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Duo's Reunion



It had been one year since peace had been achieved, and everyone had gone their separate ways and settled down. Quatre had missed his friends and decided to arrange for a reunion to take place at one of his mansions. He and Wufei were living together and planned to have entertainment as well as activities available for everyone, only sending out the invitations remained. As Quatre and Wufei finished the last of the invitations, they both glanced at the huge portrait that had everyone in it, as always both boys felt a slight tinge of regret as they gazed at one figure in particular.


Heero and Trowa had just returned from a mission for the Preventers when they saw a message waiting for them. They had been happy this past year, but couldn't help feeling that something was missing. Glancing at the invitation, both boys experienced a slight movement of their lips that passed for their version of a smile. They would be going to this reunion and get a chance to see *him* again.


Relena slammed open the door to her chambers and collapsed on the bed. Meeting with the delegates from the other worlds always gave her a headache; they were all so demanding. She sighed with relief as a pair of soft hands began to message her forehead.

"Rough day at the office, pet?"

Relena gazed into the beautiful blue eyes of her love before giving her answer to Dorothy; "You know how they are. Each one thinks he should be getting special treatment while the others are left to cool their heels." Dorothy gave Relena a sympathetic pat on the rump before telling her the good news.

"Quatre is planning a reunion. You don't have anything planned that can't be cancelled, so I say we go. I certainly wouldn't mind getting the chance to drool over the guys, especially the one we almost invited to join us." Relena smiled lovingly and nodded her agreement.


Treize was diligently tending the roses in his garden, when Zechs came barreling out the door and interrupted him. "Treize, we just received an invitation from Quatre to a reunion he's planned. We simply must go, I'm dying to see how the others are doing... especially our secret crush."

Treize slowly rose and dusted off his pants before planting a kiss on Zechs that left him breathless. "We'd better go pack, then. Like you, this is one event I don't want to miss."


Duo Maxwell was running for his life, but even that wasn't good enough as he was brought down by the terrorist who tickled him mercilessly. "Ok, Ok I admit defeat!" He laughed as the 'terrorists' let him up and ran to join the other laughing children. Duo loved working at the Father Maxwell Memorial Orphanage. He made sure these children got the love, affection, and nurturing environment that he had been denied.

Hilde watched him with the children from the doorway and wondered how Duo had ended up with such a loving caring personality, given his background. Her husband came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Have you told him yet about the invitation?"

Looking at the man she loved as a brother, she answered her husband, "Not yet. I know he will want to go but everyone will be paired off. I don't want him to get hurt by that or feel lonely."

"Hilde, he's a big boy and you know he'll enjoy himself." Hilde nodded and walked down the steps to let Duo know about the reunion. She was certain he would attend.


Part 1

Quatre watched with building excitement as his first guests arrived. Relena and Dorothy entered the huge house and were warmly greeted by Quatre and a subdued Wufei.

Relena and Dorothy couldn't help but notice how happy Quatre and Wufei seemed together. Both looked very handsome, Quatre in traditional white gauzy Arab garb, and Wufei in formal Chinese attire of black and red. "So, were you able to reach everyone?"

"Oh yes, I got acceptances by everyone invited. It will be so good to have everyone together again. We just might have to make this a tradition!" Quatre took a moment to admire the pretty blue sundress Relena sported and the form fitting silk body suit Dorothy wore that was bronze.

"You'll get no argument from us." Relena gasped and ran to hug her brother, while Quatre greeted the speaker, Treize. Both men looked spectacular in silk suits; Treize in dark forest green and Zechs in teal.

Further conversation was interrupted as Heero and Trowa arrived. They walked up the steps to join the others inside. Heero and Trowa looked hot in form fitting jeans with crisp colorful cotton shirts that were tucked in. Trowa's top was emerald green and Hero's was cobalt blue, the exact shade of their eyes.

As greetings were exchanged everyone waited for the last two to arrive with much anticipation. It wasn't long before they all heard the sound of a motorcycle driving up.

Duo surrendered his prized motorcycle to Rashid and slowly climbed the steps to the house. He took a moment to smooth the dark purple silk shirt and tuck it back into the skin-tight ripped jeans before entering the mansion. He had to admit he was a little nervous. He wanted to see everyone, but he also knew everyone had found someone but him. He hoped he would find his special someone soon because he was tired of being lonely.

