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Warnings: This is an AU and a PWP. OOC is present!
Pairing: My fav of course 1x2
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Dragon Dance


The old woman gently drew a brush through the silken hair of the youth seated before her. He was truly stunning to gaze upon with his creamy soft skin that had a slight rosy blush to it. His other features were just as fine, from the firmly toned and perfectly proportioned body, to the exquisite facial features that were dominated by amethyst jeweled eyes.

The petite boy had been bathed in sweetly scented water and was now being groomed and dressed for the single most important event of his young life. The child’s name was Duo and he bore the mark of the dragon.

The old woman was almost finished with styling his hair. She hoped with all her heart that the ceremony went well tonight. She found herself remembering her history lessons on how the children of the dragon came into being:

Once the land had been filled with magic, the fairy and the humans. Time passed as time does and soon the fairy and the humans began to die off as the magic became stronger with each generation and began to burn those who possessed it from within.

The brightest and most powerful of each race gathered and searched for a way to save both races. Finally after 10 more generations, when so few of both races were left, an answer was found. The races need to merge and become one, neither fairy nor human and the magic would be cast out to become a new form.

The spell was cast and the first dragons were born of that terrible spell that killed the casters and cleaved two races into one. The new race called itself the Fey and they owed homage to the dragons that would now guard them and ensure that they prospered.

The Dragons had demanded a particular payment of the Fey for their protection. Every ten generations a child would be born with a birthmark in the shape of a tiny dragon and this child was to be trained in a dance of enticement.

When the child became of age, they would send a summons and a dragon would come and watch the child dance. If the dance was pleasing, the child would become the mate of the dragon and the village would prosper for the next ten generations. If the child failed to please the dragon, then the child died and one fourth of the village was destroyed and the people suffered for the next ten generations.

The old woman drew herself from the memories of lessons of old and finished her task. Looking at the long silken hair that was now filled with tiny little braids, she knew that she had done the best that she could. Now it was up to Duo.

Duo was lead to a large clearing by the elders of his tribe. He drew in deep breaths as he centered his focus on the task ahead. He had waited all his life for this moment. He could feel the tension in the ones around him but strangely enough, he felt no fear. He was filled with anticipation and a sense of destiny.

Since he was a child, he had been prepared for this day. He had never told the others about the dreams he’d had, dreams filled with beautiful cobalt blue slited eyes. Those eyes could never threaten him, they had patiently waited for him to grow up and he was sure he would gaze into those eyes tonight.

The leader of the elders stepped forward and lifted a special horn to his lips. It was a treasure of exquisite beauty and had been given to the first ones by the first dragons. It was the signal used to call forth the chosen dragon. He drew in a deep breath and blew the horn. Its crystal clear note hung in the air long after the Elder had finished sounding it.

The elder was an old man and he hoped that Duo was going to be able soothe this particular dragon. It was rumored that the dragon called forth by this generation was the oldest, most powerful and unfortunately most jaded of the dragons.

Legends had stated that this dragon had been called one other time and that he had rejected the maiden that bore the mark of the dragon. The Fey had suffered greatly in the ten generations to follow as the dragon had tormented then mercilessly for their failure in providing him with an acceptable mate.

The old man was snapped out of his musings by the steady sound of beating wings that were drawing nearer. He looked up and saw a dragon for the first time in his life and he was filled with fear. He noticed that everyone was filled with fear…except Duo. The slender youth was smiling as the monstrous dragon approached.

Heero smirked as he approached the sniveling Fey. He was disappointed to see that they hadn’t changed much over the generations. He despised weakness in others and remember the last time he had been summoned. He had rejected that one. She had been pleasing to the eye and had danced beautifully, but her heart had been filled with fear and loathing at his appearance.

The dragon’s eyes coldly raked over the assembled people until his gaze rested on one who was different. This one was not filled with fear at his appearance and for the first time in his long life, Heero was interested in another who was not of his race.

Duo stepped forward awed as he recognized the mesmerizing eyes that had filled his dreams all of his life. In that instant of recognition, Duo realized that he had finally found his destiny. Now it was time to let the majestic being in front of him know that Duo was for him.

Duo stopped his forward movement when he stood in the center of the clearing. Reaching up, he loosened the ties on the concealing robe he wore and allowed it to fall to the ground. He heard shocked gasps from the elders but his attention was on the dragon whose eyes were devouring his bared form.

