Here is part 1 of Gypysies. It's a AU and will have yaoi lemon. Pairings are 1x2 and 3x4. I don't own the characters, Bandai and Sunrise do. No lemon in this part (My muse was being uncooperative for once!) Lemon will be in the next part. Thanks to Kitsune for beta reading this for me. Enjoy and let me know what you think!




Quatre and Duo ghosted out of the Winner Mansion and left the immediate grounds. As soon as both boys were far enough away they started to giggle. Quatre's father would tan both their hides if he knew his heir and adopted son had left the house to sneak into the traveling gypsies camp.

They had befriended the troop several days ago when the Grand Dame had approached the mansion and asked for permission to camp on the extensive lands beyond the house. Quatre's father was known as a generous man and had agreed, but had warned his family to stay away. Lately though, he had become more suspicious of strangers, ever since the arrival of his cousin and two sons for a prolonged visit.

Duo and Quatre didn't like their father's cousin, Salouk, or either of his sons, Tarn and Hassan. Both boys had been following them everywhere and leering at then. Tarn was actively pursuing Duo, while Hassan tried to seduce Quatre at every turn.

The arrival of the Gypsies had been a godsend. Both boys now had a place to retreat to. It had been easy to give their unwanted admirers the slip and sneak off to the Gypsy camp. Both boys needed the distraction of the Gypsies, as Salouk's influence on their father became more evident with each passing day.

They had been practically adopted by the Grand Dame, Lashia. She was wise in the ways of man and accepted them into her camp, knowing that they would be driven away if the Lord of the land found them there. She had taught them much of the Gypsy culture and traditions in the first few visits. They had even been invited to a wedding where both boys witnessed the rarest of all Gypsy rituals, the Whip Dance.

They had been enthralled by the dance, its obvious sensuality and intimacy leaving no doubt as to its purpose of claiming and taming a beloved.

Duo and Quatre quietly made their way to the camp in the shadowy darkness. Both had been concerned with the announcement earlier that evening that Salouk had been named their guardian with control of both should any tragedy befall their father. Salouk acted surprised but Tarn and Hassan had only smirked with the announcement, and so they suspected it was no surprise to them. Duo and Quatre had shivered as Salouk had pledged to watch over the both of them and that he wouldn't hesitate to punish unseemly behavior of disobedience. They definitely needed the affection of Lashia tonight.

Finally they reached the camp, never seeing the two shadows that had followed them most of the way to ensure their safety. Trowa and Heero had been waiting for the two near the mansion and had watched over them until they had reached the camp. They quickly rejoined their grandmother, Lashia.

Lashia smiled as the two beautiful boys made their way into her camp. Duo and Quatre had such bright, innocent souls. They were a joy to everyone, especially her half-breed grandsons.

Trowa and Heero had been abused before she had located and freed them. They had been taken away from the troop as children and through her dreams she had sensed their danger. Both were absolutely loyal to her, but were quiet and withdrawn. She had noticed their growing interest in the beautiful boys and felt those two might be the keys to healing her poor grandsons.

Quatre was shy and gentle, just what Trowa needed, while Duo had the soul and passion of a Gypsy. His love of life and passion was what was needed to free Heero from his rigid control. They were celebrating a holiday tonight and she smiled as Quatre and Duo joined in without hesitation. She still worried though, her dreams had warned of a time of darkness that was coming... and it was coming soon.

Duo smiled as Quatre grabbed a violin and began to play with the other musicians, and both boys nearly fell over when Trowa came and settled beside Quatre and began to play a flute. Duo smirked at the blush that now spread across Quatre's face.

Not one to be left out, Duo jumped into the circle around the campfire and began to dance to the music. Appreciative eyes and shouts encouraged the boy to abandon himself to the sensual music. He clapped his hands together above his head as his hips swayed to the sensual beat. He ran his hands down the length of his body before outlining his lips with long, graceful fingers. He gave himself over to the music completely.


Cobalt eyes watched as the slender youth writhed wildly to the beat of the music. Heero had never truly desired anyone before and was totally unprepared for the feelings and longings that Duo's bright spirit and personality brought forth. He could feel the flames of desire licking away at his reason and control. The firelight and shadows kissed and devoured the ivory skin of Duo's body as he continued to sway and twist to the tune woven throughout the camp. Heero saw two others rise to join the beauty in center of the circle. Before Heero had fully realized what he was doing, he grabbed his whip and leaped into the center of the circle and joined Duo before the others could.

Lashia watched in delight as her reserved and restrained grandson abandoned his vaulted self-control and joined the braided youth in the center of the camp for a dance. She was further shocked to realize that her brooding grandson had drawn his whip. She felt her heart overflow as she realized Heero was finally going to take a lover.

Duo was so lost in the rhythm of his dancing and the music that he was totally surprised to hear the crack of a whip and feel the gentle breeze it created as the wicked lash flew by, close to his body. Startled eyes burst open, then narrowed as he saw Heero had joined him in this dance. Thanks to Lashia he knew what Heero wanted and why his whip was drawn. Looking into those passion filled cobalt blue eyes, Duo knew this was his only chance to stop Heero from taking him as his lover. If he wanted to refuse he only had to stop dancing and leave the circle. Staring at the incredibly handsome boy before him, Duo made his decision.

Heero waited with baited breath to see if Duo would leave the circle or continue the new dance with him. He felt the ice in his heart begin to melt as Duo smirked a challenge and began an aggressive dance that dared him to try and tame his wild spirit.

Duo watched as Heero gave a wicked smile and tightened his grip on the whip. This dance was about passion and most of all trust. If Duo flinched from the kiss of the whip, it would prove he didn't trust Heero and the dance would end, and so would any chance of their having a relationship. Where there was no trust, there could be no love.

Heero flicked his wrist and sent the wicked lash flying at the delicate, vulnerable body before him, and felt relief and pride as Duo stood firm and didn't flinch away as it caressed his arm. Again and again, he caressed and kissed the form of his soon-to-be lover with the whip. Bits of cloth were ripped off by the lash but the smooth, creamy skin beneath was not touched.

Duo continued to dance in a seductive swaying that involved his whole body. Again and again, Heero sent the whip to touch and kiss his body without harming him in any way. Heero was a master of the whip and as more and more of his flesh was exposed by his control, Duo felt his desire rise. It was time to entice Heero to end this torment.

Laughing wickedly at Heero, Duo turned and danced out of reach of the whip for the first time. He taunted his admirer with his body, dancing out of reach each time Heero tried to grab him with his hands or herd him with the whip.

Heero growled low in his throat as the dancing imp evaded him once again. He felt his lust rising and was filled with the need to toss this teasing boy down and thrust into that delicious body over and over until his body was sated. Snarling, he sent the lash of the whip out a final time. It encircled the slim waist and cut through the cloth, but did not harm the silken skin beneath. Yanking hard on the whip, he drew Duo into his arms in an unbreakable grip. He crushed soft, sweet lips beneath his own as he demanded the braided youth's surrender. He felt triumph enter his body as he felt the beauty in his arms yield. With a lustful yell, he threw the boy over his shoulder and marched off with him, heading towards his bed.

Quatre stared in shock as his brother was carried off like a sack of potatoes slung over Heero's shoulder. He turned to question Trowa when he noticed the hungry look in that emerald gaze. "Well, look at the time. I'd better head back." Quatre nervously began to back away before a firm grip stopped him.

Trowa grinned as he watched the shy blond try to escape. He had seen the looks of desire the innocent had sent his way, and he had no intention of letting Heero have all the fun tonight. Grabbing the sputtering blond, he slung him over his shoulder and carried him off to his bed as well.

to be continued