Duo was warmly greeted as he entered the room with everyone else. As he was passed from one set of arms to another for hugs, Quatre asked the question that was on everyone's mind. "Duo, where is Hilde?"

"Oh, Hilde sends her apologies, but we felt that we couldn't both leave the orphanage, so she stayed behind with Mack."

"Who is Mack?" inquired Relena.

"Mack is Hilde's husband, they got married about three months ago."

Duo was not prepared for the bombardment of questions he received with that statement. Everyone was demanding to know how that had happened. Looking at the others understanding dawned on Duo and he burst out laughing. "You guys thought we were an item? Ugh, that would be like incest! Hilde and I are like brother and sister. We left together because we both wanted to build a place where orphaned children had a chance at life and didn't have to live on the streets."

Eight sets of eyes stared in shock before becoming thoughtful and determined. As Duo wandered over to get a glass of champagne, since everyone else had one, he never noticed the admiring looks he was receiving.

Quatre proposed a toast to endings and beginnings and as Duo took a sip from his glass, he missed the way everyone else raised their glasses to each other. There would definitely be some tough competition this weekend, but the beautiful prize was worth it. There was not a couple in that room that didn't want the braided one to join them as a permanent partner. Significant looks passed back and forth as the silent message was passed... may the best couple win.


Part 2

Duo bounced down the stairs after a good night's sleep looking for food. He practically drooled over the huge buffet that was set out. Snatching a plate, he began to fill it with fruits and pastries. Settling down at a table to munch on his breakfast, he was pleasantly surprised to be joined by Dorothy and Relena.

"Duo, have you made any plans for today? Dorothy and I are going riding today, and we'd love for you to join us." Dorothy added a pleading look to Relena's request.

Looking at the two, Duo couldn't help but give in. Besides, he hadn’t seen them in a while and he was very fond of the pair and thought they made a cute couple. He accompanied them to the stable where a two-person carriage was drawn up and a horse was saddled for Duo.

Quatre's estate grounds were simply breath taking. All around the trio were lush shades of green and animal life. They stopped by a lake and decided to talk, while dangling their feet in the cool water. Dorothy had even brought along some food to feed to the ducks and geese on the lake.

Duo was thoroughly enjoying himself and never noticed when Relena slipped away for a few moments and freed his horse so that it wondered off and began to make its way back to the stables.

Relena smiled, she was very proud of the fact that the plan was working so perfectly. She and Dorothy had talked long into the night, finalizing the plans. Each couple had agreed to grant the others a day with Duo in which to win his affections.

Relena had always admired the pilot of Deathscythe because he had always been kind and patient with her, even at when she was causing them problems.

Dorothy admired his fey looks and his warrior’s spirit. They both hoped that the day would win them Duo’s heart.

"I don't understand how this happened. I'm sure I secured the horse before we sat down by the lake." Duo scratched his head and gave a puzzled look at his companions. They were getting ready to go back to the estate, when Duo had discovered the missing horse.

"Don't worry Duo, we'll just all squeeze in and ride the carriage back." Both girls grinned in triumph as they maneuvered Duo into sitting between them.

Duo was enjoying the ride, despite the cramped space, when he became aware of a hand sliding up his leg. Looking over in shock, he quickly blocked Relena's hand from going further up his leg. That's when he gave a little jump as Dorothy grabbed his butt and gave it a good squeeze.

Both girls couldn’t believe how firm Duo’s body was. Each one could feel a heat rising between her legs as they explored more and more of the lithe body trapped between them. Suddenly, their mindless lust was drenched at the sound of a shocked and slightly outraged voice.

"What the hell is going on girls?!"

Dorothy gave the braided boy a measuring look before deciding to answer with the truth. "We thought you were with Hilde. Now that we know you aren't Relena and I would like for you to join us Duo. We both care deeply for you and we think we could make a great threesome."

Duo stared for a minute, totally taken by surprise before answering, "Um, I care for you two deeply as well, but my feelings for you are similar to the ones I have for Hilde. I think of you as sisters."