Most of the chosen wore a traditional outfit of gauzy pants and tops that flowed around them enticingly as they danced. Duo had chosen differently. His body was totally bare but for the tiny shimmering loin clothe that covered his most secret jewels.

Heero found himself licking his lips as the most delectable creature he had ever set eyes on was revealed in most of his glory. He rumbled deeply in his throat in anticipation of the dance to be performed.

A soft music filled the air as the stunned elders finally remembered to signal the musicians to play. All watched spell bound as a dance of pure sensual beauty was unveiled before their appreciative gazes.

Duo began his dance with a slow sway and slowly ran his hands up his sides and across his chest to lodge in the silky mass of his hair. He shifted his weight onto one supple leg and spun himself around in a complete circle.

He continued his seduction by rotating his hips in a series of small circles and he slinked forward, approaching his soon to be soulmate. Duo approached the fearsome creature before them and turned quickly so that his back was pressed up against the surprisingly soft-scaled body.

He boldly shimmed down and then back up that firm reptilian chest before laughing wickedly and dancing out of reach of the enthralled dragon. He ungulated his body, while running nimble fingers up and down it enticingly, going so far as to tease his pert little nipples to a hard point.

Heero could feel himself losing control as this sultry nymph continued to entice him with that luscious little body. He could feel his power and lust building and knew that the most dangerous part of the ceremony had arrived. Now he had to unleash his devastating power on the small form dancing wildly before him and if the beauty was truly for him, then his power would be absorbed and the young Fey would transform into a half-dragon. He would be bound to Heero for the rest of the dragon’s long life.

Duo was lost in the heat of the dance; his mind filled with the image of an exotic looking boy who he knew was the dragon’s soul image. He saw the dragon draw in a deep breath and then release his deadly coldfire attack. The cold fires engulfed the marked boy and he disappeared from sight.

Heero stared anxiously at the concealing coldfire. He prayed in his heart that the enchanting creature would survive this last test. He desperately wanted to claim this youth as his mate. Slowly the blue-white fire began to die down and fade. As the blinding light died down, joy filled the ancient dragons heart as Duo stood before him unharmed.

Duo had stopped dancing the moment he had been surrounded by the coldfire. It has caressed every inch of his flesh, leaving behind a chilled tingling. Duo didn’t resist the flames in any way; instead he opened himself fully the changes they were enforcing. He knew instinctively that he must embrace what the coldfire was doing if he wanted to be with the mate of his soul. He could feel power coursing through him as the fires baptized him into a new existence. The flames died away and he gazed at the relief in the cobalt eyes before the dragon moved towards him.

The Elders sighed in relief as Duo reappeared and the dragon rushed forward and tenderly cradled the chnaged beauty in his huge, clawed hands. All of them heard a booming voice in their heads.

“You honor me greatly with this one. I accept him and ensure that the next ten generations will be prosperous. My mate and I will now take our leave from you.”

Duo snuggled against the warm body, as he was spirited away on dragon’s wings. He glanced back for a last look at his old home but felt no sorrow about leaving. He was with his destined one and that was all that mattered.

Heero flew straight to his home. He was pleased with the wonder that was obvious on the face of his chosen. It pleased him to know that his mate liked their home.

He landed on a large balcony and then escorted the bedazzled boy inside. He drew Duo to a chamber filled with large soft cushions and had him lounge on them. Concentrating, he changed into his fey like form and for the first time in his life, revealed this vulnerable form to another.

Duo gasped at the exotic beauty of the nude youth before him, finally seeing him in the flesh and not just the mind. The eyes were still slited and cobalt blue, but they were now surrounded by warm gold-toned flesh. The hair was messy but looked soft to the touch.

Duo was startled to hear a light bass voice address him.

“Welcome to my home soulmate. I am called Heero and I welcome you into my heart and life.”

“I have known you in my dreams Heero. I am called Duo and you are my destiny. I pledge myself to you heart, mind and body.”

Heero smiled at his wise mate. He had not missed the order of his intended’s pledge. Heart and mind were the most important part of a person. He was tired of waiting; it was time to fully claim his mate.

Duo watched with eagerness as Heero advanced on him and drew him close. He sighed softly as light kisses were placed on his forehead and cheeks and his skimpy loin clothe was removed. He smiled as heated eyes worshiped his natural form that was now fully revealed.

