The Haunting: A Tale of Obsession

Part 1

Duo settled down in his bed and prepared to sleep. He was glad he had come with the others for this retreat. The house was so beautiful...on some strange level it even felt familiar. He had felt a sense of awe as he had gazed on it as they had driven through the gates. He wasn’t sure why the house felt familiar; he’d never seen anything like it before. He smiled as he remembered how excited Quatre had been to finally get himself, Wufei and Trowa to go on a vacation with him. They hadn't been together since college and Duo hoped that Quatre would finally make a move on Trowa during this trip. He had rushed inside ahead of the rest, laughing as he took in the magnificent decor of the house. It was said to be very old and had over 20 rooms. Each room was lavishly decorated and as the four boys explored they each chose the room they would stay in. Duo snickered a little bit as he noticed Quatre and Trowa choose rooms that had a connecting door. Duo glanced around the room one last time; before reaching over and turns out the light…never noticing that the cherub statues at the top of the bed moved and smiled down upon him.

Duo smiled in his sleep, he was aware of a gentle presence in the room. He moaned softly in his sleep, as he felt hands caress his flesh. The touch felt so loving and right. In his sleep encircled mind he saw beautiful cobalt eyes he associated with this loving touch. The hands stroked his nipples and then moved further down and awakened his sleeping manhood. A gentle rhythm was started that drew impassioned moans out of the beautiful boy on the bed. Duo's hands moved without conscious thought to caress his dream lover... feeling something...but unable to truly touch it. Faster and faster the rhythm came, drawing him closer and closer to release...when the loving presence left. Duo moaned in frustration, reaching for the beloved touch, but settled back into a deeper sleep. After a few moments he began to shiver, *why was it so cold?* He tried to wake up, but couldn't. He felt afraid...another presence. This one didn't give him the same warmth as the other had. Again hands drifted over his body, these possessive and hurtful. Duo trembled and curled up in the bed; trying to avoid the touch. It was everywhere, he couldn't get wanted was touching him in a way he didn't like!!! Duo struggled and awoke with a gasp. He sat up in the bed panting, not noticing the puffs of steam that appeared as his heated breath hit the chilled air. After a few moments he felt the chill leave his body, the oppressive feeling that had woken him left. Duo gave a shaky laugh, *Boy that was some nightmare, Wufei sure would laugh if he knew I got scared like this from a dream...although it did start out nice* Duo felt the oversized shirt he was wearing slip off of his shoulder. *Oh well, might as well try to go back to sleep.* He looked over to pull the night shirt back up and froze in shock and horror...there imbedded in his silky flesh were harsh, dark, hand-shaped bruises. Duo's arms crossed in a futile effort to comfort himself, *What the hell is happening to me?* There would be no more sleep this night.

Qutare woke up early and went downstairs to start some breakfast; he was surprised to see Duo was up already. Upon closer look he became concerned, there were dark circles under his beautiful violet eyes. “Duo? Are you ok?” Quatre gasped as the boy turned to face him and he saw a passion mark on his neck. “Duo, are you and Wufei lovers?” Duo sighed and looked like he wouldn’t answer for a moment, but finally he spoke, “No we aren’t lovers, it would be simpler if we were.” “How did you get those marks? You didn’t have them yesterday and I know Trowa didn’t give them to you.” Duo smiled for a minute, “So you finally got up the nerve.” Quatre blushed a deep red, but refused to be diverted. “I got these last night, Quatre…I think this house is haunted.” Quatre started to laugh until he saw that Duo was serious. “Duo, surely you don’t believe in ghosts?” “Oh, and how do you explain these marks, we looked through every inch of this house yesterday and no one but us is in it. You personally locked the gates shut and that’s the only way to get on the grounds. Unless you want to entertain the idea that one of you drugged and raped me, it was an unnatural occurrence!” Quatre looked uneasy as Duo spoke, “We’d better wake up Trowa and Wufei and include them in this conversation.”