Dorothy and Relena stopped the carriage and climbed down, when Duo joined them, he was immediately grabbed. "We can convince you, can't we Dorothy." Dorothy planted a passionate kiss on Duo's mouth as Relena pasted her body to Duo's back and ran a hand lightly between his legs.

Duo jumped as he felt the intimate caress and quickly pulled himself free. He slowly backed away from the advancing pair, when he noticed his horse was a few yards away. Its reins appeared to have been caught in a bush. Turning and running from his pursuers, Duo reached the horse, flung himself onto its back and made his escape.

As Dorothy and Relena cursed and made their way back to the carriage, saddened by their failure, hidden eyes watched with satisfaction that the placement of the horse had indeed foiled the girl's plans.


Part 3

Duo was relaxing by the pool with the others when Dorothy and Relena finally joined them. They quietly apologized to Duo and asked if they could still be friends, and Duo was more than happy to accept and forgive.

Treize and Zechs were very happy at seeing the competition reduced, and were busy making their own plans for a seduction. They had always respected the pilot as an opponent and now that they were friends, they adored his giving and generous nature. The former members of OZ were determined to capture the unsuspecting youth’s heart.

After lunch, the pair approached Duo and asked if he wanted to join them for the dancing activity Quatre had made available for the evening. They rubbed their hands in anticipation when the unsuspecting boy agreed and stated that it sounded like fun.

Treize and Zechs were pleased with their success. All that remained was to sweep Duo off his feet. After much discussion and some arguing, the pair decided to teach Duo the Waltz. That particular dance was passionate and seductive at the same time. Duo would never know what hit him.

Duo was excited. He had never had much time to learn or participate in formal dancing, and he was looking forward to it. A tux had been waiting for him when he returned from his shower. He had slipped the elegant garment on and made his way down to join the two older men.

Treize and Zechs shamelessly stared at the incredible looking boy that entered the ballroom. Duo looked fantastic in the tux. Each man bowed and then kissed a delicate hand, enjoying the rosy blush that formed on each facial cheek.

They announced that they had decided to demonstrate the moves to a waltz first, then Treize would lead the dance while Zechs would place his hands and arms over Duo and lead him in the moves along with Treize.

Duo watched in awe as the two performed the beautiful and passionate dance. He was mesmerized by the sweeping moves and coordination it required. He could barely wait for his turn to try the dance.

Treize and Zechs rested for a moment after the demonstration and each had a glass of fine red wine. They coaxed Duo into drinking at least three glasses so that the youth was experiencing a pleasant buzz without being drunk or tipsy. They wanted the beauty to be easily aroused, making this seduction easier.

Zechs reset the music as Treize pulled Duo into his arms and positioned the vision of loveliness for the first move of the dance. Duo flushed as Zechs plastered himself to Duo's back and placed his hands over Duo's to guide him through the moves.

At first the two older men followed the dance, but as Duo relaxed, the dance became a seduction. Duo gasped as he felt Zechs rub himself against his bottom. He was very aware of the hardness between those powerful thighs. Treize had now moved closer so that Duo was tightly sandwiched between himself and his lover.

Neither man could believe how sensual and responsive Duo was. He was responding to their initial moves with an unconscious grace. They couldn’t wait to hear his moans of pleasure as they advanced the seduction.

Treize leaned forward and began to nibble on Duo's neck as Zechs ran a hand down Duo's arms and across his firm abdomen. "Ooh, what are you guys doing?" Duo was proud that he'd actually gotten that sentence out.

"We’re showing you how much we want you dear boy," murmured Zechs.

Duo was enjoying the sensations both men were drawing from his body. It had been a long time since anyone had made him feel this way. It was so tempting to just surrender to these feelings and let the gorgeous men touching him have their way, but he knew he needed to stop this. He cared for Zechs and Treize, but he wasn't in love with them and he didn't even know if that would ever happen. He knew that they wanted something more than a one-night stand and he wasn't sure if he could offer more. If only he could think past the pleasure they were flooding his senses with.

Treize and Zechs were starting to fell triumph as they felt the braided one falter and start to give in. Then the lights suddenly went out. The jarring quiet and darkness were enough to let Duo's reasoning skills overcome his hormones. He gently disengaged himself and after thanking the two for a lovely evening and stating that he needed time to think things over, he quietly left.