Heero worked his way to the lush lips of the boy before him. He greedily claimed those sweet appendages and worshiped them thoroughly before plunging a demanding tongue inside the other’s mouth.

He ruthlessly explored every single inch of that delicious cavern before with drawing to conquer other areas. He intended to drown his new love in the world of pleasure.

Duo moaned helplessly as Heero kissed him again and again. He had never been touched by another and found the sensations that Heero was inspiring to be overwhelming.

Heero growled in triumph as Duo’s head fell back, totally exposing his throat for ravaging. Heero nipped and sucked his way down every inch of that creamy flesh. He pulled back allowing the gasping Duo to draw a quick breath before renewing his assault on a different area.

Duo let loose a soft cry as Heero’s warn tongue lapped at his berry hard nipples. The firm pebbles grew more sensitive by the moment as Heero relentlessly laved and sucked the succulent fruits as if he were a starving man.

Heero found himself growling continuously as he pressed downward in his explorations of the lithe form before him. He decided it was time to take this to the sleeping mats and scooped the dazed boy up into his arms and carried him to the mats.

Heero laid his greatest treasure down and quickly covered the young one. The pair groaned as their erections touched for the first time. Heero leered at the pinned boy and ground their erections together sadistically. He tormented both of them to a fevered pitch before pulling back.

Duo snarled at the smirking boy above him and reached out to yank Heero’s head back down for a punishing kiss.

Heero laughed evilly before pressing Duo back down and further explored his chest. Slowly he inched his way down the firm body, being sure to properly lick and suck every inch of flesh within reach. Finally he found himself staring at the most delectable of prizes.

Duo threw his head back and cried out as Heero licked his way up and down his swollen cock. He didn’t think it could get any better…until Heero swallowed him. Duo saw white and would have climaxed, except Heero gently pulled back on his balls preventing this. Heero was no where near finished with claiming this most precious of treasures.

Duo sobbed softly as Heero soothed him and promised to make him cum so hard he would pass out. He murmured in Duo’s ear about wanting them to explode together, while he was inside of Duo.

Duo eagerly spread his legs. Everything had felt so good and he wanted more. He was drowning in the pleasure that Heero was evoking and he relished every minute of it. He was ready for his lover to claim him!

He forced himself to relax as Heero penetrated him for the first time with an oiled finger. Duo wiggled around until the finger felt comfortable inside him. Heero had warned him that he would feel some discomfort with this new sensation.

Heero was very gentle and careful with his love. He wanted Duo to experience the joy and pleasure of two becoming one and knew he had to be patient and be sure Duo was fully prepared. He moaned as he watched Duo writhe on his thrusting fingers. He had started with a single finger but had added more as Duo relaxed. Now he was using four on the pleasure filled youth. He was almost ready and Heero withdrew his fingers and began to slather his swollen sex with oil.

Duo was begging now. He wanted to feel Heero inside him so badly now. He needed to complete the connection of their souls. He cried out with pain and joy as Heero finally thrust deep inside him with one fierce thrust.

Heero held himself rigidly still as Duo adjusted to his length. It felt so good to finally be connected to the one who would hold his heart. As he began to thrust, he reached out with his mind and joined them mind-to-mind. He used his body and his mind to pleasure the boy beneath him.

The two exchanged their lives with each other as the mind touch deepened. Heero felt love and joy as Duo reached out for the intimacy of a mind meld without hesitation.

Faster and faster he thrust into the willing body of his mate. Higher and higher the pleasure rose. Heero thrust upward and Duo rose to meet him every time. They drawing closer and closer to a total union and as a result, each could feel the pleasure of the other as well as their own pleasure.

As much as the pair wanted it to last forever, it couldn’t. All to soon the peak was reached and they climaxed as one. As the two became one in body, so too did they become one in mind.

Duo had never experienced such intensity of pleasure in his life. He screamed out his love of his mate as he climaxed and then passed out.

Heero gently kissed the sweat-covered face. He was filled with contentment for the first time in his long life.

“Mine!” he whispered fiercely. “Mine for all eternity!”

“Yours beloved.” Came the soft reply.

The newly bonded pair wrapped exhausted arms around each other and settled down to sleep. Life was full now that they had each other.