Trowa and Wufei reacted to the story much as Quatre had. They didn’t want to believe, but none of them had an explanation for the marks on Duo’s body, some he could never have inflicted on himself. Finally they all agreed to go into town and find out the history of the house. All four got into the car and Quatre turned the key to start the engine…nothing happened. He tried several times, but the engine just wouldn’t start. “Guys, this is really strange, I just had this car checked before we took this trip…I wanted to be sure it was safe.” The boys looked at one another beginning to feel very uneasy. “Well, the town is not that far away, lets just walk into town”, suggested Trowa. Quatre pulled out the key and unlocked the lock on the gate. He drew it opened and Duo stepped forward to walk through…when the gates slammed shut. All four boys stared at the gate in shock before working together to try and open it again. No matter how hard they tried the gate wouldn’t open. Duo began to shiver and noticed the air was now getting cold. All four boys began to notice puffs of steam coming from the breathes in their mouths. Suddenly Trowa felt a cold angry presence, before he was hit and flew across the lawn and landing in a heap. Quatre ran to his fallen lover as Wufei tried to gather Duo and follow. Wufei cried out as he to was flung over by Trowa, he lay there stunned and hurting. All three boys jerked around to stare at the gate as they heard Duo cry out. Duo seemed to be pinned to the gatepost, but no one was holding him. They could vaguely make out a slightly cloudy distortion in front of him and watched amazed as his hands were pinned above his head. His shirt was suddenly ripped open and they could see impressions that looked like hands…that ran along his smooth toned chest and stomach. Duo wiggled and tried to get loose, but was not strong enough to break the grip. Wufei and the others could only watch helplessly as Duo screamed for the presence to stop touching him. His pants were slowly unzipped and this time the outline of a hand could be seen clearly underneath the fabric. The three boys tried to get up and help Duo, but found they couldn’t move…they could only watch as their friend was molested. Duo was crying now, trying to keep from reacting to the dark touch running over his shivering flesh. As his pants were slowly peeled from his body, all they boys felt a flash of heat and a scream of rage from multiple voices, one sounded adult, but the rest seemed to be children. Duo was held for a moment more before the dark presence let go to clash with the other presences.

Duo forced himself to move. He refastened his pants and ran to his friends. “We have to get to someplace safe!” He felt a small hand touch him, felt a joy that he was safe. He let the tiny hand pull him back towards the house. “Duo! What are you doing!?” “It’s a child’s spirit; it’s leading me back into the house. It doesn’t want to hurt me, so there must be someplace safe in the house.” The others followed reluctantly and hoped this wasn’t a bad idea.


Part 2

Duo followed the small spirit as it let them down a maze of hallways. He looked fearfully over his shoulder, expecting any minute to feel the dark presence again. They were all breathing hard as they rushed towards the safe have the small spirit was trying to provide. Finally they reached a dust-covered hallway that ended into a single door at the end of the hall. Duo sensed that this place would keep them safe…at least for a while. The four boys started down the hall cautiously, when the air began to become chilled again. “No! She’s back…we have to hurry!” Duo stared in horror as a chilled wind ripped down the hallway; all the boys were aware of the enraged spirit rushing towards them. Boards from the floor began to buckle and rise from the floor…hurling towards them. They ran down the hallway, pelted and bruised by the flying debris. Quatre reached the door first and flung it open, racing inside. The others boys rushed inside behind him and shuddered at the scream of rage that shattered the glass lights in the hallway. As suddenly as it began, the storming winds stopped and four boys stared in shock at the suddenly untouched hallway. All traces of violence were gone…the dust covered hallway looked exactly as it had before the spirit destroyed it.