Duo glanced back briefly at the pair in the room and thanked them for a lovely evening. He made his way back to his room, he had some thinking to do.

As Zechs and Treize sighed with disappointment but were not totally disheartened because Duo had not said "no" outright.

Eyes watched with satisfaction that another attempt at stealing the pilot of Shinigami's affections had been thwarted.


Part 4

Quatre and Wufei had been planning for the last two days and now it was their turn to try and sweep Duo off his feet. They had argued on what would work best until finally they had reached an agreement. The pair had invited Duo to join them on a fishing trip for the day. Quatre had a nice mini-yacht that would suit their needs well.

Wufei and Quatre wiped drool from their mouths as they watched Duo board the yacht in nothing more than a tiny Speedo. The tiny scrap of cloth left most of his firm sculpted body on display.

Duo could barely hold still as he bounced around the deck. He was so looking forward to some fun in the sun with Wufei and Quatre. He had spent most of last night brooding over his feelings and finally admitting to himself that he wasn’t made to be alone. Now he just had to decide what to do next.

Although Quatre had a lake on his property and they could have gone boating on the lake, there was nothing like boating on the ocean.

Quatre knew this had been a good idea when he noted how much fun Duo was having. The three of them had been snorkeling for the past two hours and Duo and Wufei were having a dunking war at the moment. It looked to him like Wufei was winning for the moment.

Quatre truly hoped that they could convince Duo to remain with them. He and Wufei loved each other deeply and were very happy together, but only Duo seemed to draw out this playful side in both of them. He and Wufei had always regretted letting the braided one go without saying anything after the war. They had no intention of letting this chance slip away again.

Duo sputtered as he came up for air. "No fair Wu-man. I'm supposed to dunk you not the other way around!" Duo loved the rare smile that Wufei graced him with as he called him a baka. Duo couldn't remember the last he had this much fun. Surprising Wufei, he dunked him under and then raced for the boat before the Chinese youth could get his revenge.

All three boys lay on the deck, drying off in the hot sun. Exchanging a look and a nod, Quatre and Wufei made their move. It was Quatre who made the first move. Crawling over to Duo, he softly caressed a high-boned cheek, then he leaned over and gently claimed the fey youth's mouth.

Duo moaned and found himself responding to the kiss. He was surprised that Quatre was such a good kisser. It wasn't long before Duo felt hands caressing his lean form. He felt a mouth join Quatre's, only this one was nibbling at his neck.

Wufei had enjoyed watching the two beautiful boy’s kiss, before deciding it was time for him to join them. He kissed and sucked his way down that long slender column that seemed to beg to be marked. Everywhere he kissed, Wufei left light red marks. He ran his hands over a firm chest and began to tease Duo's nipples.

Duo moaned loudly as Wufei began to encircle his nipples with delicate fingers. He seemed to know just where to touch to draw gasps out of the sensitive boy.

Quatre hadn't been idle during this time, either. He was sucking diligently on Duo's tongue as his hand cupped a ripe, firm ass cheek.

Duo couldn’t believe that Quatre and Wufei were trying to make love with him. He had thought that the two only had eyes for each other. He was honored to realize that they felt this way bout him. If not for the tiny hope inside that another couple might open their arms to him, he knew he would be surrendering to these two totally. His thoughts were shattered as his body took over and pleasure became his world.

Wufei continued to work his way down Duo's body, until he reached the waistband of Duo's Speedo. He slowly drew the skimpy material off of Duo's body making sure to brush the straining erection, then sat back appreciate the beauty of the now nude form.

Quatre also pulled back to admire Duo in all his glory. The creamy skin had somehow remained totally unblemished. The smooth expanse of revealed flesh demanded to be stroked and pampered and the two ex-gundam pilots were all too happy to worship every inch of the body before them.

Duo moaned and writhed under the talented hands and mouths. They kissed and stroked every inch of his body, except where he wanted them to touch most. He watched as those mouths finally drew nearer and nearer to his dewing erection, when the radio went off.

Quatre reached up to turn the radio off when Rashid's panicked voice came through. "Master Quatre, You automated computer service has gone down. We can't reboot the system without your handprint. You have two hours to get back before the system loses the current figures for today."

