese youth was stalking him through the forest. It was time to teach his would be-lover a lesson in respect. Duo veered to the north and headed towards a masterpiece of time, effort, and cleverness. He had designed this trap especially for Heero and while he knew Heero would get out of it at some point, he would learn not to underestimate Shinigami!

Heero could feel it, he was close. Soon, he would have his prey in his grasp, and he didn't intend to show any mercy. His mouth watered as he thought about tasting that smooth silky flesh. He could feel himself hardening as he imagined the moans and whimpers he would draw from that luscious mouth and he almost came as he imagined those full, sinful lips wrapped around his manhood, pleasuring him.

He entered the clearing and spotted a flash of chestnut flame as Duo disappeared into the thick undergrowth up ahead. He snarled as the lithe youth scurried into a huge overturned log and crawled rapidly through it and escaped from sight on the other side. He realized, as he pursued the boy, that the fastest way was through the log. He quickly dove inside and scrambled towards the end when he heard Duo's mocking laughter.

Duo felt triumph as Heero entered the trap. He had not laid any other traps because he wanted this one to catch their leader off guard. He hit the triggers that enclosed both ends of the log. Heero was trapped inside the log and it would take him at least an hour, if not two, to free himself.

"I'll be waiting for you koi... if you find me again!" Duo left because he definitely wanted to give Heero time to cool off before he was caught!

Heero was furious inside the log. He couldn't believe he'd fallen for this trap! For one minute visions of strangling the braided baka with his own braid filled his mind before he grudgingly admitted Duo had done well. He had exploited Heero's impatience to trap him. He had been overconfident and had underestimated his victim. He knew the message Duo was delivering; he planned well, but in the heat of the moment he *did* tend to rush and acted like he was invulnerable.

It had taken an hour, but he had finally chipped away enough earth to get his hands under the heavy stone blocking the exit and push it away. None of the others would have been able to move the stone, but Duo knew he had enhanced strength. He quickly picked up Duo's trail and continued his pursuit.


Duo was waiting for him in a meadow that looked like it belonged in a fairy tale. It was a rich green and filled with dogwood trees that were shedding their flower petals. The mild breeze that was flowing filled the air with the smell of the blossoms. Duo stood at the base of the biggest tree with his long hair down and a pair of short, torn blue jean shorts.. and nothing else.

Heero stalked his waiting prey like a panther. He circled the tree and slowly raked his gaze up and down the slender form before him. Suddenly, he sprinted forward and grabbed the beauty before him and pinned him to the tree. Growling low in his throat, he claimed his prize and plundered his captive's mouth.

Duo moaned softly as Heero thoroughly explored his mouth. He gasped as hands began to roam over his muscular form and suddenly his shorts felt too tight.

Heero had never tasted anything like Duo's mouth, it was tart and sweet at the same time. He pulled back, enjoying the sight of those swollen, berry-sweet lips. Running his hand downward, he encountered the shorts. He pulled on them experimentally and realized the material was old and weak. Grabbing the waistline firmly, he yanked hard and ripped the shorts off Duo's delectable body.

Duo shivered slightly as he stood nude before Heero's hungry gaze. Smiling, he decided to put on a show for this boy who had stolen his heart. He danced out of reach as Heero tried to draw him into an embrace. Slowly he raised his arms over his head and stretched, drawing the skin tight over his body to better display his form. Smiling wickedly, he drew a finger inside his mouth and sucked on it before encircling his left nipple and causing it to harden.

Heero felt a predatory anger when Duo resisted his embrace, but then became fascinated as Duo began to play with his body. He watched as the violet-eyed boy played with his pretty little nipples before running those long slender fingers down a flat, toned stomach to thrust in and out suggestively in the belly button. He watched that hand continue downward to grasp the nicely plump organ standing up proudly between smooth silky thighs.

Heero stepped forward and pulled that teasing hand away as he growled 'mine,' and then possessively grabbed that hard erection.

Duo decided the time for teasing was over. He gently kissed Heero's lips before baring his heart and hoping it wasn't crushed in return. "Heero, I love you. My body, my heart, and my soul. They are all yours for the taking... if you want them."

Heero looked deeply into those open generous eyes and couldn't believe the gift Duo was offering him. "I destroy everything I touch. Don't be a fool Duo, you deserve better than me!" He watched as those expressive orbs softened even more as Duo replied.

"I trust you Heero. I trust you with all that I am, and I don't want anyone else. I want you, and I KNOW you will do all in your power to protect me and make me happy."

No one had ever trusted Heero that fully. Looking into Duo's eyes he realized that Duo was giving him total trust and giving himself completely to Heero. Trembling, he reached out a hesitant hand and caressed a soft cheek. He yanked Duo's body close and held him tightly. "Duo. Ai Shiteru."

The two intertwined bodies fell to the ground. Heero placed loving, passionate kisses along Duo's neck and slowly let his mouth travel downward. His hands stroked Duo's arms and legs as he showered the boy's chest with wet kisses. He laved each nipple until Duo was writhing beneath him, begging for more.

Heero was surprised when Duo pushed him up onto his haunches. He watched with a sudden increase in lust as Duo drew near his painfully erect organ and began to lick it. A smooth tongue ran up and then down the length before Duo slipped the tip into his mouth and sucked on it. Duo inched his way down the impressive erection wetting it thoroughly, before pulling back and lying on his back.

Duo wet his fingers again and drew his legs apart as wide as they would go, exposing himself totally to his love. He grabbed Heero's hand and wet his fingers as thoroughly as he'd wet his own and drew the both hands towards his vulnerable pucker. He inserted his finger along with one of Heero's as they both began to thrust the intertwined fingers in and out, stretching the impassioned beauty and getting him ready for penetration. Soon Duo was read for the next two intertwined fingers, and he whimpered loudly in pleasure as the four joined fingers moved in and out of his stretched opening.

Heero was so turned on watching his and Duo's fingers thrusting in and out of the braided boy that he had to take several breaths to calm down. Duo was ready and the fingers were withdrawn. Heero took a moment to enjoy the sight of his love lying before him; spread out and eager to be taken. Lying on top of the slim figure, he thrust deep into the waiting figure, never losing contact with the beautiful eyes.

Duo cried out in pleasure and he was penetrated and filled by Heero. Heero began to drive deep into his body with rhythmic thrusts. Duo began to push back wildly, trying to drive his lover even deeper into his body. He'd never felt so complete.

Heero reveled in the cries and moans he wrung from Duo with every thrust he produced. He slammed deep within the silky heat again and again, making sure to hit Duo's prostate with every thrust. All too soon, he felt his climax building. He sped up the pace and grasped Duo's organ and began to pump it in time with his beat of his hips. Faster and faster the two spiraled until their pleasure became too great and both exploded, spilling their seed.

It was some time before either boy could bring himself to move from the magical spot where they'd confessed their love and joined souls for the first time. Heero pulled them both up and dressed himself, but refused to allow Duo to clothe his body. Wanting to enjoy the view Duo's nude body provided, he kept the youth naked until they reached the edge of the camp.

He lovingly dressed Duo himself before drawing him close and entering the camp with a possessive arm around the slim waist. The others could see the contented look on Heero's face and the radiant look on Duo's face and knew the two had finally gotten together. It had been a good exercise and each had gained from it. It was time to return to the real world, but each was more than ready for that challenge.