A shaking Quatre closed the door before collapsing onto the floor. “What the hell is going on?! Why is this happening?!, cried the distressed boy. Trowa moved to comfort his lover as Duo and Wufei looked around the room. It was a huge storage room, filled with different types of furniture and boxes. Sheets covered almost everything in the room. Duo again felt a light touch on his hand that led him to the center of the room. He watched as a sheet slide down from the painting it covered. He stared at the two people dominating the portrait that had to be at least a hundred years old. His eyes traveled over the painting of one of the figures…a girl who was fair of looks…but had cold, deadly eyes in an animated face. The other was a beautiful boy; his features were very similar to hers, but his face was expressionless. His eyes however, glowed with life and warmth…his familiar cobalt blue eyes. *I know him, thought Duo, somehow … I know those eyes* Wufei appeared beside him causing him to jump in fear. “Who are they?” Duo thought a moment before answering; “It says Heero and Hilde Yuy. I think they used to live here…somehow, they are the key to what is happening.”

By this time Quatre had gotten up and was looking around the room as well. He found another sheet covered picture…without knowing why, he uncovered it. His gasp filled the room and attracted the notice of the others, who rushed to his side. All of them gaped at the vision on the painting…it was Duo. Duo stared at his exact image in the portrait…the clothes were different and his hair was worn in a ponytail…but it was him. “This can’t be…that portrait is over a hundred years old! I don’t understand!” Duo stepped back from the picture, his hand brushing something and knocking it to the floor with a loud bang. He reached down to pick it up…as his fingers brushed the surface, he felt dizzy. Quatre cried out as he saw Duo stumble. The three boys raced to help their friend and as they touched him…they were swept away into another world.

Duo was the first to realize that they were looking at the world from someone else’s mind. He was shocked to see the face that suddenly appeared before a mirror…it was Hilde Yuy. All of the boys could feel her dissatisfaction with her role in life; she resented having no say in her future. She hated the fact that she was expected to be some man’s brood mare and pretty ornament. She had a mind and dreams; she wanted more from life. It wasn’t her fault she had been born female, she deserved better. She had buried her bitterness deep…no one was aware of how much she hated being powerless…she was the perfect daughter. The four boys were aware of time passing and Hilde’s bitterness growing into a hatred for her parents and everyone else in her life…except her brother. Heero was the only one who treated her as an equal, but he didn’t spend a lot of time with her. Things came to a head when her father betrothed Hilde to a neighbor who was thirty years older than she was. In a rage she when to a woman who was rumored to be a mistress of the black arts. She began her descent into darkness as she learned black magic from this woman. The woman warned her that the price of the power would be her innocence and her soul, but Hilde didn’t care. She would pay any price to have the power to change her fate. The day before her wedding arrived and Hilde cast a terrible spell that damned and darkened what was left of goodness in her soul. The spell killed her groom, parents and formed a layer of ice around her brother’s heart. She had no regrets as her parents were buried in the family cemetery. Heero made no demands of her and ran the estate without challenging her power. As a year passed, Hilde wanted more power…but the price of that power required a sacrifice of innocents. Children began to disappear from the nearby village…scarified to darkness, with their souls sealed in the house. The house became Hilde’s base of power and she drew upon the souls of the trapped spirits of the children to cast spell that influenced her future. Nothing and no one touched her dark heart…until the appearance of a new orphanage in town.

Hilde had noticed that her brother was spending more and more time away from the house. One day she followed him and saw the bright soul that became her obsession. He was the most beautiful boy she had ever seen; he had big violet eyes and long chestnut hair. The sun causes flashes of flames to dance through the long ponytail he wore his hair in. Her heart beat faster as she heard his golden laughter…it filled the air. She saw the power of his bright soul as the ice around her brother’s heart cracked and he smiled with true joy. For one shinning moment Hilde felt the touch of salvation…that was shattered as she watched her brother gather the beautiful boy into his arms and kiss him passionately. She felt an overwhelming hatred for Heero in that moment and she vowed to make him pay. The violet-eyed boy was meant to be hers…and she would use any means necessary to get him.