Quatre cursed the timing of the computer break down in every language he knew and set the yacht to return to port. If they left now, he would have just enough time to return to the house and fix the computer system before any important information was lost.

Duo's body was very frustrated but his mind was glad of the reprieve. He needed to think things through before picking up where he had left off with Quatre and Wufei. As they arrived back at the port, Duo kissed each boy deeply and excused himself. He told them that he needed to be sure before anything else happened. Both Quatre and Wufei assured him that they wanted him to be an equal partner in a relationship with them and they would give him all the time he needed.

Eyes watched as the boat docked and smiled in satisfaction at the successful sabotage of another seduction attempt.



Part 5

Duo was disappointed. All day he had hoped that Heero and Trowa would approach him and invite him to do something with them. He hadn't seen either of them all day. If he was honest with himself, he could admit that one of the reasons he had not fully given in to Quatre and Wufei or

Treize and Zechs was because a small part harbored the hope that Heero and Trowa wanted him. He knew he was in love with the two serious boys and had been even during the war.

During the war he had hoped to get together with either Trowa or Heero. He had been devastated when they had announced that they were together. He had been happy for them but sad for himself, even back then he could see that they had been good for each other.

Sighing as he walked to his room, Duo admitted that it was time to let go of that hope and move on with his life. Maybe he would take up the offer to stay with Quatre and Wufei.

Duo opened the door to his room and stood there in total shock. Every surface in the room was covered with white candles and red roses. He entered the room and shut the door, filling his nostrils with the sweet scent of the roses and the vanilla of the candles.

Trowa and Heero had been anticipating this moment all day. They had both known the minute they had seen Duo again that this was what was missing in their lives. They had admitted to each other that the only reason they had denied their attraction to Duo before was their own feelings of not being worthy of such a bright soul.

Over the past years they had learned a lot about themselves and that everyone deserved forgiveness and happiness. They had also decided that they would not let Duo walk away from them again, he belonged to them and with them and they were determined to show him that tonight.

"Do you like it?" Trowa and Heero watched as Duo spun around at Heero's question. They both noted how lovely he looked in the candlelight like some pageant god come to earth. Nodding in satisfaction at the rising hope revealed in the lavender pools in that elfin face, both boys stepped forward to meet him in the middle of the room.

Duo stared at the bared flesh before him. Trowa and Heero were shirtless and wore only tight blue jeans. His eyes were hungry and shamelessly devoured the view before him. The lust filling him was suddenly overcome by a deeper more lasting emotion as Trowa and Heero revealed what they were holding in their hands.

It had been Heero that had come up with the idea of their offering to Duo. They had thought long and hard but nothing they came up with seemed good enough, until Heero remembered an old tale Duo had once told him. It had suddenly become clear on what they must do.

Duo felt tears pool in his eyes as his shaking hands reached out to accept the offering from each boy. Trowa and Heero each had a single perfect white rose bud that they were offering him. Duo remembered once telling Heero a story that you could get a message across without words with flowers. He had told him that yellow roses represented friendship, red was passion, and white stood for love freely offered.

A single tear slid down a softly rounded cheek as Duo accepted the white rosebud from each boy and inhaled the sweet scent, he understood the message they were sending him. He couldn’t believe that his secret wish and desire was suddenly coming true.

They lead him to the dresser where a stunning crystal bud vase stood, waiting for the perfect buds. Duo set them in the vase and then turned to face the two boys that now held his heart and soul in their keeping.

"Do you know how much I wanted this? I thought that you two weren't interested, and I was ready to finally let it go and move on."

Heero smiled at the softly spoken words. "Baka", he said affectionately, "who do you think kept interfering with all those seduction attempts. After finally realizing that you were what was missing from our lives, Trowa and I weren't going to take any chances with losing you."

Smiling with heart stopping sweetness, Duo spoke a sentence that set Trowa and Heero's blood on fire. "Claim me and make me yours.

Heero growled low in his throat as he grabbed the braided youth and flung him on the bed. He and Trowa pounced on the lithe figure and quickly began to kiss the body beneath them.

Duo licked and kissed any flesh within reach, enjoying the different moans he was eliciting from his soon to be lovers.

Heero knelt behind him and planted loving kisses along his neck and worked his way down the smooth back.

