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Heart of Ice


Zechs adjusted his coat one more time before stepping from his room.

Today was a big day; finally he would acquire a focus for his psychic abilities. His father ran one of the few schools for raising and training the ultra rare Foci. It was common for most people to be born with psychic abilities, but that power often lead to madness or even death without a Focus to help control and stabilize the power. Many chose to have surgery to destroy the power center in their brains, but that carried a price of brain damage if the psychic power was level medium or higher.

He looked over the ten youthful Foci that would be fought over today. They represented years of hard work, all in preparation of this day. Out of the ten, he could only resonate with two, Duo and Quatre, of course they were ultra rare anyway. They were Prism Foci; they could resonate and bond with anyone. Most Foci could only resonate with one or two types of frequency in psychic power.

Zechs smiled, he had arranged for Quatre and Duo to be presented last, this would give him an even better chance to claim one, because at least half of the competitors would already have fought and been eliminated. Zechs stared at Duo, he was determined that the beautiful boy would be his Focus. Duo was scheduled to be presented last.

Duo sighed as he watched his best friend Quatre walk away from him and towards his new bond mate. He sensed the match would be a good one; Quatre would be able to heal the soul-deep wounds he saw in the psychic called Trowa. His other friend, Treize, had also been lucky today.

Treize had been the oldest focus among them and would have been happy to be dead. He had deeply loved his first bonded, Une. She had died last month and Treize had tried to kill himself several times because he did not want to be bonded to another. Foci were too rare for Treize to be allowed that release, but he had been won by a psychic who understood his pain.

Chang Wufei had recently lost his wife, who had also been his Focus. He had also been resistant to bonding again, but his duty as clan protector had forced him to try again. Duo knew the two would heal each other and prosper.

Duo was lead out into the arena; his concealing robe ripped off his body. He stood before the crowd nude except for jewels that had been pasted on his body to draw attention to his beauty. He felt a strong pull from *someone* in the crowd, he was sure of it. He knew he would meet his destined before this day was over.

Heero was fast losing hope. He had yet to sense a Focus he could connect with, and there was only one more to be presented. He had almost challenged for the little blond, Quatre, but had sensed that he would never achieve a full bond with that one, and so he waited. He was getting desperate, his powers became harder to control each day and only a special Focus would be able to help him. He came today because he had heard of rumors of two special Foci to be presented at today’s battles. His breath caught in his throat as the last Focus was brought out to the field.

Heero gasped at the power he felt from this boy and although the features were delicate and feminine it was definitely a male! He could almost feel a connection without even touching this one’s mind. The sheltering cloak was yanked off the slender boy and he was revealed in all his glory. The boy was stunning, but few would be powerful enough to challenge for this beauty. The most powerful had already fought and either lost or had won a Foci.

Heero stared hard at the longhaired blond that had stepped into the center of the field and announced he would challenge anyone for the boy. Heero watched for a minute, but no one answered the challenge. The blond, Zechs, that was his name, turned and leered at the boy and raised a hand to grab him when a voice rang out.

“I challenge you for the right to claim the Focus!” shouted Heero. Zechs turned an angry face towards him, obviously upset at this turn of events, but nonetheless he gestured his acceptance. Heero slowly made his way to the battlefield…towards a new start with his life…or death.

Zechs was furious, how dared this *peasant* challenge him for his beautiful jewel. He had watched over Duo for years, being sure none touched the boy. He wanted to be the only one to initiate the boy into the world of pleasures. He would deal with this upstart quickly and claim his delicious prize.

Duo watched as the two powerful psychics prepared to battle…over him. Zechs stuck first, he could feel the strong coiling of the blond’s magic…fire and lightening and flash, everything bright and quick. He lashed out with a bolt of raw, unformed energy…sheer power, and Duo’s heart clenched as the exotic, dark-haired boy fell to the ground. In the beat of a butterfly’s wing Duo felt the stir of recognition twist within him. He knew this boy, his destiny. He watched with hopeful eyes as the boy gained his feet and struck out at Zechs with a scorching spear of flame…and as Zechs dodged, he aimed a well-timed blast at the man’s now unprotected chest.

Heero couldn’t believe how strong the blond man was; he had barely deflected that last attack. Heero was tiring, he could feel it in his straining control over his reserves. It was time…time to finish this.

Heero summoned all of his power and energy, felt its gathering tingle in his hands and heart, readying for his last attack. He could feel it building within him, everything he was coalescing into one damnably bright point in the universe, and raging out of control. He knew it, the other knew it, everyone in the stadium knew it, and knew they would all die with him if he released the raw energy.

Duo could sense the incredible exponential rise in power gather in Heero, the boy was radiating waves of superheated magic. When he let go, it would be impressive indeed…it would also be the last thing any of them would see. He could feel the sudden snapping of the dark-haired boy’s tenuous control.

Breaking every rule and law that bound his people, Duo reached out and joined with him. Using his gifts, he began to filter Heero’s power, unraveling the tangled mass of glowing strands…sorting and strengthening and reweaving the threads of power that Heero kept throwing at him. Both boys gasped as Heero immediately latched on to Duo’s presence and power and used his focusing abilities to aim the blast and release it, striking Zechs with an audible boom. The tall blond fell to the ground, unconscious.

Heero listened to the crowd cheer, while the judges cried foul. Officials surrounded him and the stunning boy he was staring at. He had never felt such peace as he had when he had been joined to Duo. He intended to have that feeling again, no matter what the cost or who he had to destroy to get it.


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