Part 3

Hilde quickly began a plan to acquire the braided boy, who she learned was named Duo. It had been several weeks since she first gazed upon him, but she could think of nothing else. In that time, he had become a frequent visitor to their home and she had cultivated a friendship with him. However, jealousy was her constant companion as she watched the blooming love and affection between Duo and her brother. She realized she would need a very powerful spell to break the bond growing between the two boys, and so she searched relentlessly until finally she came upon the perfect solution. This spell required some of her own blood and the sacrifice of a total innocent. She went to the nearby village and began to do volunteer work so she could observe everyone and select her victim. Finally she identified a pure soul that would serve as a sacrifice to cast the spell…the Pastor’s five-year-old grandchild. Once everything was in place and Heero and Duo were wrapped up in each other’s presence, she lured the little boy into a darkened corner of the house and hit him hard enough to knock him unconcious. She never knew that another child saw her and ran towards the village to tell the boys parents.

Everything was going according to plan, Duo and Heero were enjoying dinner and never suspected they were being drugged. When they fell asleep, Hilde dragged them to the living room, where the room had been prepared for the spell casting. The child had been placed upon a table surrounded by symbols of darkness; Hilde carefully took a small amount of blood from Heero, Duo, the child and herself. Now, she would add Heero and the child’s souls to the house and bind Duo to her forever. She lit the candles that ringed the room and began to chant as she added the samples of blood to a huge goblet that was placed at the head of the sacrifice table.

She was so deeply involved in casting the spell that she never noticed that Heero had awakened and was looking on in horror as he finally realized that his sister had been responsible for all the missing children over the past year. He grabbed her arm interrupting the spell and demanded answers for the crimes of the past year.

Hilde laughed and admitted to all her crimes and her hatred for the life that was forced on her. She screamed of her feelings of betrayal by him…because Duo was supposed to be hers.

Heero realized in that moment his sister was insane and he had to stop her. The two struggled, but neither could overcome the other. Hilde called on the powers of darkness for strength, hurling Heero across the room and mortally wounding him. She swore that she would damn his soul to the prison of the house and he would forever watch as she claimed Duo for eternity. Realizing that he couldn’t beat her and that he was dying, Heero tried to save his lover and the child. Candles fell as he got to his feet to try and reach Duo; the room caught on fire and soon flames blazed throughout the house.

Duo woke up and realized the danger; they could all hear yelling as the villagers finally reached the house to rescue the child. Hilde, Duo and Heero could hear the crying and screaming of the frightened souls of the children that Hilde had trapped in the house.

Duo rushed to the child, scooping him up and racing with him to the window. Hilde grabbed at the braided beauty, but missed him as Heero and the spirits of the children threw her across the room into the wall…stunning her. Duo was able to drop the child from the window into the waiting arms of his father; he turned to help his lover get out…only to be shoved out the window by Heero. Duo tried to run into the house and rescue his lover, but was prevented from this by the villages.

As Heero died he heard Hilde raise her voice to the darkness one last time; she cast a spell to bind her soul and Heero’s soul to the land and house. The second part of the spell would insure that Duo’s spirit would be reborn…and draw to the house again. She was thwarted for now, but she was not defeated…she would have him.

Duo sobbed helplessly as the house burned to the ground and with it…his beloved.

Years passed and over time Duo married and had children, and those children had children until his soul was born again in a child bearing his name.

Hilde’s power began to grow again and she was able to reach out and cause a rich man to dream of the house. Driven by the dreams he had the house re-built on the land where the original had been. The house was an exact duplicate, but with one addition…this one thanks to Heero’s own growing power. A special door was placed in the main living room. For reason’s the rich man never understood, he had runes carved into the door, but never touched it.

Heero and the children learned of a spell to activate the runes on the door and it became a doorway to judgement and freedom for the lost souls, but before any of the children could use the doorway, Hilde placed a shield on it…a shield that could only be broken with the lifeblood of a willing and pure soul.