Trowa claimed his lips in a fierce kiss that was almost bruising in its force. He quickly moved down and then kissed Duo's throat and did leave a bruise that time. He wanted Duo clearly marked as private property.

Duo wasn't idle during this time he snaked a hand down to give each boy a firm stroke on the aching arousal’s he felt both in front and behind him.

Tangling his hands in Trowa's hair, Duo tenderly drew his head up and took his turn at ravishing Trowa's mouth. He kissed Trowa several times, thrusting his tongue deep inside to taste the banged boy, before kissed Heero just as thoroughly.

He pulled back and admired the kiss-swollen lips. Turning back to Trowa, he worked his way down athletic body to taste the firm organ that stood proudly upright, demanding attention.

Heero stopped his caresses and kisses for a moment to watch as Duo licked his way up and down Trowa's erection. Duo was treating the hardened flesh as if it were an exotic treat to be thoroughly tasted and savored. Slowly, an inch at a time disappeared into Duo's mouth.

Trowa thought he was going insane as he felt Duo slowly take in every inch of his throbbing organ. He was writhing uncontrollably as the pleasure washed over him in waves. He began to thrust in and out of the wet heat that surrounded the most sensitive part of his body.

Duo was enjoying himself as he caused the restrained emerald-eyed boy to slowly lose all control. He sucked and nipped his way up and down the boy's arousal working a rhythm that was a counter point to his thrusts to increase his pleasure.

Duo groaned as he felt Heero penetrate his hidden pucker with a slick finger. He forced himself to continue to pleasure Trowa, even as his own pleasure increased with Heero adding another finger and stroking the special spot deep within his body. Flares of white-hot pleasure coursed through his body threatening to totally overwhelm his senses.

He found himself thrusting back onto the fingers, even as he struggled to maintain his rhythm of sucking Trowa's cock.

Heero pushed a third finger into Duo and marveled at how responsive the L2 colonist was. He was happy to note that Duo was finally ready for him because he wasn’t sure he could wait much longer before plunging into that lovely behind.

He carefully positioned himself before steadily thrusting into the heated tightness until his balls were flush against Duo's firm and nicely rounded bottom.

He gave Duo a few moments to get used to him before he pulled back and thrust into the beauty quick and hard.

Duo briefly dropped Trowa from his mouth as he cried out in pleasure before resuming his pleasuring of the emerald-eyed boy.

All three participated in a dance as old as time as Heero thrust into Duo's body as Trowa took his mouth. Both boys joined hands and rubbed and caressed Duo's own dripping manhood.

The pleasure built as the thrusting increased in speed and strength. Soon all three boys were covered in sweat and approaching the inevitable climax from so much pleasure. All three boys were pushed closer and closer toward completion by the erotic and sexy moans they were eliciting from one another.

Trowa came first, unable to withstand the licking, sucking and humming of Duo's mouth. He spilled his seed deep within Duo's mouth and felt after tremors of pleasure as he felt Duo swallow every drop of the creamy substance.

Duo climaxed next, as the thrusting against his hot spot plus the stroking of his manhood finally caused him to spill his seed over the joined hands of his lovers.

Duo's climax caused the last stimulation Heero needed to go over the edge and experience his own climax.

All three boys collapsed, exhausted and sated. Wrapping their arms around each other, they settled down to cuddle one another.

"Duo, we want you to come and live with us and share our lives." stated Trowa.

Duo's radiant smile was all the answer they needed. Looking into pools of emerald and cobalt blue, Duo pledged his love and life to his lovers.


It was the last day of the reunion before everyone would go his or her separate ways. Treize, Zechs, Quatre, and Wufei were waiting for Duo to come down to see if he had made a decision. Each couple hoped that the pilot of Shinigami would choose to stay with them.

Looking up as they heard him enter the room, they had their answer about Duo's choice. Duo was tightly squeezed between a very possessive looking Trowa and Heero. Everyone could tell from the shinning look in his eyes that Duo was very happy and very much in love.

Zechs and Treize and Quatre and Wufei felt some disappointment but couldn’t be totally unhappy because of how happy Duo was. Silently the other couples raised a glass in a toast to the winners of the rarest of prizes... the heart of Duo Maxwell.