The rich man didn’t live long after the house was built and subsequent owners met with early deaths as well, until no one wanted to live in the house. It was rented to vacationers, but none could say they enjoyed the house…so the house and the damned spirits waited…waited for the missing soul to return. Finally it had…Duo had come home. 


Part 4

Duo shook himself, slowly coming out of the trance he had been in. Beside him, he felt the others were waking up as well. Duo glanced at the portrait of Heero and Hilde and felt soul-shattering grief at the loss of his beloved, tears streaming silently down his cheeks. Quatre noticed his friends and reached out to comfort the boy, when Duo was suddenly surrounded by a white mist. Quatre stepped back in fear and clutched his lover, wondering what was happening now.

Duo felt the gentle touch of his lost love’s spirit. It warmed and comforted him, assured him of its undying love. Duo drew in a shuttering breath…it was time to set his lover free. Duo rose and faced his friends, “Too much tragedy has happened here, at least now we know what has been going on. I want to help Heero and the children. I want to free them from this nightmare.”

Trowa looked at Duo solemnly before replying, “What do you think we can do? So far none of us has been able to stop HER, She’s too strong. We should just escape this death trap!”

Duo looked at each of his friend’s faces before saying what they all feared, “If we don’t find a way to destroy her, we won’t leave this place alive. We will join the children and Heero…trapped in this house forever.” Duo felt a small hand on his arm, tugging him towards the opposite side of the room. He followed the sensation and it led him to a curtained wall.

All the boys watched, amazed, as the curtain lifted and an old door was revealed. Duo reached out and pushed at the door, but it wouldn’t move. It took the combined effort of all of them to finally get the door open. Looking at the darkened gloom beyond the door, they wondered if this was such a good idea.

They moved cautiously down the dark hallway as fast as they dared, and it seemed like they wandered in that stifling darkness forever, before Duo felt a pull to his left, turning he saw a doorway. Cautiously he turned the knob and pushed the door open, inside was and old library filled with books, and a black magic altar. All the boys felt their hair stand on end as they realized they had been led to Hilde's sanctuary…her place of power.

“Why the hell did they lead us here, we’re done for if she returns!” hissed a furious Wufei. Duo shrugged and waited for a sign from the spirits. “Look!” Trowa, Wufei and Duo all turned at Quatre’s words and noticed that one of the books in the shelf was wobbling.

Duo made his way over to the shelf and picked up the book, it was a book of spells. Suppressing a shudder, the boys watched as the book opened itself and flipped to a page in the dead center. Duo couldn’t read the words, but Quatre could…the wording was ancient Latin.

Quatre read the incantation on the page and realized that it was a spell to break a seal. According to the spell, the words must be read at the spilling of the blood of a willing sacrifice to open the doorway to judgement. He looked up in horror as he explained to the others, “This says one of us must sacrifice himself to open the gateway that will banish her evil spirit and free the other spirits.”

Duo quickly took steps to defuse the situation; “We can worry about that later, right now we have to get to the room the doorway is in.” He would have said more, but suddenly the door on the opposite side of the room flew open. A scream of rage was heard before a fierce wind began to blow books around the room, hurling them at the frightened boys.

Duo cried out as the curtains framing the only window in the room twined around him, trapping him. His face jerked from the force of a ghostly hand back-handing him. Then he felt lips pressing impassioned kisses on his face and slowly they made their way towards his mouth. He fought wildly to prevent the invasion of his mouth, but eventually he could feel the invisible slimy tongue force it’s way in.

As Duo’s body was once more forcibly violated by the evil spirit of Hilde, Quatre desperately flipped through the book looking for any spell that might help him. He jumped as he felt a small hand reach over his shoulder and turn the pages to the back of the book. It was a spell of holding; he knew it wouldn’t hold her long, but it would gain them enough time to free Duo and flee the room. Quatre bite his finger and drew blood, allowing a few drops to spill on the page, he began to chant.

Hilde ran her hands over Duo’s body, pushed her tongue deeper into the sweetness of his mouth. Finally, he would belong to her, body and soul. Suddenly she felt the forces of magic rising, whirling she raised a hand to stick down the interfering rodents! She glowed a deep red as she prepared to release a killing blow on her beloved’s friends, then yelled in frustration as the holding spell struck.

Duo realized he was free and ran to his friend’s, Quatre grabbed his arm and rushed him out the door yelling, “Hurry, she’ll break free any minute!” They ran out the door Hilde had come through, not sure which direction to go, when Duo saw the glowing cobalt eyes of Heero. “This way!” They ran as fast as they could, hearing the sound of Hilde breaking free.

Duo felt the softest of caresses on his cheek, a whispered, “Go to the left at the end of the hall” and his love went to hold off Hilde as long as he could. Reaching the end of the hall, they saw the room that had the Doorway to Judgement to the left. They fled into the room and slammed the door shut, moving any piece of furniture they could find in front of the door. Turning, they got their first look at the Doorway to Judgement, it was awe-inspiring.

Duo looked at the huge, sculptured doorway that meant an end to Hilde’s evil and freedom for the trapped spirits. “Quatre, quick! Read the spell and prime the gateway. Maybe we can all sacrifice some of out blood and that will break the seal!”

Quatre felt this was worth a try. He turned to the spell and began to read it out loud. They all watched as they doorway began to glow… then they heard it; the steady booming of Hilde striking the door, all could see she would break through any minute. Quatre was almost finished, when Hilde broke through the door and flung him across the room. He struck the wall hard and fell to the floor and remained unmoving.

Duo ran to his friend as Trowa and Wufei tried to distract the enraged spirit. Duo gently roused his friend, who was very confused. He wanted to stay by Quatre’s side but noticed that Hilde had raised Wufei off the ground and was slowly strangling him to death. He ran forward screaming her name, “Hilde, you bitch! Leave him alone, it’s me you want! But you know what? I’ll never be yours! I love Heero and I’ll always be his, you’ll never have my love or my soul!”

Duo watched as the glowing aura of red became black and knew he had her undivided attention as Wufei was flung away like an unwanted toy. The blackness flew at him too fast to follow and Duo felt a great blow that broke ribs and sent him flying. He felt incredible pain as he struck a solid, unforgiving surface. He reached back and braced himself on the surface and slowly pulled himself to his feet, and just before Hilde struck him again he realized what was behind him.

Duo had time for one coherent scream before Hilde struck, “Quatre finish the spell!”, then his world was agony. He felt Hilde invade his body, felt her slowly began to shatter the organs and bones in his body. The agony was unbearable and he felt blood began to fill his lungs and mouth, heard her mocking whisper, “You will be mine, in death we will be together for eternity!”

Quatre finished the spell, but knew he was too late to save Duo. He watched as the doorway activated and heard the scream of pain Hilde gave as she realized she had been trapped. He felt his heart break as he watched the little smile of triumph on Duo’s face as the darkness that was Hilde Yuy was drawn into the Door of Judgement and out of Duo’s body, to face the judgement and sentencing her life had warranted. He could hear her screams for mercy, that went unheeded, as she was sentenced to eternal suffering for her crimes.

Duo fell to the ground; the pain was gone, there was only a sense of peace that filled him. He felt his head lifted and placed in a soft lap. He looked on the faces of his beloved friends and felt a moments regret as saw their sorrow. “Duo”, cried Quatre, “You can’t leave us, please don’t die.”

Duo drew in a shuddering breath so he could comfort his friend, “Don’t be sad, I want this. Can’t you see him? Heero’s waiting for me. We’ve waited so long to be together and now we’ll be together forever!”

Quatre sobbed as he watched the light disappear from Duo’s eyes. Trowa and Wufei were sobbing as well, neither could believe that this quiet, still body was their bubbly friend. It was Quatre that first noted a light was appearing in the room, before three sets of astonished eyes two spirit’s appeared.

Duo felt himself leave his shattered body behind, he felt no true regrets as he gazed on it one last time. He smiled as he felt loving arms encircle his new form, “Heero, beloved!”

A warm chuckle filled his ear as he was turned around to look into the joyful eyes of his lover. Soft lips claimed his in a passionate kiss. It was then he noticed the open-mouthed gaze of his friends. “What? It’s been hundreds of years and boy am I ready to get some!!” Duo laughed as he was thumped on the head and called “Baka!”

Quatre couldn’t believe his eyes, “Duo? I thought you would pass through the Doorway.”

“No, Heero and I want to spend a few centuries together before we enter the doorway and are reborn. We’ll stay here; with Hilde gone this house is cleansed and we can be happy here.”

Quatre felt a lifting in his heart; he hadn’t fully lost his friend after all. “Can we visit you and Heero?”

Duo smiled, “Of course, if you don’t I’ll send you dreams of Wufei in the nude!”

“KISAMA!!!!! If you weren’t already dead Maxwell…”

Quatre ignored the two as they argued much to the amusement of Trowa and Heero, he would by this house and insure that no one intruded upon the two ghostly lovers. It was time to plan the trip home, there was much to be done.


Duo nervously approached his lover who was lazing on the bed. “Quatre is going to by the house…no one will bother us I’m sure…boy did I get Wufei steamed or what?”

“Duo, shut-up and get over here!”

Duo sighed and melted into the arms of his lover. It had been so long; he couldn’t understand why he felt so nervous. Heero, sensing his love’s nervousness, gently unwound Duo’s braid and began to massage his scalp. Duo moaned at this long denied pleasure that they had indulged in when Heero had been alive. He felt those strong, gently hands slide over his body, igniting fires where ever they touched.

Heero removed Duo’s clothing and stared at the beautiful body with reverence, at last they were together again. He wanted to savor his lover and this first of many long nights together. He planted delicate kisses along Duo’s back, loving the way Duo pushed back into the kisses enjoying everyone. Duo tilted his head to the side offering Heero his long graceful neck to feast on. Heero attacked the delicate column with fervor. He worked his way down to the pretty rose-colored nipples, laving each one thoroughly with his tongue.

Duo lay on his back giving Heero free access to all of his body. Heero smiled wickedly and rolled Duo onto his stomach. He ran a hand over Duo’s creamy, perfectly formed globes. Duo yelped as Heero bit each cheek like it was a succulent peach. He licked the tiny bit marks and then planted kisses all over those delicious cheeks.

Flipping Duo over he dove for the beautiful erection that stood out proudly, begging for attention. Duo lifted half way off the bed as Heero ravenously sucked on his manhood. He thrust helplessly into that hot, talented mouth.

Just as Duo was about to come, Heero let the organ slip from his mouth. Duo pouted at his lover and begged for completion. Heero grabbed Duo’s hand and placed his finger and one of Duo’s own in his mouth. Duo sucked enthusiastically at the digits in his mouth, wetting them thoroughly. He gasped and felt the heat rise as Heero took his own finger and slipped it inside of his opening. He gently guided Duo’s finger as he used it to thrust in and out of the boy, then he added his finger, twining the two together and rubbing the inner lining of Duo’s body. Duo arched his back and cried out in pleasure as their joined fingers brushed the hidden nub deep in his body.

Heero withdrew the fingers from Duo’s body and replaced it with his dripping manhood. Duo pushed back wildly as Heero entered him, driving Heero in all the way to the hilt. It felt so good to be filled with his lover after so long. Neither could hold back as Heero began to thrust in hard and fast. He pushed in as deeply as he could, constantly hitting Duo’s sweet spot with every fierce thrust. Finally the pace sped up until neither could hold back any more, with a final deep furious thrust, both boys came in an explosion of pleasure.

Duo lay entwined in his lover’s arms, and he was content. He was finally reunited with his soul mate and he knew they would never again be apart. They would always find each other no matter how many times they were reborn, a fitting reward for ridding the